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In this session, we discuss the steps to create a Facebook Page for organizations. We also cover basic fundamentals of using Facebook effectively to increase awareness of your organization and engage your existing constituents.

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Facebook 101

  1. 1. Facebook 101Getting Started with FacebookAugust 2012Kevin MartoneTechnology Program ManagerGrinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropykevin@hgf.org
  2. 2. PJ Can BuildCommunity
  3. 3. Facebook Facebook offers PJ Communities an incredible opportunity to engage with its constituents. Most PJ Communities have no website (or a single page buried on a Federation website) » Facebook can be your Community’s official online presence. 3
  4. 4. Profiles, Groups, and Pages…Oh My! Personal Profiles » Must be an individual person » If an Organization uses this, Facebook can delete at any time » Needed to create/administer Groups or Pages Groups » Anyone with a Facebook Profile can create a Group on any topic » Groups can be public or private » Facebook user “Joins” a Group; becomes a “Member” Pages » For Organizations, Brands/Products, and Public Figures » Only official representatives can create/administer » More viral than Groups - Can add additional functionality (applications) » Facebook user “Likes” a PageFacebook: WhatOrganizations Need to 4 May 19, 2009
  5. 5. How to Maintain Must maintain the presence long-term, just like a website » Who will maintain the Page? » Who will respond to comments on the Page? » How often will content be added? To truly take advantage of the viral potential of a Page, engaging content must be added frequently; user-submitted content must be monitored on an on-going basis
  6. 6. Getting Started on Facebook
  7. 7. Create Your Page! www.facebook.com/pages
  8. 8. Add Profile Picture; Edit Thumbnail
  9. 9. Add Profile Picture; Edit Thumbnail
  10. 10. Fill out your Info Tab Text
  11. 11. About Your Community - Can add free text and links for more information - More prominent on new Facebook Timeline - Thank your Funders and Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Maybe a link to your Community Page or Enrollment Page on the PJ Library website?
  12. 12. Add a 2nd Admin- Can help manage content- Will manage Page if you are on vacation…or if you leave your job
  13. 13. Timeline Layout
  14. 14. Edit Page
  15. 15. Direct Messages
  16. 16. Notifications
  17. 17. Facebook Insights
  18. 18. Cover Photo
  19. 19. Milestones
  20. 20. Pin Content to Top of Page
  21. 21. Highlight Content – Width of Screen
  22. 22. Your Page is Ready…Now What?
  23. 23. Set Username NOT
  24. 24. Set Username
  25. 25. What to Post - The PJ Library Can Help! The PJ Library FBPage to get updates in yourNewsfeed and your Page’sNewsfeed. www.fb.com/pjlibrary
  26. 26. Use The PJ Library FB Posts on YOUR Page
  27. 27. What else to post? What would your constituents want to read? » Events » News about local parenting/literacy programs » PHOTOS!! (events, books, kids getting books, etc.) » Questions!! » PJ Library book lessons » Videos – events, PJ books » Alumni Wednesday? – highlight older PJ books » Stories of families getting books » Jewish community events, information » Other?
  28. 28. What Will People Actually See? The following determine how likely the people who Like your Page will see a post: » Recency – Posts within the last few hours are more likely to be Top News » Relevancy – If the user Likes, comments on, or Shares your Posts (or if they simply return to your Page), your posts are more likely to be in their Top News » Resonance – If a post gets a large number of comments, Likes, and Shares overall it is more likely to be Top News
  29. 29. Questions
  30. 30. Photos
  31. 31. Events Invite them! Show pictures
  32. 32. Video
  33. 33. Links Parenting Jewish Community Other?
  34. 34. Books, Lessons?
  35. 35. What Else Can You Post? Stories/Testimonials Holiday messages Recipes Contests Other?
  36. 36. 12:1 Post 12 things of interest to your constituents for every one post asking them for something. Asking for something: » Enroll » Renew » Tell a Friend » Register for an event » Donate
  37. 37. Invite Conversation
  38. 38. Respond!“Those who ignore theparty/conversation/network when they arecontent and decide to drop in when they needthe network may not succeed. It’s pretty easy tospot those that are just joining the networkpurely to take – not to give. Therefore, be part ofthe party/conversation/network before you needanything from anyone.”- Jeremiah Owyang of Web-Strategist.com
  39. 39. Keep it Clean - Remove Spam!
  40. 40. New PJ Library Facebook Apps
  41. 41. New Facebook App: About PJ Library
  42. 42. New Facebook App: PJ’s Monthly Selections
  43. 43. Go For It!Kevin Martonekevin@hgf.org
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