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Make Money Blogging
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Make Money Blogging


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Normally when you start your blog, the last thing you think of is how your blog can be making you money. Then later down the line you ask yourself the question can a blog really make you money?
  • The answer is simple, yes you can make money from blogging, but don’t expect to quit your day job overnight just yet. It takes time to build a successful blog that will bring you in money.
  • Here are some international blogs bringing in the big cash each month.
  • Blogging is not just a international thing, we actually have a thriving local blogging community with new blogs being added each day. Did you know that the number of blogs on the internet multiply every 6 months.
  • So how much could you be earning with your blog?
  • A few hundred rand?
  • Perhaps a few thousand?
  • What about tens or hundreds of thousands?
  • TechCrunch a blog focusing on new technology startups founded in June 2005 by Micheal Arrington is reportedly earning more than US$200,000 each month. If you put that into South African currency it is more than R1.4 million.Mashable another technology blog, founded in July 2005 by Pete Cashmore, with a more focus on social networking is reportedly earning US$180,000 per month.Then there is Perez Hilton, a blogger that focuses on gossip, also started his blog in 2005 and now earns more than US$140,000 every month
  • Okay so now you are probably thinking, yea but those are big international blogs, how can much can I really make from a local blog? Currently there is no clear indication as to what the top blogs in South Africa are earning, but by taking a look of screenshots of these cheques from a local blogger and by looking at advertising costs one can easily estimate that the top blogs in South Africa earn in the 5 and 6 figure brackets. If you look very closely at this cheques you can see 5 figure amounts are hidden behind the blurs.If we take a look at 2Oceansvibe, currently South Africa’s top blog, you can clearly work out that Seth really earns big bucks. He has various brands behind him and they actually pay him just to use their brands. Brands like Puma, Vida E Café, Butlers Pizza, Cape Royale Hotel, Audi pay him R9,000 each month just to have an advertisement on his blog and to be mentioned and associated with the 2Oceansvibe brand. Just the 5 brands mentioned adds up to R45,000 per month and that is just the brands that I mentioned, plus Seth gets full use of their products.
  • Okay so now I that I got you excited about how much other local blogs are making, you are probably thinking, how do you do it?
  • The first and most important rule of blogging is, never blog to make money.
  • I repeat again, NEVER. Blogging must be a passion, something you enjoy. Making some extra cash while you do what you enjoy is a bonus. You will fail at blogging if you are in it to make money.
  • Here is a few tips on what can give you boost in getting faster results. Advertisements are linked to amounts of visits to you site, so the more people you get to visit you site the better.Blogs that make money are blogs with a specific topic, a good page rank also helps but this comes with time. Be passionate about you subject, if you are obsessed about your topic there are most likely others out there that will also be.
  • Advertisements is the most popular way of generating income from you site. Google Adsense is the most popular of the lot just because it allows you to easily get set up and generate income from your traffic.Adsense works on the bases of CPC combined with CPM, every time a user clicks on a ad you get a portion of the money worked out from the amount of hits your ad got.Adgator is a ad platform specifically aimed at South African bloggers, they work on a generous 50/50 share and your pay outs are based purely on the number of visits the ad gets. No need for someone to click on it before you earn money. Adgator is currently the most popular way of earning income for local bloggers and the also the highest paying method. Unfortunatly they are full but have plans to open up soon, you can ad you details to the waiting list.
  • Get paid to write reviews about products. Sites like will line you up with products and all you have to do is write a short review about the product, reviews doesn’t need to be positive but you will need to disclose that you being paid to write the review.
  • Affiliate programs are the probably the best for new blogs as this is not based on clicks or visitor numbers but rather on conversion rates. Affiliate programs is where you would say promote a product or service on your site and give users a affiliate link to buy or sign up for the product or service. For each sign up or sale you will then get either a percentage of the sale or fixed amount.Local sites offering affiliate services include, TrafficSynergy, OfferForge, then there is also international sites like
  • Maybe you got a cool logo, or a catch phrase like 2OceansVibe, why not put it on a mug or shirt or flash disk and sell it to your readers.
  • With the launch of paypal earlier this year right here in South Africa, it couldn’t be easier for you to receive donations. You have worked hard at getting you blog where it is, why not ask for you readers for donations. There is no reason why they wont give to you if they enjoy your blog.
  • You are knowledgeable in your niche, why not share this knowledge with others by speaking about it.Maybe you have overcome a big thing like drug addiction, this can offer allot of motivation to others and could help them. Be available to talk at conferences or schools and ask for a small donation in turn.Allot of conference does pay its speakers.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Monetizing your blog
    • 2. Can a blog make
      you money?
    • 3. Hell yea!
    • 4. International
    • 5. Local blogs
    • 6. How much could
      You be earning?
    • 7. Three figure income?
    • 8. Perhaps a four
      Figure income?
    • 9. What about a five or
      Six figure income?
    • 10. What international blogs
      Are reportedly earning
      TechCrunch: $200,000.00 p/m
      Mashable: $180,000.00 p/m
      Perez Hilton: $140,000.00 p/m
    • 11. What about local blogs?
    • 12. How do you do it?
    • 13. Never blog for the
      Sake of making money
    • 14. Never!
    • 15. Things to help You get results faster
      • Focus your blog (Niche)
      • 16. Be passionate about your subject
      • 17. Be obsessed about your topic
      • 18. Build a following
    • Different ways of
      Generating income
    • advertisements
    • 24. Product reviews
    • 25. Affiliate programs
    • 26. Sell merchandise
    • 27. donations
    • 28. Public speaking
    • 29. Advice
      • Do not be desperate to make money from ads by placing it all over your site, you do not want to scare your readers away or make them think they are visiting a marketing show
      • 30. Try and keep your content clean of advertisements, you’d be surprised how easily a reader gets distracted if you have a advertisement right between your content.
      • 31. Try and make the ads blend in with the theme of your website, Google Adsense allows you to customise the look of text ads.
      • 32. Don’t click on your own ads, most ad providers can pick this up and will disable your account.
    • Lets set up a google
      Adsense ad
    • 33.
    • 34.
    • 35.
    • 36.
    • 37.
    • 38.
    • 39.
    • 40. Thank you
      Gerhard Potgieter