The 1980s
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The 1980s



Intro to Reagan Administration

Intro to Reagan Administration



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The 1980s The 1980s Presentation Transcript

  • The 1980s
    The Reagan Revolution
  • The Election of 1980: Carter v. Reagan
    Jimmy Carter
    Ronald Reagan
    Oil Shock- High oil prices
    In a recession
    Unemployment up to 8%
    Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
    Iranian Hostage Crisis
    Offered hope for the economy
    Offered a build-up of American forces to stop Soviet Union
    “Are you better off now then you were four years ago?”
  • State of the Economy in 1981
    Interest rates were 20%
    Value of dollar was 36 cents
    Reagan blamed it on the government
    Excessive taxes
    High government spending
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  • Supply Side Economics
    Lower corporate income taxes
    Would mean a greater profit
    Would invest more
    Effects of lower corporate taxes
    Costs go down for the business
    Can invest in new technology
    Make items more productively
    Can hire more people
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  • Decrease in government spending
    Did not touch popular programs
    Social Security
    Cut 41 Billion dollars in spending
    Food stamps
    Reduced public service jobs
    Reduced student loans
    Reduced support for city mass transit (public buses)
  • Private Sector is rejuvenated
    Policy of Deregulation is to rely on marketplace to direct nation’s economy
    Upset Environmentalists
    Opened land to coal and timber production
    Halted growth of American parkland
    Billion acres opened for off shore drilling
    Rid the automobile industry of many regulations
    Negotiated with Japan to lower exports and save Detroit
  • PATCO: Air Traffic Controllers
    Strike in the summer of 1981
    Reagan states “protective services are the government’s reason for being “
    Reagan took action
    Fired striking workers
    Decertified the Union
    Trained thousands of new air traffic controllers at a cost of $1.3 billion
  • Mixed reviews on Civil Rights
    Strong rhetoric against Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion
    Did appoint first woman to Supreme Court with Sandra Day O’Connor
    72 nominees to federal courts
    12 were women
    3 were Black
    Openly opposed school busing mandated by Swann v. Charlotte Mecklenburg
    Openly against affirmative action
  • Reagan and Foreign Policy
    First day in office, hostages from Iran were set fee
    Doubled defense spending
    Expansion of navy
    B-1 bombers
    MX nuclear missiles
    Hard line on “Evil Empire”
    Placed 572 Pershing II missiles in western Europe pointing to Moscow and other large cities
    Complained only had 10 minutes of reaction time
  • Star Wars
    (SDI) the Strategic Defense Initiative
    Anti Missile system
    Used lasers and particle beams to destroy incoming missiles in outer space
    Critics believed it would cause the Soviet Union to build quicker and more efficient missiles
    Each side had a build up of 50,000 missiles
  • South American Leadership: Who do we support?
    Reagan perceived that the Soviet Union was supporting communism in South America
    Conditions in South America
    Extremes of wealth
    Small landowning elite
    Masses of poverty stricken
    U.S. wished to support a modern middle class regime that did not exist
    Ended up backing right wing dictators rather than support land reform and redistribution of wealth
  • The U.S. and Nicaragua
    Sandinistas were successful in the overthrow of the Somoza government
    Sandinistas were left winged
    Carter extended aid
    Reagan reversed policy
    Accused Sandinistas of driving out moderates, and turning toward Cuba and Soviet Union
    Reagan asked Congress to oust Sandinistas
    Congress said no
    Reagan opted for covert action
  • The United States backs the Contras
    Contras were rebels of the Sandinistas
    They were exiles in Honduras and Costa Rica
    Began supplying weapons to Contras
    Actions of the Contras
    Attempted to disrupt the Nicaraguan economy
    Raiding villages
    Blowing up oil tanks
    Blowing up mining harbors
    Congress passed the Boland Amendment
    U.S. could not spend money in Central America
  • Trouble in the Middle East
    Israel honored Camp David Accords
    Withdrew from Sinai Peninsula
    Reagan wanted a homeland for the Palestinian Arabs on the West Bank, Israel did not comply
    PLO (Palestine Liberation Force) continued to make attempts to raid Israel from Lebanon
    June 1882, Israel invades Lebanon to destroy the PLO
    U.S. did not stop invasion, but did not send troops
  • Middle Eastern Trouble Spots
  • U.S. Marines deployed to Lebanon
    Sent as a peace keeping mission
    A multinational force is deployed to restore order
    Muslims perceived the Marines were aiding the Christian government of Lebanon, instead of being peace-keepers
    Congress wanted Marines pulled out
    Reagan said NO, the Marines were there to protect Lebanon from Syria (backed by Soviets)
  • U.S. Marines in Lebanon
    Terrorists drive a truck loaded with bombs into barracks
    239 Marines die
    President pulls out
    Last marine leaves Beirut in February 1984
    Leaves President humiliated
  • 1984 Election
    Ronald Reagan
    Walter Mondale
    Voters give Reagan credit for:
    Curbing inflation
    Reviving economy
    Challenging communism
    Geraldine Ferraro of New York was first female on the national ticket
  • Iran Arms Deal
    Trade weapons for hostages
    6 American hostages were being held in Lebanon by group of terrorists loyal to Ayatollah Khomeini
    National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane proposed trading anti-tank missiles in return for the hostages release
    Iran complied because of war with Iraq
  • Iran-Contra Affair
    Oliver North was the LT Colonel assigned to the National Security Council
    New Security Advisor Casey decides to send TOW anti-tank missiles and HAWK anti-aircraft missiles to Iran
    Searching for a way to help Contras after the Boland Amendment
    North solicited donations from right-wing Americans
    Used profits from sale of weapons to Iran to fund Contras
  • War on Drugs
    Nancy Regan’s “Just say No” campaign
    I learned it by watching You
  • Reagan and Gorbachev
    Mikhail Gorbachev was a young, dynamic leader
    Wanted to improve relations with U.S.
    Gorbachev wanted changes at home
    Perestroika- reconstruct economy
    Glasnost- political openness
    Agreed to the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty
    Removed all intermediate range missiles from Europe
    Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan