Personalizing Non-Personal Promotion: A Strategic Framework


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Personalizing Non-Personal Promotion: A Strategic Framework

  1. 1. Personalizing Non-Personal Promotion:A Strategic Framework November 2, 2011
  2. 2. Presentation Objectives Why NPP should be a priority pharma capability The key components of a successful NPP Initiative How personalization can enhance each NPP component Applying a strategic framework to your NPP initiatives
  3. 3. Non-Personal Promotion DefinedBrand commercialization initiatives that do not involve the sales force as the primary communication channel
  4. 4. Non-Personal Promotion: Why? Traditional “rep-centric” commercial model under strain  Customers are questioning value exchange, relevance  ROI  compliance issues  Evolving the commercial model is a top priority
  5. 5. For every 100 sales reps that visit a medical practice…TNS Healthcare survey, March 2009 (n= 1500 physicians)
  6. 6. 37 provide samples..TNS Healthcare survey, March 2009 (n= 1500 physicians)
  7. 7. 20 speak to a physician in person.TNS Healthcare survey, March 2009 (n= 1500 physicians)
  8. 8. physicians 1 in 4 work in a practice that refuses to see pharma repsTNS Healthcare survey, March 2009 (n= 1500 physicians)
  9. 9. of physicians 40% will meet with pharma reps by appointment onlyTNS Healthcare survey, March 2009 (n= 1500 physicians)
  10. 10. Non-Personal Promotion: Why? Because traditional “rep-centric” commercializationmodel under strain Your customers want it
  11. 11. of physicians had a positive 67% attitude toward electronic promotion activitiesSDI ePromotion Annual 2008, n=1000 physicians, 14 specialties
  12. 12. of physicians said that 73% e-promotion activities were equal or superior to face to face callsSDI ePromotion Annual 2008, n=1000 physicians, 14 specialties
  13. 13. of physicians 69% participated in e-promotion activities in the eveningSDI ePromotion Annual 2008, n=1000 physicians, 14 specialties
  14. 14. Non-Personal Promotion: Why? Because traditional “rep-centric” commercializationmodel under strain Your customers want it You can be successful
  15. 15. Invitation and Participation in Various Types of Online Promotion - All ePharma Physicians % Invited Average # of % Participating Average # of Average length * Unweighted times invited to times of time (in Sample Size for participate participating minutes, among avg. length of time (among those (among those those receiving participating in participating in invitations) each) each)*Interactive self-service website(a site that can be accessed 66% 12 46% 5 16 74624/7)A "virtual detail" (one-way 64% 12 45% 4 12 741streaming audio/video)Live web-based seminar (i.e. 73% 9 38% 2 27 630Webinar)Recorded web-based seminar (i.e. 68% 9 40% 3 22 647Webinar)Key Opinion Leader/Clinical 67% 9 41% 3 34 769Expert-led sessionsMicrosite or pharma-sponsoredinformation site embedded in 48% 14 32% 4 12 516website intended for HCPsLive video chat via webcam (alsoknown as a live video detail) with a 51% 11 31% 5 14 411pharmaceutical or biotechcompany sales representativeSource: ePharma Physician® v10.0 (2010), Manhattan Research
  16. 16. Personalization: Why? Use personalization to give customers a great experience
  17. 17. Personalization will become an expectation
  18. 18. Personalization: Why? Use personalization to give customers a great experience Relevance drives engagement Personalization drives conversion
  19. 19. If only it was this simple in pharma… Buy Now
  20. 20. Personalization 91% efforts led to improvements in online conversion ratesAberdeen Group: This Time its Personal: Making Online Experiences Unique, 2007 n= 300 companies
  21. 21. Why a Strategic Approach to P-NPP? Often considered as stand-alone tactics to supplementan ongoing sales force effort Frequently suffers from lack of integration with overallmarketing strategy Technology enables us to do it well, and we are spoiledwith great data sources!
