Hartford 12 9-2010-microsoft share point 2010 overview

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SharePoint Hartford Presentation from 12-9-2010.

SharePoint Hartford Presentation from 12-9-2010.

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  • 1.
  • 2. SharePoint 2010 Overview
  • 3. SharePoint and Office 2010 Timeline
    & Office2010
    SharePoint & Office 2007 SP2
    Developmentand Validation
    CustomerFeedbackand Research
    Server 2010
    SharePoint Online
    SharePoint & Office2010
    & Office2010
    Tech Preview
    Office Communications Server 2007 R2
    FAST Search 2010
    Key InnovationAreas Locked
    SharePoint Online
    Additional products being launched: Project 2010 and Visio 2010
    ~$1B annual R&D investment across Office, SharePoint and related products
  • 4. Microsoft SharePoint 2010The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web
    Connect and Empower People
    Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure
    Rapidly Respond to Business Needs
  • 5. Microsoft SharePoint 2010
    Ribbon UI
    SharePoint Workspace
    SharePoint Mobile
    Office Client and Office Web App Integration
    Standards Support
    Business Connectivity Services
    InfoPath Form Services
    External Lists
    SharePoint Designer
    Visual Studio
    API Enhancements
    Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings
    Social Bookmarking
    Blogs and Wikis
    My Sites
    Activity Feeds
    Profiles and Expertise
    Org Browser
    PerformancePoint Services
    Excel Services
    Chart Web Part
    Visio Services
    Web Analytics
    SQL Server Integration
    Enterprise Content Types
    Metadata and Navigation
    Document Sets
    Multi-stage Disposition
    Audio and Video Content Types
    Remote Blob Storage
    List Enhancements
    Social Relevance
    Phonetic Search
    FAST Integration
    Enhanced Pipeline
  • 6. SharePoint Sites
    Easy site editing, including theming & branding
    Office Ribbon UI for faster training & adoption
    Rich offline experience with SharePoint Workspace
    Rich User Experience
    Anywhere Access
    Mobile-based interaction with people and content
    Read-write web access using Office Web Application
    Cross-browser support for maximized participation
    Single Platform
    Collaboration across Intranet, Extranet & Internet
    Improved interoperability with standards support
    Out-of-box accessibility compliance for WCAG 2.0
  • 7. SharePoint Sites
    Adoption made easier with the Office Ribbon UI
    Contextual Ribbon In SharePoint
    Cross-browser support
    Familiar Office experience
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 8. SharePoint Sites
    Site authoring and publishing made simple!
    Interactive Silverlight
    Live preview
    Embedding rich media
    AJAX-based usability
    Easy editing
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 9. SharePoint SitesTaking entire sites offline with SharePoint Workspace
    Custom lists
    LOB Data
    Synchronizing changes, not entire files
    Rich and native integration with InfoPath Forms
    Ribbon UI
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 10. SharePoint SitesWork anywhere with Mobile read-write access
    Search people
    Interact with Office content
    Navigate doc libraries and LOB data
    042 440 5280
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 11. SharePoint Sites
    Work anywhere with the Office Web Applications
    Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote web applications
    Familiar Ribbon User Interface
    High-fidelity viewing experience
    Essential editing with no formatting or data loss
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 12. SharePoint SitesIn-context collaboration in the Office Backstage
    Share and Collaborate
    Save to SharePoint
    Related Content
    Authoring Context & Presence
    Metadata capturing
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 13. SharePoint SitesSharePoint Workspace Intuitive User Interface
    Team sites, My sites, Document Libraries,
    Lists, External Lists…
    Fluent UI
    Local Copy
  • 14. SharePoint SitesEasier localization with Multi-lingual User Interface
    Switch in run-time between languages
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 15. SharePoint Sites Engage people across your value chain using one platform
    Publishing standards
    (XML, XHTML…)
    Accessibility standards
    (WCAG 2.0)
  • 16. demo
  • 17. SharePoint Communities
    Informal Knowledge
    Promote sharing with easy social authoring
    Easily navigate resources with pervasive tagging
    Find better answers faster via user feedback
    Social Connections
    Connecting users through enhanced profiles
    Staying up-to-date using news feeds and alerts
    Make expertise discovery easy across the enterprise
    Participation Anywhere
    Work with peers whether online or offline
    Collaborate on the go through the mobile UI
    Enrich existing applications with social context
  • 18. SharePoint Communities
    Create community knowledge with Wikis and Blogs
    Tag-cloud navigation
    Content rating
    Rich media embedded
    Presence embedded
    Pre-release screenshots, subject to change
  • 19. SharePoint Communities
    Use My Site to share your interests, responsibilities and activities
    Status update
    Define responsibilities or interests with tags
    Pre-release screenshots, subject to change
  • 20. SharePoint Communities
    Easily find expertise with People Search
    Search by expertise and profile
    Search by expertise and profile
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 21. SharePoint Communities
    Easily build and access your business community
    Browse people directory
    Define your colleagues
    Access to profile and My Site
    Pre-release screenshots, subject to change
  • 22. demo
  • 23. SharePoint Content
    Intuitive interaction with content through Office
    Fast discovery using content metadata and tagging
    Rapid creation and publishing of web content
    Flexibility and Compliance
    Pervasive records management and legal holds
    Enterprise-wide taxonomies and folksonomies
    Cross-farm policies and rules for all content types
    Management Efficiency
    Metadata and tagging managed by same services
    Less storage and bandwidth for Office & binary content
    Interoperability framework to link legacy repositories
  • 24. SharePoint Content
    Enable employees to deliver value fast with Document Sets
    Managed as a single entity
    Different types of content items
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 25. SharePoint Content
    Make it easy for users to enter metadata and use it
    Hierarchical taxonomy structure
    Capture metadata in Office
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 26. SharePoint Content
