Tweet Success: Writing Across Media and Social Media Effectively


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The basics of good writing make it easy to write across media and social media effectively. This presentation reviews some of those basics, and looks at the time needed to complete the writing process.

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  • This presentation is designed to help you write effectively across all media.
  • In the fall of last year, I did a similar presentation at Fort Worth International Association of Business Communicators professional meeting. I discovered that the basics of writing was a hot topic again when I went to the IABC World Conference in San Diego last summer. The sessions that had the most people in attendance were the sessions on writing, so I decided that would be a good refresher session for Fort Worth chapter members. That meeting had the most in attendance last year, so good writing is still a hot topic everywhere, including on the job hunt.
  • This is a famous quote from Mark Twain, which says it all. Sometimes, we confuse words and assume they mean the same thing when they don’t. Many books that focus on grammar, like When Words Collide, Working with Words, and Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, provide a list of commonly confused words such as eager and anxious.
  • The focus of this photo is the elephant’s trunk reaching for the celery from the zoo handler. Compared to the entire photo, this is a small and specific focus. That’s the kind of focus your writing needs to have. One idea. One focus, no matter if you are writing a tweet or a speech. Finding your focus, and sticking with it, makes for writing that is easy to understand and effective.
  • Good grammar, including sentence structure for emphasis—1,2,3 slots Put the strongest words at the beginning of your tweet; Use key words at the beginning or end of sentences
  • Tweet Success: Writing Across Media and Social Media Effectively

    1. 1. Tweet Success: How to Write AcrossMedia (and Social Media) Effectively
    2. 2. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Previous Presentation For IABC Fort Worth Available at:
    3. 3. UCD 2012-Tweet Success What is good writing? Precise “The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as that between lightning and lightning bug.” Mark Twain
    4. 4. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Good writing is focused
    5. 5. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Good writing is concise • Writing long takes very little time • Writing short, or concisely, takes longer • Good writing fits into the smallest box
    6. 6. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Good writing is detailed Big picture Details
    7. 7. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Good writing is active
    8. 8. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Good writing is consistent
    9. 9. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Good writing is orderly
    10. 10. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Good writing is a process 3 4 Editing Revising 5 2 Editing Writing again 6 1 Revising Pre-writing again 7 Evaluating
    11. 11. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Good writing equals Tweet Success
    12. 12. UCD 2012-Tweet Success Find this presentation and others: Dr. Kay L. Colley Follow me @kaycolley Tweet Success