  22. 22. P-NPP: Four Components Targeted Relevant Outreach EngagementObservation Need & FulfillmentAdjustment
  23. 23. Targeted OutreachKey Components: Leveraging targeted promotional vehicles to reach the targetaudience and drive to the digital destination, such as: Print ads with URLs or QR codes DM pieces with URLs or web keys Email (owned list, list rental or sponsorship) Display Advertising (Banner Advertising) Search Engine MarketingEmploying retargeting and digital CRM to drive on-going high valueengagements over time
  24. 24. Targeted Outreach Personalization Opportunities: Initial audience outreach High personalization opportunity with one-to-one communications (EM/DM) Low personalization opportunity with one-to-many communications (banners, search marketing, etc.)Subsequent / follow-up outreach Based on observed ad interactions and on-site behavior, users can be segmented to enable increasingly relevant messages
  25. 25. Relevant Engagement Key Components: A Self-directed, interactive promotional experience  Respectful of physician’s time and information needs  Content delivered via a KOL to maximize credibility  Leverages rich media content Polls that feedback national aggregate data Share functionality Integrated with existing digital properties (brand site)
  26. 26. Exampla®Exampla®
  27. 27. Relevant Engagement Personalization Opportunities: Known Users: Promotional story flow personalized leveragingexisting prescribing preference data, key objections, etc. Unknown users: profiling questions at the beginning andthroughout the promotional activity that helps streamlines content Geotargeting Opportunities: based on IP address, relevant contentsuch as managed care information can be personalized
  28. 28. Need Fulfillment Key Components:At the end of the promotional activity, make it easy for them toaccess additional information  Clinical data in reprint or slide format  Patient education resources for the office  App downloadsIf some activities require registration, offer progressive registration  Requesting a rep visit  Registering for education initiatives  Samples
  29. 29. Need Fulfillment Personalization Opportunities: Nothing is more personalized than a live connection If the P-NPP initiative is supplementing a field force effort, haverep fulfill the request whenever possible Offer live connectivity via phone, interactive chat or video
  30. 30. Observation & Adjustment Key Components: Real time segmentation based on observed behaviors and actions(implicit & explicit) Intelligent content pathing based on segmentation Auto-adjusting offer serving and follow-on message flow based onsession data
  31. 31. Observation & Adjustment Personalization Opportunities: With dynamic segmentation and content customization inplace, the three other quadrants can become as personalized as isfeasible based on resources and available attributesSome attributes could include:  Educational institution (alma mater)  Geographic region  Prescribing preferences  KOL status  Known peer influences Etc.
  32. 32. The framework is presented as a cycle for a reason… It’s not a campaign, it’s aconstant conversation  Create an on-going value exchange with the physician The more they engage, themore we learn about them And the more we learn, the more relevant we can be!
  33. 33. Multiple touch points drive behavior changeEach touch creates brand building and learning opportunities 1st Touch 2nd Touch 3rd Touch 4th Touch Engagement Relevancy Favorability Propensity to Convert
  34. 34. And the Cycle Continues Until……Everyone in your target list is a Top Decile Writer?
  35. 35. An Example A new neuroscience product launch of Exampla® Neurologists are key HCP target Company has other products in this market Company does not have its own “opt-in” customer list NPP campaign to supplement existing field force efforts Purchases an e-mail list to directly target top 2000 Neurologists
  36. 36. Follow Two Customer Pathways Known Targeted RelevantUnknown Outreach Engagement Observation & Needs Adjustment Fulfillment
  37. 37. Known: Customer Targeting & Outreach• Dr. Jones receives a personalized e-mailinviting him to participate in an interactivepromotional overview of Exampla®• Rep drops off web key invite card with Dr. Jonesoffice manager Neurologist• After two weeks, Dr. Jones has not entered • No See • Busy Practiceinto the program, so a second e-mail is sent • Early adaptor• Dr. Jones uses web key to enter program in • Customer Segment: Unknownthe evening from home • Key Objection: Unknown • Perceptions of Brand: Unknown
  38. 38. Known: Digital Engagement• Dr. Jones enters personalized interactiveprogram (a section of• Content is delivered in video format by Dr.John Freeman, one of the most respected Dr. JonesNeurologists in the field Neurologist• After reviewing some content, he responds • No See • Busy Practiceto a number of profiling questions and • Early adaptorresponds to some polls • Customer Segment: Unknown • Key Objection: Known • Perceptions of Brand: Known