    Rich authoring and publishing for web and multi-media content
    Microsoft Confidential, Prototype Only
    Streaming video on web pages
    Ribbon menu for media content
    Digital-Asset Management
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 27. SharePoint Content
    Expand reach of records management across the enterprise
    Declare a record in a team site
    Location-based policies
    Multi-stage disposition policies
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 28. SharePoint Content
    Reduce network-related costs with locally cached content
    Editing conflict resolved by merge engine
    Synchronizing only updated sections (deltas)
    Local copy saved for offline access
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 29. demo
  • 30. Enterprise Search
    Better Answers, Faster
    Improved relevance based on usage and history
    Rich results-navigators for shorter search time
    Support for 400+ content types and 85 languages
    Phonetic and multi-lingual for global relevance
    Social connections driven by interests and expertise
    Secure access to content, whether internal or external
    Knowledge Amplification
    Enterprise Deployment
    Improved scale to meet any demand volume
    Deployment-specific tuning for best results
    Search-driven applications to enrich platform
  • 31. Enterprise Search
    Products for Every Customer Need
    Quick, easy, powerful search (for free!)
    Complete intranet search
    High-end search delivered through SharePoint
    Basic search
    Intranet-wide search
    People and expertise search
    Visual experiences, extreme adaptability and advanced content processing
    Powerful platform to build on
    Family Values
    • Common UI Framework
    • 35. Social search features and integration
    • 36. SharePoint platform integration
    • 37. End user and site administrator enablement
    • 38. Common Connector Framework (BDC)
    • 39. APIs and developer experience
    • 40. Admin & deployment capabilities
    • 41. Operations advantages (SCOM, scripting)
  • Enterprise Search
    Designed for a collaboration platform
    Supports phonetic name lookup and Wildcards
    Organization browsing
    Filter by focus, expertise, etc
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 42. Enterprise Search
    Conversational search that understands your information
    Featured content
    Related searches
    Navigators with exact counts
    Document previews
    Document thumbnails
    Relevance enhanced by user tagging and rating
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 43. demo
  • 44. SharePoint Insights
    Data interaction
    Advanced analysis with Excel Services
    Richer data visualization and easy sharing
    Incorporation of LOB data in data analysis
    Powerful Self-Service capabilities and visualizations
    Compelling dashboards to drive business results
    Rich reports with access to millions of rows
    Decision Making
    Organizational Effectiveness
    Drive accountability and alignment with scorecards
    Identify issues and opportunities with real-time access
    Improved API for richer extensibility and development
  • 45. SharePoint InsightsEffective data analysis and decision-making with Excel Services
    Access to unlimited data secured in SharePoint with Gemini capabilities
    Data Slicers
    Interactive PivotTables
    Dashboards and heat maps
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 46. SharePoint InsightsEffective data analysis and decision-making with Excel Services
    Easy creation of chart objects through Wizard
    Enable everyone to create rich dashboards that convey the right information
    Connect to any SharePoint Object including Lists and Excel Services
  • 47. SharePoint InsightsEnhanced business insight with PerformancePoint Services
    New Chart types and filters enable continuous analysis and iterative decision making
    Deep Integration with SharePoint including administration, scalability, and deployment
    Increase Visibility into key team and organizational objectives and metrics
  • 48. SharePoint InsightsEnhanced business insight with PerformancePoint Services
    Integration with SharePoint, including: administration, scalability and deployment
    Visual scorecards
    Detailed KPIs
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 49. SharePoint Insights
    Visualize data and interact with it using Visio Services
    User Interaction with shapes, graphics, and hyperlinks
    Real-time updates with data connectivity
    Share rich Visio diagrams within a browser
  • 50. SharePoint Insights
    Visualize data and interact with it using Visio Services
    Real-time updates with connectivity to any data source
    User Interaction with shapes, graphics, and hyperlinks
    Real-time, visual data
    Visio diagrams within a browser
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 51. demo
  • 52. SharePoint Composites
    Enhanced toolset for end-user solutions
    Process automation and data validation with Forms
    Visio services integration for data visualization
    User-Driven Solutions
    Data Connectivity
    Business Connectivity Services for LOB data exchange
    LOB data in Outlook, Word & Workspace without code
    SharePoint data exposed through web services & APIs
    Solution Deployment
    Sandboxed Solutions for self-service and fast installation
    Platform stability with resource quota-management
    Standards support for integration and accessibility
  • 53. SharePoint Composites
    Easily build solutions with SharePoint Designer 2010
    Workflow designer
    External data
    Page editor
    Ribbon UI
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 54. SharePoint Composites
    Robust process automation with InfoPath Forms
    Rich formatting and user experience
    Data validation
    InfoPath Web Part
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 55. SharePoint Composites
    My Artists
    Pervasive external data with Business Connectivity Services
    Artist Tracker > Artists
    SharePoint Workspace with InfoPath Forms
    Artist Name
    Artist Name:
    Outlook Forms andTask panes
    SharePoint lists
    Jay Hamlin Trio
    Down on the Bayou
    Andrew Datars Quartet
    Stuck in the Mud
    Jay Hamlin Trio
    Tastes like chicken
    Down on the Bayou
    Search results
    Office Apps
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 56. SharePoint Composites
    Enhance out-of-box functionality with Visio & Visio Services
    Publish and use in SharePoint
    Design workflow in Visio
    Improve with SPD
    Pre-Beta screenshots, subject to change
  • 57. demo
  • 58. Q&A
  • 59. Next Steps
    Microsoft Resources
    Local Partner Resources
    Events and other Reference Materials
  • 60. Thank You!
    Contact Us:
    Knowledge Management Associates