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    Ranking and whitepaper of TOP100 HR Services Brands in Greater China 2012 by HRoot Ranking and whitepaper of TOP100 HR Services Brands in Greater China 2012 by HRoot Document Transcript

    • ContentsSummaryOpportunities in the HR Services Market in ChinaSeek New Profit in Creative New Business ModelsBrand Marketing of Human Resources Services ProvidersCase StudyADP: From Brand Shaping to Value CreationKenexa: A Racing ElephantLumesse: A New Brand Sets SailBEISEN: From Talent Assessment to Talent ManagementSHL: A Forerunner in the Niche MarketTop 100 Brands ListCompany ProfileAbout the ListAssessment Mode and ProcedureIntroduction of Evaluation Model of the ListAcknowledgementAbout ResearchPublishing InstitutionDisclaimerCopyright Statement
    • Summary
    • Top 100 Human ResourcesServices Brands in GreaterChina Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 003
    • Opportunities in The HR Services Market in China Deloitte, a world’s leading professional service institution, points out in its report, the “Human Capital Trends 2012”, that development is the top priority of many CEOs, while the three key strategies, i.e., emerging markets, mergers and innovations, pose myriads of HR-related challenges. Compared with their developed counterparts, burgeoning economies are growing faster and posting more opportunities, making these countries major sources of revenue, profit and talent. In the last decade, China has stunned the world scene with its steady torrid economic growth, which translates into tremendous growth potential in her HR services market. Emerging Markets Become The Industry’s New Engine of Profit The performance of global HR resources and recruitment services industry relies heavily on the economic condition and fluid effect that demand for workforces. Commercial investments, fluctuation in employment growth, and new function outsourcing produce Global HR and Recruitment Services Industry Revenue direct impact on the global HR and recruitment services industry. In 2009, many regions felt the pang of economic recession and rising unemployment, while emerging %change economies performed robust in this round of recession. Regardless of their relative small markets of recruitment services, emerging economies show stronger growth momentum than developed ones. The liberalization of labor market has played a critical role in the rise of the HR and recruitment services industry in developed countries. With the SOURCE:IBISWorld labor markets in emerging economies becoming increasingly Source: “Global HR and Recruitment Services Industry Report” 2011 liberalized, their business growth will further expand, bringing Major Markets robust revenue increase in the HR and recruitment services industry in these countries, notably East Europe, China and Serviceindustries 51.3% India. Manufacturing industries 24% Construction industries 9.5% According to the estimation of IBISWorld, a renowned Other 7.8% Public administration 6.2% research company in the US, in 2011 the global HR and industries Agriculture industries 1.2% recruitment services industry posted USD513.2 billion in revenue, showing a 2% decrease from the previous year. However, the rebound of the global economy will fuel the Source: “Global HR and Recruitment Services Industry Report” 2011 increase of the revenue of this industry. As it estimates, in004 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 2012-16, the global HR and recruitment services industry will achieve an annual growthrate of 3.5% and hit USD610.3 billion in five years, while two-thirds of the growth will duefrom temporary placement. In developed economies, recent business increase in theirHR and recruitment services industry mostly came from their services sectors. Duringthe recession, the HR departments of enterprises outsourced part of their functions toprofessional HR management services.Although professionals in the industry anticipates a steady increase back to the globalHR and recruitment services in the next five years, this new round of increase will bedifferent from the pre-recession scenario in its nature. The emerging markets will be themajor driving force while major sophisticated markets will lag behind due to their flaggedeconomies and slow increase. In the next five years, many mega providers of HR serviceswill seek opportunities in emerging markets and they will push forward their businessesin developing countries, e.g., China, India, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa andMiddle East regions. In some countries, however, the development in this field relies onthe reforms in labor markets and government legislations.IBISWorld estimates that due to the increase in the demand that once gave way to cost-cutting in the recession era, the profit margin of the HR and recruitment services industrywill start to rebound. However, premier-level competitions based on pricing will ultimatelycurb the expansion of the profit margin and make the growth a steady one. In five years,the profitability of the industry will return to the pre-recession level. Emerging marketswill see major breakthrough in their revenue and profit increase, fueling the continuousglobalization of businesses of the major players and their exploration and search ofemerging markets. At the same time, major clients of service providers will also globalizetheir demand. The mergers in the industry will intensify, particularly in those countries andregions that are complementary to the current major markets. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 005
    • China Become The Engine of World EconomyOn June 1, 2012, the financial markets in Shanghai and Tokyo kicked off the direct transactions betweenthe RMB Yuan and the Japanese yen. The rapid rise of the economy of China and of her influence providessolid foundation for the globalization of the RMB. According to the data of the State Statistics Bureau, from2003 to 2011, China posts an annual economy growth of 10.7%, versus the average rate of 3.9% worldwide.The 12th Five-Year Plan of China stresses on the restructuring of her economy and focuses more on theupgrading of industries and “green growth”, to guarantee the steady and sustainable development of hereconomy. The World’s No. 2 Economy Maintains Rapid and Steady Growth According to the data of the State Statistics Bureau, the economic volume of China occupies an ever- increasing proportion in the gross volume of the world, from 4.4% in 2002 to some 10% in 2011. In 2010 China was ranked the second largest economy in terms of volume, and it maintained this position in 2011. In the composition of the economy of China, state-owned enterprises occupy a lion’s share. Among the Top 500 companies of China in 2011, 316 were state-owned enterprises, topping over 60% of the total. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research claims in one of its papers that the total GDP of China will overtake that of the US and it reaches the conclusion that, based on the annual growth rate of 8% of China and 3% of the US, the emulation will occur in only nine years. The tertiary industry occupies an ever-increasing proportion in the national economy of China. The 12th Five-Year Plan proposes the gross added value of the tertiary industry account for 47% of the GDP volume by the end of 2015, while the ratio in Shanghai already topped 57.9% in 2011. In Q1 of 2012 the added value of the tertiary industry reached RMB4,962.2 billion, or an increase of 7.5%. Lu Zhongyuan, Deputy Director of the Development and Research Center of the State Council has revealed that by 2020, the tertiary industry will occupy a dominating 51% among the three industries, almost 10% higher than the second industry. As a branch of the tertiary industry, the HR services industry will certainly benefit from the trend. With the upgrading of the industries in China and its shift of focus to the west, the “migration” of labor force from the west to the east will gradually fade out. A survey by Roland Berger, a world’s leading strategy management consulting firm, shows that the long-running, large scale enterprises tend to further increase its investment in China; many overseas enterprises voice their intention to move their investments to the middle and west regions of China. Statistics of the Ministry of Commerce of China suggests that the amount of foreign capital actually used in Jan.-Apr. 2012 was registered USD37.881 billion, and among it the middle regions took USD3.05 billion, an increase of 12.6% compared with the same period of last year. Nowadays, not only the domestic HR services institutions but also their overseas peers have extended their network to the middle and west regions of China. For instance, Manpower Group, a global pioneer of HR resolutions, has established its office in Chengdu, and Kenexa, a comprehensive HR resolution provider of international renown, has also set up its regional headquarters in west China.Expanding Enterprises Crave for Upgrading and TransformationIn 2011, the gross revenue of the Top 500 enterprises of China hit RMB36.31 trillion, showing an increase of31.6% over the previous year; while the gross profit scrambled RMB2, 083.9 billion, overtaking the growth006 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • amount of revenue and capital increase. In 2011, the gross revenue of China’s Top 500 was only 44.8% ofthat of the US Top 500; the number of Fortune Global 500 companies has jumped from 11 to 58, rankingChina as the third in the world.Compared with first-rate companies in the world, Chinese companies lag behind on many aspects. It isfound that 80% of the world R﹠D investment fund, 70% of the innovations, and 60% of the technologytransfers are done by Global 500 companies. However, the 58 enterprises from mainland China onthe list, spanning 23 industries, are characterized by their monopoly on resources, scale of economyand advantage in labor cost. With the development of global industrial specialization, the competitionsbetween enterprises mainly assume the forms of competitions for both supply chains and industry chains.It is definitely necessary for growth-seeking Chinese enterprises to expand overseas. Transnationalityindex of 500 enterprises in China reached only about 10%.In 2011, the increase rate of gross revenue ofthe overseas branches of China’s Top 500 hit 53.55%, while the increase rate of gross overseas capitalreached 38.9%, while the total overseas staff has expanded by 35.48%. The economy of China is now atthe critical turning point of shifting its focus from quantity to quality, from manufacturing of low added valueto innovation of high added value.Waves of Mergers Surge HighMergers are basically the fastest way of business expansion, but they are not mere games of numbers.Enterprises are facing challenges of how to effectively use the cultures, leadership and talent, and how toimprove their return on investment (ROI). In 2011, the dynamics and transaction volumes of mergers hit a Development trend of the merger market in China, 2006-2011 record high on the Chinese market, which saw 110 overseas mergers, an increase of 93.0% compared with the previous year. In the 2006-2010 period, the number of merger- exercising enterprises among China’s Top 500 increased from some 130 to 182, while the number of enterprises that underwent scale recombination rose from 408 to 1,112. A survey of Grant Thornton, a renowned accounting firm, shows that in 2012, 33% of mainland Chinese enterprises hope to expand through mergers in the next three years. Gross amount of mergers(USSM) Number of merger cases A survey of the global accounting firm Ernst & Young shows that China remains the most attractive country of Source: zdbchina.com investment. Many Chinese enterprises are considering merger opportunities in the crisis-stricken euro-zone. Among the interviewed enterprises, 42% of them are considering mergers, almost twice the rate of 22% among global interviewees. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 007
    • Multi-National Companies Make China ATesting Ground for Operating Model ShiftThe research of Deloitte suggests that, with the rise of status e.g., their work methodology, staff and their positions, andof emerging and developing economies as consumption organization patterns. Enterprises need professional HRmarkets and talent sources, companies worldwide, in services institutions to help them cope with their challenges.order to continue their cost-cutting effort, are gradually As a leading player among emerging markets, China will beaccepting new, global operating model With this in fashion, a testing ground for global operating model of multi-nationalenterprises should reflect on all aspects of their operations, companies, where a new round of demand for HR services is slated to erupt. China’s HR Sector Undergoes ompa nies D oing Continuous Legal Adjustments ode ls of C ntries Opera ting M nt Cou The HR services industry in China is a highly open market tsid e Pare arkets in ess ou nal Mo del): m that sees ever-strengthening management. This is an Busin rnatio te arket in the m del (In t to the ve Mo subjec important guarantee for the sustainable, healthy development Creati orld are to f the w region the res : each nt cou ntry; tional Model) of the HR services market. At the same time, the policies pare Na (Multi- Model ntly; e and regulations that govern the labor force market are United pende n of th ess inde gratio s busin bal inte nd runs it ting M o del: glo ing front a strengthening, giving better protection to employees and (includ l Opera e sse s ntry is just Globa r busin nt cou increasing the risk and cost of violations, hence enterprises n of majo th e pare o peratio ), and nctions lobal-w ide. back s tage fu rkets g need more professional assistance from HR services us ma th e vario one of institutions. HR Services Industry Highly Open in China In 2006, the Ministry of Personnel of China sanctioned the Ranking Company Annual YoY increase Operation Profit revenue ($million) rate profit ($million) margin absolute control by foreign-invested companies over the 1 24821.71 17.09% 887.44 3.58% Shanghai Pudong Talent Agency, lifting the percentage 2 22006 16.6% 524.2 2.38% ceiling of 49% previously imposed on the equity ratio. So 3 21185 14.4% 317.77 1.5% far, the world’s Top 10 HR services companies have already 4 9879.50 10.6% 1930.30 19.58% entered China, and the domestic HR services providers are 5 5096 22.6% 118.2 2.3% also growing strong in fierce competitions. 6 4950.3 12.13% 47.7 0.86% HR Industry Standardizes Management 7 4471.46 35.15% / / 8 3782 8.7% / / Specifications for Executive Search Services, the first 9 3776.98 19% 250.22 6.6% national standard of the HR services industry in China, was officially approved and promulgated by the State General 10 3259 36.5% 313.16 1.5% Source:<Global 50 HR Services Providers>  Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and it started to take effect on January 1, 2011. The Specifications regulates on the qualifications, conditions, flow, requirements and quality control of executive search services, applicable to institutions of all kinds at all levels008 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • that are doing HR services and executive search, and The Era of Cheap Labor Has Goneto management consultancy firms that perform relevant Researchers estimate that in 2012 over half of the importsbusiness. will be bought by emerging markets, which are widelyAmendments of the Law on Labor Contracts, proposed by considered main engines that power the future development,the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, regulate labor profit and talent. Emerging markets in developing economiesdispatch in a strict manner. Experts say that China may have long been considered the source of cheap labor.introduce industry licensing, access audit, and risk margin And now, emerging markets are also providing high-valuesystems to increase the threshold of the industry, and the skills such as R & D, knowledge processing and advancedanti-risk ability and legal liability of relevant companies. analysis.SASAC will further regulate the management of dispatchedpersonnel in enterprises directly under the control of the Corporate Talent Pools Keep Globalizingcentral government, and it will take measures to include the In the past decade, talent pools of enterprises maintaincost of dispatched personnel in the total salary budget. The their globalization trend, and enterprises no longer limit theirrevised version of the Regulations on Labor Contracts of business to overseas manufacturing, transactions and callJiangsu Province stipulates that dispatched personnel shall centers. Now enterprises have started to use local talentnot exceed 30% of the total number of employees, and the in their R & D, advanced analysis and other high-valueceiling ratio is 50%. activities. In recent years, China has promulgated various policies to encourage overseas companies to establishRegulations On Labor Market Improve their R & D centers in China. The support of policies andChina is improving its laws on human resources, and many reasonable payment for native R &D personnel havepublic welfare issues have been interpreted in the form prompted more and more foreign-funded companies toof laws. In 2011, China formulated its 12th Five Year Plan establish R & D centers in China. For instance, the world’sfor Economic and Social Development of the PRC, and leading electronics and electric company Siemens hasrevised her Individual Income Tax Law. On July 1, 2011, the established 16 R & D centers in China.Social Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China, thefirst comprehensive law in the field of social security, was Demographic Dividend Is Disappearingimplemented, and it has established a broad coverage of The demographic dividend that once powered China’s rapidsocial security system. In 2012, the Special Rules on the economic growth may be disappearing. A report by theProtection of Female Employees were promulgated and China Social Science Academy suggests that the country’simplemented, and the revision to the Law on the Protection working age population will undergo negative growth inand Control of Occupational Diseases and the Law on the 2017-18, and as a result, China’s labor force demand andNegotiation and Conciliation of Enterprise Labor Disputes supply relationship will be further reversed, and the wages ofare already put on the agenda. ordinary laborers, especially migrant workers, will see a rapid increase. As of April 26, 2012, 32 cities and provinces acrossChina will establish the normal growth mechanism of the country have raised their minimum wage standards, thethe minimum wages, and the minimum salary will refer highest being up to RMB1,500 per month. The era of cheapto the local minimum living cost of employees and their labor in China is gone and will never come back.dependents, consumer price index and other factors. The2011-2013 Working Plan on the Promotion of Collective The Quality and Performance of Talent SeeWage Consultation of the All-China Federation of Trade Significant IncreaseUnions requires that, among the Global 500 companiesthat have trade unions, 80% of them should establish their The survey of 2010 National Human Resources showscollective wage negotiation mechanisms. that the building of all types of personnel has achieved remarkable success, and personnel have contributed to Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 009
    • 26.6% of the economic growth. By the end of 2010, the country had boasted a talent pool of 120 millionpeople, or 11.1% of the total human resources. Among them, executive personnel have reached 29.798million, and the percentage of R & D personnel per 10,000 laborers has reached 33.6%. The highlyskilled personnel have accounted for 25.6% of the skilled laborers, and 12.5% of the prime working agepopulation have received higher education. Technological Innovation Is Inevitable To The HR Services Industry The profit due from technological innovation is largely determined by social opinions, hence it is necessary to do detailed market segmentation with new methods and skills that target a certain proportion of the population. The business models that have proved successful should be modified before their application to underdeveloped countries can also succeed. Technological innovations can dramatically restructure an industry, to such a degree of weakening or even eliminating the competitive edge of a company. Social media and cloud service have become a necessary part of our daily lives, as they not only change the operating models of enterprises but also make their impact on the delivery method of HR services and the direction in which HR shift is heading for. Currently, most HR services institutions start to use mobile app to deliver information and do market distribution, and cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) are becoming increasingly popular. Technological innovations are dramatically restructuring the industry, to such a degree of weakening or even wiping out the competitive edge of a company. However the ultimate impact of technology and the profit that innovations can bring are largely decided by social opinions. In the Chinese market, cloud recruitment system, the mobile learning platform has emerged. The impact of new technology for human resources services market has been showing up. Deloitte points out in its “Human Capital Trends 2012” that the human resources industry faces two key tasks, e.g., the fulfillment of overall development goals and the improvement of the work efficiency of human resources. Enterprises expect to realize the improvement of work efficiency of human resources and strengthen the control of HR risks with the benefit of professional HR services structure. In China, thanks to the rapid and steady economic development and better environment of human resources services, the huge potential of demand will be gradually released, a trend that will make China the largest HR services market global-wide in the next 10 years. ● Economic restructuring and industry upgrading will bring tremendous challenge and opportunities to HR services institutions. ● Multi-national companies’ shift in operating models will bring a new wave of opportunities to HR services companies. ● SOEs and private companies will increasingly become an important customer base of the HR services market. ● Corporate mergers and acquisitions, the HR support of the “going-global” strategy will create new demand for services. ● With the industrial focus shifting to west China, the focus of HR services institutions’ business will also move westward.010 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Seek New Profit in Creative New Business ModelsWith its iconic iPod and iTune online store, Apple has created a brand newbusiness model and established itself as a dominant player in the market ofonline music. With its subscription policy, Zipcar, an American online car-sharingcompany, provides on-demand vehicle rentals on hourly or daily basis, liberatingurban dwellers from the costly private ownership of cars. In recent years,creative business models are reshaping the landscapes of various industries onunprecedented scales and at unimaginable speed. So is the HR services industry,as a new array of products and service models are popping up on the market.Creation of business model is the most essential innovation of an enterprise,without which it is impossible for any managerial or technological innovation tosustain its development or make profit. Any business model is a 3-D one formedby customer value, enterprise resources and abilities and profit-making method.Accenture, a global leading management consulting and outsourcing company,believes that a successful business model has three characteristics: they areinimitable in its unique value, down-to-earth, and cost-savvy. Total Solutions: A Mixed Model Pursued by Industry Leaders In recent years, the service model of integrated solutions is gaining increasing recognition by many leading companies in the HR services industry. The model, dubbed as “vertical stack” in the IT industry, provides everything clients need—from hardware to apps—so that the stratification can allow service providers to squeeze more efficiency: server, operating system, database, middleware, and application software. Fundamentally, the HR market has three resources in total, i.e., outsourcing, consulting and IT, which used to be independent and separate from each other but share the same client resources. At present enterprises’ existing HR systems are usually based on different 统一解决方案 hardware and operation platforms, so that the modules of the same Unified 整合解决方案 Integrated Solutions business system or different business systems cannot share information Solutions 点(单一) 解决方案 or flow smoothly, leaving a divided operation process that requires extra Point Solutions human engagement and lower efficiency. Enterprises should formulate a 手工处理 Manual consistent basic business information system and an effectively running Processes hierarchical information system, smoothly integrating the separately built business application systems into an organic whole. Therefore, for HR services providers, they can only mobilize their client resources and create the barrier for counterparts when they integrate the resources of outsourcing, consulting and IT. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 011
    • Total solutions not only improve the barriers to competition, to keep the standardized process, work flow, informationbut also achieve a synergistic effect between businesses, flow and delivery at a relative high level. When the businessthus significantly improving the overall competitiveness expands its scale, the added manpower will reduce the profitof the enterprise. This all-inclusive value chain is not only margin close to zero. If a company can provide total solutionsreasonable in terms of business model, but also driven by that group RPO, recruitment process management software,the demand of clients. Provision of a single service is usually recruitment management consulting and employer brandonly piecemeal and stop-gap but cannot fundamentally fix communication, it will create more value for its clients. Forthe problem. Another profound reason is that the business HR services providers, integrated solutions can improve themodels of HR services industry also requires of internal synergy between different businesses, share the resourcesintegration. If the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) of customers and products, and increase profit margins.is handled by manual processes rather than a strong Those who can make every effort to bring down the cost ofmanagement system of recruitment process, it is impossible customers and maximize their value can achieve the best benefits. The China International Intellectech Corporation (CIIC), China’s largest HR services company, has completed its layout of total solutions, spanning its businesses from HR BPO, consulting, assessment, software, training, to head-hunting. Through internal integration, it has entered the phase of integrated solutions and is heading for united solutions. Among overseas companies, Kenexa is a trailblazer of this business model. Through mergers and acquisitions, it has proved to be one of the few enterprises in the HR services industry that can provide all- chain solutions. Now many companies in this industry are aware of the value of diversified services, and they are taking urgent measures to expand their business areas in an effort to achieve their business mix. For instance, ADP has emerged from a payroll and benefits outsourcing company to a comprehensive solution provider of process outsourcing and integrated talent solutions. Korn/Ferry International, a head-hunter of international renown, has extended its services from head-hunting to assessment and consulting, among others, while Randstad, a world- renowned talent dispatch service agency, can already provide executive search, dispatch and RPO services. ● ADP realizes diversified services In 2012, ADP announces its acquisition of The RightThing, the largest American RPO company. In 2012, ADP introduces its critically acclaimed small enterprise payroll management platform on iPhone and Android smartphones. In 2012, ADP announces that it has over 150,000 small enterprises are using its cloud-based creative online payroll management solutions. In May 2012, ADP announces its launch of talent management system services, and unveils its total solutions, a trailblazing package in the industry that includes talent recruitment, performance management, payroll management, succession management and learning management module. ● Korn/Ferrry International’s Mutual Complementary Model The internationally renowned head-hunter Korn/Ferry International has recently announced its milestone accomplishment of the completion of its1, 000,000th executive assessment. The company is now providing assessment of Decision Styles Assessment, via EDGE, Choices Architect, LFT, Voices, Prospective Assessment, SIE, Coaching Effectiveness Survey and other products and services related to reviews and researches.012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • ● The services that Korn/Ferry International provides include:• CEO and executive search• Executive coaching• Talent management and leadership consulting• Managerial talent assessment● Randstad’s Total SolutionsRandstad has evolved from a professional agency of talent dispatch to the world’s largest comprehensive HR servicescompany; it seeks to provide enterprises with one-stop HR solutions: from short-term employment to recruitment of long-termemployers, from HR outsourcing to position and business outsourcing, from single services to comprehensive HR solutions. Solutions Talent Demand Basis of Charging Talent Search Middle/Senior Commission Level Managerial Talent Dispatch Junior Level Talent Project Fee RPO Middle/ Junior Level Talent Commission, Annual Salary or mixed basisCloud Computing Has FarReaching Impact On HR ServicesIndustryWith the wide spread of the cloud computing concept,almost all the info-technology companies, those of hardware,software or platform technology, are all trying to embraceit. Forrester Research Inc. estimates the market volume ofcloud computing to top $241 billion by 2020. The entire HRservices market is enveloped by “clouds” of all kinds: cloudrecruitment, cloud training, cloud assessment, among others. longer necessary for people to buy power generatorsWhat is cloud computing? It is an Internet-based super themselves, but just buy the power that a large power plantcomputing model through which thousands of computers produces and channels to the grid. It means that computingand servers form a computer cloud in the distant data center. power can be circulate like gas, water or electricity, whichThis enables enterprises to switch resources to their apps, can be retrieved easily and at low prices. The only differenceand visit computers and storage system on demand. It is lies in its net-based transmission.a product of the development and integration of traditionalcomputers and web technologies, such as grid computing, The resources in the “cloud” can be infinitely extended fromdistributed computing, parallel computing, utility computing, the customer’s end, and they can be retrieved any moment,network storage technologies, virtualization and load used on-demand, extended when necessary, and paid onbalances. the basis of the amount of use. Its contents mainly include: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Data-storage as a ServiceCloud computing serves several consumers through a multi- (DaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Serviceuser model, comparable to the way of using electricity: it is no (SaaS), cloud safety and virtualization, etc. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 013
    • Why Cloud Computing Rules?1.FasterCloud computing pools computing resources together, making the use of cloud apps comparable toowning a much-enhanced mega-computing power supported by thousands of computers.Users do not have to prepare complex hardware infrastructure and application software, rather, they canaccess the resources of cloud computing via the Internet or the Intranet in the enterprise. The data ofcloud computing is distributed to various data centers across the world and they can be available anytimeand anywhere, making it unnecessary for enterprises to verify the data and minimizing the redundancy.Cloud computing can speed up the response to business and delivers higher flexibility. For example, whenan enterprise needs to use more storage space or more powerful computing capability, just like at the peakhours of electricity use, users can conveniently apply, allocate, and obtain on the net according to theiractual needs.2.Cheaper The safety of software is based on various dimensions, systems, personnel, hardware, software and the Internet.Cloud computing also boasts more flexible payment methods, Although based on the Internet, cloud computing alsoand it usually is charged on the basis of actual use. Annual transmits data through the net in the process of using, butrental paid by installment replaces one-off purchases at high these transmissions are based on highly strengthenedprices lower the risk in decision-making and risk-binding and encryption measures, certificates, SSL, etc., to guarantee theenhance the transparency of the cost. absolute safety in the transfer process.Through long-distance visit via the net, enterprises can Cloud computing boasts strict internal control systemssave complicated process of software implementation; they that involve policies, personnel, legal affairs, and internaldon’t have to update and maintain systems themselves, but data risks, compounded by hardware security facilities likecan use flexibly without the expenses of maintenance and powerful firewalls, all combine to guarantee the safety of theupgrading. system in terms of hardware. Under the traditional model,3.Better servers running HR software are on Internal LAN. The latter is mostly connected with the Internet and the likelihood ofUsing traditional software models, 70% of the IT budget is being attacked is no lower than that of the facilities of thedevoted to the maintenance of the existing system. Every cloud computing providers, while their security measures areone dollar of investment in IT necessitates 6-8 dollars in the far inferior. Just consider that in the past people buried themaintenance, upgrading and customization. The room for gold bar they had bought under the ground of their homes,innovation in an enterprise is eroded by the maintenance while now it is common knowledge that the safety depositof the existing system. With cloud computing, enterprises boxes in the banks are even safer. Similarly, in most cases,can focus the greatest benefit of limited resources on their the data are safer when stored in the data bases of cloudcore businesses, and support their quick innovation in their computing providers than stored on the servers of Internalbusinesses. LAN.Cloud computing can help with the exploration of new Cloud apps have been widely used in daily lives; for instance,business. Their flexible expansion can help enterprises the iCloud of Apple can automatically back up the mostshorten their development cycles without much investment. important data on iOS5. In the future, more and more data will be moved to the cloud.4.Safer014 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • SaaS Reshapes HR Software IndustryOn the information superhighway of the Internet, software is comparable to vehicles onthe highway, which carry the “goods” that an enterprise really needs, i.e., contents, expertknowledge, and services. It should be understood that the cloud only improves the condition ofthe highway, but cannot make the vehicles better. The process of cloud computing only movesthe software from an ordinary server to a virtual server in the cloud, but brings no change to thefunctions, logic layer, presentation layer or the data structure.However, the software based on the SaaS of cloud computing is absolutely reshaping the HR-related software industry, as it provides a brand-new business model, that is, service on demand,and thus overthrows the permit-centered traditional business model of software.Compared with the “firm sale” model typical of the infrastructure of C/S (Client/Server) or B/S(Browser/Server), SaaS only needs users to pay service fees as per the use amount on monthlybasis, thus enjoying obvious advantage in cost, speed of upgrading and compatibility.Traditionally, the cost of using software includes that of the intellectual property, a variety ofsoftware runtime program and the environment that support the whole software, such as plentyof infrastructure and development tools used by developers. In most cases, in addition to thecost of intellectual property, each piece of software of the user is duplication of investment.Differently, users of SaaS only needs to pay for the intellectual property but leave all the othersto the expense of SaaS providers, that is, they don’t have to spend much on hardware pieces,operating systems, database or licenses of software. The Difference Between SaaS and C/S,B/S C/S、B/S SaaS Way of purchase Licensing, one-ff purchase On-demand rental Requirements on High-capacity server, net equipment, storage equipment Internet only hardware Server operating system, database Browser Requirements on Yes No software N/A or paid upgrading Zero cost, smooth, frequent upgrading Self-maintenance Software licensing fee; Service charge Upgrading and flexibility Software maintenance fee Cost Technical support fees Human cost (system maintenance personnel) Software and hardware cost Upgrading cost Risk cost (in case of failed selection) Requirements on IT Yes No. Enterprises can focus on capability their core businessesAnother profit-making way of the corporate software industry is the provision of updates afteryears of development and an annual maintenance charge for fixing bugs. With the adoption ofthe SaaS rental model, enterprises do not have to have technical maintenance personnel, astechnology upgrade is left to SaaS providers. Users can focus on their businesses assuredly.Salesforce.com, a leader in the customer relations solutions, is exemplary of SaaS providers.Founded in 1999, the company is the earliest champion of online rental model, and is dubbed a Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 015
