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Frit 8530 presentation assignment
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Frit 8530 presentation assignment


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Announce upcoming events for the school and classroom.
    For example, you can use the calendar page to announce the dates for mid-terms, report cards, picture dates, tests, and due dates.
    Students have no excuses for forgetting.
  • Students and parents always have the syllabus available.
    We all know the paper copies get lost or thrown away.
    Posting the syllabus on a class website eliminates the excuse of not knowing classroom and teacher expectations.
  • You only have to prepare a lesson one time.
    Just post it to the website, and all of your students have access to it forever.
  • We have all heard the excuses about lost homework and forgotten due dates.
    You may also post standard practice sheets along with the answer keys for student practice at home.
    By posting homework and other assignments on the website, students have it at hand to print at home.
    This is especially useful for students who are absent.
  • Post links for your students to use for additional practice at home.
    These links can be for specific content practice, standard practice, or standardized test practice.
    Most sites even allow you to view who is using it.
  • Of course students who are absent are going to need some special attention, but they can now know the basic of the concept.
    These students are not completely lost.
    Students can practice watch presentations, practice classroom material, and even visit helpful websites for further related activities.
    This is less likely to be effective and successful for students with problematic attendance.
  • Posting presentations, assignments, due dates, practice sheets, and answer keys would be immensely helpful for hospital homebound teachers and students.
    No more gathering work and making sure it gets to the correct teacher.
    Just give the teacher your class website
    This is must more effective than simply assigning work from a textbook.
    These students can do exactly what you have done in class.
  • Making a website is so easy.
    The most time-consuming part is learning to navigate the website creating software.
    The benefits are worth the time!
    Once the basic site layout is created, the rest is simply posting to it.
  • These are just a few of the many websites that offer free website building.
    Please take a moment to write them down.
    You may also do a Google search for more.
    Take a small portion of your time and make your own class website.
    The rewards for you and your students are immeasurable.
  • This is my eighth grade math class website.
    I created this site as it is now in about an hour and a half!
    The majority of that time was deciding on a theme.
    The uploading is easy and fast.
  • I have uploaded my class presentations for the students’ use at home.
    They can review for homework or practice.
    The uploading process is very fast on Google sites.
    Parents know exactly what I am teaching and can view examples.
    I also have a page for math games and upcoming events.
  • Google sites web designer gives you the option to allow the site to automatically format to mobile technology.
    Students can open the site on a computer, tablet, smart phone, or other mobile device.
    Students always have access to class material.
    This is amazing technology.
  • Google sites is very simple to use.
    You can choose a pre-made theme or create your own.
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    • 1. Kelly Meeks FRIT 8530 Fall 2012 10/12/2012
    • 2. • • • • •
    • 3. /mrsmeeksmathclass/
    • 4. Meeks, K. (2012, August 13). Mrs. meeks' math class . Retrieved from Moneyworth, S. (2010). The benefits of creating a class website:bringing technology into the classroom.Yahoo voices, Retrieved from Pictures from Google Images: