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Scott Hollander       105 Brown Lane      Waverly, IA 50677     Home: 319.352.4880      Cell: 630.815.4876 scott.hollander...
Scott Hollander       105 Brown Lane      Waverly, IA 50677     Home: 319.352.4880      Cell: 630.815.4876 scott.hollander...
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Hollander resume advanced manufacturing process delvelopment continuous improvement december 2012


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I can bring tremendous value to your company. This has always been the case because of my ability to become technically and commercially related to a product's design, form, fit and function.

Based on my broad participation and experiences in managing the technical and commercial events associated in: consumer products for sanitary plumbing/faucets and architectural security hardware for (cosmetic) door locks, aero space fluid filtration, on highway and off highway: automotive, agricultural, construction, mobile crane equipment, power train, drive train, engines and engine dress ups, high voltage circuit switch gear protection equipment and the electromechanical power systems and sub systems and gear boxes for renewable energy for wind turbines, I have always been able to research, discover, integrate and implement innovation and technology to produce exceptional results in equipment, cost reductions and services that delighted my customers, both internal and external.

I have documented achievements in transforming ambiguity and translating it and other information into workable strategies. This is a complex process that requires skill, dedication, teamwork as well as creativity. Significant achievements and break through results are consistently produced based on applying the disciplines of classical process engineering, process mapping and process development.

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Hollander resume advanced manufacturing process delvelopment continuous improvement december 2012