    • “software terminator” due to its motto “terminating software.” HR Software Giants Are Embracing SaaS andBenefiting from its multi-renter model, freely payment model Talent Managementand powerful system flexibility, it went public at the New York To cope with the looming threats from the SaaS providers,Stock Exchange in 2004, turning a profit in the same year. In traditional software giants are also trying to catch up in recentthe 2011 fiscal year, Salesforce.com posted a sales volume years. SAP and Oracle are switching to cloud computingof $2.3 billion, an increase of 37% over the previous year. by providing software, storage and other remote servicesNow Salesforce.com is managing customer information for (including remote data center, etc) via the Internet, and evenover 100,000 companies on different scales, and it processes spend heavily on acquisitions.36 billion deals each day for its clients. In 2012, the companyscheduled to increase its sales by 32% to $3 billion. It is In December 2011, with $3.4 billion, SAP completed itsprohibitively difficult for a traditional software company to acquisition of SuccessFactors, a trailblazer of the SaaSmaintain 2-digit growth. model in the HR software industry with 40 years’ successes and expertise in on-demand and prefabricated solutions.Workday, another subversive company in the HR software SuccessFactors has over 3,500 clients and 15 million usersindustry, helps enterprises manage human resources and of its online performance management software.finances with the software deployment model of cloud. Now,Workday is servicing some 300 enterprises, with its annual After the acquisition, SAP put over 5,000 employees ingrowth in user base close to 100%. Around half of its clients charge of the design, construction and implementation ofcome from its rivals like Oracle or SAP. In the 2011 fiscal perfect cloud solutions. Its newly established cloud computingyear, Workday posted $300 million in revenue, twice the department services over 17 million users. In May 2012,amount in 2010, and it is expected to go public at the end of SAP announced its brand-new cloud computing strategy,2012. which introduces cloud computing solutions related to four business lines, e.g., personnel, capital, clients and supplier016 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • management. Among them the Employee Central, the core HR solution of SuccessFactors, is incorporatedinto the cloud computing solutions that face personnel and capital.At the same time, SAP also internally uses the SuccessFactor BizX kit as its new human resourcesmanagement system. The kit can simplify the HR management process of SAP employees andmanagement, helping managers integrate their daily work into the corporate strategy and providing staff withmore control over their career development tools.Oracle, a competitor of SAP, is also strengthening its layout and has established advantages in the cloudcomputing market through acquisitions. In February 2012, Oracle bought Taleo, a talent managementcloud computing company, at a purchase price of $1.9 billion. Taleo’s solutions can enhance the ability ofassessment, recruitment, training and employee deployment of enterprises of all sizes, and thus increasesthe efficiency of business. Now over 3,600 enterprises across the world are using Taleo’s products to handlerecruitment and performance assessment. Taleo’s talent management platform is celebrated for its strongconfigurability and usability, achieving a whopping 99.9% efficiency rate when running on world-classinfrastructure.Oracle’s acquisition of Taleo is considered a responsive move to SAP’s acquisition of SuccessFactors.However, the explosive growth of the talent management software market is another reason for Oracle tobuy Taleo. As Bersin & Associates investigates, the market for online recruitment management softwareincreased by over 15% in 2010. Through the acquisition of Taleo, Oracle has filled in the gap of its ownproduct line.The full range cloud computing solutions that Oracle provides include sales automation, HR, talentmanagement, social networking, database, and Java, all being part of the public cloud of Oracle. On June 7,2012, Oracle issues a cloud-based package that includes some 100 auto-service applications and platformservices, which charges according to subscribers’ use amount.The acquisitions of SAP and Oracle also highlight another trend in the HR software industry: TalentManagement System (TMS) rules. Different from HR management system software that is based on HRmanagement and centered on data, talent management software is based on industrial and organizationalpsychology and cares more about the people and the processes. A complete Talent Management Systemshould include modules like talent planning, recruitment, payroll, performance appraisal, succession, andTalent Management System Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 017
    • training. Representative companies of the previous kind are At the same time, the paper also points out that the features,Oracle, SAP, yonyou, Kingdee, while those of the latter kind cost and service of HRMS are the major incentives forinclude Kenexa, Taleo, Peopleclick, Pageup People and enterprises to implement them. The rental model of SaaS canBeisen. flexibly configure the features, cost and service requirements that enterprises need, and thus tremendously shrink theirThe talent management software industry has no lack of cost. In the HR market of China, providers of cloud-basedmergers and acquisitions. But given their scales they cannot SaaS have great prospect and huge development potential.subvert the entire industry. This time, however, the entry ofOracle and SAP may incur a major share-out to the industry. Social Media Reshapes theThrough mergers and acquisitions, Oracle and SAP haveestablished their competitive edge in cloud computing Recruitment Marketservices, e.g., better understanding of the market and Any human activity is fundamentally information activity; theexpertise in implementation. For the acquired enterprises, difference in the delivery media and management methodthey can tap into the huge user base, capital, branding of of information flow means the difference in the informationOracle and SAP and increase their own strengths. you receive. From the agrarian age carved by agricultural Acquisitions in the HR Management Software Industry equipment to the industrial age made by machines to the Acquirer Acquiree Time of Acquisition net era created by computer technology, each important Jambok March 2011 SuccessFactors technology revolution is coupled with media revolution. The Plateau April 2011 Taleo Learn.com September 2010 entire history of human civilization is arguably the history ofLumesse (formerly Stepstone) Mr. Ted August 2010 the evolution of the way humans use tools. SumTotal GeoLearning January 2011 The Three Waves of Business Models of theChina’s HR Market Calls for HRMS InternetInformation technology is the prime driving force of the In 1993, the US government announced to build the Nationaldevelopment of HR management, as it liberates HR Information Infrastructure, a project that heralded the birthprofessionals from tedious affairs and thus allows them to of the Internet. Portal sites were the earliest business modelfocus on the strategic affairs of their companies. However, of the Internet. In terms of creation time, the trailblazer wasChina still lags behind developed countries in human capital Yahoo!. With the passage of time, however, the nature ofmanagement systems. In “Retrospect and Lookout of the portal sites also underwent gradual changes. They grew toHRMS in China 2011”, a paper jointly issued by ADP and be larger and all-inclusive, but their gauge also underwentHRoot, only less than half of Chinese enterprises are using dramatic changes in the later stage. Previously they wereHR management systems, and among them 30% of the HR gauged by the number of registered subscribers and click-management systems they use fall into the category of C/S through rates, but are now measured by the average timeinfrastructure and need to be upgraded. subscribers spend on them. With the Internet became faster, more popular, personalized Composition of Corporate Use of HRMS and compatible to mobile devices, new apps emerged in a rapid succession. The technology of Web2.0 brings the business model of the Internet to an era of search engine model. The essential customer behavior of a search engine Not clear is “to obtain”: obtain materials, pictures, music and more. C/S Through search, the act of “obtaining” is fulfilled. Therefore, B/S the value of search engine itself is the value of media. SaaS To maximize the value, the act of obtaining should be continuously fulfilled. In this stage, Google is indisputably a representative of the search engine model.018 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • With the development of the web technology, social The most significant discovery in social networking is itsnetworking sites appeared and developed by leaps congeniality, i.e., the tendency of mutual relation betweenand bounds. The IPO of Facebook suggests that social people of similar temperaments. Such similarity not onlynetworking services (SNS) model has become the third determines the frequency of mutual relating and thebusiness model of global Internet following those of portal discussed topics, but also determines what information theysites and search engines. seek as an individual in the network. Congeniality suggests frequently relating people are similar to each other, and theyInfluences of Social Media On Interpersonal may consume a larger quantity of identical information. TheRelationships less-relating individuals are more likely to have differencesPrior to the emergence of social media, the distribution of and consume a larger quantity of different information. Theinformation followed an end-to-end pattern, but after that it information is spread through the network. Strong ties aregave way to the fission pattern. similar to each other and more likely to visit the same sites, while weak ties are more different and tend to visit differentIn the 1970s, sociologist Granovetter first proposed the websites.concept of strong / weak ties in interpersonal relationships.He has discovered that in a highly developed commercialsociety, people within communities/organizations interactsfrequently and exchanges often and thus forge typical strongties, while the ties that transcend communities/organizationsare far weaker and apt to be neglected. However, studieshave found that in either job hunting or other social activities,the information obtained through strong ties is invariablyrepetitive, while weak ties can better transcend the sociallimit to obtain differentiated information and other resources.Granovetter illustrates how social network inter-connectswith information obtaining. When one person interactswith two close friends, the latter may also strike up mutualcommunication. So when people tend to forge closely-knitcompact groups, all those in the group may relate with each The network effect is apparent n the distribution ofother. We all relate to the core group forged by strong ties information. Although a person is more likely to share aand frequently communicate with the people in the group, single message from a close friend, the collection of weakwhile the less-related weak ties also exist. ties shoulders most of the responsibilities of information distribution. It is more likely for people to share information from strong ties, but one of the whole, most of the influences still come from weak ties. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 019
    • Six Degrees of Separation Theory Social Media Undergos Explosive GrowthIn the field of mathematics there is a “Six Degree of In the US, social media represented by Twitter and FacebookSeparation” theory, also known as the “Small World” theory. have gradually evolved into a basic application on a par withIt refers to the idea that there are not more than six people search engines, portal websites, and e-commerce. The third-between you and a stranger, or in other words, you can get party applications stemming from social media platformsto know a stranger with no more than six people. have led to a brand-new social business changes. In China, since 2009, social media has been presenting a growthThis phenomenon does not mean that any person-to- spurt. New media of this kind not only penetrate strongly,person relationship has to be set up with six layers, rather, but also give rise to a brand new revolution in distribution. Ait telegraphs such an important idea: any two strangers can recent survey on 5,700 Chinese Internet users find that therelate to each other with certain connections. Obviously, residents in first-, second-, and third-tier cities in China boastgiven the difference in the way and ability of networking, a 95% registration rate of social media. In addition, Chinaopportunities to realize personal expectations may also vary also has the most active user group of the world, as 91% ofsignificantly. the interviewees say that they have logged on social mediaSocial networking websites are tellingly on the rise. Recent in the past six months, a rate much higher than the 30% ratestudies show that one can connect with another person in Japan, the 67% rate in the US, or the 70% rate in Korea.with 4.74 persons or fewer. The advent of social networks At the same time, the expansion speed of Chinese Internetobviously makes person-to-person relationship closer than users is also unrivalled in the world. By December 2011,ever. there were 513 million Internet users in China, while the number was 67 million in Germany, 121 million in India, and 245 million in the US. China already has the world’s largest population of Internet users. Total Internet users1in December 2011 Internet penetration, % Million Global China2 US India Japan Germany UK France Korea Australia 1 Including people accessing the Internet via personal computer and mobile phone; data as of the end of 2011. 2Percentage of overall China population over age 6. Source: Internet World Status, December 2011 In addition, what dominate the landscape of social media in China is native Chinese websites. Chinese consumers’ favorite social media websites are: Qzone.com (over 44% of the interviewees say Qzone of QQ is their most frequently used website), Sina Weibo and Renren.com (19% each), T.qq.com (8%) and Kaixin001.com (7%).020 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • The most popular social media in China Social Networking Recruitment Poses Challenge To Traditional Recruitment Social networking websites are changing the marketing model of recruitment and head-hunting, leading to dramatic changes to the business model and product model. For a long time, online recruitment has been the first choice of enterprises. In China, traditional recruitment Qzone.com Sina Weibo Renren.com t.qq.com Kaixin001.com websites have long been the major channels used by enterprises. Companies make payment to the websites Source: McKinsey&Company <China’s social-media boom> and run advertisements on them, and then collect theChinese social media websites are very similar to their resumes submitted by applicants. For applicants, they canEuropean and American counterparts, but they also have only passively wait for the interview calls after they submittheir own unique features. their resumes. Under such conditions, both companies and applicants are in a “passive” state, albeit they need direct,● Qzone.com: Similar to MySpace, it allows users to interactive communications. The interpersonal functions ofestablish their own web pages to issue their updated social networking websites provide a much-needed platforminformation, photos, and video clippings. for companies and applicants.● Sina Weibo and T.qq.com: they provide many features The rise of social networking websites has established a newsimilar to Twitter, such as distribution of messages within channel for recruitment. By means of networking, it weaves140 Chinese characters, of uploaded photos and videos, and the thread of interpersonal relationships into the fabric ofexchange of messages between friends. recruitment process, and builds the ties between enterprises and candidates. Based on relationship, the data mining● Renren.com: a website similar to Facebook that originally capability of social network sites can make the informationrestricted its circulation among college students. Although it in the recruitment process more accurate. The educationalis open to the public, its user base is still largely constituted background, employment history, professional advantage,by college students and new graduates. interpersonal reputation of a candidate can be learnt at● Kaixin001.com: a website similar to Facebook that a quick glance, greatly reducing the cost of talent searchspecializes in online games at the beginning, and it focuses and background check. On the other hand, for those socialon office workers. network websites, their result-oriented advertising model proves attractive to many users, and provides justification for● Ushi.com: similar to business social networking sites like their service charges.LinkedIn and XING; it has similar peers like dajie.com andjingwei.com. In 2002, the business social networking website LinkedIn was established in the US. It seeks to provide a platform for users to build and maintain their networks, and to provide recruitment solutions and the service of customer information. With its user number snowballs, it has become a major channel for American enterprises to recruit. Official statistics of LinkedIn reveals that the Global 500 companies all use LinkedIn to recruit, which means that 100% of them are recruiting on it. Now LinkedIn has over 2.24 million Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 021
    • registered users in China, while the number in the US is nearly 65 million. In November 2011, a latest report issued by the American recruitment website Jobvite suggests that 89% of American enterprises will recruit with social networking websites, and among them 55% will increase their budget for recruitment on social networking websites; while recommendations, recruitment on the company websites, and direct channels will be their other major channels; only 16% of the enterprises will increase their expenditure on recruitment fairs, one-third of them will cut their expenditure in recruitment fairs, third-party recruiters and head-hunters; some 64% of the enterprises will adopt two or more channels of recruitment; among the enterprises that plan to drive their expenditure in recruitment, 95% of them are using or will use social networking websites. In China, nearly one-third of Chinese enterprises are using social networking websites in their recruitments. The rise of social networking websites is posing tremendous challenges to traditional recruitment websites. Compared with the latter, social networking sites enjoy a much higher traffic than traditional ones. Facebook has the second largest traffic in the world, while LinkedIn ranks the 12th, Renren.com of China is in the 102th place. By comparison, traditional website recruitment is declining and urgently in needs of transformation. Pitted against the robust rise of social networking sites, traditional sites suffer from such problems as single mode of profitability and congeniality that have weakened their effects, and they have lost a lion’s share of their clients. According to iResearch, 51job.com, Zhaopin.com, and ChinaHR.com combine to occupy a 70%-plus share of the online recruitment market in China. However, the performances of the three companies are utterly different. Only 51job is still turning a profit while the other two recruitment giants are deep in Social Networking Sites are Shoveling Away Traditional Recruitment Sites Recruitment website Traffic Ranking SNS website Traffic Ranking The Structure of Online Recruitment Market of China Website Traffic Ranking Major Investor022 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • the red. Zhaopin.com has been losing for three consecutive years, while ChinaHR.com, after it Fiscal year Fiscal year YoY increase was wholly owned by Monster, still reported a lossAnnual revenue of RMB175 million in its earnings. According to theProfit earnings of 2011 fiscal year recently released by 51job, its annual revenue reached $205.5 million, an increase of 26% over the previous year, and Fiscal year Fiscal year YoY increase its net profit increased by an impressive 56.6%.Annual revenue Although 51job’s performance is gratifying, it stillProfit cannot reverse the decline of the entire traditional online recruitment market. Fiscal year Fiscal year YoY increase By sharp contrast, LinkedIn is rising sharply in theAnnual revenue recruitment field. LinkedIn is essentially an SNS-Profit packaged professional recruitment site, whose added value services in the recruitment field have created a sizable stream of revenue, in which “Premium Subscriptions”, “Hiring Solutions” and “Marketing Solutions” are three major income sources. In the 2011 fiscal year, LinkedIn pulled in $522.2 million in revenue, up 114% from the previous year, while its profit rose by 32% over the previous year. According to the newest fiscal report, LinkedIn earned $102.6 million in revenue from “hiring solutions” in Q1 of 2012, showing an increase of 121.6% over the previous year and accounting for 54% of its gross revenue. In the face of the tremendous challenges from business- oriented social networking sites, traditional recruitment enterprises should ride on the rising tide, to change business directions and perpetuate reforms and attempt in social networking recruitments, so that they can break the limitation of homogenization, attract committed users and embrace the era of social networking recruitment. Software Platform-Style Process Outsourcing Model Presents A Major Opportunity The HR outsourcing of “Chinese characteristics” is originally Hiring Solutions dominated by its “personnel agency” model that primarily Marketing Solutions based its income on the monthly service fees. Some senior experts deem zero service fee a general trend. However, in Premium Subscriptions Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 023
    • spite of lower unit prices of services, giants like the CIIC, SFSC and FESCO still maintain robust 30-50% increase in theirannual sales and profits, a phenomenon attributable to the fast expansion of the market for HR resources in China, whichtranslate into quick expansion of staff in overseas enterprises and soaring profit margin from the economy of scale. Anotherunderlying reason is that the profit from personnel agency has given way to welfare outsourcing, which has become the No.1 source of profit (welfare outsourcing accounts for over 50% of the overall profit). Therefore, even zero service fee will notmake the profits of these enterprises run dry.Overseas HR outsourcing model is significantly different from the “personnel agency” model of China, as the former usesmore process outsourcing than the latter. ADP, an adopter of this model, is the most profitable enterprises in the HR servicesindustry, boasting in a profit rate of 26% and a revenue volume of $1.93 billion, an amount equivalent to half of the total of theother 49 enterprises among the Global 50 HR servicers providers worldwide. Its market value is up to $25 billion, a volumeunrivalled in the global HR services industry. In 2011, the profit margin of ADP ranked the fifth in the global HR servicesindustry. On May 22, the market value of ADP was reported$25.775 million.ADP’s big profit comes from its unique business model: ADP’s Acquisitions and Mergers Strategicsoftware platform-style process outsourcing model. Clientscan use the software platform it provides to exercise some Global talent managementself-service operations, a function that lowers the personnel solutionscost, increase the accuracy and the speed of information Strengthening its position in payroll Leading comprehensive HR and welfare BPO providerdelivery. At the same time, the model is one of the few managementtechnology-intensive, capital-light, and high cash flow Commitment to the Entry in large,businesses, promising very high return on investment. growing market market of small enterprisesIn spite of its inherent advantages in business model, the Multi-lingual & Clients, Talent, multi-currency Technology,aggressive ADP is still not satisfied. In the recent four service Channelsyears, ADP carried out 13 mergers and acquisitions. In thesecond half of 2011, ADP announced its acquisition of the In China, the Manpower Group, Randstad, Career International,world’s leading RPO company, the RightThing, a move that 51job.com, CIIC, SFSC and FESCO are bracing for competitivesecured its status as the largest RPO company globally and edges in these new models of process outsourcing.extended its business from payroll outsourcing to recruitment Various kinds of HR Process Outsourcing include:outsourcing. RPO is highly favored by HR services giant, not ● HR information system outsourcingonly because of the huge and rapid increase in demand, but ● Payroll outsourcingalso have very high potential gross profits and profit margins. ● Talent management outsourcing ● Learning outsourcing ● Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) ADP’s Service Model The competitiveness of HR outsourcing is determined by information technology, but commercial information Payroll 0utsourcing + Social Security Outsourcing + System Platform Rental technology is undergoing massive shift and upgrading. HR process outsourcing promises high profits but also has higher Business barriers to entry, such as: Models Payroll Outsourcing Social Security + 0utsourcing System Platform + Rental System Platform Rental024 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 3.Web Services Web services refer to some web-based, service-oriented,1.Cloud Computing separately programmed software module. They use general standards of the Internet, such as Http and Xml andCloud computing borrows the idea of “electron cloud” enables people in different places to access data on thein quantum physics to highlight the diffuse, ubiquitous webs through different terminal devices. In the field of HRdistribution and social characteristics of computing. Through outsourcing services, the traditional service model is alreadyscattering the computing to a large number of distributed homogenized, and the market has already shown an increasecomputers rather than local computers or remote servers, in volume and a drop in prices. Given the increasing demandthe operation of corporate centers is more similar to that of for online service, the 3-D model that combines online andthe Internet, which enables enterprises to shift resources offline services will be the major trend of HR services in theto needed applications, and visit computers and storage future. The online service model has two features: 1) Lowersystems on-demand. HR process outsourcing involves a prices. The platform rental model of SaaS greatly reduceslarge amount of data storage and application requirements. the delivery cost of enterprises. The emergence of SaaSThere are two advantages of cloud applications: 1) when should be understood not only as progress in technologythe application reaches a certain scale, the economy of but also an essential innovation in business models. 2)scale brought by the operation providers can lower the unit Higher profits. The information delivery service based on theapplication cost and lower maintenance cost; 2) cloud service Internet can provide the services of those call centers via theis charged on the basis of user number and the time of use, Internet and in the form of self service. As the platform modeland it is characterized by its low cost and real-time update of assumes the “self-service” model, the number of corporatethe data. users will increase rapidly but the staff of the providers will2.Big Data not increase, leading to big leaps in profits.Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the big data scientist John The Development and Trends of HRLaoze define big data as a huge amount of data beyond Outsourcing Business Modelthe processing capability of any single computer. There are Online Servicesfour aspects of big data: volume, variety, velocity, and value. 3-D Online and Offline ServicesEach organization or company can consider the concept of Offline Servicesbig data from different aspects. The function of big data is a Developmentstrategic one that can create value from long-term collection Trends Traditional Agency &and analysis of data. Enterprises in emerging markets, Dispatching Services Business Processespecially a country like China, must have such resources if Outsourcingthey grow continuously. It is particularly indispensible in thefield of process outsourcing. Big data can provide enterpriseswith various values, not only in terms of lower cost but also 4.Mobile Servicesmore opportunities. Big data will challenge the storagestructure and data center infrastructure, and also provoke With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the increasechain reactions in applications, such as data warehouse, in mobile devices and the employment groups becomingdata mining, business intelligence, and cloud computing. younger, the demand for mobile applications in HRIn 2011 enterprises used more TB data (1TB=1,000 GB) in outsourcing services is surging rapidly. Mobile applicationsbusiness intelligence and business analysis. By 2020, global have the advantages of helping clients obtain informationdata usage is expected to surge 44-fold, reaching 35.2ZB from multiple devices at anytime and anywhere, and taking(1ZB =1 billion TB). full advantage of fragmented time while traveling or queuing. In 2012, ADP introduced its small enterprises payroll Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 025
    • management platform on iPhone and Andriod. Judging from 5.Sub-Financethe development speed of the mobile Internet and the trend Sub-finance refers to the fact that outsourcing graduallyof increasing demand, it is easy to see that the demand for picks up the characteristics of the financial industry. Considermobile services in HR outsourcing services will gradually payroll outsourcing, a capital-intensive industry that involvesloom large. many cash flow issues such as settlement, payment and transfer. It does not only raise very high requirement on the Index of Mobile Outsourcing Demand and the financial strengths of the providers, but also requires the Increase in Budget in Recent Three Years security and accuracy be bolstered to the financial level. 4533.36 Therefore, providers should have very high credit status. In the case of ADP, it is one of the four non-financial enterprises that have been rated as AAA by both Standard & Poor’s 984.07 and Moody’s. In addition, the employment environment 113.09 is increasingly complex in China, and the payroll-related policies are different from region to region. At the same 2009年 2010年 2011年 time, given the changes in employment patterns and higher Annual increase in Annual increase in project requirement on cost optimization, outsourcing service project demand budget(RMB 10K) providers must have a strong geographic coverage to meet Source: Report on Mobile Application Outsourcing Market 2011 the different needs of enterprises.Develop New Business Based On Core Competence in AssessmentPerhaps in an era of ever-occurring changes, explosive growth in core business means tangible safety, and thus it isnecessary to further explore the potential of good business models. In the current scenario when HR services market speedsup its industry chain integration, enterprises in some segments go the other way round by developing the depth of theirbusiness.Currently the assessment companies in China’s HR services companies fall into four categories: 1) Providers of talentassessment products and services only, e.g., the British firm SHL; 2) Providers that combine upstream and downstreambusiness, with two classes that extend downstream (training and development) and upstream (recruitment management);3) some comprehensive HR companies, e.g., Towers Waston and Aon Hewitt, who respond to the demand of their existingclients and extend their business to talent assessment; and 4) internationally renowned head-hunters that have alreadyextended their services to assessment and executive coaching.As a global authoritative provider of talent assessment services, SHL focuses on assessment and explores new ways toapply its core competence. As a leader in the talent assessment industry, an industry known for its relatively high barriers,SHL has advantages on the below aspects:SHL’s assessment results are highly accurateIn March 2009, in its research on global major talent assessment tool, Aberdeen Group found that SHL’s tools are the mostaccurate in their forecast of the future performance of potential employees.● SHL has the largest team of assessment experts.SHL has teams working in over 50 countries that include over 300 psychologists, making it the company with the largestnumber of psychologists. Each testing point is backed by tremendous amount of research.026 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • ● SHL has accumulated a large amount of reference dataOver the years, SHL has accumulated a large amount of assessment datacollected from various countries and regions, companies and positions of differentkinds. Through analysis on huge amount of data, experts can clearly understandthe competence of excellence employees, and define the competence model ofeach position.● SHL has the most comprehensive and extensive product line.● SHL’s products cover the cognitive ability and aptitude, personality andbehavior, knowledge and skills, Situational Judgment Test, reliability and security,motivations, written assessments, 360-degree feedback, and interview tool. Test Situation Judgment Test Assessment Center Contents Personality Behavior Behavior Objective Advantages Advantage Execution (concerned with future performances) Effectiveness Highly effective Exceptionally effective Exceptionally effective Cost Low (products can Between test and High (labor cost is high, brain drain be used repeatedly) assessment center in the expert team can weaken the company’s competence)SHL has established very strong barriers in the field of assessment, but nowthe question is how to apply its core advantage/competence to increase theirnumber of clients and profit margin. The current business model of SHL ishighly profitable. After a product is successfully developed, SHL’s increasedcost is very limited; no matter there are one or one hundred people attendingthe assessment. Now in the assessment market, there are two categories, i.e.,product-based assessment and assessment based on assessment centers; eachhas its pros and cons. SHL has rolled out its Situation Judgment Test, a productthat comes to the middle ground of the two categories.Even the clients of head-hunters, training companies, personnel deploymentcompanies have demand for talent assessment, but these HR servicescompanies have neither tools nor R&D teams. The barriers to entry are so highthat clients tend to choose a widely accepted professional assessment company.SHL focuses on assessment and has created new business models based on itscore competence. While providing assessment services, it also positions itself asa strategic partner with other service providers in the whole HR industry chain. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 027
    • Training Products and Business personal finance. Although this service is open to all Americans, skillshare.com mainly bases its active userModels Undergo Dramatic groups in New York, Boston, San Francesco and LosChanges Angeles.With the advent of more and more mobile devices and the At Skillshare, teachers will receive 85% of the amount thatemployment group becoming younger, an era of mobile students pay, and the website takes the remaining 15%.learning is coming to satisfy learners’ need to learn anytime Some of the tuition fees will be used to support public welfareand anywhere. While collaborative learning and social undertakings. For instance, designers from Kickstarter,learning are enabling learners to connect with each other and Twitter and Quora will support Project H Design, a non-continuously learn in the process through the division of labor profit program, with the money they have earned. On theand in a spider web manner. The application of these new webpage of each course, users can evaluate in the“trust andtechnologies and ideas bring about tremendous changes in reputation”column. The “profile” page of each teacher showsthe way of learning: from a static manner oriented to lecturers the class hours. Without users Skillshare will be anythingand classroom teaching to a manner oriented to learners who but valuable; this can explain why it attaches so muchcan experience anytime and anywhere. importance to the students’ recommendations and makes itself student-oriented.Researches reveal that corporate training will undergo Product forms of Skillsharesignificant changes in 2014, as 71% of the intervieweesbelieve that “Blended Learning”, a brand new model that Launch of a Interested Confirmation of the time and Pre-launch: people pay place to make itcombines e-learning, virtual classroom learning and mobile course attention an official onelearning will be the top choice of enterprises. Meanwhile,the proportion of traditional classroom teaching will fall from Launch of a one-44% to 17%. Statistics show that one-fifth of the enterprises off courseexpect “Social Learning”, the unofficial learning can pay Official Online application and Offline teaching Learners’ reviews and courses online payment recommendationsa more important role in employee training. Adoption of serial coursesblended learning means that the contents of the trainingcan be delivered to employees through more channels. HRservices institutions should make adjustments to their training Business Model Analysisproducts and business models.An Online Market for Learning and Teaching Value-added service Agency fee or special promotion feeSkillshare.com is a website that performs the namesakefunction of sharing skills with others. It can turn everyone Course commission 15%into a teacher or a student. This innovative website providesa platform of applying to be teacher or a student. So longas you wish, or you have a certain skill, you can create a So far, Skillshare has featured some 500 courses, andclassroom solely or with your friends and then allow the witnessed a soaring traffic. Online education and training inusers to participate. Learners attend a real classroom rather the like of Skillshare is one of the 20 hottest startup programsthan a virtual training. Skillshare.com offers courses in five globally. This company received a seed investment ofcategories, i.e., creative arts, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, $550,000 in its early stage, and it is about to get nearly $10lifestyle and technology. In each category students can also million in the “A” Round Financing.decide specific subjects, such as programming, business Impact of the Skillshare model on the training industry:development, cocktail production, brand operation, and ● It builds a platform for the transaction of knowledge.028 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • ● Everyone can provide training resources. provides online training of behavior model development● Trainers can work at home, and are not subject to any similar to that of Development Dimensions Internationalcompanies. (DDI). Lumosity.com mainly develops brain-improving● The business model gives impetus to the socialization games for cognitive enhancement to help users think fasterof training services, and it stresses the “word-of-mouth” and remember more, thus improving their work and studymarketing. performances. The company seeks to build an onlineA few of websites have already emerged in China, such learning and training platform that enhances the cognitiveas Dijiuke, Xuejineng, and Skillshare.com.cn. However, ability of one’s brain. Statistics show that after playing theas each business model requires its unique environment, games provided by Lumosity.com, users can enhance theirthe business model of Skillshare may face some new memory by 10% and their attention by 20%.challenges. To newly registered users, Lumosity.com provide over 35● Internet users’ payment habits brain games and exercises based on extensive research,Subjects like bakery, coffee-making, management and and then they can enter personalized training sessions,programming do not have rigid demand, and free online which charge on monthly or annual basis. Each game isclasses that teach such subjects are ubiquitous. It is difficult designed to improve one certain ability, such as problemto persuade users to open their wallets for a purchase. solving, memory training, or numerical reasoning. Some● The restraints of training locations, venue and time training programs are tailored for special diseases, such asAs the subjects are taught offline, venue and time put traumatic brain injury. When users improve their proficiency,restraints not only on the students but also the teachers. It Lumosity.com can automatically increase the difficultyis relatively easy for the subject initiators to give classes, but to pose new challenges to their brains. All the games ofit is no easy to find a cheap venue. Chinese websites of this Lumosity.com are grounded in scientific research.kind can introduce supporting services.● Build confidence in users and dispel their concerns Lumosity.com was established in 2005 and was officially launched online in 2007, receiving a venture capital ofA potential student may well ask, “Why do I have to pay $36 million. So far over 20 million users are using theRMB100 to a stranger and attend a lecture at a place I have service Lumosity.com provides, and several thousandnever been to?” Therefore it is also a difficult point for us to new members sign in every month. The reason they join ispersuade students to place trust in the teacher. Of course because Lumosity.com provides the most comprehensivethis is also a challenge to the American website itself. It is and effective training programs. Subscribers to Lumosity.important to break the deadlock, and in this process the com are from over 180 countries worldwide. Since its launchdemonstration effect and “word-of-mouth” marketing will in 2007, the quarter-to-quarter increase rate has reachedproduce far-reaching impact. 25%. The global authoritative IT research and consultancy firm Gartner estimates in a report issued in DecemberThe American online brain-improving company Lumosity.com 2011 that some 70% of the Top 2,000 companies are usingwas established by neuroscientists from Stanford University. game technologies as a behavior-improving tool in theirFrom the new perspective of cognitive neuroscience, it recruitment and training of their employees. Application of Online Brain-Improving Training Program game technologies can also help realize other goals, e.g., encouraging innovations, improving the health conditions of employees, and building customer loyalty. Memory Each revolution of business models can bring competitive Speed edge in a certain period, but with the changes to the Problem Solving Attention environment, though, companies have to re-consider their Flexibility business strategies. The make-or-break of a company ultimately depends on whether its commercial maneuvering can meet the priority needs of its consumers. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 029
