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  • I am a senior electrical engineer and i have 10 years experience and i have been completed the diploma in EEE and B.Tech final year.
    I am looking about any suitable post as a Executive cadre

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  2. 2. Kakinada Group Of Companies • General • Kakinada Sea Ports Ltd • Meenakshi Electric/Hydril KSPL Power Ltd.GE-Hydril MPL • Kakinada Special Economic Zone KSEZ • Sembmarine • Cuddalore Port Kakinada Ltd Co Pvt Ltd. SKL • Kakinada CPCPL Marine & KMOC Offshore Complex Ltd • Petromarine Energy • Kakinada SEZ PESL Services Ltd • Hilsprings KSEZPL Port Ltd HSWI Wineries Inc. 22
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILEKMOC is established in the year 2005 and the main purpose to caterer Marine, Oil & Gasoffshore Industry with a view to provide One Stop Support Centre for all the DrillingCompanies, Oil Companies and related Support Services Companies.KMOC is specialized in to thea) Shore Base Servicesb) Pipe yard Servicesc) Logisticsd) Providing Dedicated Berthse) Warehouse Servicesf) Construction and Operation of Mud Plantsg) Construction and Operation of Bulk Plantsh) Provision of Base Facilitiesi) Riser Repairsj) Drilling Tool Manufacture and repairk) Pressure Control Products and servicingl) Tubular Repairsm) Blasting and Painting Servicesn) Fabrication of Cargo Containers/Baskets as per DNV 2.7.1
  4. 4. ADVANTAGESa) 90m OSV berths with Jetty Cranes (40 Ton) specially designed for handling OSVs &PSVsb) 9m draft & Night Navigation for 24 x 7 operationsc) 630M long Berth with Luffing Jib Tower Cranesd) Bunker supply by pipe line to vesselse) EDI connected Customs office at port for speedy clearances.f) Large back up area for support services close to the Jetty.g) Spacious & Secured Warehouses & Storage Yards.H) Logistic facilities with both Rig & OSV facilitiesi) Experienced Management and the Work Forcej) International Group Companies for sourcing
  5. 5. Customers1. Schlumberger2. Transocean3. Baker Hughes4. MI Swaco5. ONGC6. OIL India7. Halliburton8. KSPL9. Sembmarine Kakinada (SKL)10. GE Oil & Gas (Hydril)
  6. 6. Infrastructure and Facilitiesa) Land available inside and outside the portb) Mobile Cranes 100 Tonsc) Trailers 40 feetd) Pick and Move Cranes (Hydras)e) 100x20 Mts. Covered Workshop with OH cranes of 50 Tonsf) Blasting and Paintingg) Marine Riser repair workshoph) Fabrication Facilitiesi) Hydrostatic test facilities up to 30,000PSIj) Calibration facilitiesk) Electrical and Instrumentation Servicesl) Mechanical Maintenance Servicesm) Design and Engineering Servicesn) Machine shop facilities
  7. 7. ExperienceThe following are few of the prestigious projects executed.a) 2010-11- Design, procurement, fabrication, erection and commissioning of Mud Plant (10,000bbl) for MI Swaco in 3 Months time.b) 2010-11Construction of Complete Base facilities, including Admin. Office, Warehouse, Workshops, storage Yard (16 Acres) for Transocean.c) 2011-12 Design, procurement, fabrication, erection and commissioning of Mud Plant (16,000bbl) for Baker Hughes in 5 Months time.d) 2012-13 Design, procurement, fabrication, erection and commissioning of Mud Plant (16,000bbl) for MI Swaco in 5 Months time
