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Why did europe seek the american colonies
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Why did europe seek the american colonies






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Why did europe seek the american colonies Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Why did Europe seek the American Colonies?
  • 2. The First Americans
    What were the major differences between the Eastern Woodland Indians and the Plains Indians?
    What were the two major Eastern Woodland tribes?
    Which regions/ tribes were nomadic?
    What were the major crops farmed by the first Americans?
    Native Americans are polytheistic, what does that mean?
  • 3. Viking Exploration
    Eric the Red named the area “Greenland”
    PR- public relations
    Leif Ericson settled what he called Vinland, it is now known as L’Anse aux Meadows Historical Park
    Why didn’t their settlements last?
    Hostility of Native Americans
    Poor lines of communication with homeland
    Political trouble in Scandinavia
  • 4. L’Anse Aux Meadows
    Picture is taken from the Canadian Historical Park
  • 5. Why did Europe wait “500” years to explore America?
    The Middle Ages
    Why no exploration?
    The Renaissance
    What changed?
    The New Monarchs
    The Tudors of England and King Henry VII
    Louis XI of France
    Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile of Spain
  • 6. What made exploration possible?
    Gutenberg’s Printing Press
    “National” Taxes
  • 7. What motivated Europe to Explore the Americas?
    The Northwest Passage- a route directly to China
    Expand Empire
    The 3G’s
    France- Fur and Missionaries
    England- wanted to permanently settle
  • 8. Columbus’ Mistake
    Wanted to voyage west across the Atlantic Ocean to China
    Portugal denied his venture
    Spain envied Portugal for reaching India by traveling around Africa.
    Agreed to finance Columbus’ voyage
    Died frustrated that he never found the “treasure”
    Artist is L Prang and Co. , Boston MA
  • 9. The Columbian Exchange
  • 10. Portugal takes the Lead and Treaty of Tordesillas
  • 11. Spain and the Conquistadors
    Goal was instant wealth
    “Serve God and His Majesty, to give light to those who were in darkness, and to grow rich, as all men desire to do”
    Encomienda system
    Reward was Indian village
    Native Americans became “enslaved”
  • 12. Spanish Exploration of “U.S.”
    De Soto (1539)
    Spent 4 years searching for Gold
    Coronado (1540-1542)
    Texas, New Mexico, Arizona
    Explored the Grand Canyon
    Cabrillo (1542)
  • 13. The French claim Canada for 3 reasons
    Northwest Passage to China
    Giovanna daVerrassazo
    Jacques Cartier
    St. Lawrence all the way to Montreal
    Samuel de Champlain
    Founded Quebec
    Pere Jacques Marquette
    Sieur de La Salle
    Settled New Orleans
    Louisiana is a named after King Louis XVI
    Fur trade
    Native Americans were economic partners
    Catholic Missionaries
  • 14. Britain is pre-occupied
  • 15. Queen Elizabeth I
    End religious turmoil
    A loyal subject
    Loved the Queen
    Supported the Church of England
    Hated Catholics, especially from Spain
    The “Sea Dogs”
    Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins
    Pirates in essence
    Stopped Philip II’s Armada
  • 16. The British settle in the New Land: Roanoke
    Sir Walter Raleigh
    Founded in 1585
    Renamed land Virginia
    Spanish Lust versus the Chaste English
    Settlement in Outer Banks
    Due to war with Spain, colony is not resupplied or returned to for 3 years
  • 17. What happened at Roanoke?
    Assimilated into society
    Lumbee Indians of NC
    Prisoners of the Spanish
    Tried to return and died
    Killed by Native Americans
    Starved to death
  • 18. Columbus Argument Paper
    Must take a stand for or against the celebration of Columbus Day
    Each “argument” must have a fact (cited)
    Citations should come from reliable research sources
    Include historical texts (may use book)
    .edu and .gov websites
    Must use Chicago style
    Include bibliography or works cited page
    5 paragraph essay (1 page paper)
    Introduction- Thesis is your stand for or against the celebration of Columbus Day and your reasons
    Must be specifically stated
    Body of essay (3 paragraphs)
    Each paragraph should explain one of your reasons