Kline Pro - Transactional Database Service

Kline Pro - Transactional Database Service



How fast if the salon industry growing? What are the best selling products? How many haircuts were done lost year? No one really knows...yet. ...

How fast if the salon industry growing? What are the best selling products? How many haircuts were done lost year? No one really knows...yet.

Kline PRO will help you Identify the latest market trends and emerging product innovations by utilizing item-level sales performance data collected directly from salons.



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Kline Pro - Transactional Database Service Kline Pro - Transactional Database Service Document Transcript

  • Kline PRO A new service for the salon industry based on transactional data Resource for identifying the latest market trends and emerging product innovations Competitive intelligence for use in benchmarking Specifically, this service assists the industry by providing: Interactive Database HOW FAST IS THE SALON INDUSTRY GROWING? WHAT ARE THE BEST SELLING PRODUCTS? HOW MANY HAIRCUTS WERE DONE LAST YEAR? NO ONE REALLY KNOWS...yet. KLINE PRO, a comprehensive interactive database, enables users to access the latest sales performance data on the professional hair care industry like never before. Based on transactional data, it yields category, brand, and product-level sales data on a quarterly basis. Kline Consumer Products Report KlinePRO |© 2013 Kline & Company, Inc. in collaboration with www.KlineGroup.com A highly reliable and independent source of timely industry sales performance data Data Published Quarterly Regional Coverage United States
  • Kline PRO: Interactive Database Program scope Kline PRO provides an unbiased view of the performance of the professional hair care industry based on hard, transactional data collected from a panel of thousands of independent and chain salons. The service is delivered quarterly. A rolling historical database covering eight (8) quarters is maintained so that users will have the ability to do full year-over-year comparisons. This program covers both product purchases (sell in) as well as register transactions (sell through). Data is reported at both the unit and dollar levels. Key Benefits This service is an excellent resource to empower sales, marketing, and management personnel to utilize the most up-to-date transaction-based data in their areas of responsibility. It provides subscribers with an accurate picture of the size, segmentation, and performance of the U.S. professional hair care market and enables users to exploit business opportunities by understanding market dynamics, competitive forces, product trends, forecasts, and future trends. It offers a timely source to identify and track emerging trends and the latest new product launches. Strategic planning Acquisition screening New product development Industry/category/brand assessments Competitive intelligence Specifically, this study can be used as an aid in: Database Features Separate reports for sell in vs. sell through View of individual product performance within each major brand Quarterly data updates based on hard transactional data – both dollars and units Rolling historical database User-friendliness in a simple yet sophisticated system SELL IN DATA SELL THROUGH DATA & The category scope closely mirrors that of Kline’s Salon Hair Care annual service, as follows: Hair styling products and sprays Shampoos Conditioners Hair coloring products Hair perming and straightening products The geographic scope is currently the United States only. Other countries may be added in the future. Subscribers are encouraged to interact directly with Kline’s team and to arrange for customized consultation, executive summary presentations, training of staff, or additional data or insights. This report is available through a Web-based format for easy access anywhere throughout the world. Subscribers have unlimited access to the report contents via a sophisticated but easy-to-use database. www.KlineGroup.com
  • Kline PRO: Interactive Database www.KlineGroup.com Data can be viewed by: Brand Sub-brand Item Salon demographics (see Table 2) Category (see Table 1) Segment (see Table 3) Master brand Database Contents Metrics reported: Dollars Units (ounces) Shares % Change vs. previous quarter and year prior Table 1: Product Categories Covered Conditioners Hair coloring Hair straightening/perming Hair styling Shampoos FUNCTIONFORMOTHER Anti-aging Color depositing Color protection Curl care General Moisturizing Oils Repair/condition Scalp care Smoothing Thinning hair UV/sun protection Volume Black Blonde Brunette Red Perming Straightening Curly Hold Repair/condition Shine Straight Thermal care Volume Anti-aging Color depositing Color protection Curl care Dry Moisturizing Repair/condition Scalp care Smoothing Thinning hair UV/sun protection Volume Daily rinse Leave in Masque Treatment Demi permanent Developer Lightener Permanent Semi-permanent Temporary Toner Other NA Cream Gel Glaze/lotion Mousse Pomade/paste Spray Spritz Powder NA Nature-inspired Nature-inspired Nature-inspired Nature-inspired Nature-inspired Table 3: Product Category Segmentation Table 2: Salon Demographics to be Reported Hair styling products Shampoos Promotional packages Kits Conditioners Hair coloring products Hair straightening and perming products Region within the United States Chain vs. independent Salon size Pricing tier (determined by each location’s highest priced haircut) General
