Medlin SOQ Underwater Acoustics


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Medlin SOQ Underwater Acoustics

  1. 1. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Statement of Qualifications Underwater Acoustics & Ship Silencing Bio-Acoustics Environmental Noise Transportation Noise Machinery Noise Architectural Acoustics Program Management Small Woman-Owned & Disadvantaged Business P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  2. 2. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Profile Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Noise and Vibration Control Engineers NAICS 541330; SIC 8711 Corporate Office P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad, CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515 phone (760) 960-5878 cell email: web: President/CEO Kathy Medlin, INCE 17+ years acoustical engineering, noise and vibration control MS, Acoustical Engineering, Noise & Vibration Control, Penn State BS, Mechanical Engineer, Clarkson University, NY Certified Acoustical Consultant, County of San Diego and City of Chula Vista Small Business Certifications State of California Certified Small Business Enterprise SBE County of Los Angeles Community Business Enterprise CBE Metropolitan Transportation Authority Pre-qualified firm Metropolitan Water District/SD Cty. Water Authority: SCOOP California Public Utilities Commission & Caltrans WBE Caltrans Certified WBE/U-DBE Professional Organizations Institute of Noise Control Engineers (INCE) National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC) P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  3. 3. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Summary The history of Medlin & Associates, Inc. is rooted in an unparalleled underwater challenge - that of quieting a 300 foot nuclear-powered submarine. Such an effort focuses on both the detection and detectability viewpoints, and requires decreasing radiated noise levels below ambient. Medlin engineers therefore offer relevant underwater expertise to handle unique projects, blending large-scale project management with hands-on field experience. As society becomes more aware of noise impacts on the natural environment, the need to push the boundaries of mitigation technology becomes paramount. Protecting our delicate marine life requires special expertise. It requires wise leadership, which needs informed guidance. Through our global experience in ship silencing and underwater noise mitigation, Medlin & Associates, Inc., offers our clients a tsunami of underwater experience. Where other consultants leave you in the tidepool, we move projects forward. Green Sea Turtle Hatchling
  4. 4. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Project Spotlight: Submarine Condition-Based Maintenance The Navy’s condition-based maintenance program uses noise & vibration monitoring to assess the health, condition, and acoustical performance of machinery and hull structure on 115 operational submarines. The nuclear power plant comprises machinery and equipment housed in two-thirds of the boat. As Program Manager for NAVSEA’s Submarine Noise and Vibration Monitoring Program, Kathy Medlin provided managerial and technical direction, planning, policy, and financial management. Medlin directed research and development, technical studies, training, and data collection techniques. Portable data acquisition systems, including hardware, software & analyzers were procured and implemented fleet wide. Medlin directed research into the development of hull transfer functions associated with detection and source identification of noises in the marine environment. This achieved program goals of reduced reliance upon costly acoustical trials. Medlin directed R&D efforts of the Automated Machinery Vibration Analysis expert system to reduce repetitive human analyst functions and catastrophic failure rates as well as improve information flow to ship's maintenance personnel. The program saved the US Navy millions of dollars annually in maintenance costs. SSN-688 Class Submarine P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  5. 5. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Project Spotlight: Submarine Silencing Field Activities While at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Kathy Medlin performed daily submarine inspections and machinery noise measurements to identify noise and vibration issues and specify corrective actions for boats in overhaul. This process was to ensure that the submarine's acoustical signature was not affected during overhaul, a goal verified via acoustical trials upon completion. Medlin additionally performed an intensive four-week submarine pre-overhaul noise survey at Pearl Harbor Submarine Base during which the boat was evaluated for noise issues on a system-by-system basis. The sound-isolated systems on the boat were inspected using an intensive hand-over-hand method to identify the location, type, and condition of every sound isolation feature and compare them to the ship's drawings, which were subsequently updated. Submarine Acoustical Trial P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  6. 6. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Project Spotlight: Submarine Noise & Vibration In pursuit of fleet-support goals for the Navy’s Top Management Attention Noise program, Kathy Medlin coordinated actions between Navy headquarters and fleet personnel to install fleet-requested silencing improvements for operational submarines. She made specific recommendations for backfit applications, directed contractor support of acoustical improvements in auxiliary machinery and hull configurations for future Ship Alterations. She provided coordination for propeller acoustic silencing actions. Medlin participated in key submarine acoustical trials held on Navy acoustical ranges near Bahamas and off the Bremerton coast, which were designed to identify the detection and detectability of operational submarines, identify their acoustical signatures, and identify areas in need of improvement to support Navy missions. She briefed the ship commanding officer upon completion of acoustical trials. USS Alabama Acoustical Trial P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  7. 7. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Project Spotlight: Acoustical Training Kathy Medlin directed all program training efforts for the Submarine Noise and Vibration Monitoring Program, which consisted of training nine globally based field support teams. Training consisted of vibration monitoring, condition-based maintenance, use of portable vibration analyzers and accelerometers, near and far field measurements, spectral measurements, frequency and time domain analysis, machinery and hull monitoring, acoustical signature reduction, signal processing theory, trending analysis, and failed bearing analysis. USS Atlanta (SSN 712) P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  8. 8. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Project Spotlight: Italian Minesweeper/Minehunter Kathy Medlin was the Navy's lead technical project manager for acoustics on the mine-hunter MHC-51 program. Medlin was in charge of all acoustics issues in the design of this vessel, as well as the integration and testing of unique silencing and shock features to prevent the ship from exposure to explosive ordinance (influence mines) in shallow harbors. She led a specialized near-field underwater acoustical test of a similar foreign minesweeper, coordinating nighttime testing in waters off the coast of Italy. The test involved the coordination of ship and acoustical personnel from US, Italy, Nigeria and Germany. She also directed research into the quieting of this ship’s cycloidal propellers, a specialized acoustical model to predict ship radiated (underwater) noise levels, and the integration of unique attenuation features including compound isolation systems, machinery enclosures and deck isolation. MHC-51 Class Minesweeper/Hunter P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  9. 9. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Project Spotlight: Surface Ship Silencing Kathy Medlin was the Navy's technical project manager for acoustics, noise and vibration control for new quiet surface ship design and construction programs. This function encompassed ships in all phases of design and construction, coordinating efforts with marine architects, naval engineers, and shipbuilders throughout the development process. She interfaced regularly with key civilian and military personnel, researchers, scientists, ships forces, and Navy field activities, providing technical expertise in the areas of: • airborne noise • ship radiated noise/ship signature • structureborne noise • machinery vibration • sonar-self noise • quiet propellers With multiple quiet-ship programs simultaneously under design, construction, or conversion, Medlin was in charge of integration and testing of unique silencing features for minesweepers, destroyers, oceanographic research vessels and auxiliary ships, including: • MHC-51 Class • AOE 6/7 • MCM-1 Class • T-AGS 51/52 • AGOR-23 • T-AGS (O) ICE • LHD-5 • T-AG 195 Hayes Conversion MCM-11 (Minesweeper) P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  10. 10. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants Project Spotlight: Key West: LSD 44 Shock Trials Extreme underwater acoustics Medlin & Associates, Inc. engineers understand underwater shock like few others. Riding aboard the USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44) during her shock trials, Tim Medlin experienced first hand the effects of underwater impacts. Effects that make a 600 foot ship tremble, rip equipment from its foundations, and send debris leaping off the decks. As part of the shock trial team, Medlin was involved in setting up instrumentation aboard the ship, on-board observation during the tests, and assessing damage after each shot. Medlin observed--in an extreme environment--those mitigation treatments which work, and those which don't. It is this rare experience which we bring to the pursuit of underwater impact mitigation. USS Gunston Hall (LSD-44) Shock Trials P.O. Box 130941 Carlsbad CA 92013-0941 (760) 930-6515
  11. 11. Medlin & Associates, Inc. Acoustical Consultants