    • Brand Marketing ofHuman ResourcesServices ProvidersIn the Web2.0 era, classic marketing models are undergoing Social Networking Marketing:unnoticed changes. In this era, a piece of info can bringconsumers worldwide together, and each enterprise joins in A Marketing Force Involvinga new revolution of marketing. Only when enterprises follow Everyonenew development trends and create new marketing modelscan they realize the potentials of new media, and create In the digital era, Web2.0 and the mobile Internet havefurther great value for enterprises. created a new eco-system of communications and marketing unrivalled by traditional media or even traditional Internet media. Users can not only obtain info from the contact points across the socials but also act as consumption sources themselves to issue info and share with friends. In an era of mobile Internet, user behavior and consumption path in this eco-system are a multi-dimensional process of interaction rather than a unidirectional progressive process. Enterprises can also use technical means to sense users and respond to their demand across the entire network. Consumption path and behavioral models corresponding to the new eco-system is taking shape, which is known as the SICAS model: Sense, Interest and Interactive, Connect and Communication, Action and Share. Source: DCCI Internet Data Center: “Chinas Internet Blue Book Series” The value of social media lies in a continuous cycle of social traffic. When Internet users see some contents, some of them will share them with social media and relay to other users. The latter will also see some contents and share with still others, giving rise to a complete and030 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • cyclic social communication process that snowballs. From influence is.a marketing point of view, the social media are natural ● Coverage: The larger the number of fans who log in thatmarketing and promotion channels. Every day Internet day and interact with you, the higher the coverage is.users spend a long time on social networking platforms, Under the attack of social media, the traditional integratedsuch as social networking sites (SNS), video websites, marketing concept, or 4 P’s, is undergoing unnoticedwhich are irresistible channel of transmission. At the same changes. Social marketing is more dependent on thetime, the communication via social media needs a relatively marketing concept of 4 C’s, i.e., Context, Content,small investment, but can achieve an effect that traditional Connection, and Community. Social marketing refers toadvertising cannot match. Iresearch believes that social the filtering, integration, and release of plenty of relevant,networking sites are growing mature in their operating model, informative contents in a context; users use the contents toand has a stable group of users. It is customary for users to build ties with their favorite mates, products and brands, andturn to social networking sites when they share information thus to establish contact and form relevant communities. Thisand news; the growing number of websites brings increasing community is a spontaneously formed social circle. The re-contents to share with, which also help boost the amount spread reputation due from the secondary transmission ofof sharing. Just consider weibo; its length requirement on the social circle and the positive brand image from the userthe message has prompted an explosive growth of original point of view can help an enterprises increase the loyalty andcontents. A sense of freshness and participation fuels awareness of its brand: such is the greatest value that socialthe robust increase of traffic. Meanwhile, celebrities have media brings to an enterprise.extremely large fan groups, which increase the likelihoodof “broadcast-to-share". Each fan an enterprise’s weibo is In the era of social networks, opinion leaders exert a criticalactually a business opportunity. Each transfer or comment impact on the speed and scope of the brand communication.may bring unexpected impact. Whether a brand can quickly and effectively sell their products depends on whether it can successfully engageThanks to the benefit of Sina Weibo, enterprises can check important opinion leaders in the circle and lead them toout in the application bar the dynamics, influence, coverage discuss: This is a critical part of branding. These opinionof their official weibos, to view the activity of the enterprise leaders can in turn lead the influential groups in the socialofficial weibo, power of influence, and coverage. media to spread the info: this will be more effective and● Activeness: Such practices as publishing high-quality blogs timely in obtaining the buzz from Internet users. McKinsey‘sto attract fans, active forwarding of comments, and sending research has found that Chinese consumers are likely toprivate letters to chat with your friends can rapidly boost the consider buying the products mentioned in the social media.dynamics. They are more likely to buy the products and services● Power of influence: The more times that a blog has been recommended by friends or acquaintances in the socialforwarded, the more comments it receives, and the higher media. The reason is partly due to cultural differences:the number of people who give comments, the stronger your Chinese consumers do not believe formal providers, so they pay special attention to the recommendations of their relatives and friends. In general, Chinese consumers have doubts about the information provided by some news media and advertisements,so they often refer to the comments of their relatives and friends and opinion leaders, while such information is usually transmitted via social media. The revolution of new technologies represented by the Internet is reshaping the entire business environment. The rise of social media is bringing new inspirations and vigor to Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 031
    • the marketing and branding. Most enterprises have started to use social media as an important tool of marketing strategies.Starbucks is a prime example of success and the earliest practitioner of social media marketing, and, with over six millionsfans, it is also the only brand on the Top 10 list on Facebook. In March 2008, the company launched its first social mediawebsite, “My Starbucks Idea”, where consumers could raise suggestions to the products and services, and also vote andcomment on suggestions by others. Meanwhile Starbucks announced its feedback and acceptation of suggestions. In sixmonths, Starbucks’ MSI website harvested a total of 75,000 suggestions, and tens of millions of comments and votes. Thanksto social media, Starbucks has garnered highly valuable innovations and suggestions, thus improved service experience andits overall operation. At the same time, Starbucks’ direct interaction with consumers and its respect of consumers’ initiativestrengthened its ties with consumers and their sense of belonging.At the same time, more and more HR services providers are creating their accounts to interact with consumers. By creatingofficial weibo and groups on LinkedIn, they are making continuous effort to increase their brand awareness.032 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • The Irresistible Mobile MarketingThe surging popularity of smartphones and tablets has led to the rapid and diversifieddevelopment of mobile apps. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information of China, in2011 the number of mobile phone users topped 1 billion in China, and the market value of theChina Mobile hit 2.42 billion yuan. In addition, statistics of IDC shows that there were over 863million downloads of mobile phone apps in China in 2010, and it is estimated that the figurewill jump to over 20 billion in 2013. There were some 585,000 apps available in the app storeof Apple, 450,000 in the Android app store, and 82,234 in the Windows store of Microsoft. Theapp store of Apple boasted over 250 billion downloads; the figures of Android and Microsoftwere 10 billion and 217 million respectively. In 2011, mobile apps had the gross revenue of $7.3billion, while this amount will reach $36.7 billion in 2015. From June 2010 to December 2011,the average time that each user spent a day in app stores rose from 43 minutes to 72 minutes.Mobile technology is developing each passing day, while the human capital managementis also faced with new choices and changes. For the human resources industry, mobilemarketing will greatly change traditional marketing models. The so-called mobile marketinguses mobile phone as a major platform, sharply targets audiences and accurately deliverspersonalized real-time information, so as to reach the communication goal by exchangingideas of consumers. Mobile marketing is also known as mobile interactive marketing orwireless marketing. Mobile marketing means that a company uses mobile phones to accuratelyand efficiently delivers personalized instant information through a wireless advertisement toindividual consumers, and to realize the one-to-one interactive marketing purpose.Through mobile marketing, enterprises can establish brand new communication mode formarketing. At the same time, as users can receive updated info from their mobile phonesand can register and apply, mobile marketing will also change the traditional mode ofexhibitions and trainings. For managers of HR managers, by sending messages to accuratelytargeted recipients, mobile marketing mitigates the information asymmetry that traditionalcommunication suffers from. HR services providers can conduct real-time communicationswith clients, a move that greatly enhances its own brand awareness. Now most HR servicesproviders are starting to set up mobile apps to handle info delivery. For example, CIIC,Kenexa, Lumesse, Randstad, Towers Watson have set up their mobile application client ends,providing customers with service anytime and anywhere.Zhidiantong, a mobile delivery platform for HR services developed by the CIIC Shanghai, usesthe mobile Internet terminal application as a carrier to integrate the rich features and practicalinformation. Zhidiantong supports multi-platform, multi-system operations, and available forfree download to users worldwide. Zhidiantong has both professional and non-professionalversions, tailored for the corporate human resources professionals and individual white-collarusers respectively. It provides HR services data, human resources laws and regulations,useful financial statements, industry news; personal service data check, personnel servicesguide, event information sharing and other services. With the social insurance calculator in Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 033
    • the “Think Tank” feature, one can clearly understand and calculate the coefficient and the social insurance amount paid by individuals and their employers. The tax calculator can immediately work out the "pre-tax" or "after-tax" amounts, and delivers the sum of actual income.Towers Watson released its iPad app, TWGlobal50, and its Android application, TW LIFETIME to provide quick access to essential global human capital data to human resourcesand benefits management professionals. These apps provide dynamic, searchable HR datafrom as many as 57 countries. Use the touch interface, users can conveniently obtain andcompare the info on the current situation and the trends. These areas include:● Expected payment raise;● Commitment of the employees;● Personnel turnover rate;● Health and welfare costs.034 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Users can use the screenshot function of the program to quickly share via e-mail withtheir colleaguesADP has launched “RUN powered by ADP”, a mobile app client ends available fromthe App Store of Apple and the Google Play of Android. The ADP mobile payrollmanagement system can update itself based on the feedbacks from users. Businessmanagers can run the mobile payroll management system within three seconds.With RUN, users can:● Enter the system to check out the details of the payroll management of employees andcontract workers, and cost of the contractors;● Pay salary by checks or direct deposit;● Calculate federal, state and local taxes and expenditures● Assess working hours before payment to ensure the accuracy of the payrollmanagement● Check out the salary liability and cash needs, to make sure the balance of payments● Check out current and recent pay management report The aggregation function of the mobile platform can pool together scattered resources on the net, and realize more efficient info collection and transmission via mobile apps. Consider HRoot’s mobile app of conferences and exhibitions: This iPhone program integrates the salons, trainings, conference and exhibitions into a whole and provides real-time updates. After users install this app, they can know the past, undergoing and upcoming events of HRoot; all the contents can be read at a glance, reducing the time for searching information. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 035
    • Social media and mobile apps have not only changed the wayenterprises deliver human resource management services, but alsoenhance the value of human resource management in the enterprises.Deloitte pointed out in its report, “#Social #Mobile @Work”, that in 2012,social media and mobile devices will be two driving forces of improvingHR management services. The popularity of social media and mobiledevices are affecting the delivery of corporate human resource services, and will be the direction of the transformation of human resource management. Enterprises’ human resources department can take advantage of social media tools to create knowledge-sharing community, in which they can service their employees in a direct and unofficial way of communication. The mobile devices and apps can enables employees to retrieve online HR services anytime and anywhere. Employees can discuss with HR personnel on the mobile phone—raise questions and get knowledge—thus enhance their degree of involvement. As social media and mobile apps are winning increasing favor by enterprises, HR services providers should take advantage of this trend; they should better understand the characteristics of the new mobile apps and social media marketing channels, integrate them into the overall marketing plan of the brand, so as to establish a new brand marketing model of SoLoMo, i.e., social+local+mobile. Integrated Brand Marketing Communications Enhances the Return On Investment Integrated Marketing Communications Professor Don Schultz, the father of the Marketing, has pointed out that, in the environment of fierce competition, only circulation and communication can create differentiated competitive edge, and only communication can create brand loyalty of higher interest and keep the enterprise’s profit growing.036 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • However, with the homogeneity of products/services, high degree of differentiation of theuser groups, personalization of user demand, media becoming increasingly fragmented,traditional unidirectional marketing is no longer effective, and brand impression is difficultto continue to push target customers and enhance customer brand stickiness. These,compounded by the surging cost of brand communication, have posed tremendouschallenges to the brand marketing of HR services providers.Just as Professor Schultz observes, marketing personnel are no longer dominatingeverything, as the power is now in the hands of consumers. In an era of attention economy,those who can garner customers’ attention and discover more of their hidden needs canremain invincible on the market. Single way of brand marketing is now unable to allowenterprises to gain more competitive edge; construction of integral, multi-channel, all-encompassing integrated brand marketing and communication will be a good way for HRservices to break away from the heated competition. In the future a growing number of HRservices providers will resort to this brand strategy.Integrated marketing communication, or IMC, means using all the contact points of thebrands and the enterprises as communication channel, so as to directly influence thepurchase action of consumers; it is a process of attaching attention to consumers andmobilizing all means to achieve strong communications. It is not a simple superposition ofa variety of marketing methods, but a continuous and consistent marketing communicationprocess based on the awareness of customer needs; it is part of the corporate managementstrategy. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 037
    • Understanding the various forms of communication media can help companies optimize theportfolio of brand marketing, and increase their ROI. In addition to the above means of socialmarketing and mobile marketing, the following marketing methods and channels are what HRservices providers often use, but their effects vary from one to another.The platform of the InternetThe Internet is developing at a very high speed, according to a report by KPCB,By the end of2011, there were nearly 2.3 billion Internet users, an increase of 8% over the previous year.Among them, China boasts 510 million users, the largest number in the world. Searchingproducts they need has become a customer behavior. Particularly, when making the firstpurchase, consumers will search and select before they cut a deal. The websites of enterprisesare their best sources of information. Almost all HR services providers have their officialwebsites, or they carry out their market on a third-party’s website.However, not all the enterprises can create value for brand marketing. The capacity of thewebsite largely determines the browse experience of users, while the latter may trigger purchaseactions. Therefore, the design and construction of the website of an enterprise should considerthe needs and experience of customers.First of all, a stable space and adequate speed make for users’ first impression on the website.No matter how stunning the design is, a slow-running website will make the consumers impatientand close the webpage. Thus an enterprise should choose a stable and fast server.Next, the feelings a webpage brings to surfers come from strong sensory stimulus, such as thecolor mix, page layout, pictures, videos, and dynamic effects. Pictures and videos give surfersmore intense sensory stimulation; lengthy textural presentation may even less persuasive than038 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • a good picture. Take the official Chinese website of Kenexa search engines. Users always turn to the assistance oflaunched in 2012 as an example: The home page presents search engines when they collect info before the purchase.a slide show of the pictures of each product line, and the In the fourth place, clear navigation can also make browsingpicture of each product line uses different colors; the effect more effective. Navigation is another face of the website, andis simple but not monotonous. If users want to know more it can help surfers quickly get the needed info. After the userabout the products in the pictures, a gentle click will reveal finds relevant information, they will check out more info out ofthe introduction to the product and the contact information. curiosity. At this time, the search engine will wield its function.Although some HR services providers are aware of the A good variety of search results can facilitate users to selectimportance of pictures and videos in brand marketing, and the info they need.have optimized the web interface, the browsing experiences In order to help visitors find the needed info faster, someof many enterprises are still to be bettered. service providers will compile the frequently asked questionsIn the third place, contents are the soul of each website. (FAQs) as a convenience feature.No matter how beautiful a website is, they should not beweaned from the support of contents. The purpose for surfinga website is to search relevant information. If the websitedoes not feature essential contents, end users will give themup. Therefore, HR services providers should upload qualitycontents, and update them on a regular basis. In this wayclients can constantly receive updated info, and increasetheir stickiness to the website. Updating the website withoriginal information can also secure the ranking status in Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 039
    • In the fifth place, with the development of open platforms and SNS, opening and sharing have become the mainstream ideology of websites. Many HR services providers have introduced RSS, blogs, SNS technology to their website to provide more interactive, original and personalized service. Users can share their articles and pictures on weibo and blogs, a move that greatly facilitates reproduction and sharing. Free website evaluation tools 免费的网站评估工具 As a channel of brand marketing, the Internet platform Free tools help the marketing personnel master the data of the web, and provide scientific data support to the decision-making in brand marketing. serves the ultimate purpose of expanding the marketing 1 Alexa reach and influence. The traffic of visitors reflects how Alexa can provide free website traffic info. large the audience is. Unfortunately, except some Ty p e i n h t t p : / / c n . a l e x a . com/siteinfo, and enter its recruitment websites, there are very few HR services site info page, where you can input the name of the institutes that rank in the forefront. website to check out. Click on “Detailed info”, you can find the relevant data of the website, including its traffic Indicators Of Website Evaluation ranking, number of users, page views, page views per person, website access time Whether the evaluation of official websites or the and other data. With Alexa you can check out the data transmission on third-party communications, mastery in the recent seven days, one month, three months, six months and all the time. of user attributes, behaviors, relationships, and impact 2 China Website Ranking Enterprises can evaluate websites with the China Website Ranking, which before making release strategies, and follow-up provides relevant data of the website traffic, among others. Click on “Ranking by Category” and you can know the info on different categories; click on “Competition Analysis” and you can scientific assessment will help achieve a more precisely get the data of visitors to competitive websites. positioned display, arrival and interaction in marketing. The tools introduced above are different in their Global traffic ranking: the ranking can best reflect channels of data collection and statistical methods, the popularity of the site, and has become the most and it is likely that their statistics are not ideally important indicator to measure the performance of comprehensive or accurate. But enterprises can use two commercial websites. This indicator is related to the tools to retrieve effective info as references and assistance to their website optimization and advertisement release. independent IP’s daily traffic at the site and the daily page views, an indicator of the number of views in 24 hours.040 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • "Backward links": they refer to the links from other web- Some HR services providers will communicate their latestbased documents. The more backward links a web-based viewpoints, forefront theories and practices with recipients.document has, the higher its “visibility” or “support rate” is. For example, the Deloitte Human Capital Consultancy Quarterly publishes the latest ideas in the field of humanData of index amount of search engines: the data can be capital consulting, and forefront theories and practices inobtained with the webmaster tools of Google, and they also human capital management. In order to share the cutting-reflect the popularity of the website. edge info with a larger audience, Deloitte also prepares an“Average page residence time”: it refers to the time that a e-version of the Quarterly for free download.user stays on a webpage; the longer it is, the stickier thewebsite is to the users, and the more likely the website canprovide contents and services to users.Printed MediaAs traditional channels, printed media are still active on thestage of brand marketing. Enterprises should understandtheir characteristics, and take suitable measures to doprecision release. Pros and cons of printed media Item Pros Cons Newspaper ●Short lead-in time ● Being read hastily ●Communicate info in a certain area ●Too many ads and too many kinds ●Flexibility in size ●Not specific ●High reception and reading rates ●Low-quality ●Able to receive free aid Magazine ●Highly specific ●Long lead-in time ●High reception rate ●Low circulation ●Easy to attract attention ●Low cost ●Relative high qualityTraditional printed media marketing seeks to interrupt thethinking process of users to relay product info visually. Butnow, this media is far less effective, especially in the HRservices industry. As audiences are choosier nowadays,simple “hard advertisements” or “advertorials” on majorprinted media may lead to resentment of the human The Manpower Group produces its “Employment Outlookresources managers, who may even resist any info related to Survey”in PDF format each quarter, and uploads the reportthat enterprise. on its website for free download. In addition, Manpower also actively cooperates with third-party media to communicateSome benchmark companies in the HR services industry survey results with a larger audience.have started to provide targeted and practical professionalarticles with reference to the characteristics, positioning With the benefit of original contents, through the provision ofand demands of the media, to help reader understand the excellent, valuable information, these companies drive thephilosophy and research results more deeply and directly. recognition and purchase actions of their clients, and they can retain them and enhance their brand loyalty. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 041
    • Email Direct MarketingEmail direct marketing, or EDM, is gaining increasing recognition of HR services providers due to its scale, real-time,interactive, and economic and other prominent features. They are widely used in various stages of the life cycle for suchpurposes as new customer acquisition, increase in customer value, maintenance of customer loyalty and others.However, email direct marketing should not be simply reduced to the mode of “database + sending”; rather, enterprisesshould carefully plan and control its implementation. High-quality planning, precise audiences and appropriate frequency ofdistribution are three indispensable elements.High-Quality Content PlanningThe creativeness of the contents of EDM is all the more important, while the delivery of the contents should be based on theunderstanding of its recipients. Normally, if recipients can receive the info they need or the info with added value, they willpost a higher feedback rate. For example, while distributing EDM in the form of an e-magazine, if the publisher offers addedvalues such as cutting-edge info and research result, readers are more likely to click open it and read it, and in turn morelikely to click open the links to the events and product info that the enterprise provides, and thus foster the opportunities ofsales. On the contrary, if the delivered contents lack value, they are more likely to be considered synonyms of spam, and bediscarded. They will not only lose marketing opportunities, but also tarnish the brand image of the enterprise.Precise AudiencesThe target audiences of an HR service provider’s EDM are mainly professional HR mangers; the audience mainly comes fromthe existing and potential clients of the enterprise. When there is limitation to the resources of current clients, enterprises willbuy external data. However, publicly available data is not only difficult to guarantee the quality, and moreover, repeated salesmay lead to the failure of a large proportion of the data. In this stage, choosing a third-party platform with a good reputationand a large database of HR managers will be an effective way. Such cooperation model is generally charged on the basis ofeffect; it ensures precise delivery while significantly reduces the cost.042 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Reasonable Frequency of Transmissions Indicators Of the Effect of EDMIt is advisable to keep the frequency at a reasonable low. There are three major metrics of the effectiveness of thePromotional EDM are suggested to be distributed less than EDM: Effectiveness, reading and click ratesfour times a month. Frequent distributions may lead annoyedclients to unsubscribe. In particular, many HR managers are 1.Effectiveness ratepretty busy, and they need to handle large volumes of emails Formula: efficiency = the number of successful transmissions/every day. the total number of transmissionsGenerally, EDMs distributed in the morning enjoy the highest The number of total distributions: the volume of the emailclicking and opening rate of recipients. database The number of successful distribution: the number of emails that reach successfully, or the effective volume of the email database Function: Measure the effectiveness of the available database, or in other words, to confirm whether the addresses actually exist. 2.Reading rate Formula: the number of openings/the number of successful transmissions The number of openings: The numbers of openings of the EDMs after recipients receive them. As a client may open the EDM more than once, some counting systems will count the number of openings and the number of recipients who open the EDM. Function: Evaluate the degree how users are interested in the email. 3.Click rate Formula: click rate = the number of clicks / the number of openings The number of clicks refers to how many times clients trigger on the links. If there are several links, it is advisable to count separately, so that you can know how interested your clients are and adjust and optimize the contents of EDM accordingly. Function: Evaluate the degree how users are interested in the contents. If the reading rate is high but the click rate is not, it is necessary to adjust the contents of the EDM. EDM Software The effective distribution of EDM depends on effective tools, and below are some effective EDM software items: Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 043
    • http://www.icontact.com/ http://www.constantcontact.com/ http://www.benchmarkemail.com/ http://www.tarate.com/ http://www.interecm.com/Conferences and EXPOHR services providers lay emphasis on precision marketing and word-of-mouthmarketing. They expect to directly transmit the info to new clients and key clientsand timely collect feedbacks so that they can understand accurately the needsof the clients. For some world’s cutting-edge services and technologies, someHR services providers are willing to invest a lot of manpower, physical andfinancial resources to cultivate the market; they would share with clients thelatest research results and the expertise in projects, and do precision marketingto win the clients’ loyalty. Just consider the “Kenexa World Conference –Shanghai” held in China.Some enterprises steer a different path by launching high-profileconferences with a third-party platform. By tapping into the clientresources of a third-party platform, they also launch precision marketingof their products, services and globally advanced practices towards HRmanagers. For instance, SHL has joined HRoot in launching the LINKconference, a top international event in the field of talent managementthat has invited HR executives from Philips, Hilti, McDonalds and otherwell-known enterprises to share expertise with attendees.ADP replied on still another approach of brandpromotion; it joined HRoot in a research on HRmanagement systems, and issued “The Future of HRis in the Clouds: Retrospect and Outlook of the ITApplication of China’s Human Resources 2011”, a paperthat increase the awareness and coverage of the brand.ADP also joined HRoot in the launch of lecture tours inSuzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing,in an effort to discuss the HR management system of theSaaS infrastructure.044 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • In addition to events and lectures, making speeches at HR conferences orsponsoring such events also help increase the exposure of the brand. Suchoccasions can not only help brands and product recommendations achieveintensive exposures, but also provide good opportunities to obtain client resourcesand communicate with clients and peers. The acquisition of business opportunitiesof HR services providers is not just limited to HR managers; there are numerouscases of forging alliances in this industry; alliance between quality brands canproduce extraordinary effectiveness.HR EXPO is one of the best ways of marketing of HR services providers, as 1)enterprises can obtain a huge amount of client resources given the large numberof attendees; 2) attendees come with a clear purpose of buying, and this may leadto deals on the site; even if they cannot cut a deal, they have a strong intention tobuy, and will easily convert into customers; 3) the participating providers can rideon the rising tide of the mega-publicity done by the organizer and achieve the besteffect of brand communication, a move that will translate into the highest ROI. Takethe HR Services Expo as an example, participating providers can achieve belowcommercial benefits:* Positive reward on the site, where forefront HR industry intelligence is available,* PR professionals visit the scene over 3,000 person-times, creating goodopportunities of active communications;* The display areas provide good exposure and rewarding publicity for participatingenterprises;* Brainstorming at forums can help communicate the products, services and valuesof HR service providers;* On-site discount stores provide a sales platform for participating providers.* Strong media campaign can help participating organizations build a first-classplatform for communication:* Picture and text advertisement on the home page of HRoot.com;* Advertisement in Human Capital Management, a magazine published by HRoot inthree consecutive issues;* Several rounds of info transmission on the official weibo of HRoot to over 50,000professionals;* Extensive advertising campaign on new media platforms such as iPad;* Precision advertisement of the Expo via LinkedIn;*Transmission of over 1 million e-newsletters that include the logos of theparticipating organizations;* Investment in myriads of keyword advertisements on Google;* Advertisement in various renowned media, e.g., cn.wsj.com, cn.reuters.com,forbeschina.com, etc.;* Ifeng, Sohu, Netease, Tencent, First Financial Daily, and Morning News and otherfirst-tier media will file in-depth and extensive reports after the event;Painstaking planning on the contents promote the exchanges in the industry* Strengths of myriads of service providers garner extensive attention; Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 045
