SEO Basics in a Google+ World


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  • We will talk about the basics today. For more resources folks can visit my website
  • In January Comscore reported that people conducted 17 Billion searches in the US and used Google 67% of the time 115 Billion worldwide and used Google 65% of the time So FOCUS on Google for SEO The challenge is many popular keywords compete for a top rank. “financial advisor” has 24 million competing websites “leadership training” has 7 million competing websites Only 10 websites will get on the first page. And that real estate is shrinking. If your site ranks beyond the first few pages , folks will not find you.
  • Google and the search engines perform a few basic functions: They Crawl the internet and locate sites related to certain topics “keyword phrases” and index (or point to) all of the on-topic website pages They then create a top-secret sorting process (algorithm) to decide how to rank all the website pages related to a certain phrase. Factors experts believes Google currently uses to rank order Page Link Metrics -- links within your site to a page and external links to your page. Domain Trust Authority – how trusted is your website. Wikipedia and Harvard very high trust level. Depth of content, websites link to the website? What sites do you link to? Content Quality: How current is your information? Does it engage your readers? Is there a lot of discussion Do they link to it? Page’s Social Metrics – is it shared often, liked, bookmarked Domain Brand Metrics - overall traffic, online reputation, and target market. Brands recognized as an authority in a certain market will enjoy higher rankings for related searches.
  • Link Worthy Content: A great How-to post A PDF on solving a critical problem, summarizing industry trends Best practices Infographics
  • SEO Basics in a Google+ World

    1. 1. April 2013April 2013SEO Basics for 2013Search Engine Optimizationfor the coming Google+ World
    2. 2. April 2013April 2013Google Owns Search andCompetition is Fierce• Google used by 65+% ofsearchers world-wide• Google indexes millionsof websites for popularkeywords• Meaning: It’s hard to getyour website on the firstpage
    3. 3. April 2013April 2013What is SEO( Search Engine Optimization )?The process of improving a website and specific web pages to rankhigher in search engines for your targeted keywords.Content Quality & RelevancePage’s Link Metrics (# and Quality)Domain’s Authority/Trust & Brand MetricsKey GoogleRanking FactorsPage’s Social Metrics
    4. 4. April 2013April 2013Build a Solid SEO FoundationStep one: Keyword ResearchYour Value-Offered KeywordsYour Value-Offered KeywordsPopular KeywordsPopular KeywordsUsed by YourUsed by YourProspectsProspectsLowLowKeyword CompetitionKeyword CompetitionYour Sweet SpotYour Sweet Spot
    5. 5. April 2013April 2013Build a Solid SEO FoundationStep one: Keyword ResearchSelect Popular, Relevant and Less Competitive Keywords*sweet spot for this website*sweet spot for this websiteCompetitors Global Searches Est. Monthly Visitsfrom Best PositionSerenity software 89,400 110 80Internet securitysoftware*412,000 27,000 1,485Anti virus software 6,390,000 110,000 300
    6. 6. April 2013April 2013Build a Solid SEO FoundationStep two: Content StrategyWrite Great Content• Especially forSEO-focused topics• Use keyword in page titlesand in links within your siteWrite Fresh ContentGoogle Loves Blogs!
    7. 7. April 2013April 2013Build a Solid SEO FoundationStep Three: Inbound Link Strategy• Create Link-worthy Content– Provide useful images(tagged with your keywords)– Create YouTube videos– Develop how-to PDFs,resource lists, case studies, etc.• Build a Great Link Profile– Get links from a variety sites– Get a mix of link anchor text• Build Links Overtime– Guest blog– Write articles for trade press– Register in important directories
    8. 8. April 2013April 2013Build a Solid SEO FoundationStep Four: Send Social SignalsB2B• Get on Google+• Use LinkedIn• Try Twitter• Try Facebook• Try YouTubeB2C• Use Facebook• Use Twitter• Try Google+• Try YouTube
    9. 9. April 2013April 2013How to Improve Social Signals• Set up accounts onimportant social channels• Launch a blog• Add share buttons toimportant pages & posts• Link your share buttons toyour accounts• Develop a Content Plan
    10. 10. April 2013April 2013Thank YouOur team can help you with:Our team can help you with: Keyword ResearchKeyword Research SEO StrategySEO Strategy Blog Design & StrategyBlog Design & Strategy Content MarketingContent MarketingContact: Kathryn McGeehanContact: Kathryn McGeehanEmail: Kathryn at marketwise dot netEmail: Kathryn at marketwise dot netMarket Wise Inc.Market Wise Inc.Getting Top Results for Clients Since 1998Getting Top Results for Clients Since 1998Content |Search | Social Email StrategiesContent |Search | Social Email Strategies