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Built in Moodle: The Universally Desig

Built in Moodle: The Universally Desig



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Builtin moodle.mcclaskey.cue.2012 Builtin moodle.mcclaskey.cue.2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Presented  by  Kathleen  McClaskey  
  • Presenta(on  Roadmap   What  is   Digital  Learning  What  is  Moodle   Universal   Design   Environment   UD  Lesson   Example  of  UD   Example  of  a   Design   Math  Lesson   UD  Science  Unit   References   Q  and  A   Websites  
  • What  is      Moodle  is       an  Open  Source  Course  Management  System  (CMS),       also  known  as  a  Learning  Management  System  (LMS)   or       a  Virtual  Learning  Environment  (VLE)  
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  • What  is  Meant  by  Universally  Designed?        Lessons  “Built  in  Moodle”  are  based  on  the  principles   of  Universal  Design  for  Learning®  (UDL)      Multiple  Means  of  Representation      Multiple  Means  of  Engagement      Multiple  Means  of  Expression   Universal  Design  for  Learning  is  a  registered  trademark  of  CAST   www.cast.org    
  • UDL  in  Moodle    Some  Examples  of  Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Provide  Visuals  Related  to  Vocabulary     Imbed  Concept  Maps  or  Diagrams     Provide  audio  using  podcasts     Imbed  Video  of  Content  or  Concepts     Include  files  of  books,  activities,  assignments  and   handouts  
  • Provides…   UDL  in  Moodle      Anytime  Learning    Access  to  the  curriculum  in  school  and  at  home      Visual  and  video  supports  to  the  content      Options  for  students  to  practice  and  play  with  the   content  in  and  out  of  school  time      Choices  for  learners  to  express  what  they  know      Family  engagement  in  learning      Support  to  the  diversity  of  learners  in  the  classroom  
  • UDL  Lesson  Design      Learning  Goal      Vocabulary     Engagement  –  Warm-­‐up  activity      Guided  Practice      Independent  Practice      Assessments      Study  Guides  and  Handouts  
  • Digital  Learning  Environments   The  Toolkit     Moodle     1:1  and  5:1     Interactive   Whiteboard    Student  Response   Systems     Interactive  sites       Gizmos       Video     Visuals   Designed for ARRA projects in NH to create   Digital  Content     21st Century Classrooms
  • Digital  Learning  Environment   Standards-­‐ Pedagogy:   based   UDL   Curriculum   Lesson   Toolkit     Design   Digital   Learning   Environment  
  • Built  in  Moodle:  Universally   Designed  Math  Lesson  
  •    Universally  Designed                                             Math  Lesson   Vocabulary  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement  Tool:      A  Maths  Dictionary  for  Kids  
  •    Universally  Designed                                             Math  Lesson   Math  Lesson  -­‐   Accessible  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation  Tool:      PDF  files  or  links  to  online  math  curriculum  
  • Universally  Designed    Math  Lesson   Warm-­‐up  Activity   Whole  Group  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement   http://yateslab.com/Tool:    Smart  Interactive  Whiteboard  Lesson    
  • Universally  Designed    Math  Lesson   Guided  Practice   Whole  Group  UDL:     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement  Tool:  eNLVM.usu.edu  
  • Universally  Designed   Math  Lesson   Independent     Practice  UDL:     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement  Tool:  ThatQuiz.org  
  • Universally  Designed   Math  Lesson   Assessment  UDL:     Multiple  Means  of  Representation  Tools:    ENLVM  and  Smart  Student  Response  Systems  
  • Other  Math  Tools  that  Support  UDL   For  Word   Problems  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Tool  Thinking  Blocks  www.thinkingblocks.com  Link  to  site  in  Moodle  
  • Other  Math  Tools  that  Support  UDL   Math  Video  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Tool  Math  Playground  Videos    www.mathplayground.com  Link  to  video  in  Moodle  
  • Other  Math  Tools  that  Support  UDL   Math  Video  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Tool  Brightstorm.com  Pre-­‐Algebra  thru  Calculus  Imbed  Video  in  Moodle    
  • Built  in  Moodle:  Universally  Designed   Science  Lesson  –  Middle  School  
  • Universally  Designed   Science  Lesson   Vocabulary  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement  Tool:    Moodle  Visual  Glossary  
  • Universally  Designed   Science  Lesson   Warm-­‐Up  Activity  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement  Tool:  Moodle  Link  to  BrainPop  Activity,  Measuring  Matter  
  • Universally  Designed    Science  Lesson   Guided  Practice  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation  Tool:    Word  documents  of  labs  with  ability  to  access  with  a  reader  (text-­‐to-­‐speech  tools),  if  needed.  
