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  • 1.
      Microcontroller Research Project by Kai Monette Period 6.
  • 2. This presentation is about... MICROcontrollers.
  • 4. If you have not figured it out already, these pictures here showcase what we know to be a stereo! Put together by this guy!
  • 5. Dustin Christopherson from Idaho.
  • 6.
      ANYWAY... let's get on with the presentation.
  • 7. 4 Functions of a microcontroller. 1. Input. Input is the information that is given to the microcontroller to process. 2. Processing. After receiving input the microcontroller then processes that info. It then reacts in the manner which it was programmed.
  • 8. 4 Functions of a microcontroller.
      3. Output. After processing the info, the microcontroller then sends that info to an output port. Where it then proforms its duty. 4. Communication. Communication is the final step,the end result. This is how the product connects with the user. By giving the user what he/she wanted.
  • 9. The Microcontroller is the “brain” behind the whole shabang .
    • It processes all audio functions.
    • 10. It processes the LCD display.
    • 11. Pretty much does it all.
  • 12. Receiving Input
    • There are six input ports
    • 13. TV, tape, CD, tuner, aux1, aux2.
    • 14. These allow for communication with other audio devices.
  • 15. What type of processing to expect.
    • Audio controls.
    • 16. Bass, treble, balance, volume etc.
    • 17. Visual display.
    • 18. Showing the bass levels, treble levels, volume level etc.
  • 19. Two forms of OUTPUT for this model are sight and sound.
    • All volume levels and setting levels are shown upon the LCD display.
    • 20. Music is played through stereo from a audio source and or just the radio.
  • 21. Communication.
    • If stereo is working correctly then this is good.
    • 22. Create a use for stereo.
  • 23. Close to ending...
  • 24. With special thank to...
      Dustin Christopherson
    Because with his help this powerpoint presentation was possible haha!
  • 25. THE END