Location aware Mobile Couponing


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Location-Aware Sales & Marketing Platform Overview specific to Mobile Couponing

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Location aware Mobile Couponing

  1. 1. Location-Aware Sales & Marketing Overview of the iPath MarketingAllWays™ Platform 1
  2. 2. Company Overview• iPath Technologies Private Limited is a Chennai, INDIA based technology platform and business solutions company.• Company founded in 2003. Privately funded and owned.• iPath operates in Mobility/Mobilization market space• iPath provides a unique Software Platform, iAllWays™, for the mobilization of business information & people across any device, on a need basis; seamlessly leverages the different communication channels available.• iAllWays™ is built on iPath’s patent-pending mobilization technology• The iPath iAllWays™ platform addresses both Enterprise and Consumer markets.Refer Annexure 1 for an overview of the management team 2
  3. 3. Our Mobility Implementations• Mobilization solution for micro-insurance• Mobile & Voice Enabled SLA Breach Management Solution• Auto-Insurance Claims Management• Life Insurance Mobility Solution• Mobilization Platform running with Mobile Operator• Multi-Channel enabled Global Collection Management System• Multiple mobile applications news, entertainment and business information developed 3
  4. 4. Single Platform, Reach Across Multiple Communication Channels & Devices THE TECHNOLOGYiPath’s iAllWays end-to-end information flow technology Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.iPath Technologiesis covered by pending patent applications 4 Confidential
  5. 5. Our Technology• Retrofits on existing business systems• Provides business logic for delivery• Delivers every type of mobile experience, across data and voice channels Pull Push SMS-Requests Email Mobile App / iAllWays™ Mobilization SMS Browser Voice Phone Platform Voice PC Event and API based Voice IM Integration Biz Messaging System Biz Applications Other Information 5
  6. 6. MarketingAllWays™ Sales & Marketing Platform• Built on iPath’s iAllWays™ patent-pending mobilization technology• Single platform for alerts/notifications and for on-demand access• Customer reach through multiple choices on devices and communication channels• Auto/Manual geo-location• Individual-preference driven servicing 6
  7. 7. Multiple Marketing Options On-Demand Access Push Communications Nokia Voice Skype Windows Land Phone SMS iPhone Mobile PC USSD Mobile Phone Multiple Mobile Handset Apps Portals Multiple Communication Channels IMBlackBerry Email Generic Java yMessenger Google Mobile Apple iPadm Mobiles Yahoo Gadget Android MSN GTalk Tablets iAllWays™ Powered Location-Aware Biz Sales & Marketing Platform Business Event Triggered Marketing Calendar Event Driven Marketing Location-Aware Data - News, Payment Gateway Information, Promos &OffersNOTE: The platform provides an open JSON/XML API for complete access to server side solutionconfigurations. Rapid implementation of mobile apps on any emerging platform 7
  8. 8. Location-Aware Advertising and associated Eco-System OUR VALUE PROPOSITIONiPath’s iAllWays end-to-end information flow technology Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.iPath Technologiesis covered by pending patent applications 8 Confidential
  9. 9. Location-Aware Advertising Provider• iAllWays™ platform retrofits• Differentially scalable, configuration driven iAllWays™ platform opens up rich solutioning opportunities across business segments – Multiple flavours of location aware marketing – Differential packaging for different geographies – Easy integration of location and mapping into enterprise mobility solutions• Event queue based integration for rich individual- centric business experiences 9
  10. 10. Retail Businesses• Server driven mobile applications that can engage and entertain• Custom branded for different scenarios or multiple scenarios in a single branding (engagement through breadth of content coverage)• Multiple levels of branding implementable – Logos and styles – Server controlled ads – Custom mobile apps based on an open iAllWays™ mobile api• Integration with social networks (in coming versions)• Multi-channel engagement from a single platform• Single point MIS for user tracking across user consumption end-points (email, mobile app, mobile/pc/voice portals..) 10
  11. 11. Publishers• Location-Aware availability for traditional classifieds in printed and on-line publications• Mobile lifestyle readiness for publishers 11
  12. 12. Mobile operator• Platform has the ability to build a very rich user base across consumer and business segments• Differential branding, differential servicing of individual through the day.. on a single app – Adoption – Stickiness – Rich user data and more eye balls to drive ad-revenue potential• Functional and Volume scalable platform 12
  13. 13. Handset OEM• With a single server driven information/business service, ability to create target user group specific apps on different handsets – Health apps – Infotainment apps – Location-aware apps• Open mobile api to drive developer community interest in creating infotainment apps – Server driven content & business services + location events + location-specific advertising integrated into the iAllWays™ server• All pre-loaded to drive brand stickiness 13
  15. 15. Biz Portal for Location-AwareMarketing Campaign Creation 15
