Integrating Technology in a Special Education Classroom

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  • 1. Keystone Technology Integrator Presented by Ms. Kelly Mott East Elementary School 71 Columbia Avenue Greenville, PA 16125 Phone: (724) 588-1173
  • 2. Introduction
    • This is a shortened version of the presentation that I sent to the Keystone Technology Integrators Regional Review Team.
    • This presentation shows how I use technology in my classroom.
    • I am posting it on our website to encourage other teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms.
    • The biggest obstacle that I’ve found is overcoming your fear of trying something new.
    • Once you take the leap and integrate technology, you’ll be glad you did.
  • 3. About Me:
    • My name is Kelly Mott. I am the fourth grade learning support teacher at East Elementary in Greenville, PA.
    • I graduated from Slippery Rock University in 2001 with a degree in elementary and special education. I completed my master's degree in curriculum and instruction in 2007 at Gannon University. I have been teaching for 7 years, and I have been at East Elementary four years.
  • 4. What technologies do I integrate in my classroom?
    • SmartBoard
    • Scanner
    • Multimedia Mouse
    • Phonetic Ear
    • Turning Point Student Response System
    • Software
    • iPod and Tune Talk
    • Classroom Website
  • 5. SmartBoard
  • 6. How do I use the SmartBoard in my classroom?
    • Since September, I have been creating my own interactive PowerPoint lessons to teach reading, English, and math.
    • I use the SmartBoard as both a projector and an interactive learning tool.
  • 7. How else do I use the SmartBoard?
    • After I have presented a lesson with PowerPoint, I use interactive websites for guided practice.
    • My students love playing games on the SmartBoard, and the games reinforce what we have learned.
  • 8. Scanner
  • 9. How do I use a scanner?
    • When we are going over student workbook pages, I will often scan the page and project it onto the Smartboard.
    • As we go over the answers, I write them down.
    • This helps my learning support students stay on track.
  • 10. Multimedia Mouse
  • 11. What is a Multimedia Mouse?
    • The multimedia mouse is a product by Microsoft. It is both a wireless mouse and PowerPoint Presenter.
    • This tool is important to my teaching because it allows me to advance my PowerPoint slides from anywhere in the room. The Multimedia Mouse allows me to easily monitor my students during lessons.
  • 12. Phonetic Ear
  • 13. What is the Phonetic Ear?
    • The phonetic ear is a microphone that the teacher wears during instruction. There are 4 speakers placed around the room, so the students can hear the teacher from all angles.
    • The phonetic ear has been a great tool. The students know to focus their attention when the microphone is on.
  • 14. Turning Point Student Response System
  • 15. What is the Turning Point Student Response System?
    • Turning Point is a response system designed for students. The teacher creates question slides, and the students respond to the questions with a keypad.
    • The students answers are displayed in graph form to allow the teacher to informally assess the group. Then the correct answer is revealed.
    • After a Turning Point session, the teacher can print out reports to check individual progress.
  • 16. How do I use Turning Point in my classroom?
    • At the end of my PowerPoint lessons, I try to add a few Turning Point slides to use as an assessment. This is a quick and easy way for me to monitor student progress.
  • 17. What do the kids think of Turning Point?
    • I asked the kids what they think about Turning Point. Here’s what they had to say:
    • “ They’re easy to use and they’re fun!”
    • “ I like the keypads because everybody gets to answer.”
    • “ The keypads help me stay on task.”
    • “ I’m not afraid to get an answer wrong because no one knows what you’ve picked.”
  • 18. Software Integration
  • 19. Game Show Wizard
    • One software program that I use in my classroom is called the Game Show Wizard by Pathos Learning.
    • I create my own game questions to review material that we have covered.
    • After I enter the questions, my students and I can choose 1 of the 8 game formats.
    • The students love Game Show Wizard. Every time we play it, they ask to play it again!
  • 20. iPod and Tune Talk
  • 21. How do I use an iPod in the classroom?
    • We use an iPod and Tune Talk for podcasts and read alouds.
    • The iPod has been a great motivational tool . I require each student to read 1 book per week and record it on the iPod. The kids enjoy it so much that some students have read 2-3 books a week.
    • All of the kids think the iPod is pretty neat! They enjoy listening to each other and sharing their read alouds with the class.
  • 22. Classroom Website
  • 23. Miss Mott’s Class Wikispace
    • This year I created a class wikispace. Originally, I intended to use the site as a place to showcase our podcasts.
    • Our website has become so much more.
    • It has become an instructional tool for students and a resource for parents and teachers.
  • 24. Wikispace as a Learning Tool
    • After I have presented a lesson, I often use our website for independent practice.
    • On our site, I have links to interactive websites organized by subject and topic. I have even found online quizzes to use for assessment.
    • The students look forward to these activities. The very first time I used our website with the students, one student hugged me and told me I was the best teacher!
    • The students’ enthusiasm make all of the work I’ve put in worth the while.
  • 25. Wikispace as a Parent Resource
    • On our wikispace, I have included parent resource links, as well as links to our school website, weekly lesson plans, and edline.
    • In addition, I’ve added a classroom calendar from Google so parents can see when tests are scheduled and assignments are due.
    • I also have students record a monthly newscast on the iPod that I upload to our site. The newscast lets parents know about upcoming events and things going on in the classroom.
  • 26. Wikispace as a Teacher Resource
    • Our wikispace is also a resource for teachers.
    • Anytime I find a link that I think might be helpful, I add it to our site.
    • I have the resources organized by category to help teachers find what they’re looking for.
  • 27. Miss Mott’s Class Wikispace
    • Our website can be viewed at the following address:
  • 28. Part 2: Student Work Samples
  • 29. Sample 1:Voicethreads
    • I have been using voicethreads to review concepts and to see what the students remember at the end of a unit.
    • Click on the links below to preview some voicethreads created by my students:
    • 1. What is a noun?
    • 2. What is a polygon?
  • 30. Sample 2: Student Created Stories
    • The students have enjoyed writing their own stories and sharing them online.
    • Click on a link below to view a story written by one of my students:
    • 1. The Adventures of Birdman Book 1
    • 2. The New Dragon Book 1
    • 3. The Time Keeper
  • 31. Sample 3: Read Aloud CD
    • My students have been recording read alouds weekly.
    • At the end of the year, I will be creating a CD for each student to take home.
    • The CD will also show my students’ growth in reading from the beginning to the end of the year.
  • 32. Student Work Samples on our Website
    • If you would like to see more student work samples, check out our website.
    • Look under the heading “By Students” and click on a link.
    • Our web address is:
  • 33. Closing
    • I hope this presentation has given you some ideas of how you can use technology in your classroom.
    • I’m not a technology expert. I’m a classroom teacher.
    • I just wanted to share with you what has worked for me and my students.
    • If you need help getting started with technology in your classroom, you can contact me by email: [email_address]
    • I would also love to hear about the things that you have done in your classroom with technology.
    • We’re all this together and we can learn so much from each other.
    • Good luck in your journey.