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  • 1. 1
  • 2. The Great Depression began afterthe Stock market crash of the late1920’s, while Herbert Hoover wasPresident. 2
  • 3. In addition to the market crash, a combination of overfarming and a large drought caused the Dust Bowl,witch dismantled American Agriculture. 3
  • 4. The Great Depression destroyed many businesses that were onceprosperous parts of the communities. This restaurant that hadserved a large group of customers was now abandoned. 4
  • 5. Banks were some of the first businesses to closedue to lack of trading on the crashed market. 5
  • 6. Families had to wait for their food to be handed tothem in bread lines. Though this helped starvingworkers, they still struggled to survive. 6
  • 7. During the Depression, manypeople packed their bags and soughtwork in different areas of thecountry. 7
  • 8. With incredibly low wages or unemploymentfamilies had no money to maintain their property.People often began to live in Shantytowns calledHoovervilles. 8
  • 9. Even our capital city suffered from the Depression. Slumsdeveloped nationwide, and Poverty struck even the mostprosperous environments. Both Herbert Hoover and FDRserved as president during the depression. 9
  • 10. If someone became ill during these hard timesthere was no money to pay for Doctor bills, sofamilies had to hope for the best. 10
  • 11. The entertainment industry was the only prosperousbusiness during the depression. Picture shows were theonly form of relief during the depression. People wouldgo to the movies to see happier times. 11
  • 12. Railroads suffered with the rest of the country. They werethe main form of transportation for people and goods, butwith no passengers and no freight, Railroads suffered adecline. 12