  39. 39. Known: Fulfillment• Dr. Jones requests: • a reprint of the published pivotal study • samples• Dr. Jones registers for a local webinar that Dr. Joneswill take place in a couple of weeks Neurologist• Study and sample requests are forwarded • “No See” • Busy Practiceto local representative who drops by the • Early adaptoroffice to deliver within the week • Customer Segment: Unknown • Key Objection: Known • Perceptions of Brand: Known
  40. 40. Known: Message Refinement & Retargeting• Based on his content consumption andfulfillment requests: • Dr. Jones is segmented based on behavior Dr. Jones • He is assigned to a promotional Neurologist messaging and advertising stream that • No See • Busy Practice informs next outreach and • Early adaptor communication plan • Customer Segment: Known • Call note profiling (if applicable) is • Key Objection: Known incorporated into segmentation • Perceptions of Brand: Known• This cycle repeats based on subsequentonline interactions
  41. 41. Follow Two Customer Pathways Known Targeted RelevantUnknown Outreach Engagement Observation & Needs Adjustment Fulfillment
  42. 42. UnKnown: Customer Targeting & OutreachUser searches for new treatment info ??Advances in Epilepsy Treatment • No • Interest in EpilepsyHealth care professionals: get info on a new treatment option. treatments • Likely to be a health care professionalWe learn… They are interested in epilepsy treatments They are likely a health care professional
  43. 43. Unknown: Digital EngagementUser lands on relevant content on Use in combo with other therapies Exampla® for complex partial ?? seizures Hear from Dr. Samantha • Customer Segment: Grey on new advances in Unknown epilepsy treatment Facts on Exampla Safety • Interest in Epilepsy treatments • Likely to be a health care professional • Interest in combining with other therapies Based on content interactions, we can learn more about his/her particular interests
  44. 44. Unknown: FulfillmentAt end of video, she is prompted to register Dr.?? Smith Neurologist Thanks for • Customer Segment: • Customer Segment: watching Unknown In Consideration • Interest in Epilepsy • Interest in Epilepsy treatments treatments • Likely to be a health • A neurologist with a care professional Boston private practice in Schedule a call with an Exampla Representative to learn more. •Interest in combining • Interest in combining with other therapiescontentOr, click to receive: •Wants to speak with a content Clinical reprints Patient education resources Samples rep to learn more
  45. 45. Unknown is Now Known: Observation & SegmentationWe can now serve up a personalized follow-up experience to Dr. JonesWhen the rep goes to see her, he can come Dr. Smitharmed with information that would be relevant Neurologistto her, taking into account her: • Customer Segment: In Consideration • Interest in Epilepsy Customer Segment treatments • A neurologist with a Geographic location private practice in Boston Combo therapy interest •Interest in combining with other therapies •Wants to speak with a rep to learn more
  46. 46. P-NPP Planning: Key Considerations Integrate P-NPP into your overall HCP marketing plan creation Explore data integration opportunities early in the process Look for opportunities for field force promotion and fulfillment ofP-NPP Focus efforts on the creation of engaging content and value-addedofferings A robust analytics plan can inform on the effectiveness of allaspects of the campaign
  47. 47. “ Get Their Attention ” “Offer A Relevant & Valuable Experience”o E-mail o Self-Directed Experienceo Web key (Rep-Delivered or DM) o KOL-Facilitated Contento Search Engine Marketing o Leverage Rich Mediao Display Advertising o Profiling Questionso Editorial Integration o Surveys and Case Study Questionso Mobile Advertising o Integrated into existing digital propertieso Print Leave-Behinds o Sharing functionalityo Print Journal Advertising o o Geo-Targeting o Media“ Increasing Relevance” Retargeting “ Value-Added Follow-up “o Dynamic segmentation based on o Clinical data (reprints/slides)explicit (customer provided) and implicit o Patient Education Materials(observed) data o App Downloadso Rules engine to facilitate dynamic o Education Registrationcontent customization and o Progressive Registration for Samplespersonalization and Rep Visitso Tracking of both on-site (content o Live connection via phone, interactiveconsumption) and off-site (ad chat or videointeraction) behaviors to increase o Rep fulfillment a prioritycustomer understanding and relevancy P-NPP Worksheet
  48. 48. Greg Rice Julie Batten