Analysis of beyonce


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Analysis of beyonce

  1. 1.  Prior to the beginning scene- looks riot scene men are excited and running around and women are calm and serious   Introduced as men vs women shows that women are more dominant and powerful in this rather than it being men  The manner she is standing in creates Seems to be standing against somethinga pride appearance about her especially as she is standing alone makes her the centre of attention all eyes are drawn to her
  2. 2. This shot of her in the middle shows that she’s the star, which tracks her movement and establishes the scene. The use of close ups in the video illustrate Beyoncé's significance and her fiery emotions. By using close ups it enhances the fierce atmosphere using dark makeup and a dark background distinguishes her from the rest of the performers. This portrays her female dominance in the video developing her star image.
  3. 3.  These two shots Beyonce also enhances her star imagery as there is a flag of her and as she rides in on a horse.  In addition as she is the only that is on a horse it is a clear distinction between the performers and the artist.
  4. 4.   The Close up of Beyoncelooks significant. The Egyptian head jewellery makes her look high and mighty as she stands out from the rest looks dominant  Due to the flag and coordinated army hats and clothing makes them look united considering that they’re saluting Beyonce Looks seductive; lips apart, Smokey eye make up, looks wild and fierce. Her appearance is similar to an empress. This gives her an authoritative figure
  5. 5.  The quick cuts between each scene displaying the diverse shots of scenarios of the story that is being told (lyrics).
  6. 6.  This video is targeted at female audience to demonstrate that they too can be just as powerful and dominant as men are.
  7. 7.  The close up of her licking her finger is seductive which makes her active and the males passive as they are seen as weak and can be taken for advantage.
  8. 8.  Men are afraid- standing there with riot shields and moving back from them. Again this reverses the conventions of the theory as they fear women and they are more dominant.
  9. 9.  Conventions of the music video: The convention of her as an artist and convention of the genre of music to have dancing in it.   Men move back in fear as she comes towards them Men are scared of the women. This challenges the stereotype convention that men are more dominant than women, whereas women are more authoritative and prevailing in this.