  1. 1. Scott Hollander 105 Brown Lane Waverly, IA 50677 Home: 319.352.4880 Cell: 630.815.4876 ADVANCED MANUFACTURING PRODUCIBILITY ENGINEERING Manufacturing Process Development and Continuous Improvement Project Management. Strategic Commodity Sourcing, Supplier Development and Engineering Project Supervision. A  diverse  hands  on  mechanical  engineer,  who  manages  the  technical  /  commercial  events  for  highly  engineered systems and sub systems.  Significant achievements and break through results produced that are based on applying the disciplines of classical manufacturing process engineering, process mapping and process development.  A consistent history of manufacturing management improvements with expertise in product and process development for  complex  commodities,  i.e.,  consumer  products  for  sanitary  plumbing/faucets  and  architectural  security  hardware for (cosmetic) door locks, power train auto / agri / construction, consumer goods, complex electric high voltage utilities switch gear and circuit protection, aerospace fluid filtration and wind turbine power systems in fleet wide farms.   Goal oriented and trusted project manager with solid expertise in creating and leading cross-functional teams through dramatic  change  and  improvement.  Thorough  background  in  global  sourcing,  supply  chain  management,  product development,  supplier  development  and  negotiations.    Deals  well  with  ambiguity  and  translates  information  into workable strategies.  EXPERTISE – MATERIALS, PROCESSES AND SYSTEMS         Castings: raw, machined, sand cast, gravity cast, die cast, low/high pressure cast aluminum, steel, iron, zinc            Drive train:  axles, transmissions, drive shafts, brakes, gear boxes, wheels, tires·       Contracts:  supply agreements, long term design and development  agreements·       Fabrications:  weldments, forgings raw and machined, brake forming, punch press, turret press, wire rope,          cable, pendents,rigging·       Power train:  engines off and on highway, engine dress up, tier 4 emissions treatment, heat exchangers·       Tooling:  fixtures, cutting, gauging, casting patterns prototype and production·       Hydraulics:  pumps, motors, filter modules, tubing, hoses, fittings·       Project Management:  leadership thru crisis change, team building·       Design for manufacture / assembly DFM / DFA·       Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)        Manufacturing analysis / out sourcing        Manufacturing analysis / in sourcing        Supply chain advanced strategic sourcing        Supplier development and quality        Value analysis Value engineering        Activity based scrutiny:  cost analysis, cost control, cost abatement, cost adjustment, cost reductions        Warranty vendor recovery ·       AS 400 MRP software system·       WDS MRP software system·       MAS 500 MRP software system  SAP MRP software system  EDUCATION, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND PATENTS          Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL·       Inventor: Utility Patents 6,817,032 and 7,197,771 and Trademark for Garment To Prevent Muscle Strain 1·       Professional development courses including management, engineering, quality, HR and finance·       Bi-lingual, conversational German
  2. 2. Scott Hollander 105 Brown Lane Waverly, IA 50677 Home: 319.352.4880   Cell: 630.815.4876 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CLIPPER WIND POWER, Cedar Rapids, IA 2010 – 2012 Warranty Vendor Recovery Manager and Supply Chain Leader,  (Weldments, Fabrications, Castings, Brakes and Lubricants)  Driving manufacturing engineering transformation from the supply chain organization.        Through external supplier collaboration and cross functional internal engagement with Clipper Engineering,  developed          and implemented a new advanced manufacturing process that reclaimed scrapped structural ductile iron machined   gear         boxes and housing castings. Utilizing a specialized re-welding process of ductile iron housings         and re-machining and validation through Non Destructive Testing (Ultra Sonic and Dye Penetrent). Process  generated         $225K of cost savings and became accepted practice for reclamation of scrapped castings. ·                 Reorganized warranty recovery department by leading and facilitating communication between multi-disciplined  groups        including:  Warehouse, Logistics, Quality, Engineering, Buyers, Planning, Accounting, Field Service, Legal / Contract          Administrator and Manufacturing resulting in integrating the best possible information to strengthen warranty claims.  ·     Managed recovery of $32M of warranty claim positions with vendors by negotiating settlements that maximized  financial        recovery for Clipper while maintaining strong positive vendor relationships and mitigating / managing business risks  such    s: open / future orders, contract negotiations and price increases.  Recovery of $10.65M for 2011.·       Meticulously acquired, compiled data, and documentation and maintained records necessary to substantiate warranty        claims. Chaired warranty reviews with vendors and key Clipper staff that drove settlement solutions that addressed  the        entire product value stream.  (Settlements are created by applying judgment and discretion to the input and feedback  of        Clipper staff such as Supply Chain Leaders, Supply Chain Managers, RCA Leads, Supplier Quality Engineers,  Supplier        Development Leaders, Engineering and Fleet Services.)  TEREX CRANES, Waverly, IA and Wilmington, NC         2007 – 2009 North American Commodity Manager, Drive Train Systems                 Driving manufacturing engineering transformation from the supply chain organization.        Established and implemented design development program for redesigning $25M of off and on highway powered                 planetary  steer  axles.  Design  improvement  changed  axle  beam  from  casting  to  modular  steel  formed  welded  fabrication         in order to easily accommodate and adapt to engine / frame space claims induced by Tier IV emissions regulations.        Successful execution achieved 15 % less cost than incumbent cast axle beam. ·      Established and implemented strategies for maintaining, deferring, minimizing and reducing raw material inflation         during fiscal 2008 for domestic and globally sourced commodities. 2  ·     Settled lower target costs that recaptured 2009 raw material deflation by parametrically analyzing raw material content        of supplier goods purchased and correlating to Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index.
