Greening the Mail
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Greening the Mail



Presentation given at a recent USPS PCC meeting providing an overview of the "Green Movement" related to direct mail.

Presentation given at a recent USPS PCC meeting providing an overview of the "Green Movement" related to direct mail.



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  • Good morning/afternoon/evening. For those of you who I haven’t met as yet my name is ____ and I am a ( insert title here) with the United States Postal Service. It’s a pleasure to be here with you at ( tailor for event) . Today, I’d like to spend the some time with you discussing mail and the environment. Turn on the t.v. or pickup any magazine and you will undoubtedly see an article or two about the environment or how consumers are “going green.” Consumers are increasingly becoming more and more environmentally conscious and making greener decisions. And the mail is not immune to this new trend. This trend is having an impact on the mailing industry and that’s why today, I’d like to spend some time telling you why it is important for us to work to green the mail and to give you some tips and resources to help you do just that. (Next Slide)

Greening the Mail Greening the Mail Presentation Transcript

  • Greening the Mail 15 Ways Direct Marketers Can Shrink Their Environmental Footprint Kevin Lash January 22, 2009
  • Agenda
    • Reasons to Green the Mail
    • Green 15 Best Practices
    • Resources
    • Increased consumer awareness
    • Media focus on “green”
    • Greater consumer expectations
    • Perception of mail …
    Today’s Green Landscape
  • Views
    • Need a green wake-up call ?
    • Fact: About 10 billion pieces of mail
    • and parcels are Undeliverable as
    • Addressed (UAA) each year, resulting
    • in enormous waste and unnecessary
    • expense for mailers.
  • Best Practices
    • Green 15
      • 15 cost-effective best practices known to deliver environmental benefits
        • Paper Procurement & Use
        • List Hygiene & Management
        • Mail Design & Production
        • Packaging
        • Recycling & Pollution Reduction
    • Paper Procurement & Use
  • Paper
      • 1. Encourage your paper suppliers to increase wood purchases from recognized forest certification programs.
  • Paper
    • 2. Ask your paper suppliers where your paper comes from before buying it.
  • Paper
    • 3. Require paper suppliers to implement sustainable practices.
  • Paper
    • 4. Require your suppliers to document they do not sell paper from illegally harvested or stolen wood.
  • Paper
    • 5. Evaluate the paper you use and look for opportunities to increase greenness.
    • List Hygiene
  • List Management
    • 6. Follow DMA guidelines
      • Maintain Do Not Mail list
      • Maintain Do Not Rent list
      • Use services to reduce unwanted mail
      • Give customers the option to modify or opt out of solicitations from you
  • List Management
    • 7. Maintain ‘clean’ mailing lists by using USPS tools and merging and purging.
  • List Management
    • 8. Use modeling or segmentation to target customers and mail efficiently.
    • Design
    • &
    • Production
  • Mail Design
    • 9. Test downsized direct mail and printed marketing pieces where appropriate.
  • Mail Design
    • 10. Explore production methods that reduce waste.
    • Packaging
  • Packaging
    • 11. Ask suppliers about environmentally preferable packaging options.
    • Recycling
    • &
    • Pollution Reduction
  • Recycling
    • 12. Purchase paper and packaging made from recycled materials with post-consumer content.
  • Recycling
    • 13. Use email and the Web to reduce communications that leave a paper trail.
  • Recycling
    • 14. Ensure that environmental labeling is clear, honest and complete.
  • Recycling 15. Participate in a campaign to encourage waste paper recycling.
    • Resources
    • Deliver :
    • Tools from USPS
    • Manage your address files with CASS™ system and DPV® systems
    • Address Element Correction (AEC) I & II are services that can be used when CASS Certified™ address-matching software cannot match an address to the ZIP + 4®
    • National Change-of-Address Link (NCOALink ) and Address Change Service ( ACS™) helps ensure you have the right address for customers who have moved
    • "The future? It's in the mail."
    • -Postmaster General John Potter