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  • 1. Writing Terminology
  • 2. ESSAY A piece of writing that gives your thoughts (commentary) about a subject.
  • 3. An essay consists of 4 parts: 2. Introduction 3. Two body paragraphs 4. Concluding paragraph
  • 4. INTRODUCTION (INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH) 2. The first paragraph in an essay 3. Includes the thesis 4. Thesis is most often at the end.
  • 5. BODY PARAGRAPH A middle paragraph in an essay Develops a point that supports thesis
  • 6. CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH Last paragraph in essay Sums up, reflects on previous comments, gives more commentary or personal statement regarding subject
  • 7. CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH DOES NOT: Include concrete detail Repeat key words from paper (especially from thesis or introduction) However… It provides a finished feeling to essay
  • 8. THESIS Sentence with subject & opinion (commentary) Located at the end of introductory paragraph
  • 9. PRE-WRITING The process of getting your concrete details on paper before you organize the essay into paragraphs
  • 10. PRE-WRITING INCLUDES: Bubble Clusters Spider Diagrams Outlines Line Clustering Columns
  • 11. CONCRETE DETAILS (CD) Specific details that form the backbone or core of your body paragraphs
  • 12. SYNONYMS FOR CONCRETE DETAILS (CD) 1. Facts 2. Specifics 3. Examples 4. Ilustrations 5. Support 6. Evidence
  • 13. 1. Quotations 2. Paraphrasing
  • 14. COMMENTARY (CM) Your opinion or comment about something: not concrete detail.
  • 15. SYNONYMS FOR COMMENTARY (CM) 1. Opinion 2. Insight 3. Analysis 4. Interpretation 5. Personal Response 6. Feelings
  • 16. 1. Evaluation 2. Explication 3. Reflection
  • 17. TOPIC SENTENCE First sentence in a body paragraph Must have a subject & opinion (cm) for the paragraph It does the same thing for a body paragraph that the thesis does for the whole essay
  • 18. CONCLUDING SENTENCE Last sentence in a body paragraph It is all commentary (cm) Does not repeat key words Gives finished feeling to paragraph
  • 19. SHAPING THE ESSAY Step completed after pre-writing & before the first draft Functions as an outline for thesis, topic sentences, concrete details, & commentary
  • 20. FIRST DRAFT The first version of your essay (rough draft)
  • 21. FINAL DRAFT The final version of your essay
  • 22. PEER RESPONSE Written responses & reactions to a partner’s paper
  • 23. CHUNK The smallest unified group of thoughts that you can write & contains: 3. One sentence of CD 4. Two sentences of CM
  • 24. WEAVING Blending concrete details & commentary in a body paragraph (comes after format mastery)
  • 25. RATIO The ratio of 1 part concrete detail (CD) to 2+ parts commentary (CM) 1 CD : 2+ CM
  • 26. WORD COUNTS The minimum length per paragraph to earn a “C.”
  • 27. CONFUSED? Never fear Mrs. Laurence is here! (rhyming couplet)