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Comprehensive photo album

  1. 1. ComprehensivePhoto AlbumBY Kendall Lavin-ParsonsPeriod D
  2. 2. Prologue/Chapter 1O FunctionalismMy agenda demonstrates functionalism because ithelps me plan for the future which is adaptive andwhat functionalists studied
  3. 3. Prologue/Chapter 1O Applied ResearchI searched the definition of a word onGoogle because it helped me solve apractical problem
  4. 4. Prologue/Chapter 1O Naturalistic observationI observed Jack through apeephole without him knowing orit disrupting his behavior
  5. 5. Prologue/Chapter 1O Case StudyIn theology we studied DietrichBonheoffer a priest fromGermany hung at a concentrationcamp, he was a case study orone of few
  6. 6. Chapter 2aO DendriteThis is a picture of the roots of atree because like a dendritecollects messages it branchesoff and collects nutrients
  7. 7. Chapter 2aO Myelin SheathThis is a picture of the wire connecting the telephone polesit reminds me of the myelin sheath speeding up delivery ofsignals
  8. 8. Chapter 2aO EndorphinsThese are natural opiates relatedto pleasure and for me chocolategives me a lot of pleasure andhelps the pain
  9. 9. Chapter 2aO Endocrine systemThis is used for taking someone’sblood sugar level with diabeteswhich is all sorted out by thepancreas which is run by theendocrine system
  10. 10. Chapter 2bO CerebellumThis is my friend heather when wewere on vacation in Aruba and shewas balancing on the side edge ofthe pool and balance is controlledby the “little brain” or cerebellum
  11. 11. Chapter 2bO HypothalamusIt might be hard to see but this is myfriend heather again and she hasbeen sweating while sun bathing thisaction is controlled by yourhypothalamus in order to keephomeostasis
  12. 12. Chapter 2bO Parietal lobeThat’s me testing to see if I’m still flexible and this bodyposition is causing me pain and this is sent to my parietallobe
  13. 13. Chapter 2bO PlasticityThis poor guy (I named him Gary)lost his tail but it is growing backbecause he is a lizard and thisreminded me of plasticity becausethat means the ability for the mind totransform after damage
  14. 14. Chapter 3O Delta wavesAt a sleepover at the end ofvacation my friend Marie is deadasleep (she doesn’t know I tookthis) and her mind is going throughdelta waves in her deep sleep
  15. 15. Chapter 3O NarcolepsyI walk into my hotel room to findRich in the middle of turning on theTV when he must have fallenasleep this demonstrates classicnarcoleptic tendencies to just fallasleep in the middle of doing a task
  16. 16. Chapter 3O Sleep apneaThis one is easy to explain it is asleep apnea machine some one Iwas on vacation with just happenedto have sleep apnea and wears thisduring the night
  17. 17. Chapter 3O AmphetaminesThis is an EPI pen of sorts which Iknow when given stimulates thebody just like the drugs calledamphetamines
  18. 18. Chapter 5O TeratogensHere is a strawberry daiquiri, it isdelicious yes but for a woman that ispregnant it is a teratogen because itcontains alcohol and can damage thefetus through the placenta
  19. 19. Chapter 5O SchemaA schema is a concept that organizesinformation which is exactly like myvery full pink folder that organizes mypapers for all my separate classes
  20. 20. Chapter 5O Concrete operational stageThis poster has funny math puns and isfound in Ms. Santilli’s room at this stagechildren can start doing logical math andprobably begin to understand these jokes
  21. 21. Chapter 5O AttachmentThis is Kanga one of my favoritechildhood stuffed animals and herand her baby in her pouch showattachment just like the rhesusmonkeys we learned about
  22. 22. Chapter 6aO Bottom-up processingThis is my dinner otherwise known assweet and sour chicken which just frommy vision I sensed that it was grossbecause it looked like it was covered inblood I used bottom up processing bymaking conceptions first with my senses
  23. 23. Chapter 6aO Top-down processingI looked up this college read some information andformed my opinion of it prior to actually going to see it soI used top down processing
  24. 24. Chapter 6aO Absolute thresholdHard to see because I didn’t realizethere was a glare but my volume isturned down very low which I do everyafternoon so that when I start it in themorning it is lower than anyone likemy neighbor’s absolute threshold
  25. 25. Chapter 6aO TransductionTransduction is when the mind switches signalsinto language it can understand which is whatcomputers do too
  26. 26. Chapter 6bO AccommodationI am near sighted and these glasseshelp my eye with accommodation tofocus my retina on objects differentdistances away
  27. 27. Chapter 6bO RodsYou use your rods to see this pictureof me because it is in black andwhite
  28. 28. Chapter 6bO ConesWhile in this version you would useyour cones because it is in color
  29. 29. Chapter 6bO Human factors psychologyThis sect of psychology studies how to make humanand machine interaction easier and they need towork on the internet because I have a lot of troublewith it
  30. 30. Chapter 7aO Classical conditioningWe conditioned my dog into knowingthat when she rings the bell we let herout and she can do her businessoutside
  31. 31. Chapter 7aO Law of effectWhen my dog gets out of her bed and actually sayshello to me when I come home it is more likely thatshe gets a treat so she does it more
  32. 32. Chapter 7aO Positive reinforcementThe meal on the chair is the positivereinforcement my mother gives to herselfafter completing a half hour on theelliptical in the background
  33. 33. Chapter 7aO Negative reinforcementThis gold gate used to be inthe kitchen so my dog couldn’troam the house but we took itaway as a negativereinforcement for not havingany accidents
  34. 34. Chapter 7bO Fixed Ratio scheduleThis would be my dad’s subway cardand after a specified amount ofusages he receives a free sub on afixed ratio schedule
