Creativity And Service Delivery Kieran Lenihan

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  • 1. Creative Thinking and Service Delivery Kieran Lenihan 15-16 October 2008
  • 2. yes and yes but richness, novelty reasoning associative linear visual verbal right brain left brain an answer answer subjective objective diffuse focused suspended judgment judgment possibility probability lateral vertical divergent convergent generative analytic Creative Thinking Critical Thinking
  • 3. Creativity What is it?
  • 4. Creativity is an ability
    • To imagine or invent something New
    • Not out of nothing but by combining, changing or reapplying existing ideas
  • 5. Creativity is an attitude
    • The ability to accept change and newness
    • Willingness to play with ideas and possibilities
    • Habit of enjoying the good ,while looking for ways to improve it.
    • Looking at other possiblities
  • 6. Creativity is a process
    • Working hard to improve ideas and solutions
    • Making gradual alterations and refinements to their works
    • Knowing that there is always room for improvement
  • 7. Creativity Quotes
    • "Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."   --   Edward de Bono
    • We know where most of the creativity, the innovation, the stuff that drives productivity lies - in the minds of those closest to the work.
    • Jack Welch
    • Creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited energy of the child with its apparent opposite and enemy, the sense of order imposed on the disciplined adult intelligence.
    • Norman Podhoretz
  • 8. Creative Methods- Evolution
    • Incremental Improvement e.g cars, hotel service, screws
    • Every problem can be solved in a better way.
  • 9. Creative Methods-Synthesis
    • Marrying of two ideas into a third e.g audio books, using texting by LA’s to inform students of student grant applications
  • 10. Creative Methods-Revolution
    • Radically new idea- dyson vacuum cleaner, Teapot 2000
  • 11. Creative Methods-Reapplication
    • Look at something old in a new way
    • Remove prejudices, expectations
    • See beyond previous stated applications
  • 12. Creative Methods-Changing Direction
    • Creative breakthroughs occur when attention is shifted from one angle of a problem to another e.g tackling vandalism
    • The goal is to solve the problem, not implement a particular solution
  • 13. Creative Thinking Techniques-Brainstorming
    • Suspend Judgement-no criticism just let the thoughts flow
    • Think freely- bizarre, funny and way out acceptable
    • Tag on- Add to other’s ideas. Modify etc
    • Quantity is important- takes a while to get going, first few probably not great
  • 14. Ways to Improve Something
    • Simplify
    • Apply to new use
    • Automate
    • Reduce Cost
    • Make easier to understand
    • Reduce fear to own, use
    • Give more performance, capacity
    • Make faster, less waiting
    • More durability and reliability
    • Better appearance
    • More Features and Functions
  • 15. Ways to improve something (continued)
    • Integrate Functions
    • More flexible, versatile
    • Lighter or heavier
    • More powerful
    • Reduce side effects
    • More elegant
    • Better taste, feel, look, smell, sound
    • More accurate
    • Quieter
    • Self-cleaning