Track B: Employability

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  • 1. Empowering Students by Enhancing Employability Skills: The Case of the BA Human Resource Management Programme
    Dr Rea Prouska
    and Mike Mimirinis
    Guest presenters: Adriana Aliji and Huong Ly Vu (Lily)
  • 2. after
    during university
    before university
  • 3. The background
    Learning & Teaching Project Scheme: ‘Enhancing Student Employability: Embedding E-Portfolios in the BA (Hons) HRM programme’
    Aim: To evaluate the students’ perceptions on the usefulness of the e-portfolio in enhancing their learning experience and increasing their employability.
  • 4. The research
    During two focus group interviews seven participating students (cohort= 35) were asked to summarize their views building their webfolio through PebblePad. Students were asked to present their opinions on three areas:
    their views of webfolios as a tool to enhance their learning experience
    their perceptions of the extent to which webfolios can increase their employability
    their perceptions of PebblePad as a software
  • 5. What do students think employability is?
    applying skills and knowledge to the job
    having a job
    ‘Employability skills’
    ability to apply skills to practice
    team-working skills
    communication skills
    research skills
    problem solving skills
    ability to adjust
  • 6. Webfolios as a tool to enhance learning
    There is a positive perception of the effect webfolios have on personal development and its use as a tool of self-reflection allowing assessment of past achievements and planning of future development.
    Positive appreciation of webfolios as a tool of demonstrating one’s creativity.
  • 7. Webfolios and employability
    Webfolios represent a better way of creating a CV as opposed to a traditional way
    An effective means of ‘making a difference’
    Helps them identify gaps in CV by reflecting on past achievements, understanding what and how much was done, allowing to present something valuable to employers unlike other social networks which are limited to a general profile
    However, issues with how employers can access webfolios, and initial difficulties with learning and understanding the software
  • 8. Webfolios and Assessment