Queer love p resentation


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  • Queer love p resentation

    1. 1. In The Middle Of The Rainbow Examining Bias Against Fluidity
    2. 2. Intro Lawsuits and the census name categories of peopleThe media shapes our concept of what fluid relationshipslook like.Do we really make room for alternative sexual profiles?
    3. 3. TermsBisexual - Of or relating to both sexes. – Having both male and female reproductive organs; hermaphroditic.- A person who is sexually attracted to both men and women.Fluid - changing orientation – Some people’s orientation will change many times in their life.Pansexual - Pansexual refers to someone who is attracted to other people regardless of their gender,Polyamorous - pertaining to partipation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationshipsQueer - Queer is an umbrella term for sexual minorities that are not heterosexual, ... place them outside the heterosexual-defined mainstream,
    4. 4. FrameworkSex Positive FeminismRadical FeminismBisexuality - Beyond the Binary
    5. 5. LiteratureCompulsory HeterosexualitySocial Construction of SexualityBisexual PoliticsBisexual Reader: A Critical Reader
    6. 6. Methods4 Semi-Structured InterviewsIdentified as Bi/Fluid/Queer/Pansexal3 Womyn, 1 Man
    7. 7. Findings“As aforementioned, I have experienced some negative sentiments around my working process.Sometimes, the personal comments of an audience can make it difficult to feel safe and energizedabout educating them. Dealing and navigating through stigma and stereotypes can be difficult, but itcomes with the territory.” – D’andre“I find it difficult fitting in, due to the partners I have chosen. Nothing really fits. As a partner of aTransMan, we look “heterosexual”/married. And, I think a lot of G/L persons don’t quite understandthat we too are part of their community. Also, there is not a lot of ‘bi/queer/fluid’ groups/support orotherwise to participate in, unless you go underground to the BDSM/Poly/Pan communities, who findfluid sexuality a more appealing aspect of life.” – Tracey“Bias? Yes the B in LGBTQ is kind of ignored, individuals who identify as strictly queer or gay, bitends to be something considered gay, or is ignored... There’s not anything really geared specificallyto the Bi population. It’s often ignored in any discipline and not addressed in trainings, even in groupsthat consider themselves progressive. LGT gets covered, but not Bi...” – Miranda
    8. 8. FindingsOur concept of Bi/Fluid folks comes from externally applieddefinitionsMay be difficult to have a group with goals if the group isconstantly redefining itself
    9. 9. AnalysisBi/Fluid/Queer folks don’t necessarily identify as feminist for a variety ofreasonsThey identify some sort of bias from mostly outsider communities The bias they identify within their social activist circles they believe is approachable and malleable, and tend to embrace those as teaching and learning momentsIs their sexuality radical?
    10. 10. ConclusionWe can work to make activist circles inclusive, and namingthose communities will keep them sovereign in sexualpolitics.We can interrupt the cycle of oppression by addressingmicroaggression