Organizational Chart And Action Plan


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Organizational Chart And Action Plan

  1. 1. Week 4 Assignment, Part 1: Organizational Chart Organizational Chart for Technology Implementation Mission CISD Board of Trustees Superintendent Assistant Superintendent for District Coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction Instructional Technology Campus Principals Campus Academic Strategist Campus Technician Teachers
  2. 2. The principal plays a vital role in making sure that the organizational chart is implemented and monitored at the campus level. A needs assessment must be conducted at the campus level and the principal must be very familiar with that data in order to provide campus staff with appropriate professional development. The support of the principal in the implementation, integration, and funding of technology is necessary to meeting the educational needs of our students. Description of Roles Board of Trustees – The Board has final authorization for all district technology expenditures. Superintendent – The Superintendent is hired by the Board of Trustees to implement board policies and make recommendations concerning funding for technology software and equipment. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction – The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction meets with principals and gathers information to advise the Superintendent in matters concerning curriculum, instruction, and the integration of technology. Coordinator for Instructional Technology – The coordinator conducts a yearly needs assessment for the district and campuses in the area of technology. He also works with district curriculum coordinators to align district and campus staff development as well as provides staff development on use of district technology resources for curriculum integration. Campus Principals – The Campus principal must analyze the STaR Chart data to evaluate the ability of staff to incorporate technology usage into classroom instruction. He must also provide staff development opportunities on the use of district technology resources as well as incentives to encourage staff to participate in the staff development program. Campus Academic Strategist – The academic strategist should assist with the development of a campus list of technology users to support classroom efforts by serving as coaches, mentors and/or model teachers in technology integration.
  3. 3. They also provide resources for teachers to create personal websites to communicate with parents and students. Campus Technician – The campus technician provides assistance to teachers for all technology concerns. They are available for technical problems as well as to assist teachers with the implementation and integration of technology into their classrooms. Teachers - Teachers should attend technology based staff development sessions in order to successfully utilize and integrate technology into their classrooms. Week 4 Assignment, Part 2: Professional Development Planning According to our previous year’s STaR chart data, our area of weakness is in the area of Educator Preparation and Development. For this reason, I designed this Action Plan in three phases. Before we can change, we must first know our level of proficiency; therefore we start by analyzing our data. This is followed by getting to know the resources that we have available for use in our classrooms. This includes how they work and what we can do with them. The final phase will be to have our teachers learn from each other. Teachers who are already integrating technology in their classrooms with provide their colleagues with strategies and ideas for ways to enhance their lessons through the use of technology.
  4. 4. Professional Development Plan – Analyzing Data Person Activity Steps Estimated Time Responsible Campus STaR Chart date will 1. Academic Strategist will This initial training will be Academic be presented for present StaR Chart held after school and last Strategist teacher analysis and information to the staff in approximately 1.5 hours. and Campus development of a each of the four summary This is the first phase of Technician needs assessment areas in order to determine a series of training based on findings. the area of greatest need. sessions to assist our teachers in effective 2. Teachers will be divided technology into grade level groups and implementation and given a copy of the STaR integration. chart data. 3. Teachers will work with their group members to create a needs assessment in each of the four areas in order to improve from developing tech to advanced tech for the upcoming school year. 4. Group Sharing.
  5. 5. Professional Development Plan – Usage and Implementation Person Activity Steps Estimated Time Responsible Campus Teachers will be 1.Teachers will be This is the second phase Academic trained on the use of assigned to one of three and this training activity Strategist, EIKI projectors, preset groups. will be carried out in Librarian, three one hour training document cameras, 2. Each group will report to sessions on three and Campus and SmartBoard for the assigned training area. consecutive Mondays. Technician effective classroom 3. Academic Strategist will use. train teachers to setup and use the SmartBoard to enhance instruction. This will include the introduction to websites that provide interactive activities. 4. The Librarian will train teachers to set up and utilize the EIKI projector in addition how to use databases like Nettreker and United Streaming. 5. The Campus Technician will train teachers to set up and utilize the document camera for classroom instruction.
  6. 6. Professional Development Plan – Technology Integration Person Activity Steps Estimated Time Responsible Academic Campus teachers who 1. Academic Strategist will This is the final phase in Strategist are using technology identify teachers who are this stage of professional and Campus in their classrooms integrating technology in development. This teachers their classrooms. training session will be daily, will model ideas after school for 1.5 hours to effectively integrate 2. Model teachers will on the fourth consecutive technology into class discuss strategies for Monday. lessons. integrating technology as well as demonstrate ways that they utilize technology in their lessons. 3. Question and Answer session. Week #4 Assignment, Part 3 - Evaluation Progress Indicators Assessments Used Teachers continue to demonstrate proficiency and Analysis of STaR Chart data shows growth from growth in the use of technology in their classrooms. Developing Tech to Advanced Tech. Evidence of increased and continual use of Walk-throughs by administration and academic technology resources by teachers in the strategist as well as evidence shown in lesson classrooms. plans. Increase in the number of teachers that attend Campus principal and academic strategist will post
  7. 7. technology based staff development trainings to notices of all appropriate trainings and continue to improve their ability to integrate technology in their monitor staff development attendance on a monthly classrooms. basis. Students and teachers will have access to a variety SBDM Committee will collaborate to provide for the of technology resources. purchase of technology resources in the Campus Improvement Plan. Monitoring of the Campus Improvement goals is done regularly by the SBDM. Teachers will display student projects on a monthly basis and students will participate in the annual technology fair.