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A presentation about geography as an option at secondary school level.

A presentation about geography as an option at secondary school level.

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  • 1. Geography Option
    An Overview
  • 2. Geography
    Geography is a multidisciplinary subject which can be combined with a variety of subjects. Some popular combinations are;
    Geography and History
    Geography and Social Studies
    Geography and Biology
    Geography and Graphical Communication
    Geography and Computer Studies
  • 3. Syllabus Structure
    The syllabus is structured on 4 areas of study;
    Map Skills
    Human Geography
    Physical Geography
    Each area is divided into different topics.
  • 4. Map Skills
    1 Map Reading and Interpretation of Ordnance Survey Sheets
    This area includes basic cartographic skills, recognition of landforms resulting from river, ice and marine erosion, Interpretation of settlements, urban/rural land-use patterns, communication patterns and location of economic activity.
  • 5.
  • 6. Physical Geography
    2 The Earth as a Planet
    3 Rocks and Soils
    4 Plate Tectonics
    5 The Hydrological Cycle and Rivers
    6 Coasts
    7 Ice Landscapes
    8 Hot Deserts
    9 Weather and Climate
    10 World Climates and Ecosystems
  • 7. Human Geography
    11 Population
    12 Settlement
    13 Urbanisation
    14 Industrial activity
    15 Agriculture
    16 Tourism
    17 World Development
    18 Energy Resources
  • 8. Fieldwork
    Fieldwork activities are specified by the Matsec Board as these provide hands-on practice.
    (a) Rural fieldwork
    (i) Settlement Pattern Study
    (ii) Agricultural Land-use
    (iii) Micro-biogeography
  • 9. (b) Urban fieldwork
    (i) Settlement pattern study
    (ii) Functions of settlement
    (iii) Traffic problems and solutions
    (iv) Shopping activities in various parts of a city
  • 10. (c) Fieldwork in coastal areas
    A survey of coastal erosion.
    A survey of coastal deposition.
    A survey of coastal man-made structures.
  • 11. Weather observation
    (a) Temperature
    (b) Humidity
    (c) Rainfall
    (d) Atmospheric Pressure
    (e) Wind
    (f) Clouds
    (g) Visibility
  • 12. Geography in Post-Secondary
    Junior College –
    Intermediate – Geography
    A-Level – Geography
    University -
    B.A. (Hons.) – Geography
    B.Ed. (Hons.) – Geography
  • 13. Geography in the world of jobs
    Planner (transport + settlements)
    GIS Specialist
    Geologist / Pedologist
    Census Analyst
    Property Appraisal
    Tourist Guide / Travel Agency
  • 14. The End
    Mr. C. Formosa (2008)