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  • 1. TabletsMary Kennedy-Moore & Brandon Kolvek
  • 2. Features• Single panel personal computer• Touch screen operated input device (Hand or stylus pen)• Web browser• Apps• Combines laptop with size and convenience of smart
  • 3. Dimensions•• 10-inch Tablets: 9.8" x 7" x .5" @ 1.4 lbs.Length, Height, Thickness Vary
  • 4. History1915- First patent for handwriting technology.1956- First public use of tablet in place of a keyboard.1968- Alan Kay invents the Dynabook, “A Personal Computer For Children Of All Ages.”
  • 5. Early Modern TabletsApples Graphics Tablet (1979)
  • 6. Tablets Today
  • 7. Industry Growth• 3 out of 10 internet users own a tablet• 820 million units sold in 2012, Projected 1.2 billion in 2013• Surpass growth in notebook sales by 2016
  • 8. Setbacks/Criticisms• Transformation of Technological Use• Ubiquitousness of tablets may makeDesktop PCs obsolete• 62% of CEOs surveyed believe PCwill soon be redundant in office setting
  • 9. Tablets in Business
  • 10. How Common is Tablet Use inBusiness?
  • 11. Tablet Use ProjectionBy 2016, more than 900 million tablets will be in the hands of users and as more consumers buy them, they then tend to bring them to the workplace and use them for their jobs – often led by executives. -Gartner
  • 12. Replacement for Laptops?-Travel-Ready at hand
  • 13. What Do Businesses UseTablets For?
  • 14. 3 Main Uses• File sharing• Collaboration• Communication
  • 15. File Sharing-File utilities for sharing and document distribution
  • 16. Collaboration-Good for meetings and one-to-one conversation-Sales applications
  • 17. Communication-Social Media-Corporate Email
  • 18. Where Next?
  • 19. Problems-Some people would rather have a PC than a tablet-Some people believe PC will become redundant in office setting-Security
  • 20. Questions- Do you believe that companies will provide tablets to their employees in the future?-What do you think the disadvantages of making tablets a standard in businesses are?-Do you think that the ongoing success of tablets will cannibalize other technologies, such as PCs or smart phones?
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