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  • Kathryn Lukian commented on Searching is a Snap! Searching is a Snap! 1 day ago
    Kathryn Lukian
    • Kathryn Lukian Kathryn Lukian Truly loved this Searching is a snap. With the information that I have learned tonight I will definitely use the lessons learned on the classes which pass thru the library. No longer shall the students sit aimlessly at the computer and after typing one word expect to have their reports or projects appear before them as if it were magic. Ho  1 day ago
  • Kathryn Lukian commented on App Smashing for Librarians App Smashing for Librarians 1 day ago
    Kathryn Lukian
    • Kathryn Lukian Kathryn Lukian Looking for combination of apps which teens could use together to increase their eagerness level K.Lukian high school librarian Quebec  1 day ago
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