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Word press dreamweaver


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PDF of presentation on using WordPress with Dreamweaver CS5 on a local system

PDF of presentation on using WordPress with Dreamweaver CS5 on a local system

Published in: Design
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  • This is good. You might want to check out the DesktopServer Limited flavor of XAMPP at It's cross platform for Mac & Windows and eliminates a lot of these cumbersome steps (and free).

    The premium version extends support for Dreamweaver by automatically creating a site definition file, and support direct viewing/editing of theme files, bypassing the root index.php -which is good for quickly creating dreamweaver 'page templates'.
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  • 1. Designing on a Local System
  • 2.  Test and experiment with new features or plugins without impacting online site Work offline with no internet connection Present prototypes and live demos to clients without needing a connection Design using Dreamweaver CS5.x
  • 3.  Apache, MySQL and PHP installed ◦ Mac: MAMP – ◦ Windows: WAMP – WordPress Themes & plugins stored locally to “upload” (when working offline) Browser of choice
  • 4.  Download setup file Install as any other Mac application Will offer Pro version as option – free version is all that is needed
  • 5.  Download setup file Install WAMP ◦ Click on Wampserver 2 setup file ◦ Follow prompts Put online Set MySQL password (see Appendix)
  • 6. has step-by-step tutorials forinstallingMAMP/WAMP andWordPress locally.
  • 7.  Create database Create folder for WordPress files ◦ Windows: C:wampwwwsitename ◦ Mac: ApplicationsMAMPhtdocssitename Copy WordPress files to folder Install as usual: http://localhost/sitename/wp-admin
  • 8. AfterinstallingWordPress,install anythemes youwant to use.
  • 9. This Genesis theme(Church) allows fordifferent color themes.
  • 10. Use Live Viewto see thepage design inDreamweaver.
  • 11. Clicking onareas of thepage, changesthe display ofdiv and classsettings forthat section.By clicking ona “div”, thepropertiesdefined in thecss are shown.
  • 12. I want toeliminate thebackgroundimage in thebody andchange it’scolor. I can“commentout” theimage, andadd a newproperty.
  • 13. To add abackgroundcolor that isconsistent withthe rest of thepage, I canhover themouse over andarea(eyedropper notvisible inscreenshot) andDreamweaverwill fill in thehex code.
  • 14. I’ve settled onthe backgroundcolor for thewrapper.
  • 15. To view mychanges live, Isimply go tothe browser.
  • 16. I’m going tochange theheader inDreamweaver.In this case Iwill edit byclicking theedit button(pencil).
  • 17. Now I need toadjust thepadding onthe title areaso the textand logo don’toverlap.
  • 18. LettingDreamweaver“Discover”dynamicallyrelated files,let’s you findlinked php filessuch asfooter.phpeasily.
  • 19. WordPress siteshave LOT ofdynamicallyrelated files.Filtering allowsyou to displayonly those ofinterest.
  • 20. There are threefooter files. The lastis the Genesisframework andshould not be edited.This one defines thelayout of the footerand calls theshortcodes.
  • 21. This footer.php defines theshortcodes themselves.You now have the option to editand customize the footer.**This is being shown to illustrate the powerof Dreamweaver CS5. However, for Genesisthemes, using the Genisis Simple Editsplug-in is a simpler way.
  • 22. Installing MAMP / WAMPScreenshots from
  • 23. Setting MySQL password
  • 24. MySQL versionwill varydepending onwhen youdownloaded.
  • 25. You will need a text editor to edit to include the password.
  • 26. After setting the MySQL password, restart all services.