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  • 1. Tuscarora WarBy Corben and Emrys
  • 2. Who were the Tuscarora? The Tuscarora were a Native American tribe that lived in North America in the 1600’s to the 1800’s. When European settlers arrived, the Tuscarora were split as a tribe. There was a Northern tribe and a Southern tribe. These tribes were led by Chief Hancock and Tom Blunt.
  • 3. How the war started The Tuscarora war started when the Natives started fighting back against the European Settlers. This was odd because for many years the settlers had lived in peace and prosperity with the Natives At one point the tribe was split, instead of one Tuscarora there was now North Tuscarora and South Tuscarora.
  • 4. Why did the war happen? The war happened because the Natives got sick of being treated the way they were by the Europeans. There land was simply taken from them and they had no choice. They’re family members were being kidnapped and forced into labour and some were even forced into sexual slavery.
  • 5. Where did the war happen? The war mainly took place in North Carolina, where the Tuscarora had lived for many years. The war did not spread but stayed only within the confines of the state. Many wars like this happened between Natives and Europeans over land.
  • 6. When did the war happen? The war lasted 4 years, between 1711- 1715. After 1715, a peace treaty was signed between the Natives and the Settlers. The peace treaty did not last long though. The same year another war began.
  • 7. What were the after effects? The aftermath of this war lead to another war, the Yamasee War. This war again, was between Natives and European. The Yamasee War lasted from 1715 – 1717.