    • * Comprehensive talent management systems garner attention of Chinese enterprises and cater to their needs in the current stage. However, as the HR EXPO varies in their levels, HR services providers should choose the platforms that can really promote the brand image of the enterprises to maximize the benefit of their investment. Currently, in the HR services industry, marketing talent with strategic visions is in short supply. While improving the performance of marketing personnel, more and more HR services providers are seeking assistance from professionals; they outsource part of the brand and marketing business to PR companies, or choose a third-party platform that provides one-stop service to help reduce the routine work of their marketing personnel so that they can focus on the most valuable strategic work. The concept of brand integrated marketing will never be outmoded. In the process of brand integration marketing, HR services organizations should determine the priorities of the various means of communication and methods according to their characteristics and the status quo. They should manage the process with plans, adjustments and control, integrate various communications in an effective and step-by-step manner, and keep the communications going on. In the future, with the progress of technologies, an endless variety of marketing approaches will come to the scene. Creative Approaches of Brand Marketing In carrying out brand marketing and promotions, HR services providers have presented many new and creative approaches, such as the use of two- dimensional codes, videos, Google Alerts, competitive intelligence system applications. All of these bring new vigor and inspiration to brand marketing. Two-Dimensional Code The two-dimensional code, or 2D barcodes, is a black-and-white graphic record of the data symbols distributed on the plane according to certain rules, usually assuming a particular geometry. It comes from a readable bar code developed on the basis of one-dimensional bar code. By scanning or taking pictures, the binary data recorded by the device can be identified, allowing users to read the information contained therein. The rapid development of smartphones and 3G network has given impetus to the rise of the application of two-dimensional codes. By scanning two-dimensional codes, smartphones can resolve website IP automatically and link to the corresponding WAP site, enabling users to browse commodities, download discount coupons, and make payment with smartphones. They can also experience ringtones, games, videos and other streaming information.046 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • When they releases reports on industry research or other materials, they can make use of two-dimensional code apps by setting up a special two-dimensional code for important reports, so that by scanning the codes, professionals can access the links and read them on the way to office or in their spare time. Through reading, they can save time for searching and increase the amount of reading of the downloaded reports. When it released its 2011 Annual Report, Adecco set up a two-dimensional code for visitors to quickly access the relevant webpages by scanning with their smartphones. Companies can not only use the two-dimensional code in the publicity of their annual reports, white papers, and industry reports, etc., they can attach two- dimensional codes to their websites’ promotional page or the promotional page of their printed materials for clients to quickly get more info. For instance, in its first Greater China User Meeting, Kronos, the largest labor management solutions provider in the world, used the two-dimensional code to check in, and the move greatly enhanced the efficiency of the event. Now the two-dimensional code is widely used in the retail consumer market, while HR services providers can also use it in their publicity efforts. The code not only saves space, but also contains very large data that can help improve the clients’ understanding of the enterprises’ info. Video Sharing It is estimated that by 2014, video will account for over 50% of the traffic on the Internet. Many decision makers in enterprises have become the most frequent users of social media. In 2011, with the cooperation of many video media, the newmedia marketing organization Vivaki issued a report, showing thatcompared with TV advertisements, online video advertisementsonly enhance brand awareness, but also claim increasingproportion in the overall media portfolio, thus creating positiveinfluence on the effectiveness. Video media are advantageous intheir precise targeting of the audience, wide coverage, and theyare also cost-saving, and have a greater brand publicity value.While formulating brand promotion strategies, using video candeepen customers’ impression of the enterprise, and improve the cost-effectiveness of brandcommunication.Corporate Brand PromotionMost HR services providers use videos in the promotion of their products, images, and otherevents. Normally in the homepage, the special media room or video highlights, users can see Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 047
    • the videos of the updates, product info and cultural events of Its official weibo also uploads the clipping of a televisedthe enterprise. On its home page, Adecco makes its videos interview with one of its human resources consultants. Alland other enterprise profile into a small icon, a click of which these can help clients know more about the info on thecan allow users to read it and see its unique cultural events enterprise.in the videos. On its Sina Weibo, Beisen provides a video that not onlyMore and more HR services providers are using videos on including the history, product and future outlook of thetheir official websites to figuratively interpret their business industry, but also integrate them into an impressive whole.philosophies. For example, Manpower is promoting the ideaof “The Human Age” in its videos.Weibo VideoHR services providers have started to use weibo to do itslocal market promotion. On its Sina Weibo, ADP China shows“ADP’s Vision Today and Tomorrow”, a video that introducesits product info. In spite of a lack of dialogue, its Chinesesubtitles perfectly interpret what the products are about. Thevideo offers perfect viewing experience.On its official Sina Weibo in China, Kenexa preparesvideos of corporate profile of different lengths, one minute,five minutes, and ten minutes. Viewers can even see theinteresting snapshots taken during the shooting sessions. As corporate video production requires considerable investment, there are not many videos on the websites of HR services providers, and the update cycle is longer. While doing video marketing, the script, overall planning, visual clarity, and communication channels of the video will affect its quality. Now some videos have problems when they are clicked open. While doing video marketing, enterprises should also strengthen their channel promotion and regularly update the video so as to make their competitive edge apparent. Brand Monitoring and Management Brand building takes tremendous time and energy, but destruction of a brand can take place in just a second. In the Internet era, the speedy transmission of Messages challenges the responding capabilities of HR services providers. The marketing departments of HR services providers should conduct continuous monitoring and management of the brand. At the same time, comprehensive understanding of the overall environment and the rivals can enable corporate managers to make quick, rational decisions and to respond flexibly to market changes.048 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Google AlertsGoogle Alert is an e-mail that provides customers with real-time search results of Google web,news, etc. On the alert page, just enter the info you want to search, and the system will display apreview of the types of search results. Below are some common functions of Google Alerts:● Monitoring the progress of a news report;● Tracking the updates on a competitor or industry;● Understanding the latest news of a celebrity or an event.In Google Alerts, you can obtain independent news, blogs, videos, books and other searchresults, and you can also set the search type as “alert” that integrates all search results so thatyou can get richer contents. Or, you can also adjust the frequency to once a day or once a week.In fact, it is a bit outmoded to deliver intelligence via email. Although Google Alert can createRSS subscription to webpage search results, the URL cannot be automatically generated buthave to be retrieved from Google Alerts. If you type in “Apple Company” in the search column ofGoogle, you can see the display of below information:For HR services providers, the function can keep them updated on the latest news and monitorthe enterprise’s own negative info. When bad news about the enterprise appears, it will tarnishthe image of the enterprise and consumers will become resistant to its product. Keeping a closeeye on the negative info on an enterprise can maintain the smooth flow of information, speedup wise decision-making and establish a positivebrand image.Company Intelligence SystemThe company intelligence system is a sub-systemthat combines the official and unofficial operatingprocesses. Its main functions are to evaluate forthe organization the key trends of development,to track the emerging discontinuous changes, toanalyze the capability and trends of existing andpotential competitors so as to help companiesmaintain and develop their competitive edge.Through this system, enterprises can keep theminformed on the industry. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 049
    • Now some HR services providers have established their CIS systems to monitor their competitors. But the limited channels of obtaining competitor info, the inadequate indicators, and an inability to cover all the issues prevent marketing departments from obtaining info and responding in the early stage. Many enterprises are aware of this problem and have turned to the assistance from a third-party organization. Although there is no lack of intelligence collection and marketing organizations in China, in the segmented market of HR services the inadequate coverage is a critical problem that makes the system unable to meet the needs of an increasingly segmented market. To address this problem, the CIS set up by HRoot covers the 19 segments of the human resources industry; customers can type in the company name to find relevant info. In addition to company profile, the CIS also provides such info as policies and regulations, research papers, company news, advertisement release, media report, contract information, recruitment information, marketing campaigns and market analysis, making it easier for users to know the updates on the industry and to make quick and better decisions. Users can also prescribe the key words to increase the accuracy of the competitive intelligence. In an era of diversified communications, traditional marketing approaches are losing their effectiveness. Rising new media have subverted traditional mode of communications, bringing numerous opportunities and unlimited development potentials. In the information age, brand proves to be an intangible force that communicates values and philosophies. The corporate image that an enterprise communicates determines the value of the brand. Therefore, it is necessary to change the way of brand communication and marketing and to introduce a marketing model that integrates all channels: This will help HR services providers increase their communication efficiency, promote the brand, inject new vitalities into the development of the enterprise, and consequently, improve the competence of the entire HR services industry.050 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Cases Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 051
    • ADP (NYSE: ADP), one of the global largest outsourcing solutions provider with annual earnings of near $10 billion, has a customer base of about 585,000. With over 60 years’ profound experience in the field, ADP provides the most comprehensive solutions covering human resources, payroll, tax and benefits management, which constitutes talent solutions in full range. These simple and easy solutions have created high values for company of various types and scales. In the meantime, APD also provides to global auto dealers with worldwide leading solutions in integrated computing information.From Brand Shaping toValue Creation052 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Simultaneous Advance in Branding Shaping Build-up and Industry CultivationAfter overseas companies entered China, they faced major challenges in discovering customerneeds and brand promotion. As a pioneer of localized MNCs, ADP, proud of its global brandinfluence, started its brand building and industry education right from its entry into China,establishing its leadership in the HR outsourcing market in China. Market CultivationMarket CultivationIn 2006 when ADP initially entered the China market, there arewide knowledge gaps between international and domestic markets 360 Degree Communications Demand Creationin terms of the concept of outsourcing. The Chinese characteristicHR outsourcing mainly includes “HR agency” and “Talent Dispatch”while foreign HR outsourcing is more of the process outsourcingmode. The outsourcing service provided by ADP is bothtechnology-driven and process-oriented. Therefore, ADP requireda market understanding and acceptance of the concept of payroll outsourcing in “end to endprocess”. To cultivate this market, ADP has maintained a close relationship with relevantpolicy makers to track the policy guidance and provide suggestions accordingly, activelyappeared in forums and seminars to exchange ideas with the market leaders in the field soas to contribute to the development of the industry.360 Degree CommunicationsBased on the cultivation of the payroll outsourcing market, APD has elaborated its brandingconnotation to all the interest-related parties via multiple media and channels. ADP enteredthe China market in 2006 while its comprehensive marketing and brand promotion started inthe second half of 2007. ADP took part in seminars to contact with clients, government andmedia, and integrated both online and offline marketing activities on local HR platforms. Inrecent years, as the adoptions of new media like search-engines and Weibo has becomeregular. ADP has formed a full-angle and integrated brand promotion mode.Demand CreationIn the beginning of ADP’s operation in China, its business was mainly focused on providingsupport to those multinational companies. In April 2009, ADP has quickened the pace oflocalization of HR outsourcing service in the China market by merging local HR companies.ADP shifted the focus to exploring market opportunities after launching its local products. Atthis moment, the key to ADP’s brand promotion was no longer on “Who is ADP” or educationof payroll outsourcing knowledge, instead, but the creation of the demands for ADPsolutions.The branding strategy has won not only its reputation but also deep and direct marketacceptance of ADP company culture and core branding value by market insiders andprospective clients. With optimization of its product and service in the China market, ADPhas been trusted and accepted by local clients with its international practice. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 053
    • platform. For companies with branches outside homeland, ADP provides “Steamline” service that implementsThe Integration of Brand Shaping simultaneously multinational payroll and HR management solutions by mono service provider. For native Chineseand Value Creation companies, ADP provides “OneHR”, a service based on the company’s unique local technology platform that providesWith its foresights in brand building, APD recorded a striking localized HR process outsourcing solutions includinggrowth in revenues. In 2011, APD was ranked the first in payroll, benefits and “HRIS.”market value and fifth in profit margin among global HRservice organizations. Ever since its entry into the market In recent years, the diversification strategy and frequentin 2006, the business growth of ADP in HR outsourcing is global M&A has contributed to APD’s powerful products inrapid and robust. hiring and talent management which fashions the overall talent management solutions to react client’s needs. ADP dashboard ADP’s services are increasingly diversified, and its brand ● 1st in market value among global HR service organizations ● 4th in “Global 50 Human Resources Services Providers 2011” connotations has extended. The worldwide high growth ● 1st in profit among global listed HR services providers is mostly benefited from the timely and efficient feedback ● “AAA” grading by both S&P’s and Moody’s, as one of the four global to clients’ demands and the recognitions to ADP’s brand non-financial institutions connotations and core values. In terms of internal management, ADP also pays attentionsThe increase of customer value is the key to the to the combination of brand building and value creation.enhancement to the ADP brand, which echoes to the Take an example of the performance valuation of marketingcompany slogan “In the Business of Your Success.” The department, the key performance indicator focuses onmission of ADP is to create high value for the clients’ the creation of client demands. All details are tracked andbusiness by providing top, critical and high cost-effective measured from initial pitching to the final closing of deals.transaction processing service and information-based From this information, the company can have a clear picturebusiness solutions in the specific market. how the marketing department contributed to the brand building and business development of the company. In the ADP Product Solutions meantime, if the campaign results are not satisfactory, the company may track down the details to make improvement Multinational Company ● GlobalView®-for large sized multinational HR 0utsourcing companies in time. Solutions ● Streamline-for small and medium sized multinational companies Localized HR ● OneHR Outsourcing Solutions ● How many clues are explored? Clue ● How many potential opportunities? OpportunityAs an external professional HR service organization, ADP, ● How many petential opportunities have Demand changed to concrete demands?with its products and solutions, has helped various kinds of ● How many deals are closed?clients re-engineer and optimize their internal process, and Dealcared about client’s development of market competivenessand increase of value. For those MNCs with business allover the world, ADP has provided “GlobalView”, a globalstandardized technology platform based on SAP’HCM054 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Everyone Is A Branding Ambassador What HR service providers offer are knowledge-based and professional products which are also based on experience and trustworthy in terms of its product nature. Therefore, brand is a crucial signal for clients’ discretion of the product quality and characteristics. However it is each employee or even external supplier or repeated client who conveys the brand values to new clients. ADP believes that the three key elements to the success of a service organization are leading products, first-class service in the world and best employers. The product, as the carrier of the brand, is one of the most important competences of a steady and stable solution provider to lead the market. It is required for every employee to regard each occasion of customer communication as an opportunity to promote the ADP brand, throughout the process of agreement drafting, product quality control, clients’ demand packaging, and customer experience evaluation. Employees are the first ones to experience a company’s brand, thus, good employers’ profile and employee trust is the key to service improvement and effective brand value communication. ADP strengthens brand building and improves the employee satisfaction by creating a diversified and equal working environment so as to improve the employee service quality and better promotion of branding. Customer loyalty has enhanced customer recognition and experience of the corporate brand, which makes consumer repeated buyers, and then brand spokesperson. ADP holds a high brand loyalty, with over 10 years as average contract period worldwide. The data in the China market is not available due to limited market experience. The retention rate is the key indicator for ADP (China) while the current retention rate has topped 90%, a success that has benefited from the below efforts: ● Timely customer survey and follow-ups of customer feedbacks ●One-on-one service personnel, direct contact to service personnel who arranges internal coordination ●Internal service culture, multi-dimensional training ●Non-stop product investment in China, localized OneHR products, mobile platforms of payroll management, cloud-based uniformed HR management systems, among others. International brands have their competitive edge in the China market development due to their long-established experience, rich brand resources and stable customer base worldwide while the HR market in China is also special in its development background. MNCs should conquer the culture shock, geographical and linguistic limitations to respond to customer needs timely and accurately. ADP has set a fine example for MNCs in overseas brand building. Even since its market entry in 2006, the ADP branding image has been rising in the HR outsourcing market in China; On March 20, 2006, the establishment of ADP’s Beijing branch testified to the company’s quick expansion in China. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 055
    • A Racing Elephant Founded in Philadelphia in 1987, Kenexa is the only provider of unified HR solutions that perfectly integrate technology, services, science, and information technology products. In, Kenaxa netted $290 million in revenue in the 2011 fiscal year. It is operating in over 26 countries and regions, impacting on the lives of some 150 million people. Founded in September 2008, the Shanghai Kenexa HR Services Co. Ltd has a staff of over 400 employees and a total of seven offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Hong Kong.056 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Awards● Top Five Global RPO Vendor ● Trustworthy HR Agency in Shan● 10th on Forbes Fastest Growing ghai , 2002 -2011 Technology Companies, 2008 ● Vice President Unit of Shanghai● Human Resources Magazine, Human Resource Consulting Asso Top Product of the Year, 2008 ciation, 2006 ● Manager of Kenexa China Mr.● Deloitte Technology Fast 500, David Shen nominated as an 2007-2009 Excellent Executive in HR Services Indu SIIA Codie Award Finalist, 2006 stry, and a Top 100 HR Expert,● , 2009, 2010 2009 ● “Best Headhunt Forbes Best of the Web Fall, 2003 er” of Leading HR Services Prov● ider Awards, 2010 -2008 ● Best Talent Stud Software Magazine’s Software y Services Organization in Grea● 500, 2005-2010 ter China, 2011 ● Best Managem ent Training Provider in Greater China, 2011-2012 Speed, speed, speed! This is a keyword that garners extensive attention in  the fast developing market of China. As a global leader in comprehensive  total HR solutions, Kenexa set up its office in Chengdu and launched its  Chinese website in just four years of its operation in China. All these moves  are conveying a message: Kenexa is a giant elephant that is racing ahead at  an increasing speed. A Solid Foundation The advance of total solutions has changed the dilemma of stop- gap measures of single services, and the synergy between different businesses has also increased the barrier to competitors. The all- inclusive model is increasingly recognized and adopted by HR services providers. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 057
    • RPO Executive Search Recruitment Management System Assessment Talent Selection Talent Deployment Engagement Survey & 360 Degree Feedback Survey Assessment Retention Talent Leadership Solutions Leadership Solutions Compensation Survey & Compensation Analysis System HR Strategic Consulting Talent Developmen Public Training Course In-house Training CourseAs the only provider of unified HR solutions that perfectly Telecom, the barrier between these two operators proved tointegrate technology, services, science, and information devastating to operators of cloud computing. Nevertheless,technology products, Kenexa supports the entire employment Kenexa spent over RMB10 million realizing the smoothperiod with its unified HR products. Thanks to its four years’ exchange of Internet visits between north and south China.painstaking effort, Kenexa China’s six business units aredelivering services in the four key areas, i.e., talent selection, Kenexa makes every effort in technology improvement. Indeployment, development and retention. 2010, Kenexa acquired SunRiver Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, and made the latter its R&D centerAlthough each of its products is different in its phase in in Shanghai. The center has two main teams, respectivelyChina, its competitors, competition scenarios and market in charge of technical R&D and data operations. Both areopportunities, Kenexa is rest assured. With its philosophy of committed to the R&D of software products and the collection‘Exclusive Services’, Kenexa believes that its quality products and cleaning of core information on payroll management,can win the approval of its customers. competency models, among others. The center has over 100 employees, accounting for 26% of Kenexa’s staff in China.In its four years of operating in China, Kenexa maintainsits strategy of steady progress. Kenexa does not push In addition to consistently strengthening its R&D force,customers to buy all its solutions, but silently influencing Kenexa also recruited an army of HR experts to interlinkcustomers by convincing them with the success from one all the products it has to offer. These experts are not onlyproduct to another. Kenexa’s quality service has earned it a experienced in all the modules of “selection, deployment,fine reputation and translated into a 98% renewal rate. development and retention”, but also have profound understanding of the products of Kenexa.For a new brand, steady progress is risky to a certaindegree for a new comer to the fast growing China market.Kenexa faces a great challenge of balancing speed withstableness. While steadily exploring the market, Kenexa isalso reinforcing its foundation.The concept of cloud computing is being adopted by anincreasing number of HR services providers, and therecruitment management software of Kenexa is also basedon cloud computing. The platform requires a powerful clusterof servers, but after the split of China Netcom from China058 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • March to the WestIn May 2012, Kenexa set up its west China headquarters in Chengdu, and was appointed by the Chengdu Bureau ofCommerce as its investment consulting firm. In this capacity, Kenexa helped introduce Tata, Infosys and other Global 500companies. According to Kenexa, its west China headquarters will have 200-300 employees, meaning that it will expand itsscale by ten-fold. Kenexa’s move to establish its west China headquarters is in line with its expansion strategy in China. Although HRmanagement is not highly developed in west China as in the east, an increasing number of enterprises are feeling the needsto reform their HR management and calling for global leading philosophies, process and methodologies. For Kenexa, there isa great deal of opportunities in west China. Meanwhile, the well digested HR management philosophies in east China are stillnew to the west, making it easy for Kenexa to apply its leading ideas and products to its customers.In addition to improving its products and customer service, Kenexa is also strengthening its ties with various governments.It aims to build positive working relationship with all the governments along the Yangtze River and to help them improvetheir competence in terms of human capital. Kenexa has reaped very high praises in many cities; the Shanghai municipalgovernment has named it Regional Headquarters by Foreign Multinational Corporations, making it one of the two companiesthat have been granted this title.Building a High-profile BrandAlthough Kenexa has established strong presence in Shanghai, Suzhou and Chengdu, it is still building its brand awarenessin other cities. Customers are not familiar with all its product lines and expertise in varying degrees. The company needs totake urgent measures to arouse brand awareness of the public.With the help from its global marketing department, Kenexa employed excellent marketing personnel to stage its high-profileappearance in China.In May 2012, Kenexa launched its official Chinese website. In line with itsprinciple of simplicity and pragmatism, Kenexa presents its products andservices to customers in a simplest and most direct way. The introductionto its products and services appear in the form of rotational slide show, andeach of its product line is presented in a different color, making the visualeffort simple but not monotonous. As the explanatory power of pictures andvideo is much larger than that of text, its website greatly enhances the usersbrowsing experience.In addition to providing product info, Kenexa also shows the results of itsresearch on the website. Its High Performance Research Institute regularlypublishes its latest results of research, including the research on the Chinamarket, and this move proves helpful for Chinese customers to know moreabout the global leading methodologies and practices. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 059
    • In addition to strengthening its online promotions, Kenexa has also made frequentappearances in many off-line events. Its experts and advisors are regular guest speakers atlarge forums held by itself or third-parties, and their active sharing and interactions with HRprofessionals help people remember the brand of Kenexa.The trendy social networking marketing is subverting traditional ways of brand marketing.Given its advantages of timeliness, flexibility, ability to control, monitor the result, and bequantified, a large number of HR services providers are using it for brand promotion. Kenexahas introduced SNS technologies, such as Weibo, blog, podcast into websites, and hascreated higher brand transparency and exposure.In social networking marketing, in addition to setting up official Weibo and group on Weiboand LinkedIn, Kenexa has also drawn on many well-known products and business, andcreated multiple accounts. The move has given Kenexa the synergy effect of brand matrix,and increased its brand awareness and recognition.060 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • A New Brand Sets Sail Lumesse is specialized in the provision of talent management software, formerly known as the StepStone software. It has ten years’ expertise in the development of such products, providing professional service to nearly 1,900 customers in 70 countries in the world, in some 50 languages. Since its inception in March 2009, Lumesse has been making steady progress, reaping great success on many aspects, i.e., revenue, market share, company scale, number of customers and premium customers, project quality, and customer satisfaction. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 061
    • Unique Brand Reflects Corporate Personality When the StepStone software was officially renamed Lumesse Talent Management software in May 2011, Lumesse brought a new wealth of meaning and significance to its brand image. Its new logo uses four warm colors, in the hope to convey a flexible, innovative and people-oriented corporate culture, and a philosophy of flexible, tailor-made and diversified products and services. The name Lumesse comes from two independent Roman words, illumination and essence, and its Chinese name--a homonym of the English one--also has an association with its service philosophy. “Inspiring Talent”, a report the company has issued, suggests that most companies have a long way to go in motivating and developing human resources, while the development momentum of human resources is directly related to the future of the enterprise. In such a new era, human resources are the foundation of the development of an enterprise. While focusing on the development of the HR management industry, it also pays serious attention to the motivation and development of talent. Just as CEO Matthew Parker puts it, “A change to the name and image of an enterprise is just the first step of Lumesse in realizing its sustainable growth and globalization blueprint in the fast developing field of talent management. In the future, Lumesse will develop into a company of unique philosophy and of high-profile HR management. We need not only to innovate and use technology, but to pay more attention to talented people and their future development potential.” After it changed the name and image of its brand, Lumesse geared to a new path of brand marketing and development, aiming to be a funny, humanized, Sustainable and professional HR management software company, Creative Products and to realize its local operation: use local talent to provide customers with truly localized services. In short, and Services Lumesse seeks not only to provide customers with the Lumesse is the only global company that provides localized talent management solutions, with its products and highest quality, personalized service, but also to pay services spanning from recruitment to talent management. more attention to talent development in order to achieve Tailored for the unique ways of work on individual or teamwork the mutual progress of the enterprise and the people. basis, it has developed relevant recruitment solutions. Software-based recruitment process will greatly enhance the efficiency in recruitment, shorten recruiting time, reduce the cost of recruitment, and help enterprises filter out the most appropriate talent. As to its flagship recruitment product TalentLink, it kept improving its functions and rolled out its 12.0 version, which enhanced the customer experience and network services to HR Analytics Recruiting help companies effectively combine the employer brand and recruitment Learning Onboarding management. Career & Succession HR Core Planning Integrated Talent Management 360 Degree Performance Feedback Management Skills & Competency Compensation Management Management062 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • At the same time, Lumesse also provides comprehensive HR management solutions, including HR management, performance assessment, successor plan, payroll management, learning management and HR analysis, etc. After its professional HR management software ETWeb was upgraded in January 2012, the 11.0 version combines functionality, user experience and management effectiveness into a whole. Capable of over 30 languages, the software lays emphasis on the user-friendly interface, strong systemstructure, and compatibility with different webpage browsers and officesoftware. These are just some of the new benefits of an enhanced cloudsystem. Lumesse ETWeb11.0 heralds the enhancement of more productsof Lumesse in 2012, including the introduction of further features of itsrecruitment software and the expansion of its learning management products. At the end of 2011, Lumesse acquired Edvantage, a learning management software company, and added new features to the products of Leaning Gateway and Course Builder, which helped broadened the product spectrum. As a leader in the field of talent management software, it is constantly innovating and upgrading the features and services of its products; it can provide a full range of SaaS, hosted or on- site solutions, giving customers choices to choose the products that suit their needs.New Modes of Brand PromotionNew marketing strategies of corporate brands have become a major driving force for the development ofHR services organizations. Lumesse has been attaching serious attention to the promotion of its corporatebrand. It has been increasing its investment in this regard and introducing innovative modes of marketing toenhance the core competence of the brand. It is a trailblazer in the use of new media and new channels; ithas set up its own customer group and its LinkedIn platform, and has formed a special team of advisors tocommunicate and interact with customers, in an effort to get their feedback.As an international level provider of HR management solutions, Lumesse hasbeen learning the current scenario of talent recruitment and HR managementsolutions in China through surveys. In three consecutive years, Lumessehas hosted in greater China the “candidate experience” event, arecruitment-related activity that helps it under the general scenario andmisunderstanding of online recruitment and testifies to the importanceof information technology in talent management and recruitment. The“candidate experience” event compares the data of recruitment managersand job candidates to analyze the gap between them, so as to find thereason for the difficulty in recruitment. Each year the result of its researchwill be shared with recruitment managers for free, to expand their views andto help them identify talented employees with less time but higher efficiency. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 063
    • Lumesse also takes advantage of web technologies to launch online seminars on a regular basis. The subjectof the seminar is announced beforehand, with practical contents ranging from the presentation of the latestproducts to talent training courses. The promotion via online seminars not only saves a lot of human andmaterial resources, but also proves to be friendly to the environment. Care for Children and Enhance Its Influence The new brand image of Lumesse highlights a youthful and vibrant corporate culture, and its underlying spirit is being communicated through a galaxy of cultural and sports events. Lumesse has launched “Protect Children’s Right to Play”, a worldwide charity event that manifests the notion that children should not be deprived of their rights to study and to play. The event calls on all walks of live, especially its internal staff, social dignitaries, and sports professionals, to attend. The fund raised in the event will be channeled to earn equal right to life for children living in misery and poverty. R e c e n t l y, four internal staff members, including CEO Matthew Parker, formed a team to start a week-long cycling rally from Liege, Belgium all the way to London, the host city of the 2012 Olympics, covering a distance of 350 miles. They sought to raise public awareness to charity events through this rally and to earn equal rights for more children. The event helped promote interaction between the corporate staff from top to bottom, and also contributed to the society. Moreover, it can achieve worldwide publicity of its corporate brand, and establish a positive corporate image.064 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Established in 2002, BEISEN is a talent management solution provider that brings together HRmanagement technologies, consulting services and software platforms. BEISEN provides not only talentmanagement software services but also assessment models and professional technical contents such astalent assessment and 360-degree assessment feedback, which is an aid to turn technology into realitythrough consulting and realize real implementation through software. As a trailblazer in the researchon talent assessment application, BEISEN is committed to the research on assessment tools and HRdecision-making consulting. With its solid business development, it keeps expanding, with over 500employees, and offices in Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu in addition toits headquarters in Beijing. The BEISEN Assessment Research Institute established in 2004 is striving todevelop assessment software based on the business environment in China. Since its inception, it has rolledout some 50 products with its own intellectual property. From Talent Assessment to Talent Management Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 065
