Unit 3 study guide answers
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Unit 3 study guide answers






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Unit 3 study guide answers Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Ottoman Empire was partitioned by the United Nations without considering religious and ethnic backgrounds. This caused conflict in the region for many years.
  • 2. Jerusalem
  • 3. 1. Holocaust – The murder of 6 million Jews during and after WWII.2. Anti-Semitism-hostility and hatred toward Jews.3. Zionism – the movement in the 19th centuryto create a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine. 4. Religious Connection to the land
  • 4. Their Holy City, Jerusalem, islocated there.
  • 5. Their Holy City, Jerusalem, islocated there.
  • 6. Anti- Semitism- Hostility towards Jews 1. Holocaust 2. Pogroms 3. Dreyfus Affair 4. Restrictions on Jewish Immigration
  • 7. They strongly disagreed and thought it was unfair.
  • 8. Five Arab armies invaded Israel. Israel won and doubled their land.
  • 9. To take Palestine back from Israel.
  • 10. They are fighting over landthat was once Palestine and belonged to Arab Muslims. The land was given to theJewish Israelis and renamed Israel.
  • 11. Radical groups of Muslim terrorists
  • 12. In search of Osama Bin Laden who masterminded the attacks on September 11, 2001.
  • 13. The U.S. thought that SaddamHussein was producing WMD’s in defiance of the cease fire thatended the Persian Gulf War. The U.S. also feared a connectionbetween Hussein and Al-Qaeda.
  • 14. Central government hold the mostpower (to make and enforce laws).
  • 15. A voluntary association ofindependent states that delegates only a few powers to a weak central authority.
  • 16. Power is SHARED between the central authority and several regional authorities.
  • 17. Government in which ONE PERSON has unlimited control to make decisions. Little to no CITIZEN PARTICIATION!
  • 18. Government in which a small groupcontrols for selfish reasons – only a few citizens participate.
  • 19. Government in which the citizenshave the ability to participate fullyin the government through freely held elections.
  • 20. A system of government in whichthe President (Executive Branch) is constitutionally independent ofthe legislature (Legislative Branch)
  • 21. A system of government having the real executive power vested in a cabinet composed of members ofthe legislature who are individually and collectively responsible to the legislature. (May have a PrimeMinister selected by the legislature)
  • 22. The central government has the power. I have the POWER
  • 23. The regional authorities hold the most power
  • 24. No Citizen Participation!Only one leader gets to make decisions.
  • 25. Only a few citizens participate.Usually selfish and corrupt people who make the decisions.
  • 26. Monarchy – Unitary - Autocratic
  • 27. Parliamentary Democracy – Federal - Democratic
  • 28. Prime Minister chose by the legislature.
  • 29. Israel’s Parliament
  • 30. They have little influence, the rulers make all the decisions.
  • 31. Government based onreligions and led by religious leader
  • 32. The royal family andadvisors choose him