  • Universally  Designed    Science  Lesson  Independent  Practice  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement  Tool:    Online  Activities  –  The  Biology  Corner  
  • Universally  Designed    Science  Lesson   Assessment  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Expression   AND FORUM: How do scientists communicateTool:    Hot  Potatoes  Quiz   and why is communication important inand/or  a  Forum   science?Question  
  • Other  Tools  that  Support  UDL  in  Science   Simulations  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation   Multiple  Means  of  Engagement     Tool  ExploreLearning  Gizmos  –  Online  Simulations;  include  activity  files  in  Moodle  (fee-­‐based)  
  • Other  Tools  that  Support  UDL  in  Science   Science  Video  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement     Multiple  Means  of  Expression     Tool  –  Embed  video  in  Moodle  or  have  students  create  a  video  
  • Other  Tools  that  Support  UDL  in  Science   Multimedia  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement     Multiple  Means  of  Expression     Tools  –  Glogster  and  Animoto  (embed  in  Moodle)  
  • Another  Tool  that  Supports                               Multimedia   UDL  in  Science  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation     Multiple  Means  of  Engagement     Multiple  Means  of  Expression     Tool  –  Voice  Thread  (embed  in  Moodle)  
  • Moodle  Ac(vity  that  Supports  UDL   Podcasts  UDL:       Multiple  Means  of  Representation   Multiple  Means  of  Expression     Tool  –  Embed  Podcasts  in  Moodle   www.slideshare.net/moodleman/podcasting-in-moodle-presentation
  • Moodle  Applet  that  Supports  UDL   NanoGong  UDL:     Multiple  Means  of  Expression     Tool  –  Include  an  audio  object  in  HTML  Text  Editor   NanoGong provides a very simple and transparent voicein  Moodle   support for Moodle. Using NanoGong the HTML editor is extended so that it is extremely easy to add audio objects within the text. Website: gong.ust.hk/nanogong/moodle.html
  • Moodle  App   My Moodle By Moodle Pty Ltd (free)NOTE: Moodle 2.1 or later is REQUIRED to use this app. Mobile web servicesmust also be enabled on the Moodle site.
  • Questions?
  • Math  Websites    National  Library  of  Virtual  Manipulatives      A  Maths  Dictionary  for  Kids      eNLVM  Interactive  Lessons    Shodor  Interactivate  Website      Thinking  Blocks  and  Math  Playground    Interactive  Math  Activities  -­‐  Utah  Education  Network  (Grades  3-­‐6)      NCTM  Illuminations      That  Quiz  -­‐  Math  Skills  Development  and  Assessment    Fun4TheBrain    Maine  EDC  GeoGebra  Learning  Activities      Conceptua  for  Teaching  Fractions    Sheppard  Software  Math  Activities  
  • Science  Websites    National  Science  Digital  Library:    www.nsdl.org    Annenburg  Media:    www.learner.org    Teacher  Domain:    www.teachersdomain.org/    American  Museum  of  Natural  History:    www.amnh.org/education/resources/index.php    Learning  Science:    www.learningscience.org/    Science  Lab:    www.seed.slb.com/en/scictr/lab/index_virtual.htm    Science  Clips  from  the  BBC  (Ages  5-­‐11):   www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/teachersresources/teachersresources.shtml    Exploratorium:    Tools  for  Teaching:    www.exploratorium.edu/educate/index.html      Exploratorium:    Hands-­‐on  Activities:    www.exploratorium.edu/explore/handson.html      Ask  a  Scientist:    www.newton.dep.anl.gov/archive.htm    NASA  Education:    www.education.nasa.gov/home/index.html    Science  NetLinks:    www.sciencenetlinks.com/    NOVA:    Teacher’s  Guides  by  Subject:  www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/teachers/resources/subject.html    Science  News  for  Kids:    www.sciencenewsforkids.org/      The  Interactive  Library:    edinformatics.com/il/il.htm  
  • Moodle  •       “Built  in  Moodle”  Workshops:    www.edtech-­‐associates.com  •         Copyright  and  Moodle:    http://www.wabash.edu/copyright/moodle  •         Moodle.org:    Official  website  and  training  materials  •         Moodle  News:    www.moodlenews.com  •         FreeMoodle  -­‐    freemoodle.org:    This  site  allows  completely  free  Moodle  hosting  for  teachers  and  students.  •       MoodleMoot  –  Moodlemoot.org:    Conferences  dedicated  to  users,  developers  and  administrators  of  Moodle  •       Moodle  explained  with  Legos  (SlideShare  presentation)  •       Learn  Moodle  at  www.integrating-­‐technology.org  (Mostly  no  cost  and  ongoing)  •   NanoGong:    http://gong.ust.hk/nanogong/moodle.html    
  • UDL    National  Center  on  UDL:    http://www.udlcenter.org/      UDL  in  Federal  Policy  and  Legislation:  Word    UDL  Fact  Sheet  for  Policy  Makers:  PDF    UDL  Fact  Sheet  for  English  Language  Learners  (ELL):  PDF    Video:  "UDL  at  a  Glance"    UDL  Guidelines  FAQ  and  Graphic  Organizer:  PDF  |  Word    CASTs  Statement  on  Implementing  UDL:  Word    CAST  Learning  Tools  Feature  Sheet:  PDF  |  Word    National  UDL  Taskforce  Organization  List:  Word    National  UDL  Taskforces  recommendations  for  ESEA  reauthorization:   Word    
  • “Built  in  Moodle”  Workshops   Contact Kathleen McClaskey www.edtech-associates.com Tel: 603-424-4534 khm@edtech-associates.com Follow on Twitter: khmmc Follow Kathleen McClaskey on Google+ and Scoop.it: www.scoop.it/t/udl-universal-design-for-learningwww.scoop.it/t/math-technology-and-udl-closing-the-achievement-gap Built  in  Moodle:  The  Universally  Designed     Digital  Learning  Environment  by  Kathleen  McClaskey  is  licensed  under  a   Creative  Commons  Attribution-­‐NonCommercial-­‐NoDerivs  3.0  Unported  License.