Beyond Facebook Basics - Ten Terrific Tactics


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In this session, we discuss tactics to more effectively utilize an organization's Facebook Page to raise awareness and engage their constituents. This session is for those who are already using Facebook Pages.

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Beyond Facebook Basics - Ten Terrific Tactics

  1. 1. Beyond Facebook BasicsTen Terrific TacticsApril 2012Kevin MartoneTechnology Program ManagerGrinspoon Institute for Jewish
  2. 2. Build community with current andpotential PJ families.Increase the number of FacebookLikes and interactions.Increase awareness of program.
  3. 3. Ten Terrific Tactics1. Post Regularly2. Get PJ National Content from Facebook/Blog3. Ask Questions4. Ask your Committee Members/Active Parents to Comment5. Consider Contests6. Make it Easy for People to Act7. Plan and Mix Content8. Connect Facebook with Real-World Relationships9. Cross-Promote10. Install New PJ Library Facebook AppsBonus: New Facebook Page Layout Tips
  4. 4. 1) Post regularly From Carie Lewis, Humane Society of the US (@cariegrls)
  5. 5. What Will People Actually See? The following determine how likely the people who Like your Page will see a post: » Recency – Posts within the last few hours are more likely to be Top News » Relevancy – If the user Likes, comments on, or Shares your Posts (or if they simply return to your Page), your posts are more likely to be in their Top News » Resonance – If a post gets a large number of comments, Likes, and Shares overall it is more likely to be Top News
  6. 6. 2) Get PJ National Content fromFacebook/Blog The PJ Library FBPage to get updates in yourNewsfeed and your Page’sNewsfeed.
  7. 7. Use PJ Library FB Posts on YOUR Page
  8. 8. 3) Ask Questions
  9. 9. Ask for Likes and Shares
  10. 10. 4) Ask People to Respond! nd r espo s you stion Can ue to my q ook? b on Face
  11. 11. 5) Contests
  12. 12. 6) Make It Easy for People to<CommunityName>
  13. 13. 7) Plan Your Content Week Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend Month January           Focus: Promote new Week of: sign-ups Smith Family  Status Tag Event  FB Posts  Theme: PersonalLegend: Jan. 1 Profile on JCC Pg this wk Stories JCC Reading Video of  FB Posts eNewsletter Jan. 8 Event this wk Keywords:Facebook -  Send link to sign- FB Posts  Events: Readings atWall Jan. 15 up for PJ this wk JCCFacebook -  FB Posts Update Jan. 22             this wkFacebook Collab Month February           Focus: Love the PJVideo Week of: Library! What do you  Promote Feb.  love about  FB Posts  Theme: Love of Books,Blog Feb. 1 Readings PJ Library? this wk PJ Status Tag  JCC Print  Event on  Reading Video of  FB Posts Newsletter Feb. 8 JCC Pg Event this wk Keywords: FB Posts  Events: Readings atTwitter Feb. 15 this wk JCC FB Posts PR Feb. 22             this wkEvents Month March           Week of: Focus: Passover FB Posts  Mar. 1 this wk Theme: Passover FB Posts  Mar. 8 this wk Keywords: FB Posts  Events: Various
  14. 14. Schedule Content
  15. 15. 8) Connect FB Relationships to the RealWorld
  16. 16. 9) Cross-Promote!
  17. 17. Status Tagging
  18. 18. 10) Install New PJ Library FB Apps on Your Page
  19. 19. New Facebook App: About PJ Library
  20. 20. New Facebook App: PJ’s Monthly Selections
  21. 21. Bonus: New Facebook Page Layout
  22. 22. Cover Photo
  23. 23. Milestones
  24. 24. Pin Content to Top of Page
  25. 25. Highlight Content – Width of Screen
  26. 26. Go For It!
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