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British and world literature1 7
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British and world literature1 7



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  • Live Lesson Modeling Part 2 Content, refer to the Teacher Guide for assistance.
  • Using the snipping tool:http://viewpure.com/_qcFOoNR9vICopy and paste http://viewpure.com/70Kqw6Rh_70
  • Don’t put it off. You are responsible for getting your lessons done. Make arrangements to visit the library….
  • Pride & Prejudice- Jane Austenhttp://viewpure.com/7Afx8MGg00g1984- George Orwellhttp://viewpure.com/Z4rBDUJTnNU
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dHVqajhMaGZrbHV5S0NwQmZ6MzdLM1E6MQ


  • 1. British and World Literature ENG403A…………………. Dr. McLauchlan
  • 2. GEORGIA CYBER ACADEMYVISION: GCA students will emerge as confident leaders in the 21st century global communitythrough a holistic approach of rigorous academic standards, a commitment to individualizedlearning paths, and attention to the growth of each student as a civic minded contributor bothwithin their local communities and beyond.MISSION: The mission of the Georgia Cyber Academy is to provide an exemplaryindividualized and engaging educational experience for all students by incorporating schooland community/family partnerships coupled with a rigorous curriculum within a data-drivenand student-centered instructional model. Student success will be measured by valid andreliable assessment data, parent and student satisfaction, and continued institutional growthwithin the academic community.
  • 3. Course Homepage • Course Announcements • What’s New • Course Checklist • Gradebook • Doc Sharing • Dropbox
  • 4. Course Announcements, What’s New & Course Checklist Check: 1.Course Announcements 2.What’s New 3.Check K-Mail
  • 5. Check:1.Gradebook2.Doc Sharing3.Dropbox
  • 6. Course HomeLeft-Hand Navigation area • Syllabus • Teacher Contact Information • Course Help • Academic Integrity • ClassConnect • Course Feedback
  • 7. Weekly Course Announcement andCourse Syllabus Read: 1. WCA 2. Course Syllabus
  • 8. Unit and Lesson Resources and Materials Student Guide Reference Guide Take Notes
  • 9. ClassConnect Changes Things will be a bit different this semester• ClassConnect Sessions:• After today….Class session will be recorded and ready prior to classtime. Recording will be on your Daily Plan.• Thursday’s will be used for whole group questions and answers Thursday 10:30-11:30 whole group(Mrs. Maxwell’s class yours will be 10:30-11:00) 2:30-3:30 small group 3:30-4:30 small group
  • 10. Raise Your HandMake sure you check to see if your questionhas already been answered.Be sure to start with the Lesson number andpage number in the subject line. •Which RYH entry is appropriate? a.I don’t get the assignment…. b. 2.05 pg42: are we supposed to complete •all of the questions , or just the even ones?
  • 11. How to use The Island Go to www.studyisland.com. Enter a Username and Password. Studentid@gca 123456@gca Password: GCA Forget your username and password?
  • 12. How to use The IslandThere are 2 ways to study on The Island!1. You can workindependently.2. Your teachercan give youassignments.
  • 13. How to find assignments To find assignments: 1. Click “My Classes” at the left side of your account. 2. Select a class from the drop down. 3. Click on the assignment you want to work on.
  • 14. Study Island Screen Shot• Preferred Format
  • 15. • Snipping tool http://viewpure.com/_qcFOoNR9vICopy and paste http://viewpure.com/70Kqw6Rh_70
  • 16. Snipping Tool• Click on Start menu.• Click All Programs.• Click on the Accessories folder.• Click Snipping Tool.• Once you open Snipping Tool, click and drag to put a rectangle around the item you want to “snip.”• Paste the image into the dropbox.• Use Ctrl+V to paste.• You can highlight or write on the image before pasting it!
  • 17. Other way to copy• Ctrl a• Ctrl c• Ctrl v• Paste into the dropbox
  • 18. Using the Snipping Tool
  • 19. 1. Review the Lesson Resources and Print the Student Guide2. Review the Weekly Course Announcement for adjustments in assignment3. Read and Study all online material4. Follow all directions5. Take Notes in your Student Guide or notebook as you work through the lessons
  • 20. 6. Do all Practice Exercises until you’re comfortable with the material and skills7. Ask questions and make sure you understand8. Complete assignments including Quizzes, Tests, and Discussions9. After a Quiz was taken, Check Answers and review any misunderstood items10. Attend ClassConnect and Office Hours and Ask questions11. Submit your work on time
  • 21. Review what we’ve learnedtoday What are the What types of different ways assignments will you may ask we have in this questions of class and how do your teacher? I turn them in? How do you know what you are supposed to do every day in this class?
  • 22. Need Technical Help? 866 – K12 – CARE 866 – 512 – 2273In the meantime:Use the library or the computerof a friend or family member!
  • 23. Don’t Get Stuck - Get Help….Questions about the course, Assignments or Activities: • Read and Post to Raise Your Hand • Use Instant Message drmclauchlan@yahoo.com • Call 678-877-2122 (between 8-5) Questions about grades or personal business: • Send K-Mail • Call 678-877-2122
  • 24. • Raise Your Hand• Check out the Unit and Lesson Resources• Check WCA• Use Student Guides• Use Reference text
  • 25. • Check your Kmail• Read Course Announcements
  • 26. K-MailPhoneIM
  • 27. • Plan for 1 hour a day for each subject• Read and Complete every lesson• Do your homework every day!• Attend ClassConnect and Office Hours• Watch Recordings• Read and Post in Raise Your Hand
  • 28. • Plan time to take Tests and Quizzes• Be Prepared by completing all Lessons, Activities and review any teacher comments and suggestions• Read and Complete every assessment question• Have paper and pencil read to work problems out• Write your answers down on paper• Save your answers every 10 minutes• Do your own work• Avoid browsing and using other resources• Do your own work• Review your grades and teacher feedback
  • 30. What to Expect….• Persuasive Writing- this is important because persuading is something we do in everyday life…..• Critical Skills- reading comprehension, speaking and writing correctly are all important skills• Romanticism, Modern Age, and Imperialism- poetry and short story analysis and interpretation• Novel Unit…….
  • 31. Choice of Novel• Pride & Prejudice- Jane Austen• http://viewpure.com/7Afx8MGg00g• 1984- George Orwell• http://viewpure.com/Z4rBDUJTnNU• You will choose which book you want to read by reading the book talks and viewing the video clips provided in the LMS….. Actually why don’t I show you now……
  • 32. How you choose your novel…• In the classroom, there will be a way (depending on your teacher) for you to submit your selection.• Dr. McLauchlan’s students will submit their choice on a survey and enter their choice in the dropbox for 5 points 
  • 33. What should you be working on now?• This week you should start working on your persuasive essay. There are several resources and video links/tutorials available in the LMS to help you.• Persuasive writing is a skill necessary for all grade levels, college bound students, and those that don’t plan on going to college.• Next class connect will be dedicated to persuasive writing
  • 34. Attendance• Code Word:• 2nd semester• https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=t rue&formkey=dHVqajhMaGZrbHV5S0NwQmZ6MzdLM1E6MQ
  • 35. Questions???Type them in the chat box or grab the mic!