  8. 8. Experiencee) Successfully running the bundling service contracts which includes Pipe yard, material handling equipment, manpower, transportation of Mud and Bulk to RIG KG1 under Schlumberger Contract.f) Successfully running the bundling service contracts which includes Pipe yard, material handling equipment, manpower, transportation of Mud and Bulk to RIG KG1 under Baker Hughes Contract.g) Fabrication of Containers and Baskets Designed to DNV 2.7.1 and DNV Certified.h) Charter Hiring of Vessels (OSV) for Baker Hughes for the Rig Plex (Vantage)i) Sand Blasting and Painting of Marine Risers for Transocean (5 Year Contract)
  9. 9. APPRECIATIONS BAKER HUGHESFrom: Gopinathan, RajeevanSent: Friday, April 27, 2012 2:18 PMTo:;; Satya Murthy;Cc: Gautam, Anurag; Iyer, Lakshmi Suresh Lakshmi Suresh; Dhamija, Puneet; Salaskar,Alka; Kirkland, Richard; Rafter, Neil; Chandrahas, SujaySubject: India IO Operations selected for Presidents HSE AwardTeam – It’s a proud moment for all of us, Rick White informed us that India IO operationsis selected for IO President’s HSE excellence award.Thank you for leading and ensuring safe operations under extreme difficult conditions,especially during mobilization and startup period. Please convey our appreciation to allyour team members whose hard work and dedication helped us to achieve thisrecognition.Regards,Rajeevan Gopinathan | HSE Manager - India & South West AsiaBaker HughesOffice: +91 22 61548500 | Fax: +91 22 61548510Cell: +91 9930311808 | rajeevan.gopinathan@bakerhughes.com | Advancing Reservoir Performance
  10. 10. APPRECIATIONS TRANSOCEANFrom: Srivastava, Sanjeev (Mumbai) []Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 10:24 AMTo: RK RaoCc:; ODonnell, Alistair (Mumbai); Naidu, Clint (Mumbai)Subject: First excellence award to riser yard Mr Rao,I would like to inform you that Kakinada asset riser yard has been awarded thecompany’s most prestigious FIRST EXCELLENCE AWARD in 2011 for the facility andteam work.It has been recognized as the best facility in world and the results given by the teamin 2011 has been excellent.I would like to thank KMOC and you in particular for working side by side andcontinuously supporting us in the campaign. We will continue to work together tofurther enhance our relationship.Regards,Sanjeev SrivastavaRiser Maintenance Manager,TFS, IME Division, MumbaiDesk: 91 22 4000 0388Hand Phone:+91 9167200036
  12. 12. PROJECTS
  13. 13. MI Swaco Mud plant 10,000bbl
  14. 14. Mud Plant – MI Swaco (10,000 BBL)
  16. 16. Transocean Facility
  17. 17. Transocean yard (Storage)
  18. 18. Modern Warehouses
  19. 19. Experience on the requirements workshops WorkshopCovered/Open Sheds / Ware houses for user sections
  20. 20. Experience on the requirements Waste Disposal Area with Color CodeModern scrap and waste management area
  21. 21. Riser Storage Repair Facility an RCC Platform
  22. 22. Tubular Inspection RCC Platform
  23. 23. storage Area
  24. 24. FacilityRiser Repair Shop
  25. 25. Office Facilities
  26. 26. Baker Hughes Mud Plant
  27. 27. Transporting lines to Jetty
  28. 28. Schlumberger Pipe Yard Managed by KMOC
  29. 29. BAKER HUGHES Pipe Yard Managed by KMOC
  30. 30. Bunkering Facility
  31. 31. Material Handling Equipment Pick and Move Crane Capacity : 12 Ton
  32. 32. Material Handling Equipment Mobile Crane Capacity : 75 Tons
  33. 33. Material Handling Equipment 40’ Trailers
  34. 34. Material Handling Equipment FORK LIFT Capacity : 5 Tons
  35. 35. Liquid Mud Plant 3D Modeling
  36. 36. Liquid Mud Plant(Finishing Stage)
  37. 37. Liquid Mud Plant
  38. 38. Ware house for Mud &Bulk chemical storage
  39. 39. Bulk Plant
  40. 40. HSE Management