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  • 1. EDC 480American International College Khalid M. Bayoumi
  • 3. SCANNING Scanning is a method of reading a particular list, sentence, paragraph, passage, or chapter in which an individual is searching for specific facts related to a particular subject
  • 4. SKIMMING Skimming is a method of reading a particular passage, chapter, or other large collection of sentences in order to determine the main idea of a particular piece of written material.
  • 6. REDW Read, Examine, Decide, and Write (REDW.) This reading strategy is primarily intended for reading materials that the individual is having difficulty understanding.
  • 7. SQ3R Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review (SQ3R.) This reading strategy is primarily intended for studying information that does not necessarily confuse the individual, but rather is just unfamiliar to the individual.
  • 8. SQ3R First, the individual should just quickly survey the chapter for titles, headings, subheadings, review questions, captions, chapter or section summaries, and any other easily identifiable indications of the key points that the chapter is attempting to convey. Next, the individual should take each of these items and turn them into questions that the individual can answer while he or she is reading the chapter. Once the individual has identified all of the questions that he or she should answer while reading the chapter, the individual should then read the chapter and try to find the answers to each of the questions.
  • 9. SQ3R Each time that the individual completes a paragraph or section of the chapter, that individual should stop, recite any questions that the individual believes he or she can answer and then recite the answers to those questions. Finally, once the individual has read the entire chapter and answered all of the questions, he or she should go back and write down each question right next to its corresponding answer.
  • 10. SQRW Survey, Question, Read, and Write (SQRW.) This reading strategy is primarily intended to help an individual take notes chapter by chapter on information that the individual is reading for the first time. SQRW is very similar to the SQ3R method and is usually used for taking notes from textbooks.
  • 11. KWL Know, Want, and Learned (KWL.) This reading strategy is primarily intended for a group of individuals, such as a study group, that is attempting to learn or understand a particular subject.
  • 12. KWL I want to I know I learnt know/learn• -- • -- • --• -- • -- • --
  • 13. ELEMENT MAPPING Element mapping is primarily used when an individual needs to break down a work of fiction into its component parts especially if the individual is preparing to write a book report or studying for a literature exam.
  • 14. QUESTION METHOD is primarily used for analyzing an essay or chapter that the individual needs to understand the inner meaning of the essay or chapter and not necessarily simply what the material is saying.
  • 15. Thank you