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Zoology holidaybreak review

Zoology holidaybreak review






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    Zoology holidaybreak review Zoology holidaybreak review Document Transcript

    • Zoology-holiday break Review. Midterm Study Guide: complete an outline that covers the following material. All answers must be given using DETAILED, ACCURATE, AND SPECIFIC INFORMATION from labs, notes/discussions in class or your textbook (or other resources but all work must be cited). All answers must be in your own original words (no plagiarism)Cell Membrane The difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells The macromolecules it is made of Importance of being semi-permeableDNA/RNA/Genetics Discuss what base pairs got together between A, C, T, G Create DNA base pair chain that is 10 strands long and decode it to the tRNA stage. Example: TAT ATA CGT TGA… 10 long and then decode it using the technique we used in class Compare and contrast genotype and phenotype Be able to successfully complete a Punnett square for a monohybrid and Dihybrid cross. Find 2 examples of each on the internet and complete them. Submit the url for the website as proofEvolutions/Genetics What is the difference between natural selection and artificial selection, and what is required for natural selection Discuss competition between organisms including why it occurs and give examples of how organisms have adapted because of competition. Discuss the difference between non-native species and invasive species Discuss what an invasive species is, why is can be harmful to habitats and give two examples of invasive species in the US. They MUST NOT be the 2 that I gave you in the article for homework. Tell me where they are native to , how they got here and why they have become such a nuisance. Difference between endangered, extinct and threatened species. One terrestrial example of each in Florida.Ecology Compare and contrast habitat and niche Compare and contrast populations and communities Explain how changes in biodiversity and trophic levels affect health of ecosystems Explain and give examples of the three different types of symbiosis Explain the 3 different types of community interactions Explain the role of a keystone species in an ecosystem and changes that occur in the ecosystem when the keystone species is removed.