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Social Media

  1. 1. EastgateSocial Media
  2. 2. Companies that have embraced Eastgate Social Media
  3. 3. Reason’s people don’t want to do Social Media Eastgate• I can’t sell a house if I am on social media• I will never attract new customers• Isn’t social media for kids?• I have never tweeted and don’t really care to• I tried social media and didn’t get any results• It takes to much time
  4. 4. How many times have you heard this?? Eastgate • I’m gonna Google You. • I’m gonna Facebook You. • I’m gonna find you on LinkedIn. • I’m gonna look you up on Twitter. • I’m gonna search you on YouTube And you can’t stop me. I’m gonna find out EXACTLY who you are Source: Jeffrey Gitomer’s Social Boom
  5. 5. “Here are a few things you should do, and cando-that if you don’t do, you’ll be doo doo:” Eastgate• Look at what your competition and their people are doing on the Internet• Talk to your customer IN DEPTH.• Set achievable goals and measure your results.• Communicate value messages • The purpose of your online presence is not to sell, it’s to attract people who want to buy. Source: Jeffrey Gitomer’s Social Boom
  6. 6. What is the number 1 website? Eastgate With an EST. Monthly US people of 150.5 MILLION
  7. 7. Want to know how to see if people are talkingabout you on the internet, tagging you in photos ?? Eastgate
  8. 8. Where does Facebook fall? Eastgate #2 with an Est. Monthly US people of 138.9 MILLION
  9. 9. Who is on Facebook? Eastgate
  10. 10. Why Facebook? Eastgate
  11. 11. Eastgate
  12. 12. EastgateWhat’s it good for? Getting blanketmessages out to your network. Staying up-to-date on what your sphere of influence issaying, reading, watching and doing.Creating fan pages for your business thatpeople beyond your sphere can join.
  13. 13. Social Networking Plan English Eastgate Click the You Tube icon and you will see a video
  14. 14. Where does LinkedIn fall? Eastgate #26 with an Est. Monthly US people of 36 MILLION
  15. 15. Who is on LinkedIn? Eastgate
  16. 16. Why LinkedIn? Eastgate
  17. 17. LinkedIn Eastgate • How many connections do you have? • How many recommendations do you have? • What is your summary statement? • Are you posting valuable information? • Are you watching others profiles? • Changing jobs?
  18. 18. EastgateWhat’s I good for? Promoting yourprofessional qualifications andaccomplishments. Joining groups toshare knowledge and build referralnetworks. Asking other member forbusiness.
  19. 19. Where does Twitter fall? Eastgate #5 with an Est. Monthly US people of 94.2 MILLION
  20. 20. Who is on Twitter? Eastgate
  21. 21. Why Twitter?? Eastgate
  22. 22. EastgateWhat’s twitter? A free microbloggingplatform through which users can sendand read short messages, know as“tweets”
  23. 23. EastgateWhat’s it good for? Sending real-timeupdates to your sphere of influence.Serving links to articles and items ofinterest. Following leading new outlets andindustry thinkers.
  24. 24. Twitter Plan English Eastgate Click the You Tube icon and you will see a video
  25. 25. Eastgate
  26. 26. Jeffrey Gitomer’s Tweet Eastgate “The more you hold your people back from using social media at work, the more your competition will kick your ass.” With in 1 hour of tweeting this 50 people had retweeted it and more than 100,000 people were exposed to the message and to him all for FREE!!!
  27. 27. Eastgate“A value Tweet is a tweet that people would find so interesting or so valuable that they are compelled to retweet that message to others.” Jeffery Gitomer
  28. 28. Twitter: Eastgate “Welcome to the Ultimate Cocktail Party. Here, you won’t find platters ofchicken nuggets. But you will find juicy nuggets of insight, along with introductions, referrals, and best of all, plenty opportunities to sell” -Sally Hogshead
  29. 29. Remember who does NOT add value to a party!!! Eastgate• The over-eager sales professional• The bore• The wallflower• The jerk• You can not be any of these people on Social Networking either!!!
  30. 30. Eastgate“People are sick of being sold to. They are sick of being marketedto. They come to social networks for fun, information, connection and entertainment.” -Mark Schaefer
  31. 31. Where does YouTube fall? Eastgate #3 with an Est. Monthly US people of 137.3 MILLION
  32. 32. Who is on YouTube? Eastgate
  33. 33. Why YouTube? Eastgate
  34. 34. What to post on YouTube Eastgate • Testimonials from clients • Short video of you (Elevator Speech) • Quick Market update videos • Your listings are already there use them • No more than 1-4 minutes
  35. 35. Where does Sibcy Cline fall? Eastgate #36,530 with an Est. Monthly US people of 43.4 THOUSAND
  36. 36. Who is on Sibcy Cline? Eastgate
  37. 37. What can you use for? Eastgate • Blog • Resume • Testimonials • Listings • To send people to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
  38. 38. EastgateWhat’s Active Rain? A free socialnetworking and marketing platform forreal estates professionals.
  39. 39. EastgateWhat’s it good for? Building relationshipswithin the industry. Getting search-engine optimization through a profile andblogging platform
  40. 40. Eastgate
  41. 41. Your Challenge!!!If you choose to take it!!! Eastgate • Set up your BUSINESS, facebook, linkedin accounts • Get 50 people to “like” you • Post on Facebook once a day • Post events to your facebook page • Change your “blog”/ welcome statement on weekly • Refer to your “blog” on your twitter, facebook and linkedin statues