    • 2009 Built the first cloud-based Talent management platform in China in 2010, emerged as a Talent management company. Shift in Branding till now 2010 Obtained the first RMB10 million-class VC in HR industry, heralding an era of explosive-growth of Talent management When it started from scratch in 2002, 2009 Established Talent management Consulting Dept. to provide talent BEISEN was a provider of assessment, assessment and total solutions of talent management and reaped extensive recognition in the market. In September 2010, it officially 2005-2008 Exceeded many peers to be an industry leader 2008 List in Forbes China’s Potential Company Top 100 launched iTalent, a cloud-based HR management platform that changed 2007 Established branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou to break new grounds in talent assessment it from a provider of assessment 2006 Newly minted its first assessment product based on “Competence Model”, solutions to a provider of total Talent emerging as an innovator in the talent assessment industry management solutions. BEISEN has six The drams started product series, i.e., talent assessment, 2002-2004 2003 Established the first company-based assessment research institute to fuel the localization move of talent assessment and started it R&D recruitment system, successor and 2003 Unveiled its first app-based assessment product to lower the threshold of talent assessment development system, performance 2002 R&D of the first career planning assessment tool for college students assessment system, 360 assessment succeeded and won popularityand employee survey system. And still, BEISEN has launched its talent management consulting service department, adivision that provides iCare HR management service.The shift from talent assessment to talent management posed a tremendous challenge to BEISEN, as it is even moredifficult to change the brand image and extend its connotations than to establish a new brand. With unremitting efforts for twoyears, BEISEN has succeeded in its brand transformation, emerging from a provider of assessment solutions to a provider of total Talent management solutions. It has also enhanced its brand awareness, recognition and brand image. There are three reasons underlying its transition: spreading the brand at all points of contact with customers, actual needs of overall talent management by customers, a trustworthy brand it has established in assessment. Talent Assessment ● BEISEN is actively exploring its direction of business development Succession and Recruitment System after its transformation.. It is seeking a fulcrum that can maximize theDevelopment System function of the brand and put it into the service of business development. After BEISEN determined its brand strategy and all the information to BEISEN be disseminated, it went on to locate the contact points and integrate various channels together to convey a unified message. 360 Degree Performance Feedback Assessment System ● As more and more customers have realized that, given the Employee limitation of individual products, it is necessary to develop an unified Survey System HR management system to address to the dilemma enterprises face at a strategic level. Since it unveiled its iTalent, over 95% of its old066 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • customers have moved to this cloud platform of HR management. It proves that the provision of the first cloud-based Talentmanagement platform is based on the needs of customers and has received their recognition.● BEISEN has over 3,000 customers, with a leading market share far greater than its rivals. It also boasts a renewal rate ofover 90%; the trust of the customers has forged the biggest advantage of its brand extension. The company believes that thetrust of its customers will enhance its brand equity.Brand loyalty of customers relies on the quality of the products and services. As BEISEN provides rental service of software,it is acutely aware that customers may drop it in case of non-performance. BEISEN knows how important customer loyalty,it has fostered a renewal rate of 90%. Its resounding success can be attributed to its perfect, well-performing products,effective, personalized pre-sales and after-sales services, and its flexibility to change with the market.The brand of an enterprise is directly related to its products. With the diversification of its products, BEISEN hammersconviction into their customers, and this is a move supported by the core values of the brand that is conveyed at all the pointsof contact with its customers, such as its products and consulting services.Speak with One VoiceThe core values of BEISEN’s brand can be summed in three points, pursuit of success, fast move and value innovation,or, by another account, start from the needs and aim at their value. Its brand positioning is to be the No.1 brand of talentmanagement and pioneer of talent management software in China. No.1 brand of talent management and pioneer of talent management software in China To succeed: Explore approaches to success, never find excuse for failure To be fast: Quick to respond and act Value innovation: Innovations should be thrown into dust bin if it brings no value to customersWith a growing number of branches, BEISEN has also encountered certain challenges to the unity of its brand and thepublicity of brand image, a problem that necessitated joint efforts of all its branches. In addition to its head office in Beijing,it has branch offices in Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu. In 2012 BEISEN set up its No.2 R&D center in Nanjing in an effort to strengthen its research. With over 300 employees, the BEISEN Talent AssessmentResearch Institute is the only of its kind in China.The unity of a brand in different geographic areas is a challenge not only to BEISEN but also to many fast companies. Thepractice of BEISEN suggests that “Speak with One Voice” can effectively unifies its brand image and convey consistent brandvalue. To realize this, BEISEN has implemented a three-step strategy: right strategy, effective communication and perfectexecution. As the market scenario is different from city to city, BEISEN insists the consistency of major information but allowsroom for adjustment in the management of its branches.Coordination of the communication of its brand in various areas and related matters cannot be made possible without thesupport of its senior leadership. The senior leaders of BEISEN frequently work with employees at different regional offices,and visit customers with them when necessary. The decision makers collect detailed information from various branches tomake sure the decisions are pragmatic, feasible and effective. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 067
    • Value Communication A special feature in the B2B industries is the rationality of the customers. Knowing this, BEISEN focuses on the communication with its customers on the value of its products. Through on-site communications from the standing point of customers, BEISEN has communicated and established its brand image and enhanced its brand value. BEISEN believes that the experiences of its customers are real enough and word-of-mouth publicity is powerful. Such is its basic understanding of brand image communication of the enterprise and its products. ● A focus on Customers Experience BEISEN encourages its customers to try its products themselves, and this is an initiative that is more attractive than any fabulous publicity material. In 2011 BEISEN provides a free trial version to help customers understand it directly, winning enthusiastic responses from customers and improving their recognition of its product and brand. ● A focus on Sharing with Customers In the wake of the development of the industry and customer needs, BEISEN has held many seminars to introduce reforms and invited customers to speak for its products and to share their experience of them. This mode has proved more valuable and convincing. Since its launch, iTalent has pooled more resources in its seminars. In 2012, BEISEN held the seminars five times than it did in 2010. The effect of communications also relies on how enterprises communicate. In some communication events, BEISEN has taken the form of drama play rather than mere presentation. ● A Focus on Customer Feeling In 2012, BEISEN launched its customer success management, a program that seeks to068 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • help customers to implement talent management internally. The service dispels customers’concern in decision making and lowers the risks in this process. To build a highly efficientteam, BEISEN requires its staff reply to customers within the specified timeframe.● A focus on the Reward to the SocietyBEISEN has not only established scholarships in universities, but also exemplified itscommitment to the society by providing financial support to the earthquake-stricken areasin Wenchuan and poverty-stricken students. In the second half of 2012, BEISEN will kick-start its lecture series of career planning as a move of welfare. An enterprise with a strongcommitment to the society is surely committed to its customers and its business exploration,and such an enterprise is worthy of trust.BEISEN catches the trend and makes use of new media and technology in its brandbuilding. In March 2011, BEISEN registered its official Weibo, and harvested over 50,000fans. BEISEN focuses on the integration of its online and off-line services, and increasesits interactions with customers. In 2011, BEISEN launched a self-developed SNS product,tita, the very first corporate social networking site in China. It can integrate seamlessly withBEISEN’s talent management software, making internal communication and collaborationsmoother, and enhancing the effect of talent management.Apart from all this, BEISEN also worked with first-rank PR companies to shoulder theresponsibility of an educator in the industry. It introduces familiar HR managementexpertise to China, and the move that has let more people get the benefit and speed up thedevelopment of HR management in China. From 2011 onwards, BEISEN has been spendingheavily on the brand research by leading international research firms. The Detailed andcomprehensive interpretation of its brand is helping BEISEN develop a more accurate brandstrategy. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 069
    • A Forerunner In the Niche Market Founded in 1977, headquartered in Britain, SHL People Performance (SHL) is a leading workplace talent assessment solution provider in the world. Currently, over 120 of the world’s Top 500 companies in China are using SHL tests in their recruitment tests and post evaluations. SHL is providing personality test service in 30 languages for over 10,000 enterprise users in more than 50 countries in the world. For the past three decades, SHL has been devoted to providing objective assessment tools for customers and is the world’s largest and most professional personality test provider for. By providing ability and personality tests and the objective assessment, enterprises can make decisions on recruitment and employee development based upon the true ability and potentials of the testees. SHL supports more than 10,000 clients, including over 80 percent of the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) and over 50 percent of the Fortune Global 500.070 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • As a global authoritative provider of talent assessment contents, SHL has been providing objective assessment tools to its customers in the past three decades. Meanwhile, SHL collects quality research data of talent intelligence and assessment data to help enterprises mine their personnel/talent data so that they can make benchmark comparisons by area, industry and function. In addition, SHL also helps enterprises gain important insight in future performance assessment, employee management and leadership potential, etc., so that they can increase their performances and strengthen their overall competence. Build Unrivalled Brand Advantage in Assessment Talent assessment is a mix of professional knowledge in various areas, such as psychology, management, and human resources, and hence the industry forms a relative high barrier to entry. As a leading player in this area, SHL has been constantly improving its products and services, building its unrivalled brand advantage in this field. Building on a foundation of 50 years’ market leadership, innovation and expertise, SHL delivers more than 25 million scientifically proven selection and development assessments per year in 30+ languages. Offering the broadest global footprint in the industry, SHL deploys solutions in more than 150 countries and maintains a local presence in more than 50 countries. Now it is serving over 10,000 customers in over 150 countries, including over 50 percent of the Global Fortune 500, over 40 percent of the Fortune 500, over 80 percent of the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) and over 50 percent of the Australian Stock Exchange., making itself an undisputed “outlier” in the field of assessment. Assessment tools could help enterprises achieve their commercial objectives, but first and foremost, enterprises SHL’s Solutions and Services should apply assessment tools effectively to its needs and ● Tools that support smart people decisions throughout performance. When conducting assessment, the reliabilitythe employment lifecycle, from Talent Acquisition (Volume and validity of the evaluation are the essential concerns. TheRecruitment, Graduate Recruitment, and Managerial and obvious advantage of SHL lies in its very high accuracy. In earlyProfessional Hire) to Talent Mobility (Talent Audit, Employee 2010, Aberdeen Group examined 300 enterprises worldwideDevelopment and Succession Planning) and their feedbacks of talent assessment solutions, and the ● The largest portfolio of 1,000+ off-the-shelf assessments result shows that SHL tops in accuracy in the prediction ofthat precisely measure skills, behavior and performance, and future performance of the candidates. The accuracy meansaccurately predict potential for all major job categories and levels that companies can lower the risk in recruitment so long asin every sector they have clearly defined recruitment standards. Studies also ● World-class Consulting Services and a 24-hour global find that the assessment solutions of SHL can elevate thecustomer service centre ● A performance by 15%-150%. With it unrivalled advantage in sophisticated, yet easy-to-use technology platformthat seamlessly integrates with 83 Talent Management Systems assessment, SHL was awarded the “Best HR Assessment Company in Greater China 2011-2012” by Human Capital Management magazine. Another advantage of SHL lies in the rich experience it has Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 071
    • obtained from multiple industries, big projects, successes and failures, and diversification. Either in consulting, training, or different solutions, SHL has rich experience in customer service and project execution. SHL has an army of over 300 advisors from psychological background, making it the company with the largest expert base. Over the years, SHL has accumulated a huge database that contains the assessment data of different countries and regions, companies and positions of different types. Through extensive data analysis, employers can clearly understand the competences of excellent employees so as to define the competency models. SHL also boasts the most comprehensive and extensive product line in the field of talent assessment, covering the cognitive ability and aptitude, personality and behavior, knowledge and skills, Simulations and Situational Judgment, motivation, dependability and safety, interview tools, paper and pencil assessments, 360 multi-rater feedbacks, interview tools, etc. Implement Brand Strategy In the Local Market SHL has set up branches in more than 50 countries around the world to plant its roots in local market. In China, SHL’s China team draws on the strength of the parent company, and further strengthens the breadth and depth of experience and knowledge to adapt to an ever-expanding China market with upscale services. Until now 60% of the Fortune Global 500 companies and 80% of the FTSE 100 companies are SHL’s customers. With these companies expanding their business to China, SHL mainly provided convenient and efficient services for these multinational companies in its early years in China. While servicing an increasing number of local customers, SHL was also thinking about the localization of talent management. Now SHL has three kinds of customers in China: traditional foreign multinationals, Chinese multinational corporations and the enterprises directly under the central government or state-owned enterprises and government departments. SHL applies different localization strategies for different customers. In August 2011, SHL announced that the Shi Hong (Shanghai) Management Consulting Services Ltd. , a wholly owned business unit, officially started its operation. Shi Hong provides products and services settled in RMB in the China market. These latest changes have confirmed SHLs commitment to the China market; they have formed a more powerful platform for SHL to provide localized service to customers in China. SHL has also reportedly repositioned its brand to better reflect its global commitment to HR information projects.In product development and team operations, SHL considers localization as its top priority. Now many products ofSHL have their Chinese versions. SHL also timely spots new demands in China, and integrates new trends in theindustry into the changing local market. Secondly, based on the feedbacks from users of products and services,SHL constantly makes improvements to enhance user experience. SHL provides customized solutions to meetthe needs of customers at different levels. By providing unparalleled assessment science and data, assessmentskills and consultancy, SHL has helped its Chinese customers achieve personnel intelligence, and thus they canbetter acquire and develop the talents.072 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Precision Marketing Enhances Brand Value After it came to China, SHL repositioned its brand; it adopted the precise marketing strategy in its brand promotion. On the basis of precise positioning, it relied on modern information technology to build personalized customer communication and service system, which proved to be a measurable low-cost approach of its expansion. For example, while introducing new products into the market, SHL first developed a specific concept through interviews and group discussion with its customers. And then it formed reports on the interviews, and sent their summaries to its UK headquarters to consult with professional advisers before the development of new products. Finally it divided its customer base into different groups before the launch of new products. Meanwhile, the China team of SHL used the Persona Principle in its marketing: they outlined the real character of target groups to find out real users prototypes. It studied the goals, behavior, and views of the product users, and integrated these elements into a set of descriptions of typical product users to help with the decision making and the design of products. SHL classified its customers into different groups as per their positions and habits, and then sketched out the image of the users and catered to them with tailored products and services. In the product development process it brought its blind spots to a minimum, so as to further realize precision marketing. SHL has been providing customers with customized services, in an effort to improve their return on investment (ROI) and return on expectation (ROE).For its traditional customers, SHL has achieved vertical growth; for different market segments, SHL has taken a differentmarketing strategy to achieve horizontal growth. Different customers or even enterprises of different forms have differentneeds in talent management. In the wake of this, SHL has launched a full range of solutions, covering recruitment, talentmotivation, human resources data and structural analysis. Among them, the recruitment products cover large-scalerecruitment, graduate recruitment, management personnel and professional recruitment; while the talent motivation coversthe audit of personnel, staff development, and successor planning. In addition, SHL also analyzed the data and structure ofits personnel database. SHL’s analysis of personnel data and structure would compare the personnel potential with globalbenchmarks, and it also provided data of empirical, scientific studies to prepare enterprises with insight and full realization oftheir talent strategies and help them make effective decision on talent management. SHL provided seamless solutions to helpcompanies with self-diagnosis, helping them improve the effectiveness of their talent plans and compare its own performancewith that of its rivals.SHL mainly relies on word-of-mouth marketing in its brand shaping. When customers truly experience the value of itsproducts, they will naturally be ambassadors of the brand. In addition to traditional word-of-mouth marketing, SHL alsopromoted its products and services through different channels. Through the integration of the different marketing approaches,SHL provided customers with ultimate service to seek mutual growth. For example, it launched the LINK conference jointlywith HRoot to apply precision marketing to HR managers, winning critical acclaim in the industry. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 073
    • Organic Growth Vs. Wild GrowthIn spite of a precarious global economy, SHL accurately grasped the direction of the market; its powerful data accumulationand overall-grasp concept fueled its success. Meanwhile, SHL continuously expanded its size by seeking organic growth andmerger and acquisition.Aware of its responsibility to the society, SHL has made serious efforts in creating value for clients and providing insights tothe market rather than just making profits. With this in mind, the company is observing the principle of organic growth.After the financial crisis, many companies were tightening their budgets in cautious market expansion. Meanwhile, moreand more high-end customers were paying attention to the role that talent assessment played in talent management anddevelopment. More effective and credible assessment tools could help clients with their decision making, identification ofpotential talents and learn its strengths and weaknesses, thus minimizing their risks in human capital. Many enterprises useSHL’s products not only in one part of the talent life cycle, but in various other parts such as recruitment, appointment, trainingand development, giving impetus to the organic growth of SHL.Meanwhile, SHL has also been using mergers and acquisitions to expand its business territory. In January 2011, two of theworlds leading talent assessment companies, SHL and PreVisor, merged into a new SHL, making it an unparalleled leaderworldwide in talent assessment. In the United States, SHL maintains an annual growth rate of 12 percent, in Britain the rate isan impressive 15%, while the rate stunningly topped 100% in China.Make Bold Innovations andCustomer-First As a commercial academic institution, SHL provides tailor- made products and services on the basis of SaaS. OverSHL upheld the customer-first principle, and attached great 300 psychologists were devoted to the R&D, evaluation andimportance to customer relationship management. SHL optimizing of SHL’s products globally. SHL has established acreated “chief customer officer”, a position in the company world-class data center in China, which has conducted tensspecifically responsible for maintaining customer relationships. of thousands of tests in just a few months. In addition, SHLThe person was also in charge of spotting potential demand has also unveiled a range of assessment apps to improveof customers and helping them march to success. user experience with the latest technologies and platforms. SHL is the world’s first assessment company to launch iPQ,In addition, SHL is quick at capturing opportunities in an online app that allows users to conduct job compatibilitya burgeoning market to support its own fast growth. In test on iPad. Backed by its world-class consulting service andthe brand shaping process, it also keeps a close eye on 24-hour support center, SHL provides over 1,000 kinds ofinnovation. To meet the diversified needs of customers, assessment to the customers with a simple and convenientglobal-wide think-tanks and local experts delivered different technology platform.reports, e.g., sales reports, and leadership reports; andit also tailored concrete development action plans for Different enterprises face with talent management problemscustomers. of all kinds in their different phases of growth. People are different in their personalities, knowledge, and competences,Talent assessment is an industry heavily dependent on while enterprises have different requirements for differenttechnologies, and requires strong support of technologies positions. All these pose tremendous challenges to thein the development, innovation, the construction of exploring of the potential of talented people and changingcompetence models, and tailor-making in many basic it into their competitive edges. As a forerunner in the fieldprocedures. In its 30-year practice in the industry, SHL has of talent assessment, SHL will draw on its expertise to helpbeen constantly upgrading its technology with the progress Chinese enterprises to explore people intelligence to increaseof time to provide customers with the best possible the performance and guide the Chinese assessment industrytechnologies. in its transformation.074 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Top 100Brands List Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 075
    • Top 100 HR Services Brands in Greater China 2012大中华区人力资源服务机构品牌100强 Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Training HR Talent Listed Stock Coaching and e-HR Others Score Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment Company Exchange 1 2 ADP 1948 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ Yes New York 8.20 2 1 Randstad 1960 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ Yes Amsterdam 8.11 3 4 CIIC 1987 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ √ √ √ No / 8.05 3 Manpower Group 1956 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、 √ √ Yes New York 8.03 4 Headhunting 5 7 51Job 1999 Recruiting √ √ √ √ Yes NASDAQ 7.70 6 7 FESCO 1979 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ √ √ No / 7.45 7 9 Towers Watson 2010 HR Consulting √ √ Yes New York 7.44 8 18 SAP 1972 e-HR √ Yes Frankfurt、New York 7.43 9 13 yonyou 1988 e-HR Yes Shanghai 7.40 9 11 SFSC 1984 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ √ √ No / 7.40 11 6 Aon Hewitt 2010 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、HR √ √ √ Yes New York 7.37 Consulting 12 12 Career International 1996 Headhunting、HR Outsourcing and √ √ √ No / 7.15 Dispatch 13 5 DDI 1970 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 7.05 14 14 Zhaopin 1997 Recruiting √ √ √ √ √ No / 7.04 15 10 Mercer 1937 HR Consulting √ √ √ √ Yes New York 7.02 16 17 Kenexa 1987 e-HR √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Yes NASDAQ 7.01 17 21 Accenture 1989 HR Consulting √ √ Yes New York 6.99 HR Consulting、Training Coaching and 18 19 KeyLogic 2004 e-Learning √ √ No / 6.83 19 19 ChinaHR.com 1997 Recruiting √ No / 6.78 22 IBM Global 1911 HR Consulting Yes New York 6.75 20 Business Services √ 21 55 Hays 1867 Headhunting √ √ √ Yes London 6.73 22 16 Kingdee 1993 e-HR √ Yes Hong Kong 6.72 23 23 Lumesse 1996 e-HR √ No / 6.65 24 32 Neusoft 1991 e-HR √ √ Yes Shanghai 6.62 25 27 Ernst & Young 1894 HR Consulting √ No / 6.55076 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 077
    • Top 100 HR Service Brands in Greater China 2012大中华区人力资源服务机构品牌100强 Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Training HR Talent Listed Stock Coaching and e-HR Others Score Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment Company Exchange 26 38 Beisen 1999 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ No / 6.35 26 Deloitte Human 1868 HR Consulting √ No / 6.33 27 Capital Consulting 28 30 KRONOS 1977 e-HR √ No / 6.26 29 32 TaiHe Consulting 2002 HR Consulting √ No / 6.25 30 41 Adecco 1957 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、Headhunting √ √ √ Yes New York、Paris、Zurich 6.24 31 35 NormStar 1998 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ √ No / 6.21 32 14 ORACLE 1977 e-HR √ Yes NASDAQ 6.20 33 46 SHL 1977 Talent Assessment √ No / 6.05 34 47 Kelly Services 1946 Headhunting、HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.99 35 52 Thomas International 1981 Training Coaching and e-Learning、HR √ √ √ No / 5.95 Consulting、Talent Assessment 36 43 Engma 2002 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ No / 5.90 37 64 Korn/Ferry International 1969 Headhunting √ √ √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.85 38 31 CDC Corporation 1997 e-HR √ Yes NASDAQ 5.82 Prepaid 39 44 Edenred 1962 Prepaid Corporate Services Corporate Yes Paris 5.79 Services 40 27 HayGroup 1943 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 5.78 PricewaterhouseCoopers 41 37 Human Resource Consulting 1848 HR Consulting √ No / 5.75 42 53 104 Job Bank 1996 Recruiting √ √ Yes Taiwan in China 5.74 43 40 Jobkoo 2008 e-HR √ √ No / 5.70 44 41 de Bono 1991 Training Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 5.63 45 44 CTG 2003 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ No / 5.55 46 68 YingJieSheng 2005 Recruiting √ No / 5.50 46 / Robert Walters 1995 Headhunting √ Yes London 5.50 48 29 KPMG Consulting 1897 HR Consulting √ No / 5.48 49 56 Kayang 1995 e-HR √ No / 5.45 50 23 ATA 1999 Talent Assessment √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.40078 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 079
    • Top 100 HR Services Brands in Greater China 2012大中华区人力资源服务机构品牌100强 Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Training HR Talent Listed Stock Coaching and e-HR Others Score Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment Company Exchange HR 51 35 Wolters Kluwer-CCH 1878 HR Media Information Yes Amsterdam 5.38 Publication 52 60 Cegos 1926 Training Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 5.35 53 47 Heidrick&Struggles 1953 Headhunting √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.33 54 59 ECEIBS 2009 Training Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 5.32 55 68 Hirede 2008 e-HR √ No / 5.31 56 57 Hudson 1967 Headhunting √ √ √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.30 57 50 TACK International 1948 Training Coaching and e-Learning √ √ No / 5.20 58 53 Vistage 1957 Training Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 5.17 59 81 PROWAY 1999 HR Consulting、Training Coaching and e-Learning √ √ √ No / 5.11 60 61 CDP Group 2004 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ No / 5.09 61 58 JobsDB 1998 Recruiting √ No / 5.05 62 49 Right Management 1980 Training Coaching and e-Learning、HR Consulting √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.03 63 70 SAS 1976 e-HR √ No / 4.85 64 73 Cyberwisdom 1986 Training Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 4.82 65 65 CareerBuider 1995 Recruiting √ No / 4.78 66 82 China Star 1986 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ No / 4.75 67 70 Sage 1981 e-HR √ No / 4.56 68 91 HR-Channel 2001 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ No / 4.55 69 76 MRI Network Worldwide 1965 Headhunting √ √ Yes New York 4.53 Michael Page 70 93 International 1976 Headhunting、Recruiting √ √ Yes London 4.51 Egon Zehnder 71 90 1964 Headhunting √ No / 4.45 International 72 / ALLEGIS-BN 1983 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ No / 4.43 Russell Reynolds √ 73 82 1969 Headhunting、Talent Assessment √ √ No / 4.41 Associates 74 95 Beijing Golden 1990 e-HR √ No / 4.40 Yikang Group 75 / HJSoft 1998 e-HR √ No / 4.37080 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 081
    • Top 100 HR Services Brands in Greater China 2012大中华区人力资源服务机构品牌100强 Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Training HR Talent Listed Stock Coaching and e-HR Others Score Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment Company Exchange 76 99 NetDimensions 1999 Training Coaching and e-Learning √ Yes London 4.36 77 78 Infor Global Solutions 1981 e-HR √ No / 4.33 78 85 Antal International 1993 Headhunting、Recruiting √ √ √ √ No / 4.30 79 / Timer 2010 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ No / 4.25 80 / SilkRoad 1997 e-HR √ No / 4.22 81 / Amrop Group 1977 Headhunting √ √ √ No / 4.20 82 / WebHr 2009 e-HR √ No / 4.15 Background 83 / First Advantage 1953 Backgroud Screening Screening No / 4.13 84 / Robert Half 1948 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ Yes New York 4.10 85 / Assess Systems 1987 Talent Assessment、HR Consulting √ √ No / 4.03 86 / China Select 2006 Talent Assessment √ No / 4.00 86 / China Team 1995 Headhunting √ No / 3.95 88 / Tale Base 2002 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 3.93 89 32 Weaver 2000 e-HR √ No / 3.90 90 / NorthgateArinso 2007 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ No / 3.83 91 / Insupro 2002 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ No / 3.75 92 / CoreCapital 2009 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ No / 3.74 93 / PageUp People 1997 e-HR √ No / 3.65 94 / Powerplus 1999 Training Coaching and e-Learning √ √ No / 3.58 / KeyPerformance 2006 √ √ √ No / 3.55 95 HR Consulting Consulting 96 / Orisoft 1987 e-HR √ No / 3.45 97 / Talent2 International 2003 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ √ √ Yes Australia 3.40 Background 97 / IDReal 2010 Background Screening √ Screening No / 3.40 99 / KAWSH / Training Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 3.35 100 / CloudRecruit 2010 e-HR √ No / 3.20082 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 083
    • HR Outsourcing and Dispatch Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main Listed Stock Training, HR Talent Company Exchange Score 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Coaching and e-HR Others Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment 1 2 ADP 1948 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ Yes New York 8.20 2 1 Randstad 1960 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ Yes Amsterdam 8.11 3 4 CIIC 1987 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ √ √ √ No / 8.05 4 3 Manpower Group 1956 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、Headhunting √ √ Yes New York 8.03 6 7 FESCO 1979 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ √ √ No / 7.45 9 11 SFSC 1984 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ √ √ No / 7.40 11 6 Aon Hewitt 1982 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、HR Consulting √ √ √ Yes New York 7.03 12 12 Career International 1996 Headhunting、HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ No / 7.15 New York、Paris、 30 41 Adecco 1957 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、Headhunting √ √ √ Yes Zurich 6.24 34 47 Kelly Services 1946 Headhunting、HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.99 36 43 Engma 2002 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ No / 5.90 45 44 CTG 2003 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ No / 5.55 60 61 CDP Group 2004 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ No / 5.09 66 82 China Star 1986 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ No / 4.75 68 91 HR-Channel 2001 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ No / 4.55 72 / ALLEGIS-BN 1983 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ No / 4.43 78 85 Antal International 1993 Headhunting、Recruiting √ √ √ √ No / 4.30 84 / Robert Half 1948 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ Yes New York 4.10 90 / NorthgateArinso 2007 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ No / 3.83 91 / Insupro 2002 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ No / 3.75 92 / CoreCapital 2009 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ No / 3.74 97 / Talent2 International 2003 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ √ √ Yes Australia 3.40084 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 085
    • Headhunting Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main Listed Stock Training, HR Talent Company Exchange Score 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Coaching and e-HR Others Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment 4 3 Manpower Group 1956 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、Headhunting √ √ Yes New York 8.03 12 12 Career International 1996 Headhunting、HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ √ No / 7.15 21 55 Hays 1867 Headhunting √ √ √ Yes London 6.73 30 41 Adecco 1957 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、Headhunting √ √ √ Yes New York、Paris、Zurich 6.24 34 47 Kelly Services 1946 Headhunting、HR Outsourcing and Dispatch √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.99 37 64 Korn/Ferry International 1969 Headhunting √ √ √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.85 46 / Robert Walters 1995 Headhunting √ Yes London 5.50 53 47 Heidrick&Struggles 1953 Headhunting √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.33 56 57 Hudson 1967 Headhunting √ √ √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.30 69 76 MRI Network Worldwide 1965 Headhunting √ √ √ Yes New York 4.53 70 93 Michael Page International 1976 Headhunting、Recruiting √ Yes London 4.51 71 90 Egon Zehnder International 1964 Headhunting √ No / 4.45 73 82 Russell Reynolds Associates 1969 Headhunting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ √ No / 4.41 78 85 Antal International 1993 Headhunting、Recruiting √ √ √ No / 4.30 81 / Amrop Group 1977 Headhunting √ √ √ No / 4.20 87 / China Team 1995 Headhunting √ No / 3.95086 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 087
    • Recruiting Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main Listed Stock Training, HR Talent Company Exchange Score 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Coaching and e-HR Others Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment 5 7 51Job 1999 Recruiting √ √ √ √ Yes NASDAQ 7.70 14 14 zhaopin 1997 Recruiting √ √ √ √ √ No / 7.04 19 19 ChinaHR.com 1997 Recruiting √ No / 6.78 42 53 104 Job Bank 1996 Recruiting √ √ Yes Taiwan in China 5.74 46 68 YingJieSheng 2005 Recruiting √ No / 5.50 61 58 JobsDB 1998 Recruiting √ No / 5.05 65 65 CareerBuider 1995 Recruiting √ No / 4.78 70 93 Michael Page International 1976 Headhunting、Recruiting √ √ Yes London 4.51 78 85 Antal International 1993 Headhunting、Recruiting √ √ √ √ No / 4.30088 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 089
    • Training, Coaching and e-Learning Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main Listed Stock Training, HR Talent Company Exchange Score 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and   Headhunting Recruiting Coaching and   e-HR Others Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment 18 19 KeyLogic 2004 HR Consulting、Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ √ No / 6.83 35 52 Thomas International 1981 Training, Coaching and e-Learning、HR Consulting、 √ √ √ No / 5.95 Talent Assessment 44 41 de Bono 1991 Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 5.63 52 60 Cegos 1926 Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 5.35 54 59 ECEIBS 2009 Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 5.32 57 50 TACK International 1948 Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ √ No / 5.20 58 53 Vistage 1957 Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 5.17 59 81 PROWAY 1999 HR Consulting、Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ √ √ No / 5.11 62 49 Right Management 1980 Training, Coaching and e-Learning、HR Consulting √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.03 64 73 Cyberwisdom 1986 Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 4.82 76 99 NetDimensions 1999 Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ Yes London 4.36 93 / Powerplus 1999 Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ √ No / 3.58 99 / KSWSH / Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ No / 3.35090 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 091
