OTC Consumer Shopper Insights - Brochure


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OTC Consumer Shopper Insights - Brochure

  1. 1. OTC Consumer/Shopper Insights Understanding what is important to OTC consumers and shoppers is crucial for successful brand marketing. Without a clear picture of consumer preferences and shopping trends, marketers are gambling with important marketing decisions like product offering, pricing, new product launches, retail placement/channel distribution, and promotional tools. This report is designed to offer marketers objective information and trends on OTC consumer/shopper insights. This report will be published 2nd quarter 2013. Topics Covered Each report in the Kline FlashPoint Series explores an emerging industry issue or This report is based on extensive online research with U.S. adult market development. Forward-looking and consumers/shoppers of OTC drugs conducted in March 2012 and to be rich in insights and recommendations, they conducted in March 2013. The report seeks to understand where, how, and why consumers buy OTC drugs, and what their attitudes are towards various are designed to help executives develop market realities and retail trends. Consumers are asked series of questions timely strategies to maximize business specific to each of the following OTC product classes: allergy, asthma, and opportunities. sinus medications, cough and cold preparations, digestive products, feminine products, internal analgesics, nutritional products including vitamins and Kline is a worldwide consulting and research minerals, herbal products, topical products, and other products including firm dedicated to providing the kind of sleeping aids, smoking cessation aids, and medicated weight loss products. insights and knowledge that helps companies find a clear path to success. The Report Contents firm has served the management consulting OTC product form preferences for adult OTCs and why and market research needs of organizations in the chemicals, materials, energy, life OTC product form preferences for children’s OTCs and why sciences, and consumer products industries Retail channel preferences for OTCs, with emphasis on alternate for over 50 years. For more information, visit channels, and why www.KlineGroup.com. Consumers’ unmet needs for OTCs Consumers’ preferences for OTC promotions Impact of recession on OTC purchases OTCs and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) Impact of Johnson & Johnson’s Brands Recalls Consumers’ Attitudes towards Rx-to-OTC Switch Consumers’ Online Shopping and Purchasing of OTCs Demographics Reasons to Buy the Report To understand current consumer/shopper insights specific to OTCs To identify trends in consumer/shopper insights To validate internal assumptions about consumer behavior with an independent, objective source To uncover future opportunities for growth for your OTC brandsKline & Company, Inc. www.KlineGroup.com