Blogging in the Library


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PowerPoint used in teaching blogging to 3rd-5th grade students at Fork Shoals School

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Blogging in the Library

  1. 1. As you come in…With a partner, take a look at the site(Fork Shoals Reads!) on the laptopcomputers. Browse the site for a fewminutes…
  2. 2. BLOGGING INTHE LIBRARY Fork Shoals School Ms. Knight November 2011
  3. 3. WHAT IS A BLOG?
  4. 4. Now, let’s look at somefeatures of the ForkShoals Library blog!
  5. 5. When you’re ready to comment ona blog post, remember to use yourrules of netiquette!• “Net” + “etiquette” = Netiquette• Netiquette are the manners that everyone should follow when communicating online.
  6. 6. Basic Netiquette RulesBe nice and respectful.Don’t use bad language.Don’t spread rumors or lies.DON’T SHOUT.Be forgiving.
  7. 7. Netiquette and BloggingStart by reading a blog for a while. (This is called lurking.)When you feel comfortable (or when you are instructed to), join in the discussion by commenting on a blog post.Just remember that there are some netiquette rules specific to commenting on a blog.
  8. 8. Netiquette rules for bloggingDon’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person.Stay on topic.Bring something new to the conversation.Don’t be a know-it-all smarty-pants.Make your tone clear.Cite your sources with links.Don’t comment when you are emotional.
  9. 9. In addition to makingcomments, there is anotherway to contribute to the libraryblog.Write a book review for abook you’ve enjoyed!
  10. 10. Let’s look at someexamples of studentbook reviews on thelibrary blog!
  11. 11. How can yousubmit your bookreviews?• Get a student book review form and fill it out!• Every week, Ms. Knight will post at least one student review to the library blog.• Check to see if your review is posted. If it is, come to the library to receive a special reward!
  12. 12. Are you ready to comment onthe library blog?When you make comments, make sure you use your first name and last initial ONLY!Make a comment on at least two posts. READ THE POST BEFORE YOU MAKE A COMMENT!!!!Remember your rules of netiquette!!!!!
  13. 13. For every ten comments you haveapproved to the library blog (after today’slesson), you will receive a special treat!Ms. Knight will announce her “SuperBloggers” on the morning news, andthose students will be called to the libraryto get their reward!
  14. 14. After you’ve commented on at least twoposts, Ms. Knight will give you abookmark with the library blog addressesand incentive program information.If you’d like to submit an online bookreview, see Ms. Knight for a reviewsubmission form.