    • HR Consulting Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main Listed Stock Training, HR Talent Company Exchange Score 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and   Headhunting Recruiting Coaching and   e-HR Others Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment 7 9 Towers Watson 2010 HR Consulting √ Yes New York 7.44 11 6 Aon Hewitt 2010 HR Outsourcing and Dispatch、HR Consulting √ √ √ Yes New York 7.37 13 5 DDI 1970 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 7.05 15 10 Mercer 1937 HR Consulting √ √ √ Yes New York 7.02 17 21 Accenture 1989 HR Consulting √ √ Yes New York 6.99 18 19 KeyLogic 2004 HR Consulting、Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ √ No / 6.83 IBM Global 20 22 1911 HR Consulting √ Yes New York 6.75 Business Services 25 27 Ernst & Young 1894 HR Consulting √ No / 6.55 26 38 Beisen 1999 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ No / 6.35 Deloitte Human 27 26 1868 HR Consulting √ No / 6.33 Capital Consulting 29 32 TaiHe Consulting 2002 HR Consulting √ No / 6.25 31 35 NormStar 1998 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ √ No / 6.21 35 52 Thomas International 1981 Training, Coaching and e-Learning、 √ √ √ No / 5.95 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment 40 27 HayGroup 1943 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 5.78 PricewaterhouseCoopers 41 37 Human Resource Consulting 1848 HR Consulting √ No / 5.75 48 29 KPMG Consulting 1897 HR Consulting √ No / 5.48 59 81 PROWAY 1999 HR Consulting、Training, Coaching and e-Learning √ √ √ No / 5.11 62 49 Right Management 1980 Training, Coaching and e-Learning、HR Consulting √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.03 79 / Timer 2010 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ No / 4.25 85 / Assess Systems 1987 Talent Assessment、HR Consulting √ √ No / 4.03 88 / Tale Base 2002 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 3.93 KeyPerformance 95 / 2006 HR Consulting √ √ √ No / 3.55 Consulting092 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 093
    • Talent Assessment Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main Listed Stock Training, HR Talent Company Exchange Score 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Coaching and √ e-HR Others Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment 13 5 DDI 1970 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 7.05 26 38 Beisen 1999 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ No / 6.35 31 35 NormStar 1998 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ √ No / 6.21 33 46 SHL 1977 Talent Assessment √ No / 6.05 35 52 Thomas International 1981 Traning, Coaching and e-Learning、 √ √ √ No / 5.95 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment 40 27 HayGroup 1943 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 5.78 50 23 ATA 1999 Talent Assessment √ √ Yes NASDAQ 5.40 73 82 Russell Reynolds Associates 1969 Headhunting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 4.41 79 / Timer 2010 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ No / 4.25 85 / Assess Systems 1987 Talent Assessment、HR Consulting √ √ No / 4.03 86 / China Select 2006 Talent Assessment √ No / 4.00 88 / Tale Base 2002 HR Consulting、Talent Assessment √ √ √ No / 3.93094 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 095
    • e-HR Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main Listed Stock Training, HR Talent Company Exchange Score 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and   Headhunting Recruiting Coaching and √ e-HR Others Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment 8 18 SAP 1972 e-HR √ Yes Frankfurt、New York 7.43 9 13 yonyou 1988 e-HR √ Yes Shanghai 7.40 16 17 Kenexa 1987 e-HR √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Yes NASDAQ 7.01 22 16 Kingdee 1993 e-HR √ Yes Hong Kong 6.72 23 23 Lumesse 1996 e-HR √ No / 6.65 24 32 Neusoft 1991 e-HR √ √ Yes Shanghai 6.62 28 30 KRONOS 1977 e-HR √ No / 6.26 32 14 ORACLE 1977 e-HR √ Yes NASDAQ 6.20 38 31 CDC Corporation 1997 e-HR √ Yes NASDAQ 5.82 43 40 Jobkoo 2008 e-HR √ √ No / 5.70 49 56 Kayang 1995 e-HR √ No / 5.45 55 68 Hirede 2008 e-HR √ No / 5.31 63 70 SAS 1976 e-HR √ No / 4.85 67 70 Sage 1981 e-HR √ No / 4.56 74 95 Beijing Golden Yikang Group 1990 e-HR √ No / 4.40 75 / HJSoft 1998 e-HR √ No / 4.37 77 78 Infor Global Solutions 1981 e-HR √ No / 4.33 80 / SilkRoad 1997 e-HR √ No / 4.22 82 / WebHr 2009 e-HR √ No / 4.15 89 32 Weaver 2000 e-HR √ No / 3.90 93 / PageUp People 1997 e-HR √ No / 3.65 96 / Orisoft 1987 e-HR √ No / 3.45 100 / CloudRecruit 2010 e-HR √ No / 3.20096 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 097
    • Others Business Scope Ranking Ranking LOGO Company Country Established Main Listed Stock Training, HR Talent Company Exchange Score 2012 2011 Name Year Business HR Outsourcing and Headhunting Recruiting Coaching and e-HR Others Dispatch e-Learning Consulting Assessment 5.79 39 44 Edenred 法国 1962 Prepaid Corporate Services Prepaid Corporate Services Yes Paris 5.38 51 35 Wolters Kluwer-CCH 荷兰 1878 HR Media HR Information Publication Yes Amsterdam 4.13 83 / First Advantage 美国 1953 Background screening Background screening No / 3.40 97 / IDReal 中国 2010 Background screening √ Background screening No /098 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 099
    • CompanyProfile(Companies  with  the  same  ranking  are  arranged  in  order according to the initial letter of their English names.)100 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 01 02ADP Randstad GroupADP (NASDAQ:ADP), founded in 1949, with annual income of Randstad Group (AMS: RAND), founded in 1960 and headquarterednearly 10 billion USD and 570, 000 customers all over the world, is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a listed company in New Yorkone of the world largest outsourcing solution providers. With nearly Stock Exchange. Starting as a talent dispatch company in the 1960s,60 years’ senior experience in the industry, ADP provides the most Randstad Group has been developed into a human resources servicecomprehensive human resources, remuneration, taxes and welfare transnational company that covers over 40 countries worldwide andmanagement solutions in the industry. ADP also provides world’s over 4,100 branches. The core business of the group includes: theleading integrated computer information solutions to global sedan, services of recruitment of professional staff, flexible recruitment,truck, motorcycle, ship and recreational vehicle dealers. In 2006, dispatch of professional staff, resident services and integrated humanADP entered Chinese market and began to provide world first- resources service solutions. Randstad Group entered Chineseclass human resources services and dealer services to companies market in 2006, and currently it has branches in Beijing, Shanghai,in China through products of GlobalView® and Autoline®. In 2009, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other cities. Each year itADP successfully purchased China Link with an aim to bring more successfully recruited more than thousands of senior managementcomprehensive localized human resources outsourcing solutions to personnel for the Chinese enterprises, and manage tens of thousandsChinese market. of dispatched and outsourced employees. In 2010, Randstad had an operating revenue of 14.2billion Euros, ranking in Fortune Global 500 in 2010. In 2011, operating revenue of 16.2billion Euros, up 14%.03China International Intellectech Corporation (CIIC)Founded in 1987, China International Intellectech Corporation (CIIC) is one of the state-owned backbone enterprises under the directmanagement of the Chinese Central Government. Headquartered in Beijing, it has 87 subsidiaries and branches focusing on internationalcooperation in the fields of economy, technology and talent in China and other 76 countries and regions around the world. Keeping abreastof the latest development of knowledge-powered productivity amid the global economic integration, the mega trends of structural change andtransfer of worldwide service sector as well as complete outsourcing especially offshore arrangements, and catering for China’s demandsfor restructuring of service industry and growing of new economic paradigms, CIIC has been building its core competence in the field ofintellectual services, standing out as the leading HR service provider which demonstrates proven competitiveness and influence in talents,resources, networks, scale and experience. Furthermore, it is extending its expertise to new fields like investment and trading services. CIIChas becoming a newly exploring enterprise with its high competence and leading advantages. In 2011, CIIC’s operating income was 22.2billion RMB and ranked the No.336 in Top 500 enterprises in China in 2011, up 11.04 05Manpower Group 51jobManpower Group (NYSE:MAN), founded in 1948, is a world leader “51job” (Nasdaq:JOBS), established in 1999, is national leadingin global pioneering human resources solutions, creates and delivers professional human resources service organization with many mediaservices to help customers to achieve their goals on business and resources advantages. Integrating traditional media, network mediahuman resources objectives and meanwhile enhances customers’ and advanced information technology and having a experiencedcompetitiveness. With annual turnover of 22 billion USD, Manpower professional consulting team, it provides full-range professionalprovides a series of services covering the whole employment life human resources service including recruiting headhunters,cycle and business cycle to employers, including talents searching personnel training and assessment and HR outsourcing and hasand selecting, temporary and contractual dispatch services, employee offices in Hong Kong and other 25 cities all over the country. In Sep.,assessment and selection, training service, outplacement service, as 2004, 51job became the first and the only human resources servicewell as outsourcing and consulting services. Manpower has the largest enterprise in China that was listed in NASDAQ with financing ofservice network in global human resources service industry, and its over 80 million USD. In 2010, benefiting from considerable growthworldwide network of nearly 3,900 offices in 80 countries and territories of network recruitment service income, 51job’s operating income,enables the company to meet the needs of its 400,000 clients per year. profit rate and profit of 51job hit a record high, whose annual incomeIn 1994, for the first time Manpower developed its business to Great was 1.09 billion RMB (about 0.165 billion USD) and for the first timeChina, and presently it has over 500 professional recruiters in 22 main it became “the brand enterprise with 1 billion RMB”.cities in Chinese Mainland. In Chinese mainland, it has customers ofover 3,500 transnational companies and local companies and has over500,000 medium-and-high-level urgently-needed talents. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 101
    • 06 07FESCO Towers WatsonBeijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Towers Watson(NYSE:TW)was established through equal mergerLtd(FESCO), founded in 1979, takes the lead in providing of Towers Perrin and Watson Wyatt Worldwide in Jan.2010. Towersprofessional human resources services to foreign representative Watson is a leading worldwide professional consulting serviceoffices in China, foreign financial institutes and economic company and it helps improve companies’ operation performanceorganization, and it provides services to over 8,000 customers in by efficient management of staff, finance and risks. Towers Watsonnearly one hundred countries and territories and has nearly 400,000 is headquartered in New York, America with 14,000 staff in 34Chinese and foreign staff. FESCO’s human resources service countries all over the world and it is specified in enterprise solutionssystem depends on technical means of network and call center and assists enterprises in improving their operation performance,and covers many fields of recruitment, dispatching, staff welfare and it has formed professional advantages in fields of staff benefitoutsourcing, IT staff outsourcing, finance outsourcing and foreigners plans, talents management, remuneration and incentive plan,service. It has 11 offices in Beijing and over 60 investment risks and investment management. Towers Watson currently has 7companies and branch offices in China with service network that offices in Great China, which are respectively in Shanghai, Beijing,is centered on Beijing and Shanghai and covers over 280 cities in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei and Wuhan.31 provincial areas in China. At the end of 2010, FESCO joinedhands with Adecco to establish FESCO Adecco, a joint venture inShanghai. The joint venture is a new starting point on its way to theinternational arena. In 2011, FESCO’s operating income was 18billion RMB and ranked the No.408 in Top 500 enterprises in Chinain 2011.08 09SAP SFSCHeadquartered in Voldovo of German, SAP Company was founded Shanghai Foreign Service Co., ltd(SFSC), founded in 1984 andin 1972, and it is the biggest enterprise management and business subordinate to World Expo Group, provides one-stop services ofapplication solution provider and the third biggest independent talents dispatching, talents recruitment, remuneration management,software provider. SAP set up sales and development sites in more welfare management, staff relationship, talents training and business consultation to Chinese and foreign companies and foreignthan 50 countries. SAP application program and service helps representative offices in China. It provides services to 85% of worldmore than 109,000 clients to realize their profitable operation, helps top 500 companies in China and provides comprehensive package ofthem to adapt constantly new emerging changes and helps them effective human resources services to 22,000 companies in China, andto realize the substantial growth. Currently, over 120 countries, provides elaborate services to nearly 540,000 staff in companies. SFSCadding up to 172,000 clients are using SAP software. Around 80% has branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou,of Fortune 500 companies benefit from SAP management project. Suzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen, Kunshan, Chengdu and Xi’an, withSAP was listed in Frankfurt and New York Stock Exchange. services covering all provincial capitals and municipalities as well as 200 prefecture-level cities. Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co.ltd had operating income of over 41.2 billion RMB and was ranked No.200 in Top 500 companies in China in 2011.09yonyouyonyou was founded in 1988, and it is Chinese largest provider for management software, ERP software, group management software, human resources managementsoftware, customers relationship management software, small business management software, financial and administrative public institutions management software, automobileindustry management industry, tobacco industry management software, internal audit software and services, and it is also Chinese leading enterprise cloud service, medicaland health software, management consulting and management information talents training provider. yonyou has Chinese largest enterprise application software R&D systemincluding headquarters R&D center, Nanjing manufacturing R&D base, Shanghai advanced application research center, and has a research and development team with over 3,500people. With over 100 subsidiaries, 60 customer service centers, 150 training and education centers and over 3000 service experts, yonyou has the largest service network inChinese management software industry. yonyou has established subsidiaries or representative offices in Asian areas such as Japan, Thailand and Singapore. On May 18th,2001, yonyou Software Co.,ltd was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.SAP began to cooperate with china stated-owned enterprises in the early 1980’s. In 1995, SAP China was formally founded in Beijing, and established Shanghai, Guangzhou,Dalian Branches in succession.102 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 11 12Aon Hewitt Career InternationalIn 2010, Aon Consulting mergered Hewitt Associates in order to Career International Human Resources Co.,ltd was founded in 1996. Asestablish Aon Hewitt. Aon Hewitt is the world largest comprehensive Chinese largest recruitment and consulting company and Asian leadinghuman resources outsourcing and human resources management overall recruitment solution provider, it has 1 subsidiaries and 34 branches 1consulting company, which carries out business in 90 countries in key cities in Great China with over 700 professional recruiters. Since theand territories with 29,000 employees and which had 4.3 billion establishment of the company, Career International has been engaged injoint income in 2010. Aon Hewitt provides consulting, remuneration 17 relevant industries and fields to provide best services to customers, soand welfare management services to more than half of world top as to meet recruitment needs of customers in all levels. 80% of Career500 companies. Aon Hewitt’s headquarter in China is located in International’s customers are from world famous group, and 20% of itsShanghai, and it has 6 offices and over 300 staff in Shanghai, customers are from listed companies, companies with rapid growth andBeijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Hong Kong in Great non-profit organizations in China. In the past year, Career International hasChina, which plays a leading role in human resources management successfully recommended over 10,000 long-term staff and dispatchingconsulting field in China. staff to companies, among which 4,500 are for medium-and-high professional positions and management positions.13DDIDevelopment Dimension International(DDI), founded in 1970 and headquartered in America, is a global leading human resources consulting company withover 1,200 consultants and support staff in 78 offices in 26 countries all over the world. DDI has unique and systematic innovative methods to assistcompanies in rapidly enhancing abilities of existing talents and to cultivate these talents into backbone who can successfully carry out company’s futurebusiness strategy. Two specialties of DDI include: design and implement talents selection system to help companies recruit excellent talents rapidly; discoverand develop outstanding leaders to construct high-performance work team. Over 2,000 organizations in 60 countries worldwide use DDI’s systems andservices to build efficient and dedicated work team. DDI has 3 offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.14 15Zhaopin.com MercerZhaopin.com was founded in 1997 and it is one of Chinese earliest and Mercer, founded in 1937 and headquartered in America, is a world leadingmost professional human resources service providers, whose predecessor consulting outsourcing and investment service provider, and is worldis Alliance Company which was a headhunting company established in largest human resources management consulting company and world1994. zhaopin.com is targeted to large-scale companies and medium-and- largest benefits outsourcing provider with 25,000 customers. Mercer helpssmall companies with rapid development, provides one-stop professional its customers to maximally enhance performance of their staff’s health,human resources services, including network recruitment, newspaper benefits and retirement plan, and optimize labor force performance whilerecruitment, campus recruitment, headhunting service, recruitment managing costs. Mercer also provides customized management, technicaloutsourcing, enterprise training and talents assessment, is the first to and overall benefits outsourcing solutions. The investment services oflaunch Chief Human Officer, human resources high-end magazine, and is a Mercer include world leading design and management of investment,professional service organization that has Talent Service Permit and Labor consulting and retirement as well as investment management of multipleDispatch Permit issued by government. Zhaopin.com is headquartered managers. Mercer has over 20,000 employees in over 40 countries. Asin Beijing with services covering over 50 cities all over the country. By wholly-owned subsidiaries of MMC, Mercer together with Marsh, Kroll andJan.201 Zhaopin.com’s average daily page view is 68 million and average 1, Guy Carpenter provides overall services to customers. Mercer entereddaily online positions are 2.55 million, and there are over 38 million resumes Chinese market in 1995, and currently it has 7 branches in Beijing, Shanghai,in the resume database with an increase of over 30,000 new resumes Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian, Hong Kong and Taiwan with over 600each day. consultants and over 3,000 customers in China. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 103
    • 16 17Kenexa AccentureKenexa ( NASDAQ: KNXA) was founded in 1987 with its Founded in 1989 and headquartered in the USA, Accentureheadquarter in America. In 2005, it was listed in the Nasdaq and it is is a global management consulting, technology services andthe only one Human Resource outsourcing provider of the industry outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience,which has the capability of perfect combining its informational comprehensive capabilities across all industries and businessproducts with technology, service and science. After that, Kenexa functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successfulbecame the leading human resource solution provider in the world companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help themby rapid development and constantly merger and acquisition. It become high-performance businesses and governments. Therestepped up its business in more than 26 countries and regions. In are more than 246,000 people serving clients in more than 120comprehensive service area of human resource, Kenexa became countries. In July 2001, it was listed in the NYSE. It ranked amongthe NO. 1 service provider worldwide referring to business revenue the Fortune Top 500 for eight years and awarded by Fortune as theand client scale. Its core product including Talent Assessment, most respectful enterprise in the USA. It ranked 45 among Globalrecruitment process outsourcing (RPO), KRB and research service Human Resources Brand by Business Week in 2009. The companytook the leading place in respective subdivided marketing. Shanghai generated net revenues of US$25.5 billion for the fiscal year endedKenexa Human Resourcing Service Company was established in Aug. 31, 2011.September, 2008. And it grew out of Shanghai RunJie ConsultingService Limited Company. Currently, Kenexa possess over 300employees in China.18 19KeyLogic Group ChinaHR.comFounded in 2004, KeyLogic Group is a leading turn-key solution provider Founded in 1997, ChinaHR.com was one of the leading recruitmentfor talent cultivation in China. It promotes staff’s capability and organization website in China. In 2008, it established strategy cooperation inskills through systematic cultivation and helps organization leaders to turn depth with Monster Worldwide, a leading global online recruitmenttheir organization strategy into reality. From management consultation, service provider, and then it became a member of Monstertraining courses to e-learning, KeyLogic Group’s all-rounded talent Worldwide global team. China HR provided online recruitmentcultivation solutions can satisfy all types and levels of talent cultivation service and all-round recruitment solution for their employers, andneeds of its customers. As a strategic partner for the corporate learning provided suitable candidates for all industry in China and worldwide.business of Harvard Business School and the only one online Chinese The headquartered in Beijing, China HR had set up 4 separatelypartner of Harvard Business School, KeyLogic Group is an innovator and Service districts in China North, China East, China South and Chinapromoter of the best practices of Corporate University, Total Learning West, and set up several branches in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Solutions, and Training Process Outsourcing. Ever since its establishment, Chengdu,Shenzhen,Suzhou,Hangzhou,Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha,KeyLogic Group has won the awards of “Top 10 Fastest Growing Xi’an, Tianjin, Dalian and Qingdao. Through Monster network,Companies in China” (2007), “Top 10 Chinese Innovative Pioneers” (2008), China HR covered major markets in North America, Europe,and “Public Welfare Charity Enterprise in China” (by China Children South America, adding up to more than 50 countries and regions,and Teenagers’ Fund). Currently, KeyLogic Group has offices in Beijing, possessing the largest resume stock of around 8,000 applicantsShanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. worldwide and more than 200 thousand clients.20IBM Global Business ServicesFounded in 1911 in the USA, International Business Machine (IBM) (NYSE:IBM) is the world’s biggest information technology and businesssolutions company, with its business covering over 160 countries and regions. IBM Global Business Services is the world’s biggest consultingagency in the world, with its business covering over 160 countries and regions, offering sophisticated business consulting and systemintegration service for customers in 17 industries. In China, IBM Global Business Services has over 1,000 professional consultants. It hasoffices in 22 cities in China and has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. IBM’s humancapital management business helps enterprises solve talent management problems and improve their labor efficiency through a set ofintegrated, innovative human capital management solutions.104 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 21 22Hays KingdeeAs a professional human resources consulting service provider, Headquartered in Shenzhen, Kingdee International Software GroupHays(LON:HAS), headquartered in Great Britain, is the largest Company Limited was founded in August, 1993. It has listed onheadhunting company in Great Britain. Hays has 7,620 staff Growth Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong onoperating from 255 offices in 31 countries. Hays has market-leading 15th, February 2001, and it changed to main board of the Stockpositions in the UK, Asia Pacific, Continental Europe and Latin Exchange of Hong Kong on 20th,July 2005,the stock code is 0268.America. Hays is the largest professional recruitment consulting Kingdee is the leader in the China software industry and it is acompany in Asia Pacific and it has set up 45 branches in Asia distinguish enterprise in the area of management software of Asia-Pacific. In 2010, Hays declared the strategic measures of entering Pacific region. It is a renowned international middleware providerChinese market which aims to become Chinese largest recruitment and online management and e-business application solution serviceand consulting company, expects to rapidly expand its scale on provider. Kingdee has set up three software parks in Shenzhen,the basis of its existing three subsidiaries in China in the next five Shanghai and Beijing, and it has also established research centersyears, and increase its headhunting consults to 300 from the current in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou andnumber of 80. Singapore.23LumesseIn May 2011, StepStone (LSE:STPS) was renamed Lumesse. Established in 1996 in Norway, Lumesse is the world’s leading human capitalmanagement software provider, helping enterprises to attract, manage, and retain talents. Lumesse has 23 offices in 17 countries around the 。world, with a staff of over 900 people. It is the only all-rounded talent solutions provider capable of offering e-recruitment, HR analysis, skilland competency management, performance management, 360 feedback, learning management, and succession planning and managementmodules, as well as the only European supplier recognized as Leader in Gartner “Magic Quadrant for E-Recruitment”. Currently, over 1,600organizations around the world, including the many leading enterprises worldwide, have been using Lumesse software and service.24 25Neusoft Ernst & Young ConsultingFounded in Northeastern University of China in 1991, Neusoft One of the world’s leading professional services organizations,(SHA: 600718) is a leading IT solution and service provider in Ernst & Young offers audit, tax, and financial transaction advisoryChina, mainly specializing in industry solutions, product engineering services. It is universally recognized that Ernst & Young addssolutions and related software products, platforms and services. value for its customers, offers solutions based upon a thoroughNowadays, Neusoft has more than 20, 000 employees, and has understanding of the business challenges of customers, and helpset up 6 software R&D bases, 8 regional headquarters, established customers across the globe to realize their goals. Ernst & Youngmarketing and service networks in over 40 cities, and founded has a dominant presence in China, with offices and branches in TenNeusoft Institute of Information with campuses in Dalian, Nanhai Chinese Cities, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen,and Chengdu and Biomedical and Information Engineering School Guangzhou, Dalian, Chengdu, Wuhan, Suzhou, and Macao,in Shenyang. Besides, Neusoft has subsidiaries in the United with approximately 6,000 professional employees. As one of theStates, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. Neusoft is the biggest professional organizations with the largest number of consultants inIT solution and service provider in China. the world, powered by the rich expertise of its 20,000 consultants around the globe, Ernst & Young helps companies across the globe to face all relevant challenges and identify and capitalize on business opportunities. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 105
    • 26 27BEISEN DeloitteFounded in 2002, BEISEN is the only talent management solution Deloitte provides audit, tax, corporate management consulting,provider in China that is capable of perfectly combining talent and financial advisory services to listed and non-listed customersmanagement technologies, consulting services and software of different industries. Headquartered in the USA, Deloitte hasplatforms. BEISEN provides not only talent management software member firms in 140 countries around the world. It is one of theservices but also assessment models and professional technical leading professional service institution in Mainland China, Hongcontents such as talent assessment and 360-degree assessment Kong, and Macao, with over 13,500 employees in 21 branchesfeedback, which is an aid to turn technology into reality through such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Chongqing, Dalian,consulting and realize real implementation through software. As Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and so on. Deloitte setthe first company engaged in the application and research of up its Shanghai office back in 1917; in China, Deloitte has over 50talent assessment in China, BEISEN has been focusing on the professional human capital consultants, ranking No. 2 in the world,research of talent assessment tools and the services of personnel offering all-rounded HR management solutions for enterprisesdecision consulting. With the rapid development of business and and providing professional consulting solutions on human capitalthe unceasing expansion of operation scope, BEISEN Assessment management to help customers solve their business problems.now has more than 500 assessment consultants, and has set upbranch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing,Shenzhen, Xiamen with its business all over the country. BEISENResearch, founded in 2004, is vigorously developing the localresearch and development of assessment from the perspectiveof China, and has developed nearly 50 assessment products withintellectual property rights.28 29Kronos Taihe ConsultingFounded in 1977 and headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Founded in 2002, Beijing Taihe Ruixin Enterprise ManagementKronos is the world’s largest workforce management solution Consulting Co., Ltd. (Taihe Consulting) is a leading humanprovider. Today, it has developed into a global company, offering resources service provider, specializing in human resourceservices, through its offices, subsidiaries, distributors, and partners, management consulting service. With nearly 200 professionalfor tens of thousands of customers in over 60 countries and consultants who have a great deal of practical experience in variousregions, so as to help global enterprises control their workforce industries and 8 branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing,cost, minimize compliance risks, and improve labor productivity. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou andIts professional time and attendance, duty roster, staff activity and Wuhan, Taihe Consulting develops its business all over the country.analysis solutions help global enterprises to carry out effective The human resources service of Taihe Consulting is an outstandingmanagement of its workforce. Kronos set up its China office in 2007. brand in domestic market, and the data consulting service of Taihe Consulting is also the leading brand in the “Salary Survey” market.30AdeccoFounded in 1957, headquartered in Switzerland, Adecco (SWX: ADEN; EURONEXT: ADE) is the world’s leading provider of HR solutionsand ranks 391 among the Fortune Global 500 in 2011. Adecco has over 5,500 offices in over 60 countries, with over 33,000 employees.Every day, Adecco provides 750,000 employees and 100,000 companies headhunting services of middle and senior management positions,temporary staffing, permanent placement, outsourcing, outplacement, training and consulting. Established in China since 1995, Adecco has17 offices in China, offering a whole set of HR services for customer companies, including talent sourcing, selection, staffing, HR outsourcing,assessment, and evaluation.106 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 31 32NormStar OracleFounded in 1998, NormStar (attached to Shanghai NormStar Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL), founded in 1977 and headquartered inSoftware Technology Co., Ltd.) is the first service provider Redwood City, California, USA, with 84,000 staff worldwide andengaged in talent assessment research in China. NormStar takes over 35.6 billion income in 2011 fiscal year, is the world largest“talent assessment service and competency model building and enterprise software company, with business covering 145 countriesapplication” as its core business and “promoting talent training and and territories, 380,000 worldwide customers and 19,500 partners.development” as its basic target, continuously providing clients Oracle entered Chinese market in 1989 with over 2,600 staff inwith original solutions and added value for talent management. China and carries business mainly in 13 cities. The company hasNormStar has a profound research basis and innovative strength. over 7,000 customers in China at present.Headquartered in Shanghai and in the first Human ResourcesIndustrial Park, with 12 branch companies in Beijing, Shanghai,Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chongqing, and 200 professionalsteam, NormStar has provided assessment consulting services formore than 7,000 clients and built long-term and stable strategicpartnership with many clients since its establishment.33 34SHL Kelly ServicesFounded in 1977, headquartered in Britain, SHL People Kelly Services (NASDAQ: KELYA) founded in 1946, headquarteredPerformance (SHL) is a leading workplace talent assessment in Michigan, the USA. As the world’s leading HR solutions providersolution provider in the world. Currently, over 120 of the world’s Top and workforce management service consulting firm, Kelly Services500 companies in China are using SHL tests in their recruitment can meet the wide range and cross-departmental HR managementtests and post evaluations. SHL is providing personality test service demands of enterprises, including office management, marketing,in 30 languages for over 10,000 enterprise users in more than 50 finance, engineering, law, science, IT, education, and outsourcingcountries in the world. For the past three decades, SHL has been consulting. Kelly Services has 2,600 branches in 37 countries anddevoted to providing objective assessment tools for customers and provides job opportunities for over 550,000 people every year. Itis the world’s largest and most professional personality test provider provides services for over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies. Infor. By providing ability and personality tests and the objective fiscal year 2011, the revenue was $5.6 billion. It entered China sinceassessment, enterprises can make decisions on recruitment and 2002. Its service network covers Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,employee development based upon the true ability and potentials of Suzhou, Chengdu, Nanchang, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.the testees. SHL supports more than 10,000 clients, including over Kelly Services China provides all-rounded HR solutions, including80 percent of the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) and over middle- and senior-level talent selection, outsourcing, and third-party50 percent of the Fortune Global 500. management, for famous enterprises.35Thomas InternationalThomas International, founded in 1981 and headquartered in Great Britain, has world leading assessment technology and the most classictalents assessment tools, and provides high-quality service to over 75,000 companies in over 60 countries and territories all over the world.In China, the company’s headquarters is based in Beijing. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 107
