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Brand Vision & Reality

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In a booming retail market in China appearance and quality of luxurious stores are often compromized by inexperienced outfitters and manufacturers - consequently also damaging the desired brand......

In a booming retail market in China appearance and quality of luxurious stores are often compromized by inexperienced outfitters and manufacturers - consequently also damaging the desired brand vision & customer experience.

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  • In todays booming retail market, many brands decide to split responsibilities for their store implementations:Overseas Design and Architecture Companies co-operate with local Draftsmen preparing floor plans, Furniture & Fixture Manufacturers rely on General Contractors, decorating and installing the stores,Project Managers control a timely opening by scheduling those different interrelated tasks & one-time partner companies.Ultimate goal of those different players is to create a brand related Customer Experience.
  • … and this Customer Experience should of course lead to increased …
  • Over the next 15 minutes I would like to focus on the tangible components that create familiarity with the brand and their environment.
  • In many studies about customer behavior the performance of the sales staff is noted as the key denominator to lead to the obviously preferred action of the store visitors: BUYING But besides the desired attention by sales people there are other attributes that influence identification of potential clients with the brand.
  • One of the most important parts to immediate recognize the brand is the holistic approach luxurious labels drive for. The components of this luxurious appearance are equally important. Together they create lifestyle, immediate brand recognition, and the desire to associate with the brand’s products – by owning them.
  • How luxurious products need to be presented differently – new trendsWhat started with Louis Vuitton, engaging the band Foursquare for its London store opening, and Burberry’s music oriented live-stream of its runway show, now many luxury brands are realizing that technology can dramatically boost their brands. Those labels are becoming incredibly creative at bringing online and offline communities together.Dolce & Gabbana already know this and have produced live streamed shows for iPhone and the Android. Recently, they added a new — and amazing simple — twist to the relationship between fashion and technology: One weekend in June 2010, at the 20th anniversary Dolce & Gabbana menswear show in Milan, the brand hung 28 iPads showcasing images of D&G’s 20 years of menswear in the Palazzo Marino — Milan’s city hall that has existed since the 16th century.  Dolce & Gabbana also added 48 LCD monitors to create an electrifying display that fused together history, modernity, fashion and technology.Dolce & Gabbana understand that technology isfashion, and that only in a backdrop of beautiful, digital devices true luxury can be made even more luxurious.
  • There are 5 major components that determine Luxury:
  • Most of the components, a high class retail store is built of, are direct mirroring the brand vision. The challenge is that local partners often not understand the image a luxurious brand is heading for, and create instead of a 5* restaurant a noodle shop: Furniture is built onsite, paint is sprayed in a dusty environment, and project management is more band aiding than pro-active follow up on plans and schedules.
  • The last time the corporate headquarters faced a boom like now in China was long ago in the US or at a much smaller scale dozens of years ago in Europe.Moving from Hong Kong to 1.Tier and 2.Tier cities in mainland China was just the beginning – now brands are facing a roll out to 3.Tier and even 4. Tier cities.
  • The brands are therefore looking for suppliers, who not only understand the transformation from brand image into store appearance, but are also competent project managers, and have at least China wide coverage, or even better a global presence.
  • The challenges for all parties are tremendous. But then to be a part of China, becoming the second largest market for luxurious brands, presents also terrific rewards.
  • Questions: Why does the supply chain needs to understand the holistic approach of the brand?
  • Speaker Profile Klaus Scholz Klaus had joined Haya Retail as General Manager of their Brand and Fashion Division. His team provides design, installation, fixtures and project management - often also as General Contractor - for brands like Piaget, IWC, Swarovski, DKNY and many others. Earlier he led business development at a German supplier for luxurious brands in Shanghai. With more than 15 years in China and Asia he knows the regional markets but also the expectations of the European and American headquarters.Klaus is German with a Master of Economics from Goethe University in Frankfurt. He is married and resides in Beijing.


  • 1. © Haya Retail
    Partnership to transferBrand Vision intoStore Appearance
  • 2. © Haya Retail
    Whether Lifestyle Experience is targeted in a Boutique orMulti-Brand Appearance in aShop-in-Shop EnvironmentCustomer Experience needs to be transferred into …
  • 3. © Haya Retail
  • 4. © Haya Retail
    What determines Customer Experience – besidesCustomer Support ?
  • 5. © Haya Retail
    Design of Store and Details.Appearance & Elegance of Store.Quality between Floor and Ceiling.Style and Chic of Fixtures.Attractive Presentation.Immediate Brand Recognition.Light & Multimedia
  • 6. © Haya Retail
    Digital devices driving true luxury to become even moreluxurious
    Dolce and Gabbana Flagship Store in Milano
  • 7. © Haya Retail
    The 5 Components to define real Luxury
  • 8. © Haya Retail
    Visual Effect and Design.Quality and Craftsmanship.Customer Experience.Presentation.Brand and Tradition.
  • 9. © Haya Retail
    Asian markets are growing faster than your HQ may have prepared for!!
  • 10. © Haya Retail
    Limited Resources for Store Roll-out.No Manpower to continuously check Repair & Maintenance Work.Overview over General Contractor, Project Management, Suppliers ….Follow up on Snagging List, R&D, Design Changes, Cost Efficiency
  • 11. © Haya Retail
    It’s all about … Scheduling!
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    Quality Mindset
    Pro-active Attitude
    Project Management
    One-Stop Solution
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    Contact Information
    Klaus Scholz
    General Manager
    Brand & Fashion Division
    Haya Retail – Beijing & Shanghai
    Assistant+86 (0)10 5970 7350