  35. 35. Chapter 7bO Variable interval scheduleThis is my dad’s work bag andsometimes he will randomly haveShaw’s cookies in them so I continue tocheck the cookies are in there on avariable interval schedule
  36. 36. Chapter 7bO Fixed interval scheduleI check edline for my last math test grade more and more asit gets closer and closer to 48 hours after because that isalways when she has it updated by
  37. 37. Chapter 7bO Variable interval scheduleFacebook messages come in at varyingtimes so I always have to check when I goonline
  38. 38. Chapter 8O RecallHere’s one of the tests where we had toactually recall the vocab term from ourmind in an identification instead of justrecognizing it in multiple choice forum
  39. 39. Chapter 8O HippocampusThe hippocampus is a part of out braininvolved in memories, this scrap book(mine about eighth grade) also storesmemories via pictures
  40. 40. Chapter 8O ChunkingChunking information is easily seen inacronyms, the acronym on the front ofmy jacket EAC stands for EasternAthletic Conference and makes it easierto remember
  41. 41. Chapter 8O Serial position effectThis was my English homework over the vacation andthe last one he put on the list was have a fun vacationwhich is obviously the one he wanted us to remembermost because it is the one he put last
  42. 42. Chapter 10aO Factor analysisI ordered my sat score sheet and at thetop of the paper it explained the symbolsthat represented the different type ofquestions which were combined intocategories through factor analysis
  43. 43. Chapter 10aO WAISA Rubik cube isn’t actually used in thetest I know but finding patterns like theblue backwards L and other spacefactors are used to test intelligence
  44. 44. Chapter 10aO GardnerOne of his eight different intelligences is logical mathematicalsomeone who had this type could reason this problem out in asnap
  45. 45. Chapter 10aO SternbergThis is a clip from a showcalled psych about a guywho uses very gooddeductive reasoning andhyper senses to solvecrimes he definitely showsSternberg’s third categoryof intelligence the practicalone
  46. 46. Chapter 10bO StandardizationThis picture represents the AP examswhich I know compare score receivedfrom other participants and basedgrading off of how you did compared toall the other test takers results falling ina standard natural bell curve
  47. 47. Chapter 10bO Predictive validityI do fairly well on all my tests and thosetests are proven to have predictive validityby my report card coming out and mehaving good grades in all my classes
  48. 48. Chapter 10bO Content validityThe magazine consumer reportsevaluates products and givesadvise it has content validitybecause it does not focus on onespecific item it compares everythingfor consumers from every company
  49. 49. Chapter 10bO Test-Retest reliabilityThe SATs have been proven to bereliable because people like mewho take them multiple times canimprove but for the most part wescore the same
  50. 50. Chapter 11O Drive reduction theoryHunger is one of our basic drives andMarie is satisfying hers with eating heryummy pasta at lunch time
  51. 51. Chapter 11O Set pointPeople have a set point in weight(represented by the scale) that thebody aims to stay around
  52. 52. Chapter 11O Optimum arousal theoryI was fulfilling my optimum arousal bygoing a dangerous speed on the highway giving my body an adrenaline rush
  53. 53. Chapter 11O HomeostasisI could not find the actualthermometer but this is the packageto one and this represents ourconstant temperature of 98.6 andwhen our body isn’t at thistemperature our homeostasis isthrown off and it makes us feelmiserable
  54. 54. Chapter 12aO James-Lange TOEI have sweaty palms and according toJames-Lange this triggers my emotionwhich would be nervousness
  55. 55. Chapter 12aO Schachter’s 2 factor TOEThis TOE is all about how you have to firstcognitively label the emotion you are feelingso I felt that an actual label maker helps merepresent and remember which TOE this is
  56. 56. Chapter 12aO Facial feedbackI sent a picture to my friend to showher how I was doing my make up forprom so I tried to send a superserious and model-esque picture andby making the face it actually mademe feel more serious
  57. 57. Chapter 12aO Paul EckmanIn the left picture there is more of a posed smile while in theright my eyes are actually crinkled showing happiness justlike in the pictures of Paul Eckman
  58. 58. Chapter 12bO Type AThis is my friend Matt and he is veryclearly a type A personality he got veryaggressive and vocal with his lanyardwhen our friend made a comment Mattdidn’t approve of and I got my camera outon time
  59. 59. Chapter 12bO Type BThis is my other friend Randy who is theopposite and very laid back which canbe seen with him nonchalantly slouchingin his chair after school
  60. 60. Chapter 12bO BiofeedbackThis is only the monitor on myelliptical and not some fancymonitor at a hospital but it doesmeasure heart rate shown at themiddle bottom with an 87
  61. 61. Chapter 12bO Relative deprivationI believe that I am so much worse off than Demi Lovato orany other cover girl because they are pretty and rich and Iam just me, this attitude describes relative deprivation
  62. 62. Chapter 13O IDEating a whole tub of this would begiving in to your ID completely andhaving what you want no matter whatwith no restaint
  63. 63. Chapter 13O EgoThis would become a balanced mealthat at the same time is quite yummyso it is a happy medium decidedupon by your ego the moderator
  64. 64. Chapter 13O Super EgoOnly having a couple of these raw carrotswould mean solely listening to yoursuperego and staying as far away fromyour temptations like the ice cream aspossible
  65. 65. Chapter 13O Spotlight effectWhenever I park horribly like this Ialways feel like every other person inthe parking lot is staring at me andjudging me while in reality there arevery few that would even notice
  66. 66. Project…..O THE END