    • 36EngmaFounded in 2002, Engma is a leading blue-collar outsourcing service institution of China, providing a comprehensive range of blue-collarworkers and the turn-key outsourcing services solutions to clients. Engma has high-quality students supply bases in over manager team of200 employees, 27,000 blue-collar expatriates. Every year, it trains and transports more than 80,000 blue-collar workers. Meanwhile, it alsohas: Asia Human Resource Expo, China Human Resource Expo, HR elite club, lanlingwang.net and so on. Since eight years ago, Engmahave trained and placed more than 400,000 blue-collar workers, with 12 national awards. 37 38Korn/Ferry International CDC SoftwareKorn/Ferry International (NYSE:KFY), founded in America in 1969 A subsidiary wholly owned by CDC Corporation (NASDAQ:CHINA),and headquartered in Los Angeles, America, has over 90 offices CDC Software is a customer-oriented, leading global enterprisein 40 courtiers. Korn/Ferry International entered China in 1978, management software solution provider. Headquartered in Atlanta,and it is the first foreign human resources consulting company to the USA, CDC Software has over 2,000 employees in over 50carry out business in China after China joined in WTO. It has set up countries, offering pertinent enterprise management softwarefour subsidiaries in China, namely, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, solutions for over 6,000 enterprise users in the globe. CDC SoftwareGuangzhou, Taipei, and it has a consulting team that is composed has global software R&D centers in the USA, Europe, India, andof 300 Chinese local staff, overseas returnees and foreign staff. China.Besides, as one of the world largest talents management consultingcompanies, Korn/Ferry International’s five branches are approvedto be wholly foreign owned company. Up to now, the service systemof Korn/Ferry International has covered whole-package solutionsincluding senior executives seeking, talents management andleadership consulting, and recruitment outsourcing, middle-leveltalents recruitment. 39 40Edenred HayGroupThe predecessor of Edenred is Accor Services (EPA: AC). Founded Founded in 1943 and headquartered in the USA, HayGroup isin 1962, headquartered in Paris, Accor Services is one of the world’s a global management consulting firm that works with leaders toleading solution providers for corporate staff and social citizen transform strategy into reality. It develops talent, organizes peoplewelfare, reward and loyalty program, and expense management. to be more effective and motivates them to perform at their best, soToday, Accor Services has developed into a leading, large cross- as to help individuals and companies to bring their potentials intonational company providing professional solutions for corporate full play. HayGroup has 86 branches in 47 countries, with a totalstaff welfare, citizen welfare, reward and loyalty program, expense staff of over 2,600. It has established and boasts the world’s mostmanagement, and gift management. In 2000, Accor Services China extensively used job analysis method, which is used by over 8,000was established; currently, it has two core businesses: prepaid organizations around the world.product business and relationship marketing business, with thebrands of Accor e Card and Accentiv’ Surfgold respectively. AccorServices provides services for 490,000 companies and publicinstitutions in 40 countries in the world. By the end of June 2010,Accor Group split its two core businesses: hotel business andservice business. And Accor Services was renamed Edenred,which, as a leading brand of the global prepaid product industry,becomes an independent entity group company.108 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 41 42PricewaterhouseCoopers-Human Resources 104 Job BankConsulting 104 Job Bank (TPE:3130), founded in 1996 and headquarteredTo c a t e r f o r t h e r e q u i r e m e n t s o f d i f f e r e n t i n d u s t r i e s , in Taiwan, China, has been developed into No.1 brand of humanPricewaterhouseCoopers provides audit, taxation and consulting resources network service platform in Taiwan. With 10 years’services to establish public confidence and continuously efforts, 104 Job Bank officially entered Chinese Mainland in 2006.promote values for clients and shareholders. More than 161,000 As the star product of 104 Job Bank, ‘talents network hunter ‘hasprofessionals in 154 countries and areas share their thoughts, seeked many talents for many companies over four years, andindustry experience and solutions across PricewaterhouseCoopers is well received by companies, and it’s there are over 200,000network to develop new visions and provide practical suggestions resumes of medium-and-high-end professional talents, whichfor clients. PricewaterhouseCoopers offices in Mainland China, provides e-recruitment management platform for companies. AtHong Kong and Singapore have been amalgamated according to the end of 2009, 104 Job Bank developed a new generation oflocal applicable laws. As a whole, over 14,000 employees work for network recruitment product called www.an9.com, which doesPricewaterhouseCoopers after amalgamation, including 580-odd not only reserve the function of traditional recruitment platform aspartners. The business team of PricewaterhouseCoopers Human information platform, but also solves the problem of informationResources Consulting has 6,000 professional human resources asymmetry during the joint of enterprise and talents, which haveexperts, and a global network covering 154 countries. In China, multiple functions of resumes screening, interview arrangement,PricewaterhouseCoopers Human Resources Consulting has setup offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to provide humanresources solutions for local and multinational enterprises, and isone of biggest human resources consulting companies.43 44Jobkoo.com de BonoJobkoo.com is attached to Shanghai jobkoo Information Technology de Bono Management Consultancy Ltd. is the exclusive and uniqueCo., Ltd founded in October 2008. Going online in February 2009, Authorized Distributor of de Bono Thinking Systems in MainlandJobkoo.com is invested by the global largest professional company China, founded in 2003 in Beijing, with 3 Offices in Beijing, Shanghaiproviding business leader search and leadership consulting and Shenzhen now. de Bono is working with governments,services - Heidrick & Struggles International Inc., and is the partner corporations and educational institutions in process improvement,of Heidrick & Struggles International Inc. in China. Jobkoo is an organizational innovation, strategic leadership, individual creativity,online recruitment solution services provider, which takes job search decision making and problem solving. And also have a specialengine as its core business and incorporates enterprise online division that works on children education. The worldwide authorityrecruitment management solutions (Mr. Jobs). Jobkoo not only on the Edward de Bono educational courses: The CoRT Thinkingcreates a bigger and wider recruitment information platform for job Programme and Six Thinking Hats. de Bono Managementhunters, but also provides a better career development opportunity Consultancy Ltd. is the exclusive and unique distributor of thesefor in-service persons who expect job promotion. Meanwhile, educational courses in P. R. China on behalf of Cavendish.Jobkoo provides a special channel for enterprises to postrecruitment information and show their own corporate cultures andproducts to applicants, which makes job hunting and job promotionsimpler, easier and faster.45CTGFounded in 2003, CTG offers personnel agency, labor dispatch, talent recruitment, HR software and applications service, salary welfare management,labor relations management, social insurance and housing fund management, employee supplementary health insurance, labor disputes, and corporateinternal training services for foreign-invested enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, institutions, and government departments.Headquartered in Beijing, CTG has set up its service network covering over 300 cities, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Chongqing, Shenyang,Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Chengdu. Meanwhile, branches in Hong Kong and the US have been built up. As the only representative enterpriseof human resource service industry in China, CTG has been selected in the Global Outsourcing 100 by the International Association of OutsourcingProfessionals (IAOP) for 2010 and 201 successively. Moreover, CTG is now the only human resources service provider achieving international recognition 1with its largest worldwide service network in China. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 109
    • 46YingJieSheng.COMYingJieSheng.com was established in Sept, 2005. It is the first job hunting website specialized for graduates and college students. It providesthe latest, most complete, and most accurate recruitment information such like full-time jobs on campus, internship recruitment, part-time job, companies recruitment information, campus recruitment, job fairs, the closing date of enterprise recruitment, and it also provideemployment news and counseling, such like career evaluation, vocational guidance. According to the newly index data issued by iResearch,an authoritative Internet research firm, YingJieSheng .COM ranked the NO.1 in the campus recruitment and rank the NO.4 in the entirerecruitment website. It is the only one job hunting website in the top 10 recruitment website specialized for graduates and college students.The number of its covering students has already surpassed the total number of any other social recruitment website and campus recruitmentchannels. 46 48Robert Walters KPMGRobert Walters, established in 1985 and listed on the London KPMG incorporated Peat Marwick International (PMI) and KlynveldStock Exchange (RWA) since 2000, is one of the worlds leading Main Goerdeler (KMG), and their individual member firms in 1987.professional recruitment consultancies. Robert Walters recruits A global professional audit, tax, and advisory firm, KPMG hasacross the accounting, finance, banking, IT, human resources, legal, 145,000 employees in 152countries. KPMG works with customerssales and marketing, supply chain and engineering and support in the fields of risk and compliance, performance and technology,fields. Robert Walters has 47 offices in 23 countries and over 2,000 and company investment and restructuring, to handle differentmembers of staff worldwide. Robert Walters in China has four challenges for customers. KPMG China has 13 branch companiesbranches: Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and Nanjing for the demand of in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu,Chinese enterprises recruitment and employees applying for jobs. Hangzhou, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macao, with over 9,000 professionals. KPMG Advisory (China) Limited is a member of the network of independent members of KPMG International. 49 50Kayang ATAShanghai Kayang Information System Co., Ltd entered HRM field ATA is the world’s leading professional services provider for testing,in 1995 and it has been engaged in research, development and assessment, and related services (under ATA (Beijing)) as wellrelevant service of HRM e-commerce suite over the years, and as the most effective e-learning solution provider based uponhas provided products and services with excellent performance advanced assessment technologies. It encompasses overseasfor nearly 1,000 big companies both at home and abroad. It is company and multiple domestic companies. Its ATA INC has alreadya famous HRM professional solution provider in China which is been successfully listed in the NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ:specified in research, development and solution of human resources ATAI). Leveraged on its state-of-the-art technologies, operatedmanagement software. Kayang has proprietary intellectual property with extensive experiences in test operations and administrations,rights on software products and it is a high-technology company that through a delivery network of over 5,000 test centers across China,is among the first batch of companies to obtain software enterprise ATA has been providing professional test and assessment servicesqualification certificate (2000) from municipal government. for government authorities, academic institutions, corporate clients,Kayang’s customers are distributed all over Asia, and its many of its institutional clients, and tens of millions of test candidates. ATA’scustomers are Fortune top 500 and famous enterprises from both patent test technologies have been applied in different languages inat home and abroad. Kayang’s customer satisfaction has been in 161 countries and regions in the world.the leading position in the industry for many years. With the averageimplementation success rate is about 30% in e-HR industry, Kayanghas maintained its project implementation success rate of over 99%.110 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 51 52Wolters Kluwer CEGOSFounded in 1878, Wolters Kluwer (OTC: WTKWY) is one of the CEGOS, established in 1926 and headquartered in Paris, France,biggest professional publishing groups. The CCH (Commerce establishes 25 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 13 partners allClearing House) under Wolters Kluwer is a world-leading over the world. CEGOS is the largest senior management trainingprofessional information publisher, aiming at providing first-class organization in Europe. CEGOS has nearly one thousand traininginformation services for professional persons who need to always consultants as well as 200 professional course research personnelgrasp the complex rules of human resources, business and laws. in the headquarter, and has over 4,000 high-level managementWolters Kluwer has set up branches in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, training consultants distributed in five continents to provide trainingHong Kong, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the services in multiple areas to customers. At present, CEGOSUnited States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. provides training to over 200,000 staff of excellent companies all over the world, and provides consulting service to tens of thousands of companies. CEGOS (China) was founded in Shanghai on May, 1997 and is wholly-owned subsidiary of CEGOS Group.53 54Heidrick & Struggles www.eceibs.comFounded in 1953, headquartered in the USA, Heidrick & Struggles www.eceibs.com is affiliated to China Europe Internationalis the world’s largest leadership advisory firm, blending executive Publishing Group Co., Ltd. China Europe International Publishingsearch and leadership consulting. The professional business Group Co., ltd is co-invested and founded by CEIBS (Chinaservices of Heidrick & Struggles are divided by industry, function, Europe International Business School) and Chengwei Ventureand geographic region. Its powerful service knowledge support Fund. By providing enterprise online learning solutions, publishingnetwork of over 1,400 professional consultants covers 65 cities in professional management magazine and business books andAmerica, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific. In the past 50 years, establishing managers knowledge online community, presentingHeidrick & Struggles set up and improved its leadership capital cutting-edge management idea and commercial discovery in themanagement strategy, offering executive search and leadership form of multimedia, and relying on powerful research efforts ofconsulting covering CEO, members of the Board of Directors, and China Europe International Business School, regarding creatingsenior management for global customers. idea and spreading knowledge as its own duties, it determines to become a cross-media platform to provide overall learning solutions for business managers. www.eceibs.com was established in 2009, and there are 220 lessons of “a whole series of general management courses”, which is the only e-Learning management and training course certified by EFMD. All courses under this series support timely shift of Chinese and English to meet needs of different audiences.55www.hirede.comShenZhen 8aza Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2008, it shows a best practice combing advanced informationtechnology with human resource management, it create hiring process management platform and personal job search engine, and it standson service innovation in enterprise and individual job recruitment field. Currently, 8aza develops and operations two sites, www.hirede.comand www.8aza.com. www.hirede.com aimed at enterprises’ recruitment process management activities, serving for business employers;while the latter is for individual job seekers. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 111
    • 56HudsonHudson (NASDAQ:HSON) is a world leading provider of recruitment management, talents contract signing and talents management services.From single recruitment to whole-package outsourcing services, Hudson provides various personnel solutions for customers and helps companiesto have better organization performance by assessment, recruitment, training and retaining excellent talents for companies. Hudson has nearly2,500 professionals in more than 20 countries worldwide to render services to customers and job seekers. Hudson is one of the largest recruitmentcompanies in Asia Pacific and it has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore with vigorous support fromglobal resources of Hudson. In Asia, Hudson has three core businesses, including professional recruitment, recruitment outsourcing servicesolutions and talents management. 57 58TACK International Vistage International IncTACK International, established in 1948 and headquartered in London, Vistage International Inc., founded in 1957 and headquartered inBritain, is a world leading enterprise skills training company, which is America, has established branches in 16 countries in the world anddedicated to providing professional training, consulting and service for has 15,000 CEO members. According to companies’ income, it is thethe improvement of performance of organization, team and individuals. world largest CEO member organization. Within the global scope,At the moment, TACK has offices in 49 countries and territories all over enterprises led by members of Vistage have created annual income ofthe world, develops courses versions of 28 languages, and provides nearly 300 billion USD and have over 1,800,000 staff. In 2007, Vistagetraining services of various main languages to worldwide customers. entered Shanghai, China, and it is dedicated to providing services thatTACK International has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. is international essence and suitable for Chinese actual conditions to companies in China to share with them and world economic growth. 59 60PROWAY CDPProfessional Way, established in 1999, is a boutique management CDP (CDP Group) is a company that is specialized in providing humanconsulting company specializing in assessment, leadership resources outsourcing services, including providing human resourcesdevelopment and organizational development. Professional Way help outsourcing, human resources business shared service and technicalAsia-based companies develop visionary leaders and sustainable consulting service. CDP is engaged in providing first-class overallorganizations. Professional Way has been active in Greater China human resources solutions to transnational companies and localsince 1999. IT has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Suzhou and excellent companies, such as management/remuneration/welfareGuangzhou. It is a high-end training and consulting institution that management.supplies certification training, enterprise internal training, managementconsulting, and guidance service.112 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 61 62www.CJOL.com Right Managementwww.CJOL.com is one of national earliest talents websites, which Right Management, founded in 1980 and headquartered in America, isis created and cultivated by Shenzhen Western Human Resources a world leading human resources consulting and talents managementMarket and was renamed from “Western talents website” in Oct.,1997 and development service organization, which is devoted to helpingwith first charging mode of network talents market membership customers to realize income maximization of human resources capitalin China. In 2000, with its good business mode and operating investment and helping individuals to realize maximum potential.performance, CJOL.com attracted capital injection from IDG in America, Right Management provides various enterprise consulting services,an international famous risk investment fund. CJOL.com is a top-level including talents attraction and assessment, talents selection andtalents recruitment website in South China, and it commits itself to cultivation, leadership development and enhancing organization’sbuilding a professional and efficient human resources service platform performance. Meanwhile, it provides consulting and services onfor enterprises and job seekers. Its sites cover all over China and it has career transformation. Right Management is wholly-owned subsidiarybranch websites in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, of NYSE MAN. At present, Right Management has over 300 officesSuzhou, Hangzhou, Dongguan and Zhongshan with daily page view with over 3,500 staff in more than 50 countries all over the world.of over 20 million, over 450,000 Chinese and foreign enterprises Right Management’s subsidiary in China was established in 1996,members and 13 million high-quality registered members. and currently it has subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Taiwan.63 64SAS CyberwisdomSAS is one of the largest software companies in the world, established Cyberwisdom (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong within 1976. SAS set up more than 400 offices with more than 12,701 the investment by the world known investment company Morningsideemployees in more than 50 countries in the world, supplying the local Group Hong Kong Limited in 1999. Theheadquarter of Cyberwisdomsupport to the global implementation projects. More than 55,000 is located in Hong Kong, and it set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai,clients in 113 countries in the world are using SAS solution, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen of the mainland. Since its establishment,93 enterprises among the first 100 enterprises in FORTUNE Global Cyber wisdom has been always ranked in the leading place amongTop 500 companies. In 2011, the sales income of SAS was 2.72 billion the e-Learning solution suppliers in Great China Area. It devotes itselfUS Dollar, and 24% of the sales income was used for research and to supplying online learning products and service to the enterprises,development. government and educational institutions in the whole Asia Pacific, including independent R&D wiz Bank learning management system, courseware design and making, readymade courseware, training and consultation service, the mixed study for combination of e-learning and class training and so on.65CareerBuilderCareerBuilder.com is the largest online network recruitment operator in North America, and is one of thirty websites that have the largest trafficflow in the world, and currently it sets up 18 companies in 18 countries or territories such as America, Britain, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy,Germany, India and China with services covering 55 countries and territories. In recent years, it gradually marches toward International market andmeanwhile it still continuously expands other overseas market. CareerBuilder provides large quantities of job opportunities to worldwide job seekers,and it also provides advanced recruitment channels to world top 500 companies, medium-and-small companies and government departments.There are over 1,600,000 job positions and over 23,000,000 visits each month. CareerBuilder is co-owned by Gannett, Tribune, McClatchy andMicrosoft. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 113
    • 66China StarChina Star Corp. for International Economic & Technical Cooperation (China Star) is a major state owned enterprise, established in 1986,and it belonged to Ministry of Labor and Social Security of People’s Republic of China. Now it belongs to China Council for the Promotionof International Trade. As a comprehensive foreign-related enterprise, China Star carried out foreign affairs service, human resource andconsulting, international labor cooperation and other businesses, at present it has set up more than 30 branches at home and abroad, and itsfootprint touched more than 70 countries and regions in the world. 67 68Sage HR-ChannelSage is one of the global largest suppliers of the management Shanghai HR-Channel Consulting Co., Ltd. (HR-Channel) wassoftware solutions, established in 1981, the headquarter is located established in June of 2001, its original company is Shanghaiin England, and it is the company of Financial Times Stock International Enterprises Cooperative Company Foreign EnterpriseExchange 100 Index (FISE 100)constituent stock (Stock code: Service Center (Established in 1995), up to now it has more thanSGE). Sage has more than 13,400 employees in the world, more 10 years’ foreign-related human resource service experiences,than 30,000 partners concentrated on the solutions of each industry and its service covers more than 100 cities and regions includingand more than 6.40 million enterprise clients, in 2009 fiscal year the the provincial capital cities and level 2 cities. HR-Channel set upsales income reached 2.1 billion US Dollar. In China, Sage supplies an industrial example of flow standardization in the business fieldsdifferent industry solutions in consideration of the special demands of “Personnel outsourcing”, “Recruitment headhunts”, “Enterpriseof many industries, and it has had more than 1,500 clients. Sage training”, “Business consulting”, and “Legal service” and so on.devotes itself to helping Chinese enterprises to realize theirmanagement improvement with the world level excellent software. 69 70MRI Network Worldwide Michael Page InternationalMRI Network Worldwide is the subsidiary enterprise of CDI Group Michael Page International (LON:MPI) was established in Londonthat is ranked among the Global Top 500, established in 1975, the in 1976, and it is the leading recruitment consulting institution tocurrent global most powerful high-level talent headhunting company, represent the high-end employers to be engaged in the professionalnow it has more than 1,100 offices all over 35 countries. MRI China recruitment business for long-term, contractual and temporary posts.Group is the network of MRI Network Worldwide, headquartered Michael Page International has 162 offices in 34 countries in thein Hong Kong, and it is a leading company of recruitment and world. Michael Page International is listed on board of London Stockhuman resource solutions. MRI China Group has the international Exchange, annual turnover is over 1 billion US Dollar. And it setrecruitment experience for more than 40 years. The offices of up the first office in Shanghai, China in 2003. At present, MichaelMRI China Group are all over Asia, in 2006, MRI China Group Page International has its offices in all main commercial centers ofstrengthened cooperation with Barkers Resourcing Company and the world, including Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo,established Tal-os Asia, supplying the recruitment flow outsourcing, Toronto, Singapore and Sydney.the massive recruitment solutions and talent market researchsolutions to China and global multinational corporations.71Egon Zehnder InternationalEgon Zehnder International was established in Zurich, Switzerland in 1964, 412 consultants in 64 wholly-owned offices of 38 countriesare connected to each other through the partner system of “Single profit center”. For many years, it helped the global newly establishedenterprises to attract the most outstanding talents, so as to obtain competitive advantages.114 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 72 73ALLEGIS Russell Reynolds AssociatesALLEGIS GROUP – founded in 1983, is a multi-national search American Russell Reynolds Associates Company is a believableand placement organization with head offices in Baltimore, company in respect of the global management personnelMaryland, USA, and a global reach. Ten-years later in 1993, Allegis searching and evaluation. Through its wholly-owned 40 offices,established its first office in Europe and go to Asia Pacific in 2007. 300 professionals of Russell Reynolds Associates CompanyIn 2011, the revenue is 8 billion dollars. Over 90% of Allegis’ clients completed high level searching and evaluation tasks for theare Fortune 500 companies and 50% of FTSE top-100 companies. companies of various scales in each industry, Russell ReynoldsIn 1994, BN Management Consultants Limited established its first Associates has single company’s culture, and deep understandingoffice in Guangzhou and became the first executive search firm for main industries and firm promise for clients’ service, Americanto be established in China. In 2007, BN and Allegis Group joined Russell Reynolds Associates Consulting Company has theforces to form a joint-venture partnership and now operating as qualification to find out the leaders with the best future for clients.Allegis-BN Human Resources Consultants Ltd. Allegis-BN’s offices Russell Reynolds Associates Consulting Company has more thanin Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu. 40 years’ history, and in 2006 it set up office in Beijing. In 2007, Russell Reynolds Associates and Beijing Industrial Development Consulting Co., Ltd. jointly established Russell Reynolds Associates Talent Consulting Service Company, which is one of the first Sino-Foreign joint venture agencies in China.74Golden YikangGolden Yikang Company was established in 1990, and it is the earliest enterprise with the most clients in the country professionally engagedin the business of research, development, marketing and supplying whole solutions for personnel, talents, human resource managementsoftware. The “General Personnel Information Management System”(GPMS) developed together with Personnel Information Center of StateMinistry of Personnel and appraised by the state in 1994 was praised by the senior experts of UN as one of the software with the strongestfunctions and widest use scope in the world, and the State Ministry of Personnel, State Technical Supervision Bureau, National ElectronicPromotion Office jointly issued document to promote it all over the country as the basic software of national personnel information systemconstruction. Golden Yikang takes Beijing group headquarter as its operation center, and it set up branches and offices in Beijing, Jinan,Shenyang, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Zhejiang, Changsha, Hainan and other places, developed more than 100 agencies andpartners all over the country, established relatively perfect marketing and service system.75 76Hong Jing Software NetDimensionsBeijing Hong Jing Software Limited was founded in 1998, NetDimensions was established in 1999, and listed on board ofheadquartered in Beijing, now have branches or partners in London Stock Exchange (AIM: NETD). Internet Bar Maintenancethe main city. As Chinas professional manufactures of human Software devotes itself to becoming the leader of learning andresources management information promotion. Hong Jing knowledge management technology, supply solutions to globalSoftware will continue to study human resources management and clients, help the improvement of performance. Internet Bartalent management concept and the latest domestic and foreign Maintenance Software has offices and sales channels in more thanoutstanding enterprise management mode, to guide the sustainable 40 countries in the world, and it has more than 900 clients, servesdevelopment of products, to become the industrys most trusted more than 9 million concrete clients.human resources information management experts and talentmanagement information services. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 115
    • 77Infor Global SolutionsInfor Global Solutions was established in 1981, headquartered in USA, one of the global largest enterprise management software suppliers.Through acquisition and improvement, it supplied the software with rich functions, made them more excellent, and devoted itself to productinnovation and reinforcement, made efforts to simplify and shorten the implementation time, supply flexible purchase selection.78 79Antal International TimerAntal International is a leading international British human resource Founded by a group of famed HR management consultants andrecruitment and consulting company, headquartered in London, and business Psychologists, Timer focuses on helping organizationsit has 120 offices in 28 countries in the world. It sets up offices in to create a competitive edge in talent management. SpecializingBeijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong of China, and it has more than in design and implement competency modeling, assessment and120 professional consultants in China, which is the largest and fast- development, Timer provides integrated solutions that achievedeveloped foreign high level talent recruitment company at present incomparable quality standards in China. We work with ourin China. Antal International is concentrated on the recruitment customers to create highly customized talent management solutionsservice for middle and high level management personnel, which that are highly supportive to their strategic initiatives and transitions.is sub-divided into ten industries: medium, IT, auto, industry, quickconsumption, marketing, bank, accounting, laws, logistics, supplyingdeep, effective and high quality services to the clients in eachprofessional field.80SilkRoadSilkRoad is the leading provider of cloud-based social talent management solutions that develop happy employees who drive exceptionalbusiness performance and agility. Group located in Chicago, USA. Currently Group has more than 20 branches in Europe, North Americaand the Asia-Pacific region. Asia-Pacific SilkRoad’s headquarter is in Singapore, also the product R & D center of Asia-Pacific region.Currently more than 3,000 corporate clients in 75 countries, more than 160 customers are the worlds top 500enterprises. Every day thereare over 6 million users online using our solutions for recruitment, new employee orientation, performance appraisal and employee trainingwork of HR. In Greater China, SilkRoad’s headquarter is in Shanghai, and branches such as Beijing and Wuhan.81 82Amrop Group WebHRAmrop Group established in 1977, considering the demand for WebHR is a new model benefits administrator that employs atalent, Amrop source talent from around the world and we have the powerful combination of Internet technology and human services.deep insight and experience within different industry sectors that is By employing the utility of the Internet and professional services,critical to the success of a search. Currently Amrop is with 90 offices WebHR delivers a complete end-to-end employee benefitsin 56 countries. Amrop China started in 1988 in Hong Kong. Steady management, communication, and transaction system to helpgrowth led to the opening of the Shanghai office in 1999 and later employers and brokers reduce costs, improve service. Productsin Beijing. With over 20 years’ experience in China and Asia Pacific, includes:e-HR, e-learning, eKM. Currently, WebHR has branchesAmrop is one of the leading executive search firms here. in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Jinan, Shenzhen, haerbing, Hefei. WebHR have provided Human Resources solutions for over 3,000 clients and 100,000 HR.116 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 83First AdvantageFirst Advantage, the largest provider of employment background screening services in the Asia Pacific region, now provides a full spectrum ofrisk mitigating talent acquisition solutions. Established in Florida , The United States, with 23 branches, more than 3,300 employees andmorethan 11,000 customers. Since June2006, First Advantage has brought the newest global company service platform" (CSPi ). CSPi is currentlythe most advanced online service platform of background survey. In Asia Pacific, First Advantage has 17 offices and over 2,100 employees inthe Asia Pacific region including Australia, China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai). 84 85Robert Half Assess SystemsRobert Half International Inc. (NYSE: RHI)provides specialized Assess Systems provides state-of-the-art talent selection and peoplestaffing and risk consulting services through such divisions as development assessment solutions to clients worldwide. AssessAccountemps, Robert Half Finance & Accounting, Office Team, Systems has assessed millions of people in a broad spectrum ofRobert Half Technology, Robert Half Management Resources, industries and positions spanning 42 countries and over 4,300Robert Half Legal, The Creative Group, and Protiviti. Through its customers for 30 years. The company offers competence building,Accountemps, Robert Half Finance & Accounting, and Robert Half recruitment process, talent development system construction,Management Resources divisions, is a provider of temporary, full- industrial and organizational psychology evaluation, coaching andttime, and project professionals in the fields of accounting and leadership training and other services. At present in China therefinance. Office Team specializes in temporary administrative support are more than200 Multi-National Corporation and excellent localpersonnel. Robert Half Technology provides information technology enterprises in the use of ASSESS system.professionals. Robert Half Legal provides temporary, project, andfull-time staffing of attorneys and specialized support personnelwithin law firms and corporate legal departments. The CreativeGroup provides project staffing in the advertising, marketing, andWeb design fields. Protiviti is a global business consulting andinternal audit firm.86 86China Select China TeamEstablished in 2006, as the first private company licensed to develop Established in 1997, as a major part of our holistic service of Chinapsychometric instruments in Shanghai, China Select collaborates Team, the Leadership Academys programs are for managers &with a number of leading international test companies to offer a CEO level executives. Programs are delivered for public, in-houserange of high quality talent assessment tools appropriate for use in & personalized one-to-one coaching sessions. Recipient of BestChina for talent selection and development. It has a dedicated team Training Firm of the Year in China Award Finalist. Recipient of theof local and international business psychologists, based in Beijing Trustworthy HR Service Unit Award from Shanghai HR Consultingand Shanghai, who support our clients with efficient and effective Association.ways to get insight into people’s capabilities and potential. We alsoprovide training in best practice assessment skills, helping empowerHR specialists and line managers. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 117
