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  • 1. Crystallized
    Hybrid Worlds: Nano+Bio+Art
    Victoria Vesna | SiddarthRamakrishnan
    Katherine Lee
    MFADT candidate 2010
  • 2. abstract
    Crystallized seeks to apply the logic and elegance of natural systems to wearables, exploring the structural relationships that emerge through relating viral forms to wearable objects. Using structures inspired by viruses, Crystallized aims to reinterpret the beauty and evolutionary robustness of the virus world within the constraints of wearable media.
  • 3. concept
    Virology is a source of well-validated structures & shapes.
    These architectural forms can be deconstructed or abstracted to create novel wearables and explore unprecedented applications.
  • 4. social context
    Postmodern fashion
    this project
    Social context around vaccines
  • 5. precedents
  • 6. The MMR vaccine and autism
  • 7. proposal
    I propose a series of wearable representations of viral structures investigating novel architectures within the constraints of wearable media and human scale
    2. Structural representations of molecular forms
    1. Laser-cut textiles of molecular representations
  • 8. design questions
    How can virus-like structures and forms be meaningfully deconstructed and applied to wearables?
    What novel and functional architectures can be created?
  • 9. schedule
    Week of…
    April 25: prototypes – laser-cut viral proteins
    May 2: prototypes – helical accessories
    May 7: concept PDF with final layout
    May 14: show
  • 10. references
    N-e-r-v-o-u-s system custom dendrite program. Image: screen shot via http://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/dendrite/. 2009.
    Mashallah Designs, T-shirt Issue. Image: Marco Marcus. 2008.
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    Noad, R. Roy, P. Virus-Like Particles as Immunogens. 2003. Trends Microbio. Sep;11(9):438-44.