  16. 16. Interactive User ExperiencesIM (GoogleTalk, MSN..) / Mobile App GPS is determining your location… 16
  17. 17. Server Initiated Wake-upContextual Actioning/Commerce 17
  18. 18. Multiple Branding Options - App Icons/SkinsNOTE: Custom mobile apps on any platform may be built using the iAllWays™Mobile API 18
  19. 19. Content-Specific Packaging 19
  20. 20. Single App - Multiple Business Solutions 20
  21. 21. Different Skins,Different Content Focus
  22. 22. Live Audio/Video Events– Cricket, Athletics, Music Concerts..
  23. 23. Digital Content Monetization Ringtones, Videos ..
  24. 24. Multiple Branding & Promotional Options- Customized skin, server-driven pop-up, connection-time & ticker ads
  25. 25. Interactivity - “Opinion Poll”
  26. 26. iAllWays™ Sales & Marketing Platform – All the functionality forimplementing successful couponing solutionsNOTE ON COUPONING 26
  27. 27. Multiple Coupon Delivery Options• Push Delivery – SMS – Email – Direct delivery inside Mobile App, with auto-wake-up capability – IM (delivery inside Google Talk..) – Voice (on a server initiated outbound call)• On-Demand Access – SMS Requests – Mobile App • J2ME Handsets • RIM BB • Apple iPhone/iPad • Google Android.. • NOTE: Open JSON/XML API available for custom app building on any mobile platform – Mobile Portal• Ensures maximal reach of coupons. 27
  28. 28. Multiple Coupon Types• Time Release Coupons using multiple scheduled campaigns• Self Destruct Coupons through time-limited marketing campaigns• Crossruff Coupons implemented using the consistent contextual-experiences configuration capability, across communication channels. – For example, an SMS Push experiences may be configured to go along with a contextual link that leads customer to more choices on a mobile portal; a very similar set of experiences all within a mobile app or a combination of email + PC/mobile portal. 28
  29. 29. Focused Marketing• Marketing campaigns tied to – Time – User Preference – Location – Business Events • Including coupon usage events – Environment events • Say, traffic snarls, weather etc., 29
  30. 30. Physical & Digital Commerce Support• Seamless blending of communication channels – Deliver coupons that will be used for physical goods redemption – Digital commerce, through configuration of contextual links 30
  31. 31. Multi-Tenancy• The iAllWay™ Biz Sales & Marketing Platform provides web based administration• Biz sign-up using self and manual provisioning 31
  32. 32. Multiple-Redemption Options• The platform’s flexible experience and orchestrated experience configurations, as well as the multi-device/communication channel delivery means multiple redemption options can be easily supported; – PC Internet – Mobile Internet – SMS – IVR – And tomorrow, possibly, USSD 32
  33. 33. Couponing-as-a-Service – iPath USPs• Unified management of coupon delivery and redemption across a range of technologies.• Zero-coding and an end-to-end configuration driven approach means rapid time to market.• Reach both on customer and business side, thanks to multiple device & communication options.• Templatized interfaces means easy customization of end user experiences. 33
  35. 35. Business• Single platform for marketing and sales• Unified management of all channels• Reach to multiple segments of population independent of skill-level, technology/network availability and language• Continuously expanding device support 35
  36. 36. Customers• Centric to need• Location aware• Choice on most convenient device available and access preferred• Information and People access to take decisions and take action 36
  37. 37. Senior Management Team ANNEXURE 1iPath’s iAllWays end-to-end information flow technology Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.iPath Technologiesis covered by pending patent applications 37 Confidential
  38. 38. Srinivasan Ramakrishnan • Founder & CEO – 20+ years in Software Product Development • Earlier venture – Front-End Technologies Private Limited – Dynamic data navigation product, InfoFast Quest™ sold to California- based nhancement Technologies Inc. (later Appiant Technologies Inc.) • Chief Architect at Appiant Technologies – Architected Appiant’s hosted offering of Unified Communications and Messaging • Studied in Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirapalli, India and University of Texas at Austin, USAiPath’s iAllWays end-to-end information flow technology Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.iPath Technologiesis covered by pending patent applications 38 Confidential
  39. 39. Mahesh N Iyer • 25+ Years Experience in the Areas Of Information Systems, Finance & General Management • • Leadership role in IT, managing and executing IS projects in different verticals including • ISP, Manufacturing, Consumer Finance, & Trading. Experience covers ERP, CRM, Call Center, Business Intelligence, Mail systems & Security. • • Leadership role in Finance backed by considerable experience in Finance, Accounts,Planning, MIS, Commercial, and General Management. • • Worked with renowned organizations handling multi disciplinary and multi location teams • • Worked 11 years in the Middle East, and widely travelled. • • Qualifications: B Com, ACA, AICWA, CISAiPath’s iAllWays end-to-end information flow technology Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.iPath Technologiesis covered by pending patent applications 39 Confidential
  40. 40. Thank you 40