    • 88 89Tale Base WeaverTale Base provides human resources management consulting, Founded in 2000, Weaver Shanghai Software Co, Ltd. is committedevaluation, service, leadership development, and the use of IT to the construction of enterprise informationization construction.technology integrated service. Headquartered in Guangzhou, and Weaver not only dedicates itself to providing users with professional,in 2011, set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen. In 2012, all-around and customized enterprise collaborative managementTale Base will layout in the second city to meet customer rapid software and application solutions, but also actively initiatesdevelopment demands. advanced operation and management ideas to lead enterprise digital revolution and promote core competitiveness.Weaver is headquartered in Shanghai, and has set up dozens of branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, etc.90 91NorthgateArinso InsuproNorthgateArinso is a leading global Human Resources software Insupro is a leading employees welfare integrated solutions provider,and services provider offering innovative HR business solutions to headquartered in Beijing. Since its inception in 2002, Insuproemployers of all sizes, including Global Fortune® 500 companies provide consulting, including staff welfare, staff welfare purchasingand many Public Sector organizations. Company want to be the experience of ascension, welfare management outsourcing servicesworld’s leading provider of global HR solutions and the trusted to the entire process for enterprises. In recent years, Insupro haspartner of HR decision makers. NGA help HR executives optimize developed flexible benefits ( Flexible Benefit ) platform, a nativetheir HR service delivery through smarter processes and more flexible benefits system which is innovator and leader of flexibleefficient technology, supporting key HR areas like workforce benefits. Insupro represents China to the International Welfareadministration, payroll, benefits, recruitment, learning, and talent network organization IBN (International Benefit Network ), onlymanagement. NGA’s 8,500 employees are dedicated to delivering representative body in China. At present, headquartered in Beijing,excellence through HR consulting, HR outsourcing and HR with service team in Shanghai and Guangzhou.technology. As a recognized global HR services leader, we haveoffices in 35 countries on five continents, supporting customers inmore than 100 countries.92 93CoreCapital PageUp PeopleBeing a leading HR service provider in China, we offer integrated Since 1997, PageUp People has helped employers worldwideservices for clients on HR management consulting, HR management attract, hire, develop, retainpeopleand improve employeesystem implementation, HR business process outsourcing (HR performance. Our Unified Talent Management platform, along withBPO), staffing and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). We our talent management consulting services, help you optimizeassist enterprises improving the effectiveness of their human your multinational workforce strategy across the whole business,resources, optimizing ROI on corporate human capital investment. maximize business impact with a balance between global efficiency and local responsiveness, and continuously improve the return on your human capital investment. SaaS-based unified talent management solutions facilitate global efficiency across all talent management functions and all geographies. PageUp People has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Shanghai, New York and Atlanta.118 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 94 95Powerplus KeyPerformanceConsultingPowerplus, established in 1999, the Chinese mainland earliest KeyPerformanceConsulting(KPC), is a professional institution ofe-Learning suppliers. It was the China agent and courseware OM&HR management technology development and consultinglocalization provider of worlds famous e-Learning service NETg. services, focusing on consulting and research of operationalPowerplus has accumulated more than 11years of industry responsibilities and human capital management. The leadingexperience, as Chinese e-Learning courseware application expert, and dominant position fields are salary management, businessis the e-Learning software provider of applications and services as a accounting, method of performance calculation, compliance ofwhole body. human resources management.96 97Orisoft Talent2 InternationalSince our establishment in 1987, Orisoft has been a leading Talent2 was founded in 2003, established in Australia and listedHuman Capital Management Solution provider through cutting- on the Australian Stock Exchange (TWO). International Concepte­ dge products and services such as Human Resource Management System is the former company of Talent2, and Morgan and BanksSystem, Time Management System, Payroll System and Employee bought it and renamed as Talent 2. It operates from more than 40Self Service solutions for both the local and international markets. offices in 30 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East, UK andOrisoft is a part of the Exact corporation – a dedicated solutions USA.Talent2 provides a holistic consultancy service through HRcompany based at The Netherlands serving entrepreneurial Advisory offering and specialized best-practice solutions in Payroll,businesses. Our partnership with Exact empowers us to provide real Recruitment and Learning. In China, Talent2 has branches in Hong–time business insights and cutting-edge technology solutions that Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.would transform the way businesses operate. Exact has been listedon the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since June 1999 and servesapproximately 100,000 local and international companies in morethan 125 countries.97IDRealIDReal is a wholey-owned subsidiary under China GZT Technology Inc., China’s largest electronics trustworthy service provider. It isdedicated to providing the services of Pre-Employment Screening for China HR industry. IDReal has been the member of NAPBS, and hasbeen invited to become the member of Asia-Pacific Region Association.99 100KSWSH CloudRecruitSuccess Enterprise Training Courseware R&D Center is a training CloudRecruit is a recruiting solution provider focusing on the onlineinstitution of promoting and advocating indoor experiential learning. recruiting management solution - OurATS. Its founders are someIt is independent research and development institutions of American young people who came from well-known MNCs like Google,International Development Center in China. The goal is to bring the Intel, Manpower, with more than 10 years in HR or IT fields. Basedinternational advanced management concept into China, to provide on the advanced idea, extensive experience in human resourcehigh quality training curriculum based on experiential learning and management and solid information technology skills, they developedto enhance individual, team and organizational performance. an online applicant tracking system (OurATS) which is able to apply globally. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 119
    • About the List After 5 times release in 2007-2011, HRoot started data collecting and sorting from March 10, 2012 for compiling the list of ‘Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012’. The list is in pure commonweal, without any expense for attending the selection, so as to ensure the public benefit, openness, fairness and authority of the list. The data collection put an end on May 31st, 2012.120 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Assessment Model and ProcedureOur assessment model integrates such methods as monitored data, sampling survey, frequency of references and citationson the Internet and media, and value evaluation model, etc. In the assessments of the value of brands, we use a portfolio of11 assessment metrics: financial support, market activity, media exposure, R & D, advertising, geographic spread, brandingprotection, social media marketing, mobile marketing, website competitiveness and customer evaluation. The metric systemin this assessment is divided into two classes, i.e., the first class and the second class metrics, while the score of the firstclass is the sum of the multiplication product of each second class target times its relative weight.In the assessment in 2012, we have made adjustments to some accounting for a 5% weight. In the metric of social mediaof the first metrics; the weight of financial support and website marketing, we set four second-class metrics, i.e., socialcompetitiveness have dropped from 15% to 10%, while the target media (the establishment of accounts on Weibo, Renren,of press release has been incorporated into media exposure, a Kaixin001, and LinkedIn), Weibo (with metrics of the numberfirst class target whose weight down from 10% to 5%, while we of fans and activeness), video (with the metric of click rate),increase the weight of R & D from 5% to 10%. In making the LinkedIn (with the target of the number of members. In mobileadjustments, we introduce new metrics into the second class, marketing, we set two second-class metrics, i.e., iOS app (withwhile reducing the weight of some others. or without), Android app (with or without). The implementation of social media marketing and mobile marketing can reflectIn this assessment we have introduced two new first-class the development trend of marketing, as traditional andmetrics, i.e., social media marketing and mobile marketing, each emerging methods will jointly drive the development of brand marketing. No. First-class metric Second-class metric Project and score points Weight 0-5 1 5-10 3 1.Revenue in 2011 (unit: $100 million) 10-20 5 1 Financial Support 20-50 7 10% 50or above 10 2.Performance in the year Profit-making +1 3.Performance in each quarter Profit-making +0.5 0-10 1 11-20 2 1.No. of events 21-35 3 36-50 4 2 Market Activity 50 or above 5 10% 1.First-tier cities, e.g., Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, 2 Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao, 2.Geographic areas covered and those in Taiwan 2.Provincial capitals 1 3.Second-and third-tier cities 1 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 121
    • No. First-class metric Second-class metric Project and score points Weight 1-200 1 201-1000 2 2 Market Activity 3.No. of attendees 1001-3000 3 10% 3001-5000 4 5000 or above 5 0-10 1 11-30 2 1.No. of news reports 31-50 3 51-100 4 100 or above 5 Reported by Fortune, Harvard 2.Interview, features, article published Business Review, Global 3 Media Exposure 5 5% by leading media Entrepreneur, World Executive and other leading media 0-10 1 11-30 2 3. No. of citing media 31-50 3 51-100 4 100 or above 5 0-5 1 6-10 2 Research & 11-15 3 4 1. No. of reports 10% Development 16-20 4 20 or above 5 1.Advertising Releasing advertisements 3 5 Advertising 15% 2.Sponsorship Sponsoring to 3 1.First-tier cities, e.g., Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, +1 for each city Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao, and those in Taiwan 1.No. of branches and their locations +0.5 every 2 2.Provincial capitals cities (Max: 5) +0.5 every 2 6 Geographic Spread 3.Second-and third-tier cities 5% cities (Max: 5) 1.First-tier cities, e.g., Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, 1 Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao, 2. Customer spread and those in Taiwan 2.Provincial capitals 1 3.Second-and third-tier cities 1 Basic score: 3; in case of 1.Negative news -2 negative news 7 Branding Protection 10% Basic score: 3, in case of similar 2.Trade mark protection -1 trademarks or brands122 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • No. First-class metric Second-class metric Project and score points Weight 1.Social media e.g., LinkedIn, Renren, With 5 Kaixin001) Without 0 1-10000 1 10001-30000 2 1)No. of fans* 30001-50000 3 50001-80000 4 2. Weibo(Sina 80001 or above 5 and T.qq.com) 0-10 1 11-50 2 2)Activeness(the number of transfers and 51-100 3 comments) 101-200 4 8 Social Media Marketing 5% 201 or above 5 0-10000 1 10001-20000 2 Click rate(Tudou, Youku, 3.Video 20001-30 000 3 YouTube, etc.) 30001-50000 4 50001 or above 5 0-10000 1 10001-30000 2 4.LinkedIn No. of members 30001-50000 3 50001-100000 4 100001 or above 5 With 3 1.iSO app Without 0 9 Mobile Marketing 5% With 3 2.Android app Without 0 Under 1 0 1.No. of indexes on search engines 1-5 1 (Unit: 10,000) 5-10 2 Above 10 3 100 or under 0 2.No. of website backlinks Above 101 1 0-5 3 Website 10 5-10 2 10% Competitiveness 3.Website traffic(Unit: 10,000 visitors) 10-20 1 20 0 Under 1 0 4.Average time per visit per day (Unit: 1-3 1 minute) Above 3 2 2 or above 0 5.Average page load time(Unit: second) Under 2 1 11 Customer Evaluation 1.Customer satisfaction Total score: 5, min.: 1, max.: 5 15%*The total of number of fans on the V-certificated corporate Weibo accounts.   Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 123
    • Assessment ProceduresOur assessment method integrates such methods as the monitored data, sampling survey, frequencyof references and citations on the Internet and media, and value evaluation model, etc. 1 The collection brand data (from questionnaires Collection: issued on the Internet or other media and channels) 2 Database Building: Setting up database for shortlisted brands (screening the top 150 enterprises by analyzing feedbacks); Researching: 3 Research on the three metrics of the brands (popularity, satisfaction and reputation) 4 Setting up value-assessment model (including financial support, market activity, media exposure, R & D, Model Building: advertising, geographic spread, branding protection, social media marketing, mobile marketing, website competitiveness, and customer evaluation.) Analyzing & Ranking: Analyzing the info in the above four steps and doing the ranking. 5 6 Publishing: Publishing the List and the list by the category of industry, and ultimately publishing the White Paper.124 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Introduction to the EvaluationModels of the ‘2012 Top 100 Human ResourcesServices Brands in Greater China’ Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 125
    • Three Factors of Brand Equity Evaluation Generally the methods of brand equity evaluation reply on three basic factors, i.e., the financial, market and consumer factors. The financial factor mainly reflects the premium-obtaining ability and the total value of a brand, which can be evaluated by costs, premium and added cash flows. The market factor mainly reflect the brand’s influence on the market and its extension ability, which can be evaluated by market performance, achievement, competitiveness and the market value of its stock. The consumer factor reflects customers’ recognition and` loyalty to the brand, which can be evaluated by their comments, behaviors, beliefs, cognition, awareness and purchase intension, among others. The well-known and familiar equity evaluation methods are based on one or two of the three factors; the following table classifies the evaluation methods according to different factors. Classification of brand equity evaluation methods Essential points of the evaluation Factors Representative methods methods Cost method Brand equity is part of the intangible Replacement cost method Financial factor assets Market value method Brand equity is the discounting of a brand’s future income, and therefore Financial factor + Interbrand method traditional financial method is adjusted market factor Financial world method and the market factor performance is taken into account Brand equity refers to the extra price Premium method Financial factor + that consumers are willing to pay versus Brand price trade off (BPTO) consumer factor products without brand or competitive Conjoint Analysis brands Brand equity relies on customer Brand Asset Valuator Brand relationship with the brand, taking into Consumer factor + Equity consideration of the operating mechanism market factor Ten EquiTrend Brand Equity and the real driving factor of the brand Engine equity.126 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • I.Evaluation Based On the Financial Factor and then deduct the brand-irrelevant profit (such as net capital gain (return on capital as experts estimate it) and taxes from theThe financial factor method measures brand equity by total profit. Use the Interbrand method to work out the coefficientaccounting principles, and there are mainly: the cost method, of the brand strength, and get the formula of brand value = netthe replacement cost method, and the method of market value profit x brand strength coefficient.of its stock. The cost method estimates the brand equity byreferring to the actual investment in establishing and developing III.Evaluation Based On Financial andthe brand, such as the R&D cost and advertising cost. The Consumer Factorsreplacement cost method refers to the practice of estimating This method defines brand equity as such: when pittedbrand equity by building a similar brand and calculating the against the prices of similar products/services without brandsneeded cost; this method introduces the concept of cost or competitive brands, the extra expense that consumers willcoefficient: The more influence a brand has (such as with a high pay for its product/service. This is an evaluation based on themarket share), the higher the cost coefficient is. combination of two factors, with such representative methods asII.Evaluation Based On the Financial and the premium method, consumer preference method, brand priceMarket Factors trade-off, and co-joint analysis method.Two familiar methods of evaluating brand equity are the The premium method determines the brand value by findingInterbrand and the Financial World methods, which include the premium that a brand can command, or in other words, thesome factors that can reflect the brand’s performances and extra cost consumers are willing to pay for the product/servicecompetitiveness on the market. of the brand versus those similar products or services without brands or of competitive brands that have similar functions.According to the Interbrand method, the brand value, same as The consumer preference method and the conjoint analysisthe value of other assets, should also be able to be discounted method determine the brand value by finding out the brand’sin the brand’s future earnings, so the brand equity value = brand influence on consumer preference and choices after excludingearnings x brand strength. This method is performed in two the physical product utility. Its basic assumption is to take intosteps: first, determine the cash flow of the earnings, and then consideration of the maximum number of properties and thendetermine the discounting rate with the brand strength. The infer the brand value through the observation of consumerbrand earnings reflect its profitability in recent years. To calculate choices and preferences. This method is characterized by itsthe brand earnings, you can deduct the production costs, simple operation but it is largely reliant on the intuitive judgementmarketing costs, fixed costs, wages, return on capital and taxes and computer statistics process.from the brand’s sales revenue. Some other factors should alsobe taken into consideration. The brand strength determines its IV.Evaluation Based On the Consumer and thefuture ability of cash flow, and it is evaluated with seven factors, Market Factorsi.e., the market leadership, stability, market characteristics, There are four evaluation models based on consumermarketing scope, development tendency, branding support and relationship, i.e., Brand Asset Valuator, EquiTrend, Brand Equitybranding protection. Ten, and Brand Equity Engine.The Financial World method is similar to the Interbrand method, 1.Brand Asset Valuator Modelbut different in its practice of determining the financial earningsand other data more on the comments of experts. The method The model evaluates the performance of a brand with fourstresses on the market performance of the brand. The profit is targets on customers:first calculated according to the sales revenue of the company 1) Differentiation: The defining characteristics of the brand andand experts’ estimation of the average profit rate of the industry, Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 127
    • its distinctiveness relative to competitors; 2) Relevance: The appropriateness and connection of a brand to a given consumer; 3) Esteem: Consumers’ respect for and attraction to the brand; the grade, perceived quality and popularity of the brand as consumers feel them; Brand status 4) Knowledge: Consumers’ awareness of the brand understanding of what it high represents. Potential brand Leading brandBrand strength Based on the result of consumers’evaluation, the model has established two elements: brand strength—a product of multiplication of differentiation and New entry brand Declining brand relevance; brand stature—a product of multiplication of brand position and brand awareness, forming the brand matrix that is used to judge the development stage low high of the brand.2.EquiTrends ModelThe model requires consumers to measure three attributes: 1) brand awareness, or the percentage of consumers who can recognizethe brand, including three categories, first-mention, pre-mention, and post-mention. 2) perceived quality; it is the core of the modelas consumers’ evaluation of the quality directly influences their preference, trust, price and the likelihood of recommendation. Inthe study of this model, the perceived quality is proved to be proportional to the grade, use frequency or market share of the brand;customers’ satisfaction, or the maximum length of use and the evaluated satisfaction. By taking together the performance of a brandin the three attributes, we can work out the score of a brand asset. 3.Brand Equity Ten ModelIn 1996, Professor David Aaker, a renowned brand expert in the US, highlighted five aspects to measure brand value from theperspective of consumers, i.e., loyalty, perceived quality or leadership, brand association or differentiation, brand awareness andmarket behavior. He proposed ten attributes on these five aspects as the table below: The ten factors of the EquiTrend model Evaluation dimensions Factors Evaluation of brand loyalty Friendliness of price, satisfaction or loyalty Perceived quality or leadership of the brand on product trend Perceived quality, leadership on trend or popularity Evaluation of brand association or differentiation Perceived value, brand personality and organizational associations Evaluation of awareness Brand awareness Evaluation of market behavior Market share, market price and distribution coverage128 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • 4.Equity Engine Model The model expresses that although the realization of brand equity is realized by the purchase of consumers, the target of purchases does not interpret the key factor that drives brand equity in the viewpoint of consumers. Brand equity is essentially determined by the customers’ viewpoints on the brand, or the brand image. Brand authority Brand identification → Brand affinity → Brand equity Brand approval Brand performance (functional benefits) → Brand value Brand price The model divides the brand image attributes into two categories: 1) “hard” attributes, or the functional benefits delivered by the brand (performance), and 2) “soft” attributes, or the emotional benefits (affinity). Affinity refers to the customers’ trust and respect that a brand receives, including authority, identification, and approval. Functional performance is another essential integral part of equity asset, including the characteristics and performance in functional benefits. The emotional characteristics and functional attributes can illustrate that the customer perception, affinity and functional performance constitute the brand equity. Through professional statistics software, we can tell the standardized score of a brand in affinity and functional performance and the score of each subordinate items, and thus to understand the contribution of each factor to the total score of brand equity, the factors that contribute most to the brand equity, and the factors that drive the brand equity.The Evaluation Models of the ‘Top 100 Human Resources ServicesBrands in Greater China’ With reference to the available methods of brand evaluation, we weigh their pros and cons, and establish the evaluation model for the “2012 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China” list (Top 100 list). We evaluate the brands with the 11 factors, i.e., financial support, market activity, media exposure, R&D, advertising, geographic spread, branding protection, social media marketing, mobile marketing, website competitiveness, and customer evaluation; the weight of each factor is illustrated in the below chart. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 129
    • Data Composition of The 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands List Financial Support Market Activity Media Exposure R&D Advertising Geographic Spread Branding Protection Social Media Marketing Mobile Marketing Website Competitiveness Customer Evaluation The data financial support mainly comes from the earnings of each enterprise (all listed companies). The data of market activity, news publishes, interviews, features, contributions, media citing, the number of professional research reports, advertising and sponsorship, geographic spread, branding protection are mainly from the search results of official websites of the enterprises, and of search engines of Google, Baidu, WiseSearch; the website competitiveness is mainly measured by sub-targets such as the data quantity of search engines, website backlinks, traffic ranking, average time of visit per day, average page loading time; social media marketing is measured by such sub-targets as social networking media, Weibo, videos, LinkedIn, while mobile marketing is measured by two targets, i.e., iSO and Android apps. Among the evaluation targets of the Top 100 list, we have made adjustment to some first-class targets, i.e., the weights of financial support and website competitiveness come down from 15% to 10%,, while the weight of R&D rises from 5% to 10%. As it is reported that 94% of the enterprises will use mobile marketing and social media marketing in 2012, we introduce two new first-class targets, i.e., social media marketing and mobile marketing, each accounting for a weight of 5%. Social media and mobile are channels of two-way communications that can create opportunities for active interactions with users and provision of rich and relevant experiences. So far as the HR industry is concerned, the financial data for Interbrand are mainly from listed companies, but many HR companies, however, have not gone public yet. In addition, the Interbrand evaluation model mainly works out the figures by deductions, i.e., to deduct the production costs, marketing costs, fixed costs, wages, return on capital and taxes from the brand’s sales revenue, while in the HR industry, these data are difficult to obtain. Meanwhile, there are significant uncertainties in the predictions of the sales revenue and profit of future years. The economic situations, market environments, sales volumes and cost structures may undergo dramatic changes, making the current and past scenario of sales not necessarily sustainable in the future. In a certain sense, brand evaluation can be done on the basis of prediction; it is rational to work out the range of fluctuation rather than a specific and certain figure through this evaluation. Finally, it is still open to question whether the seven targets that Interbrand considers in brand strength evaluation can cover all the important aspects.130 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • As to the Brand Asset Valuator model, it has the advantage The evaluation model of the Top 100 list mainly works byof being simple and able to cover a wide range of brands summing the brand’s financial strength, its importance in drivingand products types, and it is relatively new in its form. But the consumer choice, and the competitiveness of a brand. In thelimitation of the model is that it is data-oriented, and cannot measuring of the financial targets, we take estimates within errorexplain the mechanisms of brand choice and brand loyalty. The range, and do a comprehensive evaluation with the total scoreEquiTrend model, however, has its inadequacy in relying too of the 11 targets, an evaluation method of basic financial data.much on such targets as perceived quality. Perceived quality In addition to this, we made reasonable extension, consideringcan clearly explain why consumers buy these products, but non-financial information while focusing on financial data. Thecannot explain the reason for their high quality. A missing link method also brings into analysis of market activity, geographicin the Brand Equity Ten model lies in the fact that in the studies spread of the brand, branding protection, and social mediaof certain industries, targets need to be adjusted to adapt to the marketing, making it a comprehensive, all-inclusive brandfeatures of the relevant industry. evaluation method. Analysis of the 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China The Top100 list shows that some new companies will make their debut on the list; they are a total of 24 newly appear on the list, mostly in the industries of e-HR, HR Consulting, HR Outsourcing Dispatch. New Companies in the 2012 Top 100 HR Services Brands list Ranking in Company Main business Country 2012 46 Robert Walters Headhunting UK 72 Allegis-BN HR Outsourcing & Dispatch USA 75 HJsoft e-HR China 79 Timer HR Consulting, Talent Assessment China 80 SilkRoad Group e-HR USA 81 Amrop Group Headhunting Belgium 82 WebHR e-HR China 83 First Advantage Backgroud Screening USA 84 Robert Half HR Outsourcing & Dispatch USA 85 Assess Systems HR Consulting, Talent Assessment USA 86 China Select Talent Assessment China 87 China Team Headhunting China 88 Tale Base HR Consulting, Talent Assessment China 90 NGA HR Outsourcing & Dispatch UK 91 Insupro HR Outsourcing & Dispatch China 92 CoreCapital HR Outsourcing & Dispatch China 93 PageUp People e-HR Australia 93 Powerplus Management Training China 95 Key Performance Consulting HR Consulting China 96 Orisoft e-HR The Netherlands 97 Talent2 International HR Outsourcing & Dispatch Australia 97 IDreal Backgroud Screening China 99 KSWSH Management Training USA 100 CloudRecruit e-HR China Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 131
    • Native Chinese HR services providers are attaching increasing attention to brand and itsmarket operation; they have pooled more resources in brand marketing, and attempted newmedia marketing channels. There are a total of 44 Chinese HR services providers on the list,a record number in the history of the list.From the ranking of the list, the fastest rising companies are: Hays, Korn/Ferry International,and China Star, coming from the Headhunting, HR Outsourcing & Dispatch industries,showing a close relationship with the vigorous growth momentum of these segmented areas,and their greater commitments to brand and marketing operation. The Top 3 Fastest Rising Brands Ranking in Ranking in Rise in Company Main business Country 2012 2011 ranking 21 55 34 Hays Headhunting UK Korn/Ferry 37 64 27 Headhunting USA International HR 66 82 26 China Star Outsourcing & China DispatchBy comparing the 11 targets of the evaluation model of the Top 100 HR Services Brandslist, we have examined the brand management of HR services providers. By comparing theaverage score of the industry, we can find the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprises intheir brand building and management process, a result that can help enterprises emulate witheach other and focus their efforts in brand building.By comparing the average score of different industries of the Top 100 companies, we can seethat the companies in segmented areas of HR are paying similar attention to their brands,but they have differences in a few factors. For instance, the Recruitment industry has alwaysbeen performing well in website competitiveness, while the HR Outsourcing and Dispatchindustry leads in market activity and financial support, an indicator of the characteristic of theirindustries. In 2011 the China market witnessed to the explosive growth of HR demands, whilethe HR Outsourcing and Dispatch industries were constantly exploring emerging markets,extending from first to second- and third-tier cities, bringing advantages in their market activityand financial support. Financial Support Customer Evaluation Market ActivityWebsite Competitiveness Media Exposure Average Score of Top 100 HR Services Brands Mobile Marketing R&D Average Score of HR Outsourcing and Dispatch Industry Average Score of Headhunting Industry Social Media Marketing Advertising Average Score of HR Consulting Industry Branding Protection Geographic Spread Average Score of e-HR Industry132 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Financial Support Market Activity Customer Evaluation Website Competitiveness Media Exposure Mobile Marketing, R&D Average Score of Top 100 HR Services Brands Average Score of Recruitment Industry Social Media Marketing Advertising Average Score of Training Management Industry Branding Protection Average Score of Talent Assessment Industry Geographic Spread The HR Outsourcing and Dispatch industry generally emphasizes on brand building, making its scores above the average score of Top 100 in such targets as market activity, financial support and advertising. Among these companies, ADP boasts higher scores than the average of Top 100 in almost all the targets, and it also outperforms other enterprises in the HR Outsourcing and Dispatch industry. Financial Support Customer Evaluation Market ActivityWebsite Competitiveness Media Exposure Mobile Marketing R&D Average Score of Top 100 HR Services Brands Social Media Marketing Advertising Average Score of HR Outsourcing and Dispatch Industry Branding Protection Geographic Spread Score of ADP Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 133
    • The Headhunting industry, on the whole, invests less in its market activity, and turns out a score lower than the average of Top 100 in mobile marketing and social media marketing. Among these companies, Manpower leads the pack in brand building, and its investments in mobile marketing, social media marketing, and website competitiveness are far higher than the industry average. Financial Support Customer Evaluation Market Activity Website Competitiveness Media Exposure Mobile Marketing R&D Average Score of Top 100 HR Services Brands Social Media Marketing Advertising Average Score of Headhunting Industry Branding Protection Geographic Spread Score of Manpower Group The Recruitment industry wins higher scores in website competitiveness, social media marketing, and mobile marketing than the average score of the Top 100. But they underperform to a slight degree in branding protection. Among them 51job outperforms the industry average in R&D, media exposure, and geographic spread. Financial Support Customer Evaluation Market Activity Website Competitiveness Media Exposure Mobile Marketing R&D Average Score of Top 100 HR Services Brands Advertising Social Media Marketing Average Score of Recruitment Industry Branding Protection Geographic Spread Score of 51job The HR Consulting industry performs extremely well in market activity, media exposure and media marketing, with its scores above the average of the industry. Among those companies Towers Watson outperforms the industry average in its investment in market activity, media exposure, R&D, advertising, and mobile marketing; its significant investment and emphasis greatly enhance its competitiveness in the consulting industry.134 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • Financial Support Customer Evaluation Market Activity Website Competitiveness Media Exposure Mobile Marketing R&D Average Score of Top 100 HR Services Brands Social Media Marketing Advertising Average Score of HR Consulting Industry Branding Protection Geographic Spread Score of Towers Watson The Assessment industry scores slightly above the average of the Top 100 in market activity, R&D, and branding protection. Among the companies DDI is the No. 1 company in brand building and protection, and it outperforms the industry average by a wide margin in terms of market activity, media exposure, advertising, R&D, and mobile marketing. Financial Support Customer Evaluation Market Activity Website Competitiveness Media Exposure Mobile Marketing R&D Average Score of Top 100 HR Services Brands Social Media Marketing Advertising Average Score of Talent Assessment Industry Geographic Spread Score of DDI Branding Protection On the whole the e-HR industry is on a par with the average of Top 100 in its investment in the brand. Among the companies SAP far outperforms the industry average in social media marketing, mobile marketing, and website competitiveness, but underperforms in geographic spread and branding protection. Financial Support Customer Evaluation Market ActivityWebsite Competitiveness Media Exposure R&D Mobile Marketing Average Score of Top 100 HR Services Brands Advertising Social Media Marketing Average Score of e-HR Industry Branding Protection Geographic Spread Score of SAP Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 135
    • Ackn Wer owle data e gra teful d gem ent and for 5 expe comp rienc anies e wit below h us: who share136 Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012
    • About ResearchThis research is made based on open accounting statements and the channel and data believed to bereliable by <Human Capital Management>, but not express or ensure its accuracy or completeness byexplicit or implicit way. In the research, all data and statistics was latest when written, but are subject tochanges without prior notice. When citing personal comment, necessary recognition and permission wasobtained. But the views and opinions just belong to <Human Capital Management>, might not reflectthe views and opinions of the companies and people who took part in the research. These views andopinions should not be looked as the professional suggestion, recommendation or permission providedin <Human Capital Management>, or the basis of the former. The <Human Capital Management> and itsemployees are not responsible for any loss due to relying on the information in the report.1. The list is for reference only, instead of being looked as the basis or suggestion in investment andtrade. <Human Capital Management>, HRoot and any independent supplier will not be responsible forany wrong information, incompleteness, delay or the decision made depending upon the information inthe list.2. All companies in the list must publish financial numbers and submit part or all of the numbers to thegovernment. In American companies, private companies and joint-stock cooperative companies compiling10-k financial statements are included. Operation revenues are listed according to the numbers filled outby each company, including the operation revenues of closed part filled out based on merger. Operationrevenues should include the numbers from mergered subsidiaries, and no consumption tax should bededucted.3. The numbers shown in the list is the number of the fiscal year by the end of May 31st, 2012 or the datebefore the day.4. “Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China ” refer to the brands with affiliatedbrand in Greater China region (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) and business involving HR(recruitment, headhunting, training, outsourcing, consulting, assessment, dispatch, e-HR and e-Learning).Therefore, even though the agencies, such as A. T. Kearney, McKinsey & Company, Bearing Point,Capgemini and etc, have set up their affiliated agency, but their businesses are not related to humanresources so that they have not been listed here, and the agencies, such as Paychex, Labor Ready andetc. their businesses are related to human resources, but they have got no affiliated agency in GreaterChina region, so they are also not listed here.5. List researching and distributing institute <Human Capital Management>, HRoot does not participate inthe ranking in the list.6. The fiscal year revenues in the list are from New York Stock Exchange, Paris Stock Exchange, ZurichStock Exchange, NASDAQ Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, etc. Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China 2012 137
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