  • Kline PRO: Interactive Database www.KlineGroup.com Kline is pleased to collaborate with the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) on this important industry initiative. Kline has the full support of PBA, and PBA is actively encouraging all parties including manufacturers, distributors, salon management software firms, and salons to participate in the program. Kline PRO leverages our position to partner with key stakeholders to develop a spirit of cooperation that allows us to capture and report in-depth information for the betterment of the industry. Data is collected from two main sources: chain salons and independent salons via software providers. Development of the panel is in progress. Kline estimates that once the panel is fully developed it will consist of up to 3,000 independent salons and more than 10,000 chain salons. Kline will strive to ensure that the panel is representative in terms of geography, size and type of salon, and brand coverage. Representativeness is expected to improve over time as more salons are added. Methodology Data from Salon Software Providers (est >3,000 salons) Data from Chains (est >10,000 salons) Information for the chain salons is sent directly to Kline. Two weeks after the close of each quarter, both the sales and purchase data for all of their locations is transmitted to Kline. On our secure server, that data is then translated into the appropriate catego- ries/segments and aggregated into one total. At no time is the specific location from which the data originates shared with Kline. The process for independent salons is very much the same, but instead of being sent to Kline by the salon itself, the salon manage- ment software companies are able to collect, aggregate, and send the data. This is a very efficient way to collect data for thousands of locations and also allows the salons to remain anonymous. Kline respects the privacy of all panelists, both chain and independent, and has agreements in place that prevent Kline from receiving any identifiable information. Only the general demographics of region, salon sizes, and pricing tiers are shared. Data from each participant is anonymously aggregated with data from thousands of other salons. Data that could identify any salon is never disclosed and will always be protected under the strict code of ethics that Kline has practiced for more than 50 years. Kline & Company is unmatched in our ability to gather hard-to-get market and competitive intelligence with a high degree of confi- dence. We have been researching and publishing reports for the professional salon industry for more than 20 years; our research in professional beauty now spans 23 countries.
  • Kline PRO: Interactive Database www.KlineGroup.com Kline Credentials Kline is a worldwide consulting and research firm dedicated to providing the kind of insight and knowledge that helps companies find a clear path to success. The firm has served the management consulting and market research needs of organizations in the chemi- cals, materials, energy, life sciences, and consumer products industries for over 50 years. Kline's research and consulting services extend across the entire personal care industry value chain. Our solutions have helped clients develop better ways to create and profit from new business opportunities, respond to competitive and economic threats, improve productivity, achieve sustainable growth, and optimize performance. Kline provides clients with facts, forecasts, and recom- mendations based solidly on the realities of the market. Our market research reports and services are designed to provide subscribers with a deeper understanding of their markets, an outlook for their business, and accurate information about their competitors. Our clients tell us they often use Kline's market research to validate their own internal analysis, and many clients rely on Kline reports as their most critical source of information. Kline began publishing its Cosmetics & Toiletries market research report in 1963, and Salon Hair Care began as an offshoot in the early 1990s. Today Kline is widely recognized as the authority on the professional hair care market. No other market research provider covers this topic as comprehensively as Kline. We have monitored this hard-to-track market for more than 20 years. We have an extremely loyal client base in the professional hair care sector, with all major industry participants and many smaller ones relying on Kline for their market intelligence needs. Recently published or in-progress research for the Consumer Products industry includes: Cosmetics & Toiletries Beauty Devices Salon Hair Care Professional Nail Care Professional Skin Care Natural Personal Care Male Grooming Beauty Marketing Beauty Retailing Personal Care: Competitor Cost Structures What Others Are Saying About Kline PRO In an increasingly competitive and changing industry, the ability to make decisions with accurate and reliable data is a must. The salon industry has not had robust data that brings together the diverse spectrum of the salon industry from salons to chains to distributors. I'm incredibly excited and supportive of the collaboration between the industry's trade associa- tion - PBA - and one of the world's foremost experts in data - Kline. The output from this collaboration will help everyone in the salon industry. “ Reuben Carranza CEO, Wella ”PBA is continually working to broaden the scope and accuracy of industry research, which benefits our members and the industry as a whole. We will continue to encourage all parties to work with PBA and Kline on this important initiative so that the most accurate data can be collected and used in the decision-making process. “ ” Steve Sleeper Executive Director, Professional Beauty Association We are very pleased to collaborate with PBA and other manufacturers on Kline PRO. The salon industry has lacked point-of-sale marketplace data so this research project fills a true business need for us all. It will provide invaluable information for manufacturers on product usage and will help move the industry forward by deepening our understanding of the market and customer trends. Trevor Attenborough President of Kao USA, Salon “ ”