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Clients have clamored for easy-to-use, low-cost and low-maintenance market intelligence solutions for years! In September '09, Fuld & Company and KMA, developed a free Competitive Intelligence Portal …

Clients have clamored for easy-to-use, low-cost and low-maintenance market intelligence solutions for years! In September '09, Fuld & Company and KMA, developed a free Competitive Intelligence Portal solution based on SharePoint.

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  • 1. Webinar Series
    November 18, 2009
    Competitive Intelligence Portal
    Learn the 'What', 'How', and 'Why'!
    Presented by:
  • 2. Housekeeping Items
    Experiencing issues?
    Change the color of your seat
    Questions for Speakers?
    Submit questions via Q&A tab
    Twitter Discussion
    Poll Questions
    Webinar Feedback
    Next Steps/Moving Forward
  • 3. About the Speakers
    Leonard Fuld
    Mike Gilronan
  • 4. Agenda
    How the Competitive Intelligence Portal came to be (Fuld + KMA)
    Why SharePoint
    Key components of the CI Portal
    Questions & answers
    What to do next
  • 5. Fuld:
    How We Originally Conceived the CI Portal
    Fuld: How the CI Portal Came to Be
  • 6. Questions from Fuld’s Global Benchmark Study
    Technology: How do you employ or deploy various forms of technology to help you in your competitive intelligence program?
    No special technology is used, other than the traditional intranet and Internet searching – nothing explicitly designed for competitive intelligence
    We recognize that technology is not a substitute for good process and good personnel but we are exploring its role
    We have an existing and functioning intelligence process and are currently shopping for a technology vendor to integrate with it
    We have a fully developed technology (either home grown or purchased from an outside vendor) that functions well and is integrated with the rest of our competitive intelligence program
  • 7. What has changed from the 2008 report?
    Technology has come a long way in its ability to help companies better track and use competitive information.
    Technology requires both a multi-year budgetary and personal commitment on the part of those running the business unit or corporation.
    Senior management must have patience to invest in and allow the intelligence program to mature, to give it enough time to grow and learn from its lessons – before it considers investing in an intelligence technology.
    Process and people: These are two key ingredients needed for a successful intelligence program. They are the two other partners, aside from technology, that will allow a program to become world class.
  • 8. What does management want from ANY technology?
    A simple way to see competitive activity all in one space
    A tool that is easy and intuitive to use and part of the work flow – one in which everyone is already familiar
    A means to store historic information and blend it into any competitive updates
    An ability to spot changeΔ
    An attractive place for others to contribute to the competitive conversation
  • 9. Fuld and KMA – Our Partnership
    Fuld brings:
    Globally acknowledged CI expertise
    Clients around the world
    Solution vision, based on client input
    KMA brings:
    Technology leadership
    Deep knowledge and skills in KM, Business Intelligence
    Focus on Microsoft platform, including Office and SharePoint
  • 10. KMA:Why SharePoint is the right technology platform for the CI portal
  • 11. KMA:
    Why SharePoint is the right technology foundation for the CI portal
    KMA:Why SharePoint is the right technology platform for the CI portal
  • 12. Why Build a CI Portal on SharePoint?
    Widespread adoption
    Ease of use, administration, and customization
    Tools for managing data and social computing
    No incremental license cost
    “…organizations that employ SharePoint for mission-critical applications…expected to double over the next year.” [CMS Watch, January 2008]
    “What is driving that growth? The same thing that has driven all of Microsoft's most successful products: Microsoft removes complexity (and cost) from existing markets.”
    [CNET, March 2008]
  • 13. SharePoint Questions and Variables
    Services (WSS) vs Server (MOSS)
    2003 vs 2007 vs 2010
    On-premise vs hosted
    Don’t forget GOVERNANCE!
  • 14. Fuld:
    Key components of the CI Portal
  • 15. Competitive Intelligence Portal – Key Components
  • 16. 1. RSS Feeds – customized for you
  • 17. 2. Wikis keeps the competitive conversation alive!
  • 18. 3. Central archive for all competitive documents
  • 19. 4. Track competitive activities
  • 20. 5. Categorize AND find the experts
  • 21. …plus search capability
  • 22. Some (semi-) final thoughts
    What are the key CI advantages to Fuld’s Competitive
    Intelligence Portal™?
    • The template is free!
    • 23. Provides a simple, familiar and consistent user experience
    • 24. Helps support regulatory compliance through comprehensive control over content
    • 25. Connects people with information and expertise – both internal and external
  • KMA & Fuld:How to take advantage of this solution
  • 26. KMA and Fuld:
    How to get started with the CI Portal
  • 27. Next Steps
    Check List:
    Check with your SharePoint Administrator
    What version of SharePoint do we have?
    Contact Fuld for a Hosted Demonstration
    Arjan Singh: 617 492-5900 or asingh@fuld.com
    KMA Provides CI Portal template
    Download or FTP
    Installation Instructions Included
  • 28. Questions and Answers
    Leonard Fuld
    Mike Gilronan
    Thank you for your time!
  • 29. In Closing…
    Next KMA Insights event – watch for invitation:
    Live event December 17 at Microsoft: SharePoint 2010 Preview
    How to get (and share) a copy of today’s slides
    Continue the conversation with KMA & Fuld:
  • 30. Photo Credits
    Source: Flickr Creative Commons, attribution license
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