2013 Honda Civic Coupe - A "2012 Best Redesigned Vehicle"


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The 2013 Civic Coupe has more technology, power and style than ever before. See pictures, and specs for the 2013 Honda Civic Coupe. Features including Accessories, Exterior, Interior, Electronics. A sporty new shape and the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™.

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2013 Honda Civic Coupe - A "2012 Best Redesigned Vehicle"

  1. 1. 2013 Honda Civic Coupewww.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Civic-Coupe
  2. 2. Accessories ExteriorFront Under Body SpoilerAccentuates the aerodynamic styling of your Civic•Low profile, sporty styling give the vehicle a custom look•Available in all Civic Sedan colors to match factory finish•Honda manufactured components ensure precise fit and easyinstallation Rear Underbody Spoiler Accentuates the aerodynamic styling of your Civic. • Low profile, sporty styling give the vehicle a custom look •Available in all Civic Sedan colors to match factory finish •Honda manufactured components ensure precise fit and easy installation www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Civic-Coupe
  3. 3. Accessories ExteriorSide Underbody SpoilerAccentuates the aerodynamic styling of your Civic.•Low profile, sporty styling give the vehicle a custom look•Available in all Civic Coupe colors to match factory finish•Honda manufactured components ensure precise fit andeasy installation 16 Inch Machine Finish Alloy Wheel The perfect way to add extra wow factor to your new Honda. Alloy wheels not only look amazing, but they can also help ensure the longevity of wheel bearings, suspension joints, and wheels. • Wheels are stringently tested to match all Honda requirements as well as those from the Society of Automotive Engineers • Hub-centric design ensures an exact fit for wheel balance and less vibration to ensure a smooth ride •W dth-matched to fit your car precisely for proper clearance and handling •Clear-coat finish over the front of the wheels helps prevent corrosion and makes cleaning easier www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Civic-Coupe
  4. 4. Accessories ExteriorBody Side MoldingBody Side Molding accentuates the Civic’s styling, but there’smore to it than just good looks. It’s ideally positioned where theside panel extends out the most in order to help protectagainst door dings and scratches.• Color-matched to original factory specifications.• Custom-fit specifically for your Honda Wheel Locks Unexposed These Wheel Locks are the best way to ensure that your great-looking wheels stay on your Honda, where they belong. • Functions like a regular lug nut but requires a special key tool for installation and removal • Chrome-plated triple nickel finish for a brilliant shine and corrosion prevention • Hardened-steel construction is durable and theft resistant • Includes a handy storage pouch to keep the key socket from being misplaced www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Civic-Coupe
  5. 5. Accessories InteriorAll Season Floor MatWet boots. Muddy shoes. Dog hair. No problem. All- Season FloorMats act as a protective layer between nature and your originalcarpets.• Specially designed to trap dirt• Made of durable, all-weather material• Easily cleaned with mild soap and water• Custom appearance thanks to the molded logo Cargo Net The Cargo Net keeps your grocery bags upright and holds most loose items securely in place. • Elastic cord construction is tight-fitting, helping to prevent damage to contents Cargo Hook Avoid having to pick-up groceries and other items that have spilled out of their bags and scattered all around the trunk or under seats. • Conveniently holds shopping bags upright by their handles • Three separate hangers per hook • Presets make installation simple www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Civic-Coupe
  6. 6. Accessories ElectronicsXM® Satellite RadioYou’ll find the most worthwhile listening on XM®—rock, classical,hip-hop, jazz, politics, public radio, sports, news and everything inbetween. It also now offers the optional Best of SIRIUS.• Over 170 digital channels of music, traffic and entertainment• Live concerts and original programming• Digital sound provides the best tonal quality available Remote Engine Start System II It’s all about comfort and convenience. With the Remote Engine Start System II you can start your car from up to 400 feet away, before going outside in the cold or heat. • Integrates with your vehicle’s security and immobilizer systems to ensure protection • Activates the Auto Climate Control to 72 regardless of last A/C settings • The remote includes an LCD display that indicates vehicle and in-cabin temperature status • Comes with pre-wired set-up for your specific model • Lock/Unlock Door and Trunk Release • Carries 3-year/36,000 mile warranty when installed at time of purchase www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Civic-Coupe
  7. 7. eSales: 855-208-0991www.kleinhonda.com/washington-honda-dealer/new-honda/Civic-Coupe