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Thesis Midterm032610 Thesis Midterm032610 Presentation Transcript

  • donutholes small things that fill little voids Katherine Lee Midterm Mania March 26, 2009
  • More Customizability •  Shoes •  Cars •  Electronics
  • Thesis Concept An effective customization tool must empower the user to make something they personally connect with. Customization that incorporates some element of the user’s feelings or persona fosters a sense of ownership.
  • Proposition A web-based customization tool that allows users to design plush creatures or soft objects using… –  A selection of base body shapes –  Facial features like eyes, mouths –  Appendages like legs, arms, tails, etc. –  Skins from existing color/print selection & from custom uploads (custom digital printing)
  • Why I Am Doing This •  There is currently nothing like this –  Closest things = Build-a-Bear Workshop (shudder) and super-expensive monster kit •  People feel an affinity for soft, plush things –  they’re comforting and can assume many identities –  they can have a personal value separate from your public persona
  • Design Questions •  Why do people customize things? •  Who customizes things? •  What kinds of things do people customize? •  What makes a customization tool fulfilling or satisfying to use? •  What makes people like what they’ve made? •  What gives people a sense of ownership over something they’ve customized?
  • Make My Own Monster
  • Dunkin Donuts Make Your Own Donut
  • Marvel Create Your Own Super Hero
  • Spore Creature Creator
  • Why People Customize Stuff •  to make things they care about or are proud of •  to make something that reflects something about themselves •  to feel rich •  to have something unique •  because it’s fun Goal: to design a joyful interactive experience in which everything the user chooses to do feels like the right thing to do
  • Target Users •  Designer toy enthusiasts •  Kids •  People who give really personalized gifts
  • Prototype Testing
  • Considerations •  Make it easy to “try things on” •  Making the creation process less structured •  More options for everything to enable more personalities –  More flair –  Ears and noses –  Themes? •  Color
  • For Symposium •  Demo of customization tool •  5 examples of objects created with tool •  Project vision
  • Schedule Week of: March 21 – create forms and MCs for all forms in Flash March 28 – make more forms, concept testing + program selection tool April 4 – program selection tool, visualization tool April 11 – scale/rotation + QA testing April 18 – QA testing, fine-tune site, make more demo products April 26 – QA for site + Symposium
  • Life After Symposium •  Online customization tool •  Ability to order your creation and have it made and sent to you •  Interactive environment for the community of user creations •  Crowdsource to make the most popular creations available
  • Thanks!