My digital fix


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My digital fix

  1. 1. MY DIGITAL FIX:1. First, unplug the SMARTBRO device and uninstall completely in the Windows ProgramManager (located in the Control Panel) the previously installed SMARTBRO program. (If youhave installed it earlier and it failed to detect signal or having other problems).2. Plug-in the SMARTBRO Modem Device. Wait for the AUTOPLAY DIALOGUE BOX toappear.3. Do not click AUTORUN, rather click OPEN FOLDER TO VIEW FILES.4. Once the window appears, go inside the INSTALLER FOLDER by double clicking it.5. Right-click SETUP and click TROUBLESHOOT COMPATIBILITY just below Run asAdminsitrator.6. Allow it to detect issues, it would take about 10-30 seconds. If it takes longer, be patient.7. Click TRY RECOMMENDED SETTINGS, then it will proceed to RESOLVING ISSUESactivity and finally it will recommend a setting that best suits the program.8. Click START THE PROGRAM. Follow-on the installers regular commands to complete theinstall.9. After installing, you may now test the SMARTBRO plug-in device software to connect to theinternet. There should be no more problems detecting the signal and the sim.10. Click NEXT in the COMPATIBILITY DIALOGUE BOX and click YES, SAVE THESESETTINGS FOR THIS PROGRAM.Smart Bro Modem Cannot Be Detected By Computer ( How To Fix Smart Bro InternetConnection )Check if modem is properly plugged. If not, dosoft reset (unplug/re-plug modem).Try to directly direct connect Modem tocomputer if you are using a USB cable.Try other USB ports or PC/laptop.Check device manager if modem/USB is detected.
  2. 2. If device manager cannot detect the modem, dohard reset (un-install and re-install device).If computer cannot detect the device UserInterface software, do hard reset (un-install andre-install the modem).If all troubleshooting has been applied, modemis considered defective for repair/replacement.Smart Bro Sim Card Cannot Be Detected by Computer / No Internet ConnectionRemove then re-insert SIM Card in the modem.If No Signal, Change Network Settings:> from 3G Preferred to Only 3G,> from Only 3G to GSM Preferred> from GSM Preferred to Only GSMIf Poor Signal, reposition device and/or changelocation of modem to another area and tryconnecting again.What You Should Do if Got this Error Message:"A connection to the remotecomputer could not beestablished, so the portused for this connectionwas closed.”Ensure that correct Access Point Name (APN)SMARTBRO is being used.
  3. 3. Make sure that your signal is stable and try tore-connect to the internet.Smart Bro Slow Internet Connection ProblemsTemporarily turn off anti-virus and firewall. Theanti-virus and firewall maybe the possible cause.Check signal strength being acquired by thedevice via the User Interface.Configure the Plug It modem settings based onyour internet activity:If audio/video streaming or file downloading:Network: ONLY 3GFrequency: W850M or850M+W2100MTo acquire immediate available 3G signal:Network: 3G PREFERREDFrequency: W850M+W2100MTo acquire immediate available GSM signal:Network: GSM PREFERREDFrequency: W850M+W2100MIf weak/no 3G,HSPA signal:Network: ONLY GSMFrequency: W850M+W2100MCheck computer specifications:Recommended specifications:Pentium III or higher512 MB of RAM or higher
  4. 4. USB 2.0 port50 MB free disk spaceRead more: