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  • 1. Landscape Photography
  • 2. Landscape Photography
    • Shows different spaces in the world, often vast and undending……..
    • Most photographs have unlimited depth of field….
  • 3. Maximize Your Depth of Field
    • Choose a large DOF that allows for all parts of your image to be in focus and….
  • 4. Use a Tripod or stable surface!
    • With less light coming in (remember the large number aperture?) results in slow shutter speeds. Use tripod to reduce BLUR!
  • 5. Use Camera Self Timer
    • When you press shutter release you shake the camera! Use a self timer!
  • 6. Look for a Focal Point
    • Give your viewers eyes something to focus on!
    • A waterfall, a tree, a leaf, a boat….
    • Remember Composition
  • 7. Think Foregrounds
    • Foregrounds give the viewer something to look at right away while providing depth to the photo
  • 8. Consider The Sky
    • If sky is bland and boring, don’t let it dominate the photograph – Place it in upper 1/3
    • If it is dramatic include it on lower 1/3.
    • Filters, Filters, Filters!
  • 9. Lines
    • When used in foreground it gives the viewer a path to follow in the photo
  • 10. Capture the Moment
    • Crashing waves, Moving cars, Wind in the trees…
    • Use a slower shutter speed and add these elements as focal points
  • 11. Work With the Weather
    • Sunny days are not always the best!
    • Cloudy days with dramatic lighting show up great on film!
  • 12. Work the Golden Hour
    • Best times to shoot are in the morning and afternoon, mid day is for relaxing!
  • 13. Think about your horizon
    • Is it straight?
    • Where is it placed?
  • 14. Assignment
    • 4 different landscapes
    • Can be entirely natural or include urban elements
    • Contact sheet due: 4/1/10 (No kidding!)
    • 4 Prints Due: 4/9/10
    • The days are longer, the weather nicer, now get out and shoot!