KMA SharePoint Saturday Hartford ECM WCM2011

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KMA SharePoint Saturday Hartford ECM WCM2011

KMA SharePoint Saturday Hartford ECM WCM2011

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  • Use of tags and metadataUser is prompted to enter data (on right)Left hand side is showing navigation via metadata or taxonomy tree
  • Doc sets adds cap to bundle together types of content as a single entityAdd metadata to doc setAdd policy to doc set
  • Use of tags and metadataUser is prompted to enter data (on right)Left hand side is showing navigation via metadata or taxonomy tree
  • 1) Media is more native2) Shows streaming of video3) OOB media webpart
  • More users are now part of the RM scenarioDeclare rec in team siteDisp pol is broken down in to stagesCreateArchiveElimination


  • 1. Content is King - Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2010
    SharePoint Saturday HartfordJanuary 29, 2011Chris McNulty
  • 2. About Me
    • Working with SharePoint technologies since 2000/2001
    • 3. Managing Practice Lead, KMA
    • 4. 20 years consulting and financial services technology (Santander, John Hancock, GMO, State Street)
    • 5. MBA in Investment Management from Boston College
    • 6. Write and speak often on Microsoft IW technologies
    • 7. Microsoft MCSE/MCTS/MSA/MVTSP
    About KMA
    • Full-service IT consulting firm established in 1995
    • 8. 29 employees: Partner, PM, Analyst, Developer, QA
    • 9. Microsoft technology focus:
    • 10. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner / Working with SharePoint technologies since 2001
    • 11. Specialties in
    • 12. Collaboration: Portals, Communities, Content Management
    • 13. Insight: Enterprise Search and Business Intelligence
    • 14. Productivity: Forms and Office Client Customization, Mekko Graphics (ISV)
  • I live outside Boston…
  • 15. But I LOVE Connecticut…
  • 16. Agenda
    Solution Overview
    Managed Metadata – Keys to ECM
    ECM – Enterprise Content Management
    Versioning and Approvals
    Drop-off library
    Records Management – In Place vs. Records Center
    Document Hold
    Disposition and ILM
    Planning – Collaboration vs. Publishing
    Microsoft Reference Architecture
    Putting it Together
    Q&A and Summary
  • 17. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 … the bright frontier
    Eastern Long Island, July 4, 2010
  • 18. Enterprise Content Management “Sentence Structure”
  • 19.  
    What is metadata?
    Literally, “after data”
    In practical usage, it means data about data
    For SharePoint, it usually means data that describes or classifies:
    other data (lists)
    documents (libraries)
  • 20. The bright frontier - 2010 Managed Metadata Service
    Centralized enterprise repository for tag hierarchies and keywords
    Publish and subscribe model for distributed content types
  • 21. Using MMS Taxonomy
    Add from common button
    Select from list tor type-ahead
    Consume from views, navigation, and search!
  • 22. Folksonomy
    Informal list of ad-hoc tags or terms, usually built up over time through user defined keywords
    Centrally stored in the MMS application
    Easily enabled option for all document libraries
    Can also be applied to content outside SharePoint
  • 23. Social tagging
    Tags are aggregated to each user’s profile page
    Tags have profile pages
    Tags can be “followed” just like people in SharePoint social nets
  • 24. Search
    Tags are automatically crawled properties
    All tags and terms are available as left hand “refinements”
  • 25. MMS - Shared Service Applications
    The 2007 Shared Services Provider has been broken up.
    Each of its elements is now a Shared Service Application
    MMS is also a Shared Service Application
    Records/librarians/IA can administer metadata without becoming farm admins
  • 26. Taxonomy Administration
    Creating and managing terms and term sets
    Attaching to a library
    Taxonomy navigation
  • 27. Taxonomy Operations
    Term sets can be copied, relocated, and reused from existing terms
    Terms can be copied, reused, merged, deprecated, etc.
    Keywords (folksonomy)can be moved into a managed term set or deleted
  • 28. Content Type Hubs
    Define one master site collection to house master content types
    Publish and synchronize across multiple farm and or site collections
  • 29. demo
  • 30. Make it easy for users to enter metadata and use it
    Hierarchical taxonomy structure
    Capture metadata in Office
    Managed Metadata
  • 31. Enterprise Content Management
    Content Aggregation
    Approvals and Versioning
    Drop-off Library & Content Organizer
    Digital Media Management
    Records Management & Records Center
    In Place vs. Records Center
    Hold and Discovery
    ILM and Retention Policies
  • 32. Enable employees to deliver value fast with Document Sets
    Managed as a single entity
    Different types of content items
    Aggregation - Document Sets
  • 33. Versioning and Approval
    Classic product functions
    User options
    Interactive approval
    Workflow approval
  • 34. SharePoint Content
    Make it easy for users to enter metadata and use it
    Hierarchical taxonomy structure
    Capture metadata in Office
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 35. Rules-based Routing
    Drop-off Library and Content Organizer
    Move content based on content type
    Move content based on metadata and properties
  • 36. Rich authoring and publishing for web and multi-media content
    Microsoft Confidential, Prototype Only
    Streaming video on web pages
    Ribbon menu for media content
    Digital-Asset Management
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
    Digital Media Content Management
  • 37. demo
  • 38. Declare a record in a team site
    Location-based policies
    Multi-stage disposition policies
    Enterprise Records Management
  • 39. Records Management and Holds
    In place vs. Records Center
    Site Collection Feature “In Place Records Management”
    Records Center – Custom Site Collection
    Hold and eDiscovery Site Feature
    Custom Send To Actions (Cent. Admin)
    Move, Copy, Move and Leave Link
  • 40. Information Lifecycle Management
    Default behavior is defined for Content Types (MMS)
    Redefine (override) at library/folder level
    Rich array of functions and custom workflow
  • 41. demo
  • 42. Web Content Management
    Decide on your paradigm – publishing vs. collaboration
    Business case – page creation by owners
    Edit and approve in place
    Optional - deployment paths
  • 43. WCM and Migration – Planning and Architecture
  • 44. All together now
  • 45. ECM Cheat Sheet
  • 46. Resources
    • From Microsoft:
    • 47. SharePoint 2010 site:
    • 48. SharePoint Team Blog:
    • 49. From KMA
    Webinars, white papers and blogs at
  • 50. Next Steps
    Feb 2011 SPTechCon San Francisco (Admin & BI)
    Feb 2011 SPS San Diego (Managed Metadata & BI)
    Mar 2011 SPS Redmond (MMS)
    Mar 2011 Boston SPUser Group (BI with our next speaker, Sadie Van Buren)
    April 2011 SPS Boston
    June 2011 SPTechCon Boston (MMS & BI)
    Stay Tuned for @sadalit !
  • 53. Thank you…
    Contact Details
  • 54. Next: Sadie Van Buren
    • Project Manager and Business Analyst focusing on SharePoint
    • 55. Working with SharePoint since beta 2003 version
    • 56. Over 40 SharePoint implementations
    • 57. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
    Presenting: Assess Your SharePoint Maturity With The SharePoint Maturity Model
    Consulting Manager, Burntsand