  3. 3. Scott Hollander 105 Brown Lane Waverly, IA 50677 Home: 319.352.4880 Cell: 630.815.4876 GLOBAL N.V., Burr Ridge, IL 2004 – 2007 Advanced Strategic Sourcing Global Drive Train Buyer, New Product Development and SubsystemsPurchased over $200M of construction and agricultural equipment:  engines, hydraulics, gears and drive train systems, transmissions, axles and gear boxes for globally sourcing.Established and implemented strategies for sourcing and purchasing for over 6 commodity groups for 8 domestic and international manufacturing / assembly plants.Purchased advanced drive train technology for sourcing high horsepower high torque CVT transmission for flagship agricultural tractor. PTI TECHNOLOGIES, Oxnard, CA    2001 – 2004 Manager, Strategic Supply Chain Designed and led the lowest total acquisition cost philosophy in existing and concurrent product engineering.  Utilizing  value  analysis,  process  mapping  and  process  re-engineering  implemented  break  through  program  to  in source  $772K  worth  of  a  strategic  aerospace  commodity  critical  to  the  core  business.  The  total  acquisition  cost analysis  justified  a  capital  equipment  expenditure  of  $1M  for  developing  and  implementing  an  internal  core competency  through  vertical  integration  of  custom  designed  specialized  punching  and  press  forming  machinery cell. New Lean manufacturing process allowed Just In Time order fulfillment of high model mix (330 part numbers) low volume proliferation. The new internal core competency also gave design engineering an unparalleled way to achieve rapid prototype part generation. The investment in technology generated approximately $300K dollars per year  of  hard  cost  savings  for  each  year  of  the  accelerated  (Bush  Tax  Incentive  2001)  capital  equipment depreciation period. BLACK & DECKER HARDWARE & HOME IMPROVEMENT GROUP 2000 – 2001 KWIKSET CORPORATION, Lake Forest, CA Global Commodity Manager, Castings – Architectural Security Hardware and Sanitary Plumbing • Established  and  led  cross  functional  commodity  teams  in  the  Kwikset  and  Price  Pfister  business  units  that created and implemented value optimizing supply strategies for $30M of technically diverse castings commodities. Worked with advanced sourcing specialists to identify sources and negotiate price and delivery for new and existing components.    Pursued  low  cost  region  sources,  China,  Taiwan,  Korea,  India,  Mexico,  Japan,  and  Europe  as  a means of generating cost-out opportunities of aproximately $ 200k..  CNH GLOBAL N.V., Burr Ridge, IL  1997 – 2000Purchasing Platform Team Leader New Product Development and Subsystems 1999 - 2000                                 • Assumed  corporate  leadership  for  globally  sourcing  a  $4.7M  agricultural  corn  header  harvesting  drive  train system.  Established  and  implemented  strategies  for  sourcing  and  purchasing  for  over  6  commodity  groups.   Served  as  the  link  between  purchasing  worldwide  and  the  global  product  line,  which  had  responsibility  for  new product development processes (reliability, timing and cost), co-design strategies and contracts, and components standardization. Global Drive Train Commodity Engineer New Product Development and Subsystems 1997 – 199 Driving manufacturing engineering transformation from the supply chain organization• Incorporated  Lean  principles  to  reduce  freight  costs  by  $500K  and  maintain  engineered  component  integrity from German axle supplier to Fargo, ND 3Key liaison between global purchasing and product engineering for over $175M total spend for agricultural and construction equipment drive train systems. Managed supplier relationship / warranty reimbursement negotiations, responsible for recapturing $1M of corporate warranty claims per year.  
  4. 4. Scott Hollander 105 Brown Lane Waverly, IA 50677 Home: 319.352.4880 Cell: 630.815.4876 S & C ELECTRIC COMPANY, Chicago, IL 1994 – 1997 Manufacturing Production Producibilty Assembly Process Engineer• Developed  new  product  design  for  self  re-setting  trip  operator  mechanism  which  eliminated  complex  multiple stage reduction gearbox by using common linear motion ball screw jack. Significantly reduced bill of materials, freed up machining work centers, reduced assembly time. Decreased unit costs by $150. Manufacturing engineered and assembly producibilty for high voltage transmission and distribution circuit switch gear      protection, metal enclosed pad mount distribution switch gear, pole mounted sulfur hexifloride arc suppression            transmission  voltage  circuit  breaker  switch  gear  with  /  without  visible  contactor  trip  blades,  pre  insertion inductors, self resetting contactor trip blade operator mechanism.  GENERAL MOTORS, WILLOW RUN PLANT, Ypsilanti, MI         1989 – 1994 Automatic Transmission Manufacturing Process Engineer   • Avoided capital equipment cost of $250K and achieved a 35% reduction in machining time by retrofitting an       obsolete transmission turbine shaft cross drilling machine with precision CNC drilling units.• Accountable for the manufacture and production of automatic transmission components and assemblies. 4
  5. 5. Scott Hollander 105 Brown Lane Waverly, IA 50677 Home: 319.352.4880 Cell: 630.815.4876 5
  6. 6. Scott Hollander 105 Brown Lane Waverly, IA 50677 Home: 319.352.4880 Cell: 630.815.4876 5