Server and domain setup

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Getting set up on a server using Webfaction and buying a domain name with GoDaddy.

Getting set up on a server using Webfaction and buying a domain name with GoDaddy.

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  • 1. Server and Domain Setup With WebFaction
  • 2. Complete Form and Click Start
  • 3. Click “sign up” or “start free trial”
  • 4. WebFaction Control Panel
  • 5. Setup Billing Billing  Payment Sources  Add New Payment Source  Make a one-off payment
  • 6. Setting up your website in WF
  • 7. Example Setup Project 2: Powering a Nation Project 3: Personal portfolio
  • 8. Website has Domains and Apps WebFaction automatically gives you a domain name. Time to buy your own unique domain name.
  • 9. Register a Domain with GoDaddy Enter your idea for domain name above
  • 10. GoDaddy Process Add a domain and click continue
  • 11. GoDaddy Process Proceed to Checkout
  • 12. GoDaddy Process  Complete the signup steps  There is no need to add additional or extra features, security, privacy, etc.  Keep track of your account info (username, password, etc.)
  • 13. Connecting Domain and WebFaction
  • 14. My Account  Manage Your Domains  Click on domain name
  • 15. Click Manage under Nameservers category
  • 16. Customize your Name Servers (see next slide)
  • 17. GoDaddy WebFaction
  • 18. Back in WebFaction  Add New Domain in the Domains tab
  • 19. Back in WebFaction  In the Websites tab, click on your site.  Add your domain to the Domains section.
  • 20. In WebFaction  Create a new directory for project 2 Delete any existing applications before creating a new one
  • 21. Creating a new directory  In Websites tab:  Add an Application  Create New Application  Call it portfoliowp.  Change App Category to Wordpress.  Save.
  • 22. Creating a new directory  Add an Application  Reuse Existing Application  Click on htdocs  Add “project2” to end of url. Save. project2
  • 23. Done!  Now wait! (Possibly up to 24 or even 48 hours, but likely only a few minutes)