2013 App Market Trends


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2013 App Market Trends give current market data on app usage worldwide. It exposes how people are using apps and what apps dominate the market.

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2013 App Market Trends

  1. 1. Presents
  2. 2. Games Dominate Top Apps ● Games account for 145/300 of top paid apps on Apple App Store and 116/300 on Google Play. ● Games account for 94/300 of top free apps on Apple App Store and 110/300 on Google Play.
  3. 3. In-app Purchases ● In-app purchases now generate the majority of the revenue in the app stores, rapidly replacing pay-to- download as the main revenue model.
  4. 4. In-app Purchases ● In-app purchases made up 76 percent of revenue in the United States Apple App Store for iPhone in January 2013, up from 53 percent in January 2012 (paid-for apps fell from 47 to 24 percent). ● In some Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, Japan, China and South Korea, over 90 percent of app store revenue is from in-app purchases. ● In other countries, it is much less; in Germany, for example, it is only 61 percent.
  5. 5. Mobile Apps Usage ● 1.2 billion people worldwide were using mobile apps at the end of 2012. ● This is forecast to grow at a 29.8 percent each year, to reach 4.4 billion users by the end of 2017. ● Much of this growth will come from Asia, which will account for almost half of app users in 2017.
  6. 6. Mobile Apps Usage ● 1.2 billion apps users is a large number, considering that analysts estimate that there aren’t much more than a billion smartphones worldwide. ● Further, apps development in recent years has largely focused on smart phones (mostly just one or two types of smart phones), but it is still only a minority of phone users. ● There are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide,according to the ITU - that means approximately 17 percent of mobile subscribers use apps.
  7. 7. How Many Downloads Per Year? ● Analyst estimates for downloads of apps in 2013 range from 56 to 82 billion. In 2017, there could be 200 billion downloads.
  8. 8. How Many Downloads Per Year? ● 56 billion smart phone apps will be downloaded in 2013. ● By operating system: 58 percent will be Google Android; ● 33 percent Apple iOS; ● 4 percent Microsoft Windows Phone; ● 3 percent BlackBerry.
  9. 9. How Many Downloads Per Year? ● 14 billion tablet apps will be downloaded in 2013; 75 percent will be iOS apps; ● 21 percent Android; 2 percent Windows. Android includes Amazon Kindle Fire, which will account for 4 percent of downloads
  10. 10. How Many Downloads Per Year? ● There will be 81.4 billion downloads of apps the by end of 2013 ● 90 percent of these will be free apps; by 2016 there will be 309.6 billion app downloads but ● 93 percent will be free ● Only 